Best 6 Nike Golf Shoes in 2022

Wouldn’t you like to practice golf in a dainty pair of shoes? Well, who would refuse it? We know that it has always been a fashion for people to golf play on their Sundays or to have a replenishing activity. You would always prefer to have a perfect look for the golf court. Having a perfect look and comfy shoes already boosts up your confidence for the game.

Apart from clothing, wearing refined shoes is also something which people want while going for a golf game. While buying shoes, people often prefer different shoes of different brands and companies which could suit them for the game. You would not like to compromise on the quality of shoes because you want to play the best golf. And that is absolutely right as you think.

For the ones who play golf often, they would prefer to invest in the best golf shoes. As per demand, you may often look for shoes that are durable, with a soft insole for comfort and a stylish look also. Well if that is? No need to go anywhere, all these features can be found in a single brand i.e. “Nike”. Nike’s golf shoes 2022 are the best golf shoes for you to buy.

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Nike Golf Shoes 2022

1. Janoski G Tour – Top Golf Shoes

When talking about Nike, one of the best golf shoes manufactured by them so far is Janoski G Tour. It is listed among the best Nike golf shoes in 2022. It offers a warranty of 2 years and is more user-friendly if we look at its performance and style. These shoes are built with better cushioning to provide more comfort and stability to the player.

Screenshot 2021 12 07 212647

React infinity pro is made with waterproof material which benefits you by keeping your feet dry. It also helps to prevent your feet from blisters as it protects your feet from the water. These shoes are basically made of Gore-Tex material which makes them waterproof, lightweight, and highly durable material even in the harshest conditions.

Speaking of its making and texture, these shoes’ upper textile is made of NIKESKIN technology. It makes these shoes more durable, flexible, and breathable to comfort the wearer. This durable material provides stability to the player. But also keeps its breathability and comfort allowing you to perform your best at the golf court

The mid-lay covers are made up of synthetic material which has good elasticity. This material is highly durable, can endure heavy weight without breaking, and does not shrink too soon. This material wraps around the middle part of your feet and keeps your feet stable.

React vapor pro is the innovative form of precedent shoes. It has foam cushioning which is 11% softer and provides 13% more energy than the previous models. Its internal heel provides stability to your feet while sideways movement. While running, these shoes would feel super soft because of their plush cushioning underfoot.

Screenshot 2021 12 07 215024


  • Super soft and provides a bouncy touch Provides stability to the wearer Has a fashionable design that looks good


  • Runs short for the player

It is the most innovative model of the Nike brand enlisted on top of the list of Nikes golf shoes 2022. It provides its wearer a more cushioned and softer feature which is much more comfortable yet more responsive also. It also provides more flexibility and stabilizes your feet while making movement. So it is the best choice for you to opt for while looking for 2022’s best Nike golf shoes.

2. Nike React Vapor 2 – Best Rated Golf shoes

Nike React Vapor 2 golf shoes are rated in second place among the best Nike golf shoes 2022. These shoes are close enough in terms of performance to Nike React Infinity Pro and positioned right after them. It proves to be worth buying due to its exceptional performance. It is marked to bring about plush responsiveness to the players for better performance.

Screenshot 2021 12 07 213331

It is manufactured from waterproof material and benefits the wearer as it protects them from the water entering inside the shoes. These shoes keep their feet dry and prevent blisters. It has a warranty of 2 years for the wearer. Moreover, it has spiked traction which provides more stability and also grip to the player. This traction provides a better grip even in the wet or harshest conditions.

The upper skin of these shoes are made with synthetic leather NIKESKIN technology. Leather is known to be a more durable material and provides extra protection to the wearer. Leather is a comfortable material and gives a better fit to you as well. It is easy to clean and has water resistance. In addition to this, leather shoes always give a dainty look to the wearer. And it is breathable also which provides you comfort.

It employs Nike React Vapor Pro react technology in its insole which gives more innovative bouncy cushioning to you and provides softer hold while striking the shot. It gives the players 13% more energy to give back than the precedent models. It is the most responsive foam yet and makes you want to run more. It is also lightweight and feels more feathery.

It processes flywire technology which is an innovative technology that stabilizes the players as such that it gives maximum support and minimizes their weight on feet. The cleat keeps the dirt out and protects your feet. TPU used in the heels supports your feet while sideways movement and also is featured to provide outstanding abrasion to the sole. It also gives them low-temperature flexibility.

Screenshot 2021 12 07 215309


  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Spike traction provides better grip
  • Brings about more responsiveness
  • Brings about stability


  • Runs too short for the player
  • The toe of the shoes is ripped after a few wears

Nike React Vapor 2 has been worn by Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) players Paul Casey, Patrick Reed, and Pablo Larrazabal. Summing up, these shoes are counted to be one of the top products of the Nike brand and have quick responsiveness. It also counts for better traction and grip due to spikes outsole, For serious players like you, it could be a better choice to have.

3. Air Zoom Infinity Tour – Best Shoes for Golf

Air Zoom Infinity Tour is another product of the Nike brand. It is also a top-rated product of Nike and is noted to be among the best golf shoes in 2022. It is placed in the third position in Nike’s ranking. It is made of waterproof material and keeps the feet of the player dry. It prevents blisters on your feet and has a warranty of about 2 years to give a stress-free experience. It has a regular width size that can fit in your feet easily.

Screenshot 2021 12 07 213655

It has spiked traction which gives better stability. Spiked traction is known to provide you with better adhesion to the track in wet or harsh conditions. This grip maximizes the power of the swing. It has a new pattern of traction which provides maximum grip while running to the players. It also stabilizes their feet for lateral movements.

The technology used in the manufacturing of these shoes includes a fly knit upper which provides a more comfortable and arier touch. It is not like ordinary shoes rather consists of different layers evolving with more material and resulting in less flexibility of these shoes. They provide very good support to the players and stabilize their feet.

It also employs a full-length Zoom Air Unit which utilizes the technology of tightly stretched fibers and pressurized air inside for absorbing the ground and friction impact and deflects back to provide faster movement. It reduces strain on your muscles, bones, and tendons to give you relief. Moreover, it has a super cushioning mechanism to give you a bouncier touch and enhance your speed.

The external heel provides better stability to you and supports you on the ground. It provides better comfort while sideways movements. Also, the spikes are placed under zoom air units which compresses the spikes as you run. This maintains comfort for you and uplifts your speed while running and gives a great energy return.

Screenshot 2021 12 07 215448


  • Gives a bouncy touch and supports the players
  • Provides stability like a running shoe
  • Waterproof material used


  • Can cause blisters at the beginning

Here, we have discussed the features of the Nike Air Zoom Infinity tour which has astounding features. Its full-length Zoom Air unit provides cushioning and softer touch which comforts you. Its spike adhesion provides a better grip on the ground like running shoes. For a professional player, these shoes can be the best option with exceptional performances. These shoes have been worn by Brooks Koepka from Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA).

4. Roshe G Tour – Best Golf Shoes On The Market

Talking about the best Nike golf shoes 2022, the Roshe G tour is also counted as one of them. It also is manufactured with waterproof material which keeps the feet of players dry and prevents blisters. It has a warranty of one year but can also vary.

Screenshot 2021 12 07 214029

It has a spiked traction pattern which provides more adhesion. This gives more grip on the ground and also assists in better running. This stabilizes their feet also during lateral movements. It also offers better grip during wet or harsh conditions. And helps you to withstand even a brassy environment. These spikes are noted to be removable.

It is made of leather material which is known to be of good quality and has water resistance. Leather is a durable material and has high breathability which comforts the wearer. We also know leather material shoes are comfortable enough for the wearer and fit well in their feet. It gives extra protection to you and is an eco-friendly material. Leather shoes look modernized and give a sober look.

Roshe G Tour is also equipped with a soft foam midsole which provides comfort to the wearer. Its midsole is made of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) which is mostly used in running shoes and supports the players for better running. It provides great stability to your feet and also provides cushioning to you. Although it is not the best foam, it gives comfort underfoot.

The internal heel provides support to the player and keeps the feet stabilized. This holds up the lateral movements. Just to be clear, it has a super soft sole and comforts your feet and stabilizes them but may require a break at any time. Its soleplate is made of TPU which gives you UV resistance and excellent sole flexibility. All these features bring these shoes among the top-rated Nike golf shoes of 2022.

Screenshot 2021 12 07 215617


  • Comfortable enough
  • Has a good grip
  • Durable
  • Easy to fit


  • Wears off too soon
  • Runs short

Nike Roshe G Tour is counted to be among the best Nike golf shoes for 2022. It has a leather upper which gives durability and extra protection. Leather gives a voguish look to the wearer and it is equipped with a super soft memory sole which provides you comfort. These shoes are also worn by Tommy Fleetwood, Rory Mcllroy, and Viktor Hovland of PGA. So if you are looking for dainty, durable and shoes to buy, Roshe G Tour is recommended for you.

5. Air Zoom Victory Tour 2 – Most Popular Golf Shoes

Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2 is also counted among the top launched products in the best golf shoes 2022. It is also made of waterproof material and constitutes Gore-Tex which gives it an insulated feature. It also makes these shoes more breathable and durable for the wearer. For a hassle-free experience, you can enjoy a warranty of 2 years.

Screenshot 2021 12 07 214230

It has a spiked resistance which gives it a better grip on the player. They provide you with better support even to withstand the harshest conditions. With its exceptional traction pattern, you can perform at your best on the golf court. It is considered to be a more sophisticated design than its precedent models as the cutting edges give it a more refined shape.

It has a leather upper which as described earlier gives shoes more durability. These shoes are easy to wear and comfort the wearer as they are easy to fit. So, if you want to wear shoes with more style along with durability, these shoes give your shoes a more modernized and elegant look. It also gives you a soft and pliable feeling that comforts you.

Moreover, the Zoom Air unit is tightly bound to the upper part rather than being placed in the foam. It provides plush cushioning and comforts you. This mechanism is designed to enhance your speed and respond to each step. The tightly packed air inside the Zoom Air Unit absorbs the impact and bounces back for fast movement and reduces strain on muscles.

The full-length plate located under the Zoom Air unit provides more stability and returns more energy to them which helps you run faster. It is featured with internal foam pads to provide you with extra cushioning and gives you ease to enjoy your game better. The heel cup gives you more stability offering you to perform better while supporting the lateral movements.

Screenshot 2021 12 07 220210


  • Extra cushioning due to internal foam pods.
  • Modernized and stylish look
  • Relieves strain from muscles
  • Responds you faster


  • Could be uncomfortable for the wearer
  • Wears off shortly

Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 2 is among the best Nike golf shoes of 2022 and is rated highly because of its remarkable features. Cam Davis, Min Woo Lee, and other PGA players have also been reported to wear these shoes. These shoes have a leather upper for comfort and style. The Zoom Air units provide better cushioning. All these features altogether make it a good and recommended choice for you to buy.

6. Air Max 270 G – Top Golf Shoes

Last but not the least, Nike Air Max 270 G is another launch worth the mention. Spikeless traction in these shoes may give you grip and support, not as much as with the spikes but, still stabilizes and grips for lateral movements.

Screenshot 2021 12 07 214445

The upper part of these shoes is made with a waterproof overlay. Gore-Tex is the most common material used which gives them the feature of water resistance. It also gives breathability to the players which comforts them. Its unique traction pattern gives the highest level of play. Its upper material is more flexible and lightweight which provides comfort and ease to the players.

The midsole of these shoes employs a maximum air unit. This not only provides extra cushioning to the wearer but also stabilizes their feet. It reduces the joint strain on knees and ankles allowing you to play more freely and enhancing your performance.

It is designed to provide you maximum support and grip your feet while swinging. It is designed to be a perfect running shoe to endure a more abrasive environment for training and practices. It has a warranty of 1 year, but regardless of its warranty, it gives the best performance.

Screenshot 2021 12 07 220606


  • Has a grip like running shoes
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Provides unique traction


  • Runs too short

Nike Air Max 270 G is an innovative design and performs better than the previous models. It has a firm grip and provides stability like running shoes. With better traction and breathability it provides the maximum level of play to you. For a good choice of golf shoes, these shoes should be considered.


Why do golf shoes have spikes?

Golf shoes are spiked often to give you a better grip. it also helps to provide better traction in mud, wet, on uneven surfaces, and on hills. it gives you a good grip and stabilizes your feet. It also supports your feet for lateral movements.

What are golf shoes called?

Golf shoes are called Soft Spikes. Golf shoes today typically mean rounds of hard plastic at key points on the soles of the golf shoes, with plastic nubs branching off and down from the rounds.

Can golf shoes be used for walking?

Golf shoes or more accurately spikeless golf shoes can easily be used for walking and general everyday use. They are designed to allow players to walk 6 miles per day and can let you complete 10,000 steps per day as an everyday routine.


For a golf player like you who would be wanting the best golf shoes for themselves, this review might help you to pick the right kind of shoes for yourself. I have enlisted some of the top-rated products for you to choose the best one for your game. Nike shoes are known best for their quality and durability which assists you to perform at your best. While some of the shoes which I found to be more recommendable are given:

  • Janoski G Tour for providing a voguish look and stability. It is noted to provide you with plush cushioning and enhance the performance. It is known to be the top-rated product of Nike golf shoes 2022. The mid-lay covers give you elasticity.
  • Nike React Vapor 2 for giving you a better grip due to better traction for better running and better performance. It brings about more stability and quick responsiveness. It gives you 13% more energy return. While TPU gives you better sideways movement.
  • Roshe G Tour for assisting in better running, good grip, and UV resistance. Its soleplate also gives high adhesion to the wearer. These shoes are noted to be comfortable enough to be worn and give extra protection to your feet and fit easily.

In the article above, I have mentioned the best Nike Golf shoes for 2022. So if you are looking for the best golf shoes for yourself or anyone in your circle you must go for these shoes. These are more reliable, of good quality and have exceptional features.

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