(Protection tips) To Keep Your Shoes From Dry Rotting

Getting a new pair of shoes and keeping it in the cupboard doesn’t mean that they are safe now. You spent a lot of money buying leather shoes, but you notice that they crack or tear with time. Less moisture could be one of the reasons. When shoes are not used for a long time, they begin to rot in the cupboard. But you can take proper care to reduce this condition.

Serpula lacrymans is a fungus that is responsible for decaying the material. When shoes are not used for a long time, molds and fungus act on the material of shoes causing them to tear and crumble. As a result, the shoe looks dull, damaged, and dry. Humid weather is also responsible for the dry rotting of shoes. The glue used in the shoes begins to turn yellow with time and may fall apart. The loss of natural oils in the leather or rubber shoes begins to dry when not taken care of properly.

If you notice dry yellow or powdery layers on your shoes, it means your shoe is a victim of dry rot. To prevent this situation, you can use specific easy steps that are discussed in this article. These steps will keep your leather and rubber shoes from drying, rotting, and decaying.

How To Keep Your Shoes From Dry Rotting

Decaying a material is a natural process. Shoe materials like leather or rubber decay over time. If they are not in use for a long time, the dry rooting can start early and may damage your shoes. Due to a lack of essential oils, your shoe will break and hence fall apart. The rubber sole of your shoe will crumble due to dry rotting. You can use the following steps that will not stop your shoes from decaying but can help you prolong your shoe life.

Buy Good Quality Shoes

Shoes that are made with good quality material can handle more wear and tear than low-quality shoes. Low-quality shoe deteriorates faster. It starts to tear, and glue melts in few weeks. Original leather or good-quality suede shoes can survive for an extended period if proper care is taken. You must invest in high-quality material shoes for keeping your shoe from dry rotting and replacing often.

Store Your Shoes In Dry places

Dry rotting also depends upon the condition in which your shoes are stored. The environment in which you are keeping your shoes affects the process of dry rotting. Storing your shoes in direct sunlight or snow may cause dry rotting of your shoes earlier than it should be. Using plastic bags or rigid boxes for storage can also help dry rotting because of no air circulation and more humidity. Instead, using a shoe rack is something that will protect your shoes due to air circulation.

Storing your shoes in a moisture-free environment will keep your shoes from dry rotting. Dry and cool places are better for storing your shoes. A balanced temperature can also help in prolonging the life of your shoes. A place where the temperature fluctuates is not a better option for keeping your shoes. Storing your shoes in a breathable environment will keep your shoes from dry rotting.

Use Newspaper or Silica Gel

It is a very cheap tip to keep your shoes from moisture. Keeping your shoes from moisture will help your shoes from dry rotting. Paper can absorb moisture or dry wet shoes. It also controls the odor and will keep the shape of your shoe in contact. You can also use silica gel. Silica gel is a drying agent that absorbs water quickly.

Polish and Condition Your Shoes

Polishing and condition your shoe will keep the damaging bacteria and fungus from dry rotting your shoes. It creates a barrier so these bacterias cannot act up[on your shoes. Polishing and condition will help your shoes last longer than usual. It is imperative to clean your shoes after every use. Clean the stains or marks, if any, before storing your shoes in a cupboard. You can use a brush or vinegar for tough stains.

Polish your shoes, buff them with a cloth to get a shine. Apply moisturizer and store it in a shoe rack. Moisturizing is vital for leather shoes as it keeps your shoe from cracking and dry rot. Several shoe creams and moisturizers are available in the market that you can buy to keep your shoes in good condition and keep them from dry rotting.

Wear Your Rubber Shoes

Shoes made with rubber can often be used as you don’t need to spend so much time cleaning and policing like leather shoes. Wearing rubber shoes will help the rubber flex and allows them to breathe in the air. Any kind of rubber, either natural or synthetic both are subjected to dry rot. Cleaning both types of rubbers is necessary as dry rotting of rubber will cause the rubber to fall apart. Like leather shoes, cleaning and moisturizing is an essential component of keeping your shoes for long.

Avoid Using a Washing Machine

Cleaning your shoes in the washing machine can let your shoes wear out quickly. It is suggested to clean your shoes with a wet cloth or brush so your shoes can last long. Instead of cleaning it in the washing machine, scrub the stains immediately, so the dirt particles do not accumulate in the shoe and cause bacteria to aid in dry rotting.


Here is a review of the steps that will keep your shoes from dry rotting. When shoes are not in use for a long time, molds, fungus, and bacteria act upon shoes’ leather. Hence making them crumble, crack, and tear. Dry rotting can be caused by humidity, not using a shoe for long, storing your shoe in moisture, and not cleaning and moisturizing your shoes. The above-mentioned simple steps do not cost you much, but they will help protect your expensive shoes, be it leather or vegan shoes, from dry rotting.

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