Best Nike Nurse Shoes 2022 – Healthcare Workers’ Favourite

Is it common for you to get swollen feet or suffer from ankle pain as a nurse? Along with doctors, nurses have to be available for day and night shifts and give timely responses every time. All this hard work will not be possible if your shoes are uncomfortable and do not allow enough mobility. Thus, I believe that shoes are essential for this field and you will surely agree with me.

To avoid further damage to your feet, I have tried and reviewed some of the best quality shoes of the Nike brand. This name is no stranger and is well-known for manufacturing the best quality shoes for its customers. This company has also targeted nurses to help them expertly provide their services.

So, I have chosen the Nike brand and mentioned its eight best nurse shoes in 2022. They all are affordable and have specific characteristics to match your needs. Read and choose the ideal pair for yourself!


Nike Nurse Shoes 2022

1. Nike Women’s Flex Trainer 9 Sneakers – Comfortable Nike Shoes For Nurses

Among the top four shoe recommendations in 2022 for female nurses, Nike’s Women Flex Trainer 9 Sneakers are worth the mention. While many brands offer amazing shoes for male nurses, the brand has specifically designed these for regular workouts and running for women.

The upper has premium quality synthetic material and mesh in two shades. This mesh allows both feet to breathe. The outsole and midsole have a rubber component, which provides heat and shock resistance. In addition, the outsole has a distinctive tri-star pattern to distribute the pressure equally while taking steps. This geometry also gives a solid grip, preventing falls.

Screenshot 2021 10 25 113216

Mesh is present on both panels and heels with synthetic overlays to ensure durability. Also, heels have a broad strap with Nike logo and help to adjust feet according to requirement while putting them on. Pull-tabs on heels serve the same purpose and allow quick sliding in. The tongue of Flex Trainer 9 sneakers is extra soft and also has the brand logo.

The closure type is lace-up and holds the feet in place while a person takes quick steps. These sneakers are available in multiple colors, including black, mauve, white, and others with contrasting heel stripes.


  • The platform provides sufficient traction
  • Reasonable price
  • High-quality synthetic material
  • Overlays and pull tabs on heels
  • Outsole disperses pressure
  • Black pair for strict environment


  • Less arch support
  • Light cushion

These sneakers are aesthetically appealing, support running activity for long hours, and have features that keep nurse feet in position. In addition, they come with an attractive price tag. Thus, thousands of nurses prefer them for hospital errands.

2. Nike Women’s Shox Enigma Running Shoes – Best Nike Shoes For Healthcare Workers

Nike has specially designed Shox Enigma Running shoes for female nurses who have to work for hours and continuously assist in their field of work. These sneakers provide extra support and comfort to the feet.

Screenshot 2021 10 25 113418

The type of material in shoes is a crucial factor. The outsole is synthetic and has a classic Nike sign. The console has a stylish look and has flexible and soft material. Moreover, the presence of mesh allows the feet to breathe by allowing air passage, preventing your feet from sweating The midsole has ridges that complement the design as well as enhance the hold on the ground.

The round-shaped structures in the heel area are incredibly lightweight and provide cushioning to protect heels to prevent blisters or other kinds of discomfort at every step. Lace-up closure ensures a secure grip during quick movement. The Enigma Running Sneakers are available in more than five colors, and nurses can choose from them quickly.


  • Stylish
  • Durable fabric and mesh
  • Ultimate support
  • Unique outsole to absorb pressure
  • Black color for strict rules
  • Midsole prevents slips


  • Stiff material on the front foot
  • Cause discomfort for wide feet

These shoes are reliable, affordable, and incorporate current styles with comfort. I will highly recommend them to those women who provide services for more than six hours and work day and night for patients. Due to several advantages, I have listed them among the best shoes for nurses in 2022.

3. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoes – Nike Hospital Shoes

These shoes have Pegasus in their name for a reason! Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoes offer high-speed mobility due to their sleek design and multiple features. Let us go in-depth about their characteristics.

Screenshot 2021 10 25 113642

Nike has used “Zoom Air” technology to design them, which is an inventive step. The outsole and midsole use compressed air and highly stretched fibers to absorb external force. Then, they retract and allow energetic strides. This feature also reduces pressure on muscles and tendons. The rubber component in the sole gives additional ease.

The upper fiber is entirely synthetic and has perforations for breathing. The inner material, including the footbed, is manmade. Nike ensures premium quality shoes by employing skilled staff. The outsole rubber contributes to the structure of shoes by providing traction.

Collar and tongue are slimmer to minimize the discomfort and allow the nurses to cover the distance fast. These sneakers come in various colors, ranging from classic black and white to mint green and shocking pink.


  • Perfect for a high-heat environment
  • Utilizes Zoom Air technology
  • Reasonable cost
  • Ensures high speed
  • Lightweight sole, collar, and tongue
  • Lace-up closure for grip


  • Narrow from the toe area
  • Not preferable for wide feet

Among the shoes I have tested, Pegasus 360 Running Shoes is undoubtedly my favorite. It provides stellar support and is ideal for female nurses who deal with emergencies very often. Also, if they are running late and usually walk to their destination, they should consider wearing them from their wardrobe.

4. Nike’s Women’s Flex Experience RN 8 Running Trainers – Non Porous Shoes Nike

Other shoes by Nike that I view as best for female nurses in 2022 are Women’s Flex Experience RN 8 Running Trainer Shoes. They are fantastic since they are extremely lightweight and possess certain specifications to fit multiple feet shapes.

Screenshot 2021 10 25 113937

The upper includes both textile and synthetic fabric. This gives strength to the outer structure of shoes. The sole is of rubber that offers resistance to heat, puncture, and UV radiations. Also, the outsole has thin grooves to ensure flexibility for the nurse’s feet. Nike has chosen unique knit material for these shoes to minimize the feeling of burden.

The heels of these sneakers have soft mesh for perfect cushioning and long-lasting comfort. One of the prominent features of heels is their rounded shape and the existence of a loop. The shape facilitates a wide range of movements, while small loops promote easy sliding in and off.

In terms of appearance, they have a classic look and a large logo near the lace-overlays. Also, they come in various colors like other Nike shoes, making it easier to decide from them. All these benefits come at an affordable price tag.


  • Ideal for walking several hours
  • Comfortable tongue and heel collars
  • Flexible upper
  • Suitable for wide feet
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Budget-friendly choice


  • Uncomfortable for uneven ground
  • Incompatible with long-period running

These sneakers are not costly, have a simple yet classy design, are durable, and require low maintenance. Thus, if you are looking for shoes that do not interfere with your work for at least six hours, these sneakers by Nike are a perfect option for you.

5. Nike Men’s Lunar Fingertrap Cross Trainers

Nike’s men’s Lunar Fingertrap Cross Trainers is receiving thousands of 5 star reviews from customers, including nurses. They offer extreme comfort for a long period of time and also are unique in design. They fit easily according to the foot shape.

Screenshot 2021 10 25 114131

The midsole and outsole are both of rubber material. The lunarlon midsole (moon-shaped structures on the sole) provides high-level cushioning which helps prevent knee pain at impact. The outsole provides outstanding traction and grip, so male nurses can move at high speed when necessary and take big steps with no tension.

Also, the outsole of these sneakers has a characteristic multidirectional cross pattern. This geometry uses triangular nodes for enhanced resistance and friction. In addition, the inner sleeve is made up of breathable mesh that adjusts with feet like gloves. These sneakers come in two color varieties: anthracite black and black metallic silver. They both are suitable for males who work under strict rules.


  • Perfect for walking
  • Attractive design
  • Lunarlon midsole
  • Reasonable cost
  • Breathable mesh
  • Good for high-temperature areas
  • Fit easily


  • Unsuitable width profile
  • Require time in adjustment

This product offers premium quality for an average price. I will recommend them for male nurses who have a wide forefront. Also, if you work more than six hours, these shoes might be an excellent choice to add to your shoe collection.

6. Nike Men’s Revolution 5 Wide Running Shoes

Revolution 5 Wide Running Shoes by Nike has it’s upper made from recycled knit. As they are available in multiple sizes and incorporate the needs of those looking for running shoes for wide feet, these sneakers are among the top sneakers for male nurses in 2022.

Screenshot 2021 10 25 114514

The upper is lightweight and airy to provide the required comfort. Both sole and outer material is synthetic, the outsole being of rubber and midsole of foam. The rubber allows better grip and prevents slips. Tread spaces allow natural foot flex.

The soft foam in the midsole cushions your steps at impact as well as contributes to smooth strides. This material also makes the shoe lightweight. Moreover, the heels are reinforced and have layers to give support while walking. These shoes come in multiple colors that include shades of black, red, and white. The Nike logo of contrasting color adds to the minimalist construction.


  • Comfortable sockliner
  • Classic design
  • Non-flashy and suitable for hospitals
  • Moderate cost
  • Available for wide feet
  • Lightweight material


  • Make a loud noise
  • Unsuitable where silence is required

If you require breathable shoes at an attractive price, you should consider Revolution 5 Wide Running Shoes for purchase. Also, they are perfect for long-hour shifts, that is, more than 12 hours.

7. Nike Air Max Torch 3 Men’s Running Shoes

Air Max Torch 3 Running Shoes for Men come in a classy modern design. Nike has designed them with characteristic features to ensure durability, flexibility, and comfort for male nurses. The upper has a breathable mesh and soft fabric. This allows the necessary air circulation around feet.

Screenshot 2021 10 25 114746

The closure type is lace-up for extra grip. The midsole and outsole have prominent ridges that allow concrete steps and avoid falls. Thus, male nurses can carry out their daily work in no time since they do not have to worry about tripping. Heels offer excellent traction and stress absorption since they are retractable and of sufficient height.

With all these benefits, these shoes also provide the best support and security to ankles. They are available in black with a white Nike logo. Small symbols are also present at the front and back of these sneakers. Their design not only ensures a soft feel but also synchronizes with the popular trendy looks.


  • Best for running and working
  • Airy
  • Prevent slips
  • Supportive heels
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Medium price range


  • Not preferable for wide feet
  • Tend to run small

Thus, if you are looking for reliable and affordable products for your feet and your forefront is narrow, these shoes might be a good option for you. Also, they support walking for approximately six hours.

8. Nike Men’s Tanjun Sneakers

Tanjun means simplicity in Japanese. This refers to the simple design and construction of Tanjun Sneakers that Nike has manufactured specifically for men. I have also added them to this list of Nike Nurse Shoes for 2022 since they offer flow in strides with a snug feel.

Screenshot 2021 10 25 115612

The upper is streamlined to ensure fast movement and is made from mesh textile that is highly airy. So, these shoes are a good choice when male nurses have to work in warm areas or in summer. It will also prevent discomfort from sweating.

The sole has an exemplary rubber component that provides resistance against heat and UV radiation. The platform is of sufficient height and facilitates to support heels. Like the upper, the tongue is also made with soft mesh material. They are available in more than five colors, including black, grey, blue, white, etc.


  • Streamline shape
  • Perfect for workplace
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • High-quality rubber
  • Supports heels


  • Unsuitable for long hours
  • Not preferable for foot conditions

These sneakers are simple in design, offer moderate arch support, making them a likable option for those wanting running shoes for flat feet. They work fine for four to five-hour shifts. However, wearing them for a more extended period may cause discomfort due to a somewhat stiff outsole.


Nike has outdone itself in designing shoes for a wider audience. It has carefully focused on making them for nurses as well since their job is as important as others. I have reviewed one of the best Nike shoes for both male and female nurses in 2022. Here are my top suggestions for you:

  • Nike Women’s Flex Trainer 9 Sneakers: for their fabulous quality, highly comfortable outsoles and pull tabs on heels
  • Nike Women’s Flex Experience RN 8 Running Trainers: for their ideal features that allow assisting patients and doctors for long hours, airy mesh material, and availability in wide width profile
  • Nike Men’s Revolution 5 Wide Running Shoes: for their durable nature, sleek design, heel loops, and guarantee of working for more extended periods without discomfort.

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