6 Waterproof Adidas Shoes – Review & Buying Guide

Avoiding going on a walk because of the rainy weather? Now you can confidently step outside and enjoy the walk because it’s the time to add to your wardrobe the best waterproof shoes. Well, we have got you the waterproof Adidas shoes that are designed in such a way to protect the foot during harsh weather conditions.


Waterproof Adidas shoes not just protect the foot but also give a comfortable run. These shoes are lighter in weight and make each step easier. Waterproof Adidas shoes have a foam sole that distributes the weight of the foot, which helps release the pressure of the feet.

The releasing pressure provides a cozy effect and makes a footless achy even after standing the whole day. Most people face foot pain, but these shoes give the best result and a pleasant walk.

Waterproof Adidas Shoes

1. Adidas Outdoor TERREX TRACEROCKER GTX Athletic Shoe

Adidas terrex tracerocker GTX Athletic shoes are inexpensive and help the runner run on a long trail. They are highly lightened in weight that provides a comfortable race. Waterproof Adidas shoes are famous because they are suitable for every path like muddy, rocky, or uneven land. In fact, this makes them the perfect pair of walking shoes for traveling with comfort.

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The rubber sole provides a better grip which helps prevent slipping. It also protects against sunburn during high temperatures. Shaft measures are very suitable because they are low-top from the arch. The GORE-TEX upper membrane is highly waterproof, which keeps a foot dry and comfy in every condition. The pores on the membrane block the water from entering into the shoes and keep them dry.

These shoes are best for any foot injuries because it’s outsole is semi-rigid which provides stability. The fabric used is nylon or polyester yarn which is very breathable and allows the wound to heal. The materials used in these shoes are beneficial for outdoor activities.

Its EVA sole is lighter in weight which provides flexibility while running. The cushioning effect will prevent the feet from greater effects in case of injury. These Adidas waterproof shoes are best for every condition giving you the best experience and confidence to explore.


  • Highly flexible
  • Comfortable run
  • Avoid slippering
  • Suitable for every weather condition


  • Quite narrow

Athletes are very curious about their games, they want to run fast and show great performance. For better performance, they need shoes of the best quality that protect their feet from injuries and allow them to run for long miles. Adidas shoes provide the best protection to the feet and give satisfactory results. Each time when an athlete jumps, their body weight is balanced by the foot. If the shoes are comfortable enough, they can lower the stress and maintain proper balance.

2. Adidas Men’s Climbing Shoes, US:10.5

For climbing, we need soft and lightweight shoes which minimize the pressure on the foot. Adidas men’s climbing shoes are best for climbing which provide extra softness and easy walk. The griping of the shoes is just perfect, which makes climbing effortless and painless. It is available in different colors.

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These shoes also reduce inflammation and prevent pain. They give the best fitting, which prevents bleeding and cutting of the heels. Waterproof Adidas shoes provide the best quality for every activity. It is very challenging for climbers to climb on difficult routes. Better gripping allows them to climb comfortably.

The shoe is made up of textile material that is wrinkle-free and provides a softer effect. Its rubber sole is kind of a hard sole that prevents outer shocks. It also prevents falling because of the stronger grip. The upper part of the shoes is 5’’ from the arch. These waterproof shoes are also best for hiking and regular workout.

Adidas Men’s climbing shoes regulate foot moisture, preventing sweating and bad smell. The mesh fabric is breathable and protects the foot from wounds. The synthetic material is good for keeping the foot dry. The membrane is waterproof and regulates the air so that it prevents the foot from getting wet.

The insole is foam padded which provides support, comfort and prevents injuries. The midsole offers a cushioning effect that relieves the strain on the body making it one of the best-cushioned running shoes to prevent knee pain. The outsole is continental rubber which provides gripping for the toughest competitions and other mountainous adventures.


  • Painless
  • Regulates moisture
  • Prevents outer shocks
  • Durability


  • Narrow front
  • Loose strips

The proper grip of Adidas shoes makes it easier for the climber to climb on a rough or rocky wall. The sole of these shoes provides support and hence maintains the grip of the climber. It also prevents the climber from external shocks, and the waterproof gore-tex regulates the humidity during rainy weather.

3. Adidas Men’s Terrex Agravic Gore-TEX Trail Running Shoe

Adidas Men’s Terrex Agravic trail running shoes are ideal running shoes that give the best performance and easy usage. These shoes are available in catchy colors i-e black, grey, and solar yellow. Trail running shoes are best for long mile runs. The excellent grip of the shoes helps runners with the smooth and easy run.

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It is light in weight, about 260g, which gives less pressure and a long mile run. We tested that it is best for slippery, muddy, and uncomfortable paths. The grip of the shoes is good enough, and it will provide a comfortable run for hours. Comfortable shoes maximize speed and increase performance.

The shoes are breathable and very soft, which enhances the quality. The shoe provides the proper protection for long mile runs and prevents injuries. Waterproof Adidas shoes are fit for regular use because of their supportive nature and satisfactory stability. It is available in different and suitable sizes that best fit the foot and prevent damaging the toes.

Adidas Terrex Agravic shoes have proper lace closure, which provides the adjustments of the laces accordingly. Proper lacing gives support to the foot during trail runnings. The tension in the laces is spread equally; hence less pressure is exerted on foot.

The waterproof trail running shoes prevent the foot from getting wet in freezing and damp conditions. GORE-TEX membrane regulates the moisture of the runner’s feet and keeps it warmer in cold conditions. The durability of the shoes provides extra protection for long runs. Its midsole is made up of ethylene-vinyl acetate which provides flexibility. It is lighter than rubber which gives a lighter effect and keeps a foot warmer.


  • Best for the long run
  • Water-resistant
  • Extra shielding


  • Negligible

Running continuously for a long time can cause a foot ache. To overcome this problem, the runners must be looking for the best running shoes that are water-resistant and give extra protection to the foot. Proper laces grip can distribute the body’s pressure on the foot and make the run easier for the runner. For the marvelous performance and less pain, one must choose these Adidas shoes that give the best running result.

4. Adidas outdoor Men’s Terrex Skychaser Lt Walking Shoe

For daily walking, one must need a shoe that must be comfortable to avoid aches and pain. Adidas Outdoor Men’s Terrex Skychser Lt walking shoe is best for daily walking as it gives the best and smooth walking experience. It is available in different colors i-e, black/grey four, grey three/grey one and active orange, and legend ink/grey two and active orange.

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Waterproof Adidas shoes deliver the best performance and quality for outdoor activities and daily walks. If you are a walk lover and you fear that the rainy weather will ruin your shoes, then stop fearing because the Adidas shoes have a Gore-Tex membrane, which is waterproof and prevents your shoes from damaging into harsh weather conditions and avoid slipping.

Its insole is made up of molded sock liner, which not only provides easy fitting but also increases its comfort level. Comfortable shoes enhance performance and give a pleasant experience. Adidas Terrex Skychaser gives an extra boost to the midsole, which helps adaptability on rocky surfaces and provides a smooth effect. Its’s boost effect offers extra energy at every step and makes each step easier.

Its outer sole is made up of continental rubber which provides extra traction and avoids slipping and falling, which prevents injuries. Traction maximizes the performance of the shoes and minimizes sliding and falling. Its abrasion-resistant provides the proper support and grip to the foot which avoids physical damages.

The EVA midsole provides stability to cope with all the challenges and avoids stretching of the legs. Proper lacing provides the best grip and warmth to the foot. The waterproof breathable shoes help prevent fungus and discomforts.


  • Avoid slipping
  • Easy fitting
  • Extra traction
  • Maximize performance
  • Best grip


  • Not for winter wear

Walking is very important for a healthy life and physical fitness. But if the shoes are not giving a comfortable walk then it might lead to foot ache and throbbing pain. To avoid this mental and physical torture one must select the best grip shoes for walking. The molded sock liner provides easy fitting of the foot which prevents discomfortness. The easy fitting allows the balance of the foot and avoids all kinds of foot aches. For smooth running, one must buy these Adidas shoes for all outdoor work.

5. Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe

Girls often look for stylish, fancy, and sporty shoes. Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam pure running shoes are the best models for those women who want a perfect look. Adidas has released this model, especially for women. This is a new version with a variety of colors, availability, and design. The most important feature of this model is cloudfoam pure.

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Adidas women’s cloudfoam pure shoes are waterproof shoes that are breathable and allow air evaporation and prevent bad smells and fungi. These shoes are available in many colors which attract the women while buying the shoes. The shape of the shoe is very classy and gives a girlish look.

The rubber sole prevents falling and provides proper gipping. Running is a healthy activity that requires proper shoes which provide good quality and increase the performance of the runner. One can easily carry its body weight by the continuous support of the shoe, which minimizes the impact of pressure at each step.

The sock-like construction aligns your body postures and makes it erect. The stretchy material of the shoes allows easy movement and action. The stretchable mesh provides proper gripping, durability, and also easy cleaning. Its’s midsole and outsole have cloudfoam technology which provides support and comfort to the arch and gives a feeling as if walking on a cloud. For exercising, yoga, and walking, these shoes are best recommended.


  • Light in weight
  • Flexible sole
  • Shiny
  • Allow evaporation
  • sock-like construction


  • Arch support is limited

Women are very anxious while buying things for themselves. Adidas women cloudfoam pure running shoes are best which provides all the features. They are available in a variety of colors and designs. These shoes are lighter in weight and comfortable enough for the long run. Their cloudfoam is the best feature, which provides support to the foot and gives a feeling of walking on a cloud because of its light texture. This product is best suitable for women, which gives a classy and fancy look.

6. Adidas Outdoor Men’s Terrex Eastrail GTX Hiking Boot

For difficult tracks, one must need shoes with the perfect grip. Adidas outdoor men’s terrex GTX hiking boot is the best option for the people who go hiking. During hiking, people face rough and muddy routes, which will disbalance the foot and cause foot aches. These waterproof Adidas shoes are suitable for every condition.

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Adidas hiking shoes are beneficial for searching new places that have tough and rough roads. They provide proper gripping, which helps in accomplishing goals of finding new places. The lightened weight (300g) of these shoes involves less stress and energy in lifting your body weight.

The manufacturing of these shoes involves rubber soles which are best for absorbing shocks. The hiking roads are very steep, which require proper shoes for maintaining the proper balance of the foot. These Adidas hiking shoes have satisfactory features that fulfill the requirements of the hiker.

For the snowy and icy trails, these shows also improve the performance and lower the stress. Cushioning effect also lowers tension and stiffness and helps hikers to perform better. Mesh material is used, which prevents the wounds and helps in healing. The EVA layer provides a smooth and stress-free effect. The sole is rigid but still provides toe bending and makes movement easy.

These waterproof Adidas shoes keep your feet warm and dry. Its evaporation prevents sweating and regulates less moisture. If hikers are searching for the best hiking, shoes, this might be the best option to select.


  • Release stress
  • Maintain balance
  • Provides bending


  • Rigid sole

Hiking is really for the ones who are passionate enough to explore new places must try these Adidas hiking shoes. These shoes provide a comfortable hike and exert less pressure on the foot. The waterproof feature protects the foot during bad weather conditions and provides a comfort level. It allows easy binding of the toes and prevents hurting the toenails. No matter how rough the trails are, these Adidamen’sen terrex Eastrail hiking shoes are best for accomplishing a goal.

Buying Guide

Looking for the shoes that are best for your daily work, hiking, walking, running, and other outdoor activities? The best shoes are those which fulfill all the requirements of the buyer and make them feel confident while they are wearing them. While buying a pair of shoes one looks for all the qualities and features that the shoes are offering. If you are looking for the best quality shoes with all the features at a suitable price. Then here’s the guide for buying the best shoes with all the qualities.

Comfort level

Most of the shoes are designed in a way that they discomfort while you are wearing them. While purchasing the shoes you should look for shoes that are designed in a way that perfectly fit on and give the comfortable feeling are best to select. The proper gripping of the shoes provides a gratifying feeling to the buyer.

Find the shoes which provide the best comfort level to your feet and help you run long miles. Comfortable shoes also enhance the comfort level and give a feeling of freshness throughout the day. When looking for the comfort level, then Adidas shoes are the best option to consider.


When you are buying shoes you must consider shoes that are lighter in weight. Shoes that provide protection and shielding at a very low weight are best for use. The weight of the shoes, if they are light, gives a relaxing feeling.

The lightweight of the shoes provides more flexibility and easy bending. Waterproof Adidas shoes are very lighter in weight and give the best performance. These shoes make every step effortless and painless while providing the lightest package of weight. Lightweight shoes provide easy walking and running.


Traction is the best feature that Adidas shoes are offering. While buying shoes you must look for the shoes that increase your performance. Everyone wants a good performance at work with less effort. The continental rubber provides the traction feature which helps in more productivity and less pressure and strain.

The rubber of the shoes must be hard and rigid which provides longevity in performing any activity. In an uneven path, this feature provides a smooth experience with satisfying features.

Shielding effect

The shoes that protect the foot from the external environment are best to put in consideration while buying. In addition to all the features, these shoes provide protection to the feet. They protect the feet from wounds, injuries, and hurting. People with foot injuries require more protection from further damages. The shielding effect does not allow the dirt and water to enter into the foot and keeps them warm.

They also prevent falling and foot aches. The TPU toe cap provides the best ventilation and protects from hot and cold conduction. The alloy material is a copper material that gives strength to the foot for performing any kind of activity.

Strength and Support

While buying the shoes one looks for proper shoes that provide support to the foot. Running or performing any activities the support and strength is very important which prevents falling. The cushioning effect in Adidas shoes provides strength and full support to the foot and provides strength to move on.

The stability of the foot provides better support and maintains the balance of the body. No matter what kind of roads and trails are, the best shoes help you keep going without falling.


Do not feel afraid while going out on a rainy day, it’s time to enjoy the weather with shoes that have waterproof features. The Gore-tex liner in the shoes allows you to keep your foot dry and breathable which provides smooth walking. The leather and synthetic material are best for every weather condition. Now it’s not the time to stop but to continue your activities with shoes that are waterproof and protect your feet from getting wet.

Lace closure

While picking the shoes you must look for the best lacing closure shoes. Because lacing is the quick way to tighten your shoes and make a perfect grip. Lacing disperses the pressure at each point without pressurizing only one point. People look for shoes with proper lacing closure which provides grip and full support to the foot. The Adidas shoes provide the best lacing closure and design which can quickly be adjusted accordingly.


While purchasing the shoes you must look for the ones that provide the best fitting and fancy look. Proper fitting of the shoes provides the gripping and adjustment of the foot in a satisfactory way. Adidas shoes are best to keep in consideration while shopping. Different sizes are available which best fits in the foot. The sizes are adjustable and give a comfortable walk and run.


Selecting shoes is very tricky because you need the best shoes for your working activities, Shoes that provide support to your foot rather than hurting you. Runners, hikers, climbers need versatile shoes that give them the best experience during adventures and traveling.

As a reviewer, I would recommend

  • Adidas Outdoor TERREX TRACEROCKER GTX Athletic Shoe provides the best comfort level with a breathable body. Sole of the shoes are made in a way that they prevent falling and slippering. The shoes are economical and provide extra strength for the long trails.
  • Adidas Men’s Terrex Agravic Gore-TEX Trail Running Shoe provides the best performance to the runners and allows them to run smoothly for a longer time. The Gore-Tex avoids dampness and keeps the foot dry. It also prevents stiffness in the legs and provides power to every single step.
  • Adidas Outdoor Men’s Terrex Skychaser Lt Walking Shoe avoids foot ache and provides maintaining the proper balance. Terrex Skychaser Lt provides the extra boosting power which helps walking on rough and rocky roads and gives an enjoyable walk.

No doubt you can use different nano waterproof sprays available in the market to protect many of your precious footwear. However, with time you’re going to realize that nothing can beat the waterproofing that Adidas has to offer. So what are you waiting for? Select your favorite pair of shoes right now and get the pair that will fulfill all your needs.

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