Shoe Heel Protector and Cushions

Sudden pain in the heels caused by prolong standing and walking is really painful. Sometimes when ligaments of the feet get twisted can also cause extreme pain which makes you unable to walk and stand. So how these heel issues can be treated in a better and affordable way? I know you are finding the answer to this question.

Treatment of heel issues can be done either through surgery or by applying shoe heel protectors under the heel. If you have the fear of surgery, then heel protectors are made for you as they are clinically designed to treat every heel issue that you are facing and make the heel posture in an accurate position. For further details, stick to this article till the end.


Top 10 Shoe Heel Cushions for Heel Pain

1. Dr. Scholl’s HEEL Pain Relief Orthotics – Best Shoe Heel Protector

Let’s begin with Dr. Scholl’s heel protector that is clinically proven to be the best for people suffering from heel pain, heel spur, and plantar fasciitis. These heel protectors consist of shock guard technology that takes up the heel pain. People suffering from Plantar Fasciitis can take advantage of these heel protectors to treat their heel pain.

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The heel spur is a condition in which calcium residues start to accumulate under the heel bone which is very painful. In such a case, Dr.Scholl’s heel protectors are appropriate due to their cushioned and cupping design that protects the natural padding of heels. The length of these heel protectors totally fits the infected heels and strengthens them.

You can avoid severe heel pain that is caused by walking or doing exercise by regularly using these heel protectors. These heel protectors are the best shock absorbers that make the cushioned landing of heels due to their massaging gel technology and treat your heel issues within 3-4 days.


  • Best shock guard technology
  • Highly comfortable
  • Provides the best grip to heels


  • Bit slippery

This is the best heel protector as they are really comfortable and provide a cushion feel to the heels. As these heel protectors can be easily fit in any type of shoes, you can wear them while walking and exercising. The massaging gel technology of these heel protectors is the best shock absorber, preventing sudden heel pain and blisters.

2. Heel That Pain Plantar Fasciitis Insoles – Best heel Inserts

Another best heel protector for treating all the heel issues is this heel protector. They are specially designed to support the heels and provide comfort to the users while walking and exercising. These insoles have the ability to apply therapeutic acupressure towards heels, diminishing heel pain.

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As these insoles are clinically designed by doctors and orthopedic surgeons, they have the ability to retain the heel position by supporting the plantar facia ligaments. Another great feature of these heel cups is that they have high motion control and grips the foot all around reinforcing deep comfort. They are available in 4 different sizes that can be easily fit in any type of shoes.

The rubber that is used while manufacturing these heel protectors is highly formulated that keeps the heel posture accurate while delivering maximum comfortability to the heels. The grip is firm that makes your daily walk comfortable and its anti-slip surface prevents moisture and sweat while walking. Daily usage of these insoles can correct the heel posture and will treat all the heel issues making you walk comfortably.


  • Available in four sizes
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Firm grip


  • Feels stiff

These insoles have the ability to treat all the heel issues as it is clinically designed which returns the heel dislocation of the user in its natural position. The anti-slip surface of these heel protectors prevents moisture and sweat inside your shoes allowing the user to walk comfortably without fear of falling. They are suitable for daily usage due to their firm grip and deep comfort.

3. Dr. Scholl’s Heel Cushions – Cushions for Heel

These are the most recommended heel protectors to people suffering from heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, and any other heel issue. The features of these heel cushions are updated for providing maximum comfort to the heels. These heel cushions relieve the sudden pain that arises in the heels and is best if you are suffering from sprains.

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An updated version of these heel cushions consists of multi-layers of improved massaging gel technology that are high shock absorbers that prevent sudden pain. The slim design of these heel cups can be fit easily into every type of shoe. The thick texture of heel cups keeps the heel posture accurate and provides comfortability while walking and exercising.

The thick texture and firm grip along with cushioned surface evenly distribute the weight of the heel. The anti-slip property keeps the heel dry and prevents moisture. There are various sizes of these heel cups available, having an affordable price range so that most of the customers can take benefit from this great piece of treatment.


  • Wave cushioning
  • Improved massaging gel technology
  • Trim design


  • Feels stiff in the beginning

If you want to treat your heel issues in a much affordable way then Dr.Scholl’s heel cushions are the best option as they provide high comfortability to the heels and prevent sudden heel pain. The improved gel technology is a shock absorber that helps in reducing pain and makes the user feel comfortable while walking and running. Daily usage of these heel cups can completely treat your heel pain.

4. ViveSole Silicone Gel Heel Cups – Best Heel Cups

If you want to beat the surgery and want something that can heal your pain within few weeks then Vivesole silicone gel heel cups are the best option for you to opt. These heel cups are clinically designed by doctors to provide support to the ankle and heel. They have the ability to effectively reduce heel pain, heel spurn, and sprain.

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The silicone gel is the high shock absorber that reduces pressure on the heels by soaking up the immediate shocks caused by prolonged standing and walking. These heel cups are best for patients suffering from tendonitis, heel spur, and plantar fasciitis. Regular wearing of these heels activates the healing process by reducing leg and foot lethargy.

The self-adhering base of the heel cups supports the natural posture of the heels by providing support and ensures they stay at their original position. These gel heel cups consist of the formulated gel that distributes the heel weight evenly, reducing the pain at the pressure points and tension on the heels. The feature of shock-absorbing provides a comfortable walk while treating the heel issues.


  • Silicon gel for shock-absorbing
  • Self-adhering base
  • Cushioned pads


  • Not durable

These are the best shoe heel protectors for people having heel issues. Thanks to silicon gels present in these heel cups that are responsible for absorbing sudden shocks produced while walking or standing for long durations. The firm grip provided by the heel cups ensures the original heel posture.

5. Heel Seat Wraps – Best Heel Wraps

Moving on towards the next, these heel wraps are the best for providing a great grip that keeps the heel posture in an original position. These heel wraps are the best for plantar fasciitis and heel spur. The material of the fabric is neoprene that is clinically designed to fight against the discomfort and pain caused by a heel spur, sprain, and plantar fasciitis.

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It is a multi-functional therapeutic acupressure heel wrap that can be used with shoes as well as bare feet. The wrap has a special fastener which is called a Velcro fastener keeps the feet secured and ensures the stability of the bottom of the feet while standing on the floor barefooted. It provides a firm grip on the feet while walking and running.

The fastener works on the ligament of the plantar fascia by regaining its original position. To reduce the pain caused by prolong standing, these wraps provide cushioning effect on the fleshy heel pads. The unique feature of these wraps is due to podiatrists called Fascia -Bar technology that is used to treat plantar fasciitis.


  • Velcro Fastener
  • Fascia bar technology
  • Neoprene fabric


  • Expensive

These highly comfortable heel wraps can be used barefooted as well as in the shoes. These wraps give the best results while using it constantly for 8 days, treating the heel issues and preventing sudden heel pain. They have the best grip supporting the actual heel posture and regaining its original position. Hence these heel protectors are the best.

6. Tuli’s Heavy Duty – Gel Heel Cups

These shoe heel protectors are the best sellers as these heel cups have helped many patients suffering from heel pain and acts as an instant pain reliever. Tuli’s heel cups work on the pressure points of the heels and provide comfort and cushioned feel to the chubby heel pads. They not only work on the infected heels but also prevent the sudden pain that arises in the heels due to prolonged standing.

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The improved formulated gel of Tuli’s heel protectors acts as shock absorbers for reducing sudden shocks by distributing the weight of the heel evenly. Patients suffering from Achilles tendons or plantar fasciitis can find these heel protectors as lifesavers that can help reducing heel pain while walking and running or even standing. It also works on heel posture and retains its original position.

Depending upon the intensity of the pain, wearing these heel protectors can cause sudden relief within few hours to few days. They are specifically designed by doctors in latex waffle design while considering the patients suffering from heel pain. They are lightweight, having deep comfort, and protect the heel from sudden jerks that can affect the heel posture. These can be easily worn for long without feeling any shocks because of having elastic gel formula that is a better shock absorbent.


  • Elastic gel formula
  • Lightweight
  • Softer
  • Latex waffle design


  • Useless with sandals

These latex waffle-designed heel protectors are the better shock absorbers while keeping the heel posture aligned. Daily usage of these heel protectors can make you walk better and in a comfortable way without having fear of sudden heel pain. The best part is that they are lightweight and can easily be fitted in any type of shoe.

7. Foot Massager and Stretcher – Heel Cups for Plantar Fasciitis Relief

These heel protectors are the unique shoe heel protector that has innovative texture and lumpy pads. They have an ability to stretch to an extend that works on the plantar fascia ligaments keeping them in their original position. As they have a knobby surface, their resistance power is enough and prevents them from slipping on the floor.

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The material that is used in these heel cups is the high-quality rubber that is highly cushioned and provides a comfortable walk to the users. They are available in 4 sizes that can easily get fitted into shoes and sandals. By using these heel cups, your calf muscles get support and become tight. People suffering from Achilles tendonitis, heel spur, and other heel issues can get these shoe heel protectors in an affordable price range and can beat the surgery by using them daily.

The design of these heel protectors is to provide strong support to align the feet and toes. They distribute the heel weight and prevent the pressure that is exerted on the heels. It works on the pressure points and supports the chubby heel pads. The length of these sole healers covers the heel and the toe area, providing a firm grip on the heels and keeping them in their original posture.


  • Affordable
  • Lumpy surface
  • Have good stretch
  • Available in 4 sizes


  • Not suitable for small feet size.

These heel protectors are foot massagers that keep the heel posture in an accurate position. They have high flexibility that provides a better stretch to the feet and keeps the calf muscles tight and aligned. The knobby surface of these heel protectors is highly resistant to the slippery floor and prevents from falling.

8. Tuli’s Heavy Duty Heel Cups, Cushion Insert for Shock Absorption

Last but not the least, Tuli’s these heel protectors are specially designed for athletes who mostly suffer from heel pain. These are the heavy-duty heel protectors that spread out the heel pain as their main focus is on the pressure points and reduces the tension exerted on heels. Due to this property, it relieves the heel pain and provides a comfortable walk.

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These heel cups are perfect for athletes and fit into their shoes in order to intensify their efficiency and effectiveness. The improved gel technology in these heel protectors is the best shock absorber for soaking up the shocks produced suddenly causing severe pain. The base of the heel is self-adhering that supports the heel posture.

Moving towards the design, it has a complex waffle construction that activates the process of healing. This heel cup acts as an instant reliever and shows better results within few hours depending upon the severity of the pain. The firm grip provided by the heel protector tightens the calf muscles and keeps the ligaments of the plantar fascia in their original position.


  • Improved gel technology
  • Sweatproof surface
  • Knobby bottom surface
  • Highly resistant


  • Breakable

These heel protectors are suitable for athletes as they prevent heel pain and keep the ligaments in their original posture. The improved get technology of these heel cups is the better shock absorber that absorbs the sudden shocks that arise from the ankle. The anti-slip surface keeps the feet dry and prevents sweating. They can be fitted in any of the athlete’s shoes easily.

Factors to be Considered While Buying Shoe Heel Protectors

Good Shock Absorber

It is one of the most important factors that should be considered while buying the best shoe heel protector. Shock absorber heel cups are better for absorbing sudden shocks that arise from the ankle area that is really painful. So while buying the heel protectors, make sure that they are better shock absorbers.


Not every heel protector can heal your heel pain. It depends upon the type of heel issue that you are facing and how much is the severity of the pain. The heel protectors that are highly cushioned are the best suitable for treating the heel spur and other heel issues in a better way.

Slip Resistant

The heel protectors that have slip-resistant surfaces are the best and one should buy them. Along with the best shock absorbing properties and comfortability, you should also consider the surface of the heel protector to be slip-resistant. It prevents the user from slipping on the floor and provides a comfortable walk.

Anti-microbial properties

As these shoe heel protectors stay in the shoes for prolong time period, there is a great chance of infections. The sweat that is there in our feet can produce bacteria and other fungal infections that can lead to a nasty smell. In order to prevent infections, look for heel cups that have anti-microbial properties and keeps your foot dry in every weather.


This is one of the most important factors to be considered while purchasing shoe heel protectors. Look for heel protectors that are highly durable and serve best in treating your heel pain for a long time period. Highly durable heel protectors along with high comfortability can easily reduce heel pain within a week.


Do heel protectors help with heel pain?

Yes, shoe heel protectors help in treating all the heel issues like heel spur, plantar fasciitis, and tendonitis.

Are heel protectors good?

Heel protectors are very effective as they help in reducing sudden pain caused in heels and make the patient walk comfortably.

What do silicon heel protectors do?

Silicon heel protectors provide moisture to the heels and prevent them from extreme dryness. They are also suitable for treating heel pain due to improved silicone gel present at the heel side, providing a cushioning effect.

Do shoe heel protectors help plantar fasciitis?

Heel protectors are best suitable for Plantar Fasciitis because they have shock-absorbing properties that absorb the sudden shocks and also keeps the plantar fascia ligaments align.


Shoe heel protectors are the best for treating heel pain and other heel issues. The shock-absorbing properties of these heel cups are the best suitable for preventing sudden pain shocks and spread out the weight of the heel evenly to reduce tension on heels. They are clinically designed for treating plantar fasciitis, heel spur, and other heel pain and provide comfortable mobility to the users. Following are the top three recommendations of heel protectors for you:

  • Dr. Scholl’s HEEL Pain Relief Orthotics is the trending heel protector that has improved gel guard technology and provides great grip to heels.
  • Heel That Pain Plantar Fasciitis Insoles is best suitable for people suffering from plantar fasciitis and heel spur and keeps the plantar fascia ligament align.
  • ViveSole Silicone Gel Heel Cups is the best seller because of silicone gel that is present in these heel protectors that relieves the pain by shock-absorbing property and self-adhering base for supporting the heel posture.

These three are the best shoe heel protectors that are suitable for heel pain as they are clinically designed for the heel issue and provide instant heal to the heels in an hour after wearing them. But depending upon the severity, they can take up to a few days in repairing heel issues. If you are someone who doesn’t want to treat their heel issue surgically, heel protectors are the best option available in an affordable price range.

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