Privacy Policy & Terms of Services – GuardMyShoes

We at GuardMyShoes are compliant with General Data Protection Regulation and here are few words on our privacy policy combined with our terms of use/services.

  • We do not store any information of visitors, anything which can identify them.
  • We do not allow registrations for users which means that we do not save any passwords or emails.
  • We allow comments and these save your comments, name, and email that you enter along with IPs.
  • This information is encrypted before saving and then saved in secure servers of our hosting.
  • Any data hacked, is still useless to hackers.
  • For monetization, we use Amazon Associate Programm and their Privacy Policies are mentioned on their pages. You should read the Affiliate disclosure for further information related to it.

In order to use our site,

  • You must follow all the above policies or simply leave the site.
  • You must agree that you have acknowledged and agreed with all these policies before using this site any further.
  • We at GuardMyShoes can change these policies at any time without a prior notification. The new change would be considered as it existed when this site was created.