Best Nano Waterproof Spray Review

Are you tired of cleaning your shoes after wearing them in monsoon rains? We have come up with a solution for getting rid of muddy shoes and other problems like wet dripping leather umbrellas and your smartphone drenched in rainwater. Nanotechnology is here to rescue you from all the worries.


Nano Waterproof Spray is the latest technology that is used for increasing the life and durability of the material. It works by creating a layer of microscopic nanoparticles on the surface of your product to make it repellent of dirt, stains, and water. Following are the five best nano waterproof sprays that you can use as shielding for your shoes and leather items.

Nano Waterproof Spray

1. Tarrago High Tech Nano Protector Spray

Tarrago High Tech Nano Protector Spray can be used on many surfaces such as shoes, leather bags, jackets, and any other kind of footwear. It uses nanotechnology in its making, with which it can provide coverage to the material to make it waterproof and dust repellent.

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With this product, your product remains fresher and new for a longer time. It is suggested to use this on the products with a high-tech membrane in them because it maintains the breathability of the material while keeping it waterproof and dust-free. It has no color and is transparent in its shade and can be used on any color.

This spray provides proper covering to your items and shields them from rain, mud, and dust. It is used simply by spraying it over the dry and dust-free surface of your shoe or bag. Make a proper covering and spread it evenly on every part of the product. It uses lotus flower effect technology which enables the sprayed material not to hold oil, water, or dirt on its surface. This keeps the material neat. It is easy to apply but make sure to apply it in a large ventilated room or open air.


  • Shield the materials
  • Colourless
  • Odourless


  • Not suitable for metals

It is a colorless spray that provides coverage to your different shoes and other accessories, including leather bags. It will help in keeping your footwear fresh for longer times. It is easy to spray and doesn’t require much effort. This spray will keep your sprayed items dust-free and dry in the rain.

2. Sof Sole Water Proofer Spray

This product uses nanotechnology on materials to prevent them from bad stains, sticky mud, and rainwater. It helps in covering the material and protecting it from any environmental conditions. It doesn’t affect the breathability of the fabric, which helps air to pass through but not the water and other substances. This keeps your feet dry, which is a plus point.

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This Sof Sole Water Proofer Spray can be used on shoes and boots, leather jackets, and hats. It is a quick functioning spray and dries quickly when applied, and doesn’t take much time to dry out. This not only helps in protecting the shoes and bags from rain and mud but also helps in keeping your product stain-free too.

As a personal user, I will recommend this product as it gives two months of carefree use. The spray is invisible and doesn’t change the color of your product. It keeps your product the same color and makes a layer to cover the entire product with nanoparticles.

Just spray the product and make sure to cover every part of it, leave it, and it will dry. Once you spray, the product will stay shielded for about two months. This results in longer life for your product. Less contact with spray means less chemical contact. It gives life to your product.


  • Invisible spray
  • Dries quickly
  • One spray gives two months of shielding


  • It doesn’t work on net shoes

This Sof Sole Water Proofer Spray uses nanotechnology to cover your shoes or other leather products to provide shielding against dust and water. It dries out quickly and keeps your material covered for two months. The spray is invisible and increases the life of your product.

3. Crep Protect Ultimate Rain and Stain Spray

It is a waterproof spray that is used on various materials. It provides a complete barrier against all types of environmental conditions. If the weather is harsh and rainy, it protects your shoes. If there is mud around, this spray will protect your shoes from getting stained. It can be used on leather shoes, canvas shoes, and suede shoes. This spray is very easy to use. When applied, it provides a strong barrier between the harsh environment and shoes.

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This Crep Protect Ultimate Rain and Stain Spray come in a pack of two bottles. The first spray works with nanotechnology to create a layer of nanoparticles on a product and make it safe from stains. The second spray creates a double layer of stain-fighting resin responsible for protection against dust and stains.

Before spraying, make sure the product you are spraying on is dust-free and clean. Evenly spray every part of the material from 25 to 30 cm away. This will create a layer on your product. It can be used on wallets, leather bags, heels, and belts. This spray is invisible in color and helps you keep your shoes look new and fresh every time you wear them.


  • Dual sprays
  • Strong shielding effect
  • Invisible


  • Material needed to spray every time

This is a reliable product in terms of protection and shielding. It helps in saving your leather products and shoes from resistant stains and rain. It is invisible in color and gives a quick-drying facility to help you use it in emergency scenarios.

4. Kaps Nano Protector Spray

This product is made for the use of providing coverage to leather and textile materials against tough stains. It provides a shield to prevent them from getting dirty and moist in any scenario. It uses nanotechnology for protection which makes the product long-lasting and durable.

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It is easy to spray on the products, but you have to remember that the spray should be done in the open air or a good ventilation room. Test the spray on the minor part of the material and when the material responds positively and doesn’t show any negative impact, use it on the whole product.

It is made for application on any material and color, and it will not leave any stain. Neither it will affect the original color of the product. Kids’ shoes especially require extra protection to last longer. While there are plenty of top-quality durable shoe options for your children out there, this product uses nanotechnology for the shielding impact. This helps create a layer of nanoparticles on the product’s surface to keep even the delicate footwear safe.

When used on shoes, it provides breathability to the leather and shoe material, which keeps your feet dry and allows the leather to stay soft and durable. The product is reliable for use as a protective spray. As it makes the product waterproof and stains repellent.


  • Long-Lasting protection
  • Stain repellant
  • Provides breathability


  • Less quantity in a single packaging

This is a trustworthy product that gives long-lasting shielding to leather and textile materials. It doesn’t affect the color of the product or material. This gives breathability to your shoe or other wear where you are spraying this product.

5. Rust-Oleum, Clear 280886 Shield H2O Boot and Shoe Spray

It is a good product renowned for its protection against the harms of the weather. It provides a shield against mud, clay, ice, water, and different stains. You can use it on any shoes you wear and It will make your shoe hydrophobic and offer perfect protection from the surroundings. So in case you cant get your hands on some of the top-rated walking shoes for traveling this spray can offer your shoes the same kind of safety for your adventures.

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Your material would still be breathable even after the application of the waterproof spray. The spray is transparent to give your shoe and other accessories an excellent shiny finish. When you spray the product on the shoes, it will not change its appearance.

It safeguards your shoes and other products you apply from water and any environmental damage. Apply this spray 24 hours before use. So the application will firmly stick to the product before you wear it.

The use of the product is simple but test it on a minor part before applying it to the entire material. If the test gets successful, then you can apply it to the entire product in the open air or some large ventilated room. Spray from 10 to 12 inches away. And spray evenly to every part. Let it dry completely before wearing.


  • Allows breathability
  • Easy to spray
  • Invisible


  • Application is ruined on one rub

It is an excellent waterproof spray from a reliable brand to protect your shoes from any harsh weather. It gives an invisible protective layer to your product which doesn’t change the look of the product. It is easy to apply and, when used, also maintains the breathability of the material.

What choose a Nano Waterproof Spray?

Some of the important specifications mentioned below are vital to check before getting a nano waterproof spray. Read till the end to get the maximum knowledge.


Search for a product that consists of valuable and important features instead of casual ones. Select the product which has a maximum number of characteristics than only 2 or 3. More qualitative features give better results. Select the final product with full attention and care.

Higher Ratings And Reputable Brand

Check for the higher rating of the product you are selecting for your use. In this way, you would get to know the quality of the product beforehand. Always go for a renowned brand because they are bound to maintain their reputation, and they will not make low-quality products.

Life Of The Spray

Go for the spray, which lasts longer on the surface. Never select the one which you have to apply after every few minutes. Some sprays are long-lasting and durable on the material. You only have to apply once, and they stay there for 2 to 3 months. This would give good value for the price.


Check for the product at a reasonable price, neither expensive nor cheap. It is not compulsory that every costly product is excellent and inexpensive is not. Look for a product that is affordable and has all the necessary features you are searching for.

Colour and Odour

The color of these waterproof sprays should be invisible. They should have no color because if they are colorful, they would leave some stain or destroy the original color of the product. It would be harmful instead of advantageous. Similarly, the spray should not be smelly. This would be unpleasant for the surroundings and will cause uneasiness. Check for colorless and odorless spray.


What is a nanotechnology spray?

It is the combination of nanopolymers and silicon dioxide. Then it is sprayed on the material you want to shield. It forms layers that are oleophobic and hydrophobic. It means it has both water repellent and contamination repellent characteristics.

Does waterproof spray ruin shoes?

No, the waterproof sprays don’t ruin the shoes or other materials. But it is possible that if the spray’s quality is not good, it will badly affect the material you are spraying on. Buy the excellent quality waterproof spray so it would not destroy your shoes. It at times also makes shoes look messy when the quality is not good.

Does waterproof spray work?

They do work for some specific materials. But not always for every fabric. Waterproof sprays are used for shielding your leather materials and shoes. Research says you better opt for waxes and leather conditioners instead of these waterproof sprays.


The article has the top 5 nano waterproof sprays belonging to different brands. They have different characteristics and additional benefits according to their manufacturing. Understand this article completely to make sure you are choosing the right product. Carefully make the final selection as it would predict the future efficiency of the product.

As a reviewer, I would highly recommend,

  1. Tarrago High Tech Nano Protector Spray, as this product is colourless and odourless. It maintains the breathability of the material on which it is sprayed. And uses the lotus flower effect, which doesn’t let oil-water or dirt stick on the material’s surface.
  2. Sof Sole Water Proofer Spray is highly recommended because once you spray, the effect would last two entire months. It is invisible in colour and doesn’t leave any stain on the material. One additional point is that this product dries out very quickly as compared to others.
  3. Kaps Nano Protector Spray is another recommended product because it provides a long-lasting shielding effect and maintains the material’s breathability, which increases its durability.

No need to worry if you cannot get your hands on some amazing travel options like the Adidas waterproof shoes. Because With these sprays you can get similar protection for your shoes every single time. So choose wisely and Make sure to select the best possible product you can to get the most favorable outcomes.

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