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Along with all the fun, the rainy season brings loads of water, mud, and puddles that can make your feet cold. It is exciting to choose between all the possible fun activities one can do outside, but the rain can ruin your shoes. Do you reconsider or cancel all your plans on a rainy day to avoid wet and cold feet? You don’t have to anymore. I have taken the liberty to bring to you some of the tried and tested waterproof shoe covers that will help you live to the fullest.

If you tread lightly in the rain because of the fear of skidding or falling, then you will love these covers for shoes. There are numerous varieties of these out there. You can get disposable or washable ones, depending upon your personal preferences. These overshoes will keep your feet dry and warm by keeping the water outside. I can swear by these waterproof feet protection gear. In these, you can freely splash in a puddle or walk through standing water. Keep reading to find out.


1. LEGELITE Waterproof Shoe Covers

If you want to enjoy the rain without worrying about the longevity of your shoes, then the LEGELITE Silicon overshoes are the best option for you. These shoe covers are suitable to be used in rain and snow. They protect your shoes and keep your feet dry. The amazing design keeps the moisture, snow, dirt, mud, and sand out. They can be used for almost all kinds of outdoor activities during rainy weather. They are soft and light, so you can fold and carry them easily anywhere.

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The LEGELITE overshoes have a dimension of 6.7 inches in length, 5 inches in width, and 1.8 inches in height. They weigh around 0.2 kilograms and have a super-light feel. Being one of the top-selling boot covers they have a durable build made up of silicon. It is a rubber polymer that is stretchy, comfy, resistant to tear, and environmental conditions. These properties of silicon make the overshoes easy to don and doff. You can pull these over your shoes before stepping out of the house.

Due to the thick rubber material used in the making of these shoe covers, they are completely waterproof. The high arch design enables the users to walk through shallow levels of standing water, snow, and mud. They are very easy to clean as they don’t absorb water or get stained. So, you can clean them by pouring water on them. They come in six different colors giving you many options to choose from.

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The LEGELITE shoe cover not only prevents moisture from entering but also reduces any chance of slipping. They have especially designed traction patterns that will increase the resistance, provide stability, and prevent falling in the rain. There are two holes present near the arch area making them easy to store as you can hang them conveniently. The LEGELITE is a premium quality overshoe available within an affordable price range.

2. USHTH Waterproof Boot Covers

If the LEGELITE seems to have a small structure for your rain boots, then the USHTH Waterproof Boot Covers are going to be the best choice for you, once you have got a hold on these. These covers are compatible with almost all kinds of outdoor shoes. I have used these protection covers for a quite long time. Their durability is impressive for such an affordable overshoe for rain. The long shaft of these overshoes enables you to walk through higher levels of standing water as compared to the LEGELITE.

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These Black-colored waterproof covers for shoes have a dimension of 14.84 x 6.81 x 1.89 inches. The USHTH overshoes weigh about 12 ounces. So, these long overshoes are light in weight in comparison to their size. They are made up of premium quality Polyvinyl Chloride material which is a plastic polymer. The PVC fabric makes these covers comfy, soft, and lasting. They are resistant to moisture, tear, and other harsh environmental conditions.

The USHTH covers are classy and stylish-looking overshoes that can go with any outfit. They have a wide toe area, so you can wear these with any style of shoes. The manufacturers have not compromised on fitting. There is a strap placed around the ankle and an elastic band at the top of the overshoe shaft to give a snugged feel. These overshoes come with a zipper on the side making it easy to put on and get off these waterproof covers. Beneath the zipper, there is a waterproof fabric. It diminishes any chance of moisture slipping in through the zipper.

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The USHTH Boot Covers have a thick black-colored rubber sole that provides a stable base. There are traction patterns at the bottom of the sole to enhance resistance. So, you can walk in the rain without stressing about slipping or falling. One of the unique features of the USHTH covers is that there is a reflective strip at the rear side of these overshoes. This strip helps in enhancing visibility and safety at night. The hundred percent money-return policy acts as a cherry on the top.

3. ARUNNERS Rain Shoe Covers

If you are not a big fan of thick overshoes for protection against rain, then the ARUNNERS are perfect for you. These overshoes are adored by people who don’t want to cover their shoes with thick and colored overshoes. There are many shoe protection covers present out there which completely hide your shoes. The ARUNNERS overshoes don’t overshadow your boots or shoes while providing them protection.

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The ARUNNERS are one of the most reliable brands when it comes to rain boot covers. These are best for all kinds of outdoor adventures. You don’t have to restrict yourself at home on a rainy day. Pull one of these on your boots and get ready to enjoy your day. These overshoes have a dimension of 14.88 inches in length, 6.57 inches in width, and 1.81 inches in height. They weigh around 0.22 kilograms.

These shoe covers are made up of polyvinyl chloride material which is a plastic polymer. The white-colored covers are anti-water absorbent, light, and somewhat see-through. There is a zipper at the front of the shoe cover at the position of the lacing system. At the end of the zipper, there is a knob-like structure present to seal the overshoes properly. Below the zipper, there is a water-resistant layer that stops moisture from entering the shoes.

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The ARUNNERS Rain Shoe Covers are one of the most widely used shoe covers for rain. They have a thick white-colored sole. The traction pattern of these overshoes is specially designed to act against slipping. The sole is soft, so you can simply fold these, put them inside your bag, and carry them anywhere with you. The manufacturers provide a money-back guarantee for the durability of the rubber sole.


How can I cover my shoes in the rain?

There are various methods, but a washable and waterproof overshoe works the best in the rain. You can use shoe protection spray, but it is not as effective as an overshoe. They cover your adored boots completely to protect them from moisture, mud, dust, or any other environmental factor. These overshoes prevent skidding because of the amazing traction patterns present at the bottom of the soles.

How do you keep your feet dry in the rain?

Stepping out in the rain for a few minutes can make your shoes soggy resulting in wet and cold feet. It can be really devastating and can make you ill. If you want to have fun in the rain without experiencing all these painful effects, a shoe cover with water-resistant qualities can get the job done. Just put one over your shoes and you’re good to go. They keep all the moisture and dirt outside, so you will have clean and dry shoes even after walking in the rain.


I hope with these waterproof shoe covers you will be able to step out to take on an adventure during the rain. You no longer have to stress over the negative consequences of going out on a rainy day, as these proactive covers will help you keep your feet dry and warm. They also protect your favorite shoes from getting wet and damaged. Here are some of our top picks. Keep reading to find out.

  • The USHTH Waterproof Boot Covers are one of my personal favorites as they provide complete protection against moisture with the help of the PVC material, the additional layer below the zipper, and elastic bands. The long shaft helps you in walking through standing water.
  • The ARUNNERS Rain Shoe Covers are best for people who don’t want their overshoes to overshadow their favorite boots. They are affordable, light, easy to carry, reusable, and waterproof. The rubber sole plays a major role in providing a slip-free walk in the rain.

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