Nike Sneakers for Ladies 2022 (Evergreen Style)

Walking shoes are great for running and are a smart wardrobe staple for running errands or exploring the city. And when it comes to sneakers, Nike has had a long reign since the 1960s. They innovate and test new technologies and emphasize breathable fabrics and supportive midsole. The right pair of sneakers offers support and can go on different surfaces. The “Swoosh” logo is present on almost all professional sportswomen’s wardrobes.

The company is famous for providing sneakers over the decades and adds to your footwear whether you prefer a modern or retro style. But finding the right pair can get complicated sometimes. They can improve your overall life game and give a sense of approval. Nike can never go wrong in terms of performance. The five pairs of Nike sneakers for ladies are worth buying in 2022.

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Nike Sneakers For Ladies 2022

1. Nike Women’s Air Max Torch 4

The design of the Nike Women’s Air Max Torch 4 gets high praise because of its lightweight construction and comfort. This can be the perfect running buddy that one grabs on their way out. They have a chunkier design that resembles the old versions of the Nike sneakers. The aggressively textured mesh upper with the thicker outer soles looks very aesthetic. They give that extra bounce one might like because of the heel.

Screenshot 2021 12 12 122256

Thick laces are present that perfectly suit the bulkier shoe and successfully get a lot of praise from the consumers. Comfort is an essential factor that people consider while searching for the shoe. Choosing a good-looking pair that is uncomfortable can leave you limping in between. The pliable interior of the Air Max Torch 4 gives superb comfort and is best for people having a flat foot.

The plush padding hugs the ankles and keeps the feet in the proper position. Furthermore, the soft and flexible upper allows the feet to maneuver and keeps away the sweat. The feet remain cool and dry even if the weather is humid. This Nike pair’s immense support and stability curb the chances of injury and distribute the weight evenly around the foot.

The sole tread pattern gives a steady grip because of the rectangular protrusions and small squares; running on rough terrains is no longer a problem. The shoes maintain their shape and are highly durable. The air cushion gives more bounce to the step and is highly beneficial. The Air Max Torch 4 makes running effortless and saves energy.

Screenshot 2021 12 12 123756


  • Max Air Cushion
  • Great traction and grip
  • Protects the ankles


  • Hard to maintain

The Nike Women’s Air Max Torch 4 is a great shoe that supports the feet in all conditions. They minimize the chances of injury and accidents. It is a great companion if you like chunky shoes that are soft and comfortable. However, the detailing and the thick laces make maintenance difficult.

2. Nike Women’s Air Zoom Vomero 14

The Vomero 14 by Nike is our next addition to the list. When you buy a shoe only for the maximum cushioning that keeps the underfoot alive, this is the right choice. Nike Women’s Air Zoom Vomero 14 has a redesigned midsole that delivers more energy and keeps the foot responsive as an air unit is present under the footbed. After being tested by multiple people, this shoe is approved for all types of surfaces.

Screenshot 2021 12 12 122436

The upper area of the Vomero 14 is also redesigned with a padded tongue and heel collar. It gives a 360 secure fit and does not irritate the ankle. The incredible cushioning does not deform because the air chamber is present right under the foot, contributing to a smooth heel-toe transition. This feels like the feet are moving in the forward direction automatically.

The Dynamic Fit System on the tongue fits the shoe nicely. The toe box of the Air Zoom Vomero 14 has a standard size but does not pinch or irritate the fingers. It is stretchy so that the toes can make their own space. However, some people might prefer a softer tongue, so the ankles do not get irritated or hurt even if they tie the laces tightly.

Nike has their react foam paired up with the Air Zoom Vomero 14 for a more squishy feeling. The addition of the foam makes them more responsive but does not have the same effect as the thermoplastic polyurethane midsole. However, they are still able to preserve the legs for logging severe mileage.

Screenshot 2021 12 12 124111


  • Dynamic Fit System
  • 360 secure fit
  • It can be paired with react foam


  • Not as responsive as TPU

The Nike Women’s Air Zoom Vomero 14 looks like a fast shoe. The dynamic fit system gives an excellent fit, and the shoe does not feel dead inside. The aesthetics of the midsole and the tiny ridges and tread are excellent for on-road traction. Hence it is a livelier shoe that can complement the wardrobe in 2022.

3. Nike Women’s Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2

The thin synthetic mesh used in the Nike Women’s Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 makes it half an ounce lighter than the classic Turbo series. Although this series was an update with the ZoomX cushioning, the brand went ahead with Turbo 2. Two pods are present on the sides of the collar while the tongue is extra thin.

Screenshot 2021 12 12 122615

Despite the thin minimalist tongue, the ZoomX works perfectly as it takes up the impact but does not deform like the traditional sponges. This extends the lifespan of the sneakers. The midsole comprises the two different soles, Pebax material being used in the top layer. The bottom layer has a denser foam to provide more stability and make the shoes durable.

As we all know, that rubber adds to the shoe’s weight, so the outer sole of the Nike Women’s Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 is thin. The sole perimeter has a pentagonal pattern, while some react foam is exposed between the heel and the forefoot. However, these perform well on wet trails and have a good grip.

The Pegasus Turbo 2 is an ideal shoe for running recklessly as they are incredibly lightweight and soft. The responsive edges push to the entire pace, and the foot does not slide even if you run for miles. It is a killer pair of shoes that makes the ride energetic and works perfectly even if you run a marathon.

Screenshot 2021 12 12 124221


  • Soft and extremely light
  • Two foams in midsole
  • Ideal for running


  • Not durable

The Pegasus Turbo 2 by Nike is extremely lightweight as the outer sole and tongue have thin padding. The midsole is the same as the old versions but has different forms that provide stability and strength. These are ideal for running but might not be as durable enough as the Pegasus Turbo.

4. Nike Women’s Air Zoom Structure 22 Sneakers Shoes

The Nike Women’s Air Zoom Structure 22 sets an example for all the shoes in terms of stability. Being the biggest supplier of the elites, the brand has now developed the most balanced shoes. The toe box is spacious enough that it does not irritate, cramp or pinch the finger. They provide comfort during the long runs as fingers have enough room to spread and relax.

Screenshot 2021 12 12 122743

The dual-density midsole, made of Phylon and Cushlon, gives incredible Support. It might feel a little stiff in the beginning, but it gets better with time. The longer you wear them, the better they feel. Dynamic Support increases the comfort of the shoe and improves the overall performance as well.

All of us are very well aware that no one does better than Nike when it comes to fitting shoes around the feet. The Flywire in shoes can give the consumer a custom fit with no extra thick padding. The material of the Air Zoom Structure 22 is breathable and prevents sweating. It is also durable and can be maintained.

The sole or the underfoot has a multi-thread structure that has a decent grip and does not stick to the roads. Hence it is a versatile shoe that can be used for running, working out, or a day out to explore the city. They can be your best partner in 2022 if you like wearing sneakers for running everyday errands.

Screenshot 2021 12 12 124351


  • The vast and spacious toe box
  • Dynamic Support System
  • Multi-thread outer sole


  • The midsole might feel hard

The Nike Women’s Air Zoom Structure 22 is a perfect choice for smooth rides having enough space for the fingers to spread out and relax. They seem to disappear while running and have a low-profile design. The outer sole provides a decent level of grip on the roads. However, the midsole might feel challenging, but it gets soft with time.

5. Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36

The Pegasus has been available in the market for four decades and is considered the safest shoe for running. The Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36 is not the lightest nor has the newest technology as the recently launched Nike sneakers, but it is an all-rounder with a durable plush upper. It provides a firm ride with a cutting edge.

Screenshot 2021 12 12 122901

The 36th version of the Pegasus is affordable and comfortable with a full-length rubber outsole. The tongue is thin, and the fabric covering the ankle is sleek, having some Flywire attachments. This adds to the comfort of the sneakers. They have an excellent grip and make a reasonable effort when out for a 10-mile long run.

The appearance of the Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36 is strong, having the striped crash pads on the lateral as the previous versions. This continues to attract older customers who like wearing these. These shoes are perfect for the rainy weather. The low-profile airbag makes the shoe weightless even though enough cushion is present.

The upper mesh of the Pegasus 36 went through an upgrade. The stretchy and flexible material makes the shoe durable. The internal structure of the mesh is denser to manage the stress but does not feel bulky or restrict the heel area. The lacing system has bubble support underneath and covers the toes.

Screenshot 2021 12 12 124519


  • Bubble wrap under laces
  • Solid construction
  • Responsive and smooth


  • A gap below the heel

The Pegasus 36 is the updated version of the Pegasus series, which went through slight changes for better performance. The bubble wrap under the laces keeps the toes covered and gives an excellent fit to the shoe. However, some consumers complain that a small gap can be felt under the heel area.


What’s the difference between men’s and women’s Nike shoes?

There is no such difference between the Men’s and Women’s range, but the shoes designed for Women have a narrow heel. However, this might irritate the women with wide feet.

Are Nike shoes true to size?

Yes, Nike shoes are true to size and follow the standard that has been set. They keep up their name by providing convenience to their consumers.

Can men wear women’s shoes?

Yes, men and women can wear each other’s shoes as long as they do not have a problem with the fit and the design. There is no restriction on any gender, and they can buy whatever they like in the stores.

Will my Nike stretch out?

No, running shoes of any brand do not get loose or stretch out. The cushioning in the sole might lose shape or deform with time, but the material stays intact.


The best designs of 2022 of the Nike Sneaker for the ladies are mentioned in the article above. These can complement your wardrobe and help you run errands quickly and efficiently. The best two among these, in my opinion, are:

  • Nike Women’s Air Max Torch 4 has the Max Air Cushion and provides an excellent grip.
  • Nike Women’s Air Zoom Vomero 14 for the Dynamic Fit System as it protects the ankle.

Hence these are the top two picks from the list of Nike sneakers for the year 2022. They provide an excellent grip even on rough surfaces and do not compromise on comfort. The shoes are breathable and keep the feet relaxed, giving enough space for the fingers to move.

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