How To Stretch Suede Shoes – DIY Fixing Boots At Home

You buy a pair of alluring suede shoes, especially online; you receive them and shoot! They are too tight for your feet. But you don’t want to return them because they are too pretty so what to do? Don’t worry; luckily, suede shoes have a bit of a give. Suede material can stretch, and they get loose; you can follow up some DIY hacks and make them comfortable. However, be careful you don’t damage the material of your shoes. So let’s see what we have for you.

how to stretch suede shoes

How To Stretch Suede Shoes

The first doubt that people have is that they can stretch suede shoes? So, yes, you can stretch them by following a few of the super handy hacks.

Stretch Spray

The easiest and most convenient method is to buy a stretch spray. Make sure to buy the right spray for the material of the shoes. Read the instruction on the spray bottle as some stretches are used for particular leather and not for suede. Once you get the spray, spray it lightly inside the shoes. Apply thoroughly in all corners of the shoes and spread the product evenly.

Wear the shoes for few hours. You can wear them and sit to finish your work at home you don’t necessarily have to walk in them. Just keep your foot in it and do some foot movement so that it stretches accordingly. If you want it to stretch a little more, wear socks as well. A pair of thick socks, your feet movement, and the spray altogether will help your shoes leave some space.

Check your shoes after some time; if you do not see any changes, you might have to repeat the process. However, must check the product description; some sprays are not meant to be used repeatedly within a certain time. If you fail to stretch the shoes even after trying the spray three to four times, you need a stretching tool. Protect your shoes with The Crep protect spray that holds numerous benefits for you.

Thick Socks Technique

The thick sock technique is one other handy method you can apply to stretch your tight suede shoes at home. Get the wool-thick and bulky socks out of your wardrobe and put them on. Keep your feet in your shoes and do your chores. Walk around in it if you want and if not, then that’s also fine; just make sure you do a little foot movement now and then to help it stretch. One precaution that you need to be mindful of is that assure your feet’ comfort. Do not wear too thick and unbreathable socks so that the thick sock and thick shoes suffocate your feet as they will cut off the circulation.

Rubbing Alcohol

If you do not have access to a stretch spray, you can use a home remedy. Grab a bottle of rubbing alcohol, an empty spray bottle, and water. Mix half portion of rubbing alcohol and half of water in the spray bottle. Spray the inside of the shoes, put them on, and wear them until the inside of the shoes dries off completely.

Remember to only use the solution inside the shoes as suede is sensitive material, and it gets stained with water or other solutions. You have to be very careful with this method to get satisfactory results because we don’t want you to get a pair of comfortable but ruined shoes after trying out this remedy.

Shoe Stretchers

If these home remedies do not work for your shoes, get a shoe stretcher from the market and see how it helps you with your problem. Shoe stretchers work fine for suede shoes as they are stretchable in nature. The first step is to get a suitable stretcher according to your shoes as there are variously available for various shoe types. For suede flat, boot, or heels, you will need a different stretcher respectively.

To use the stretcher, insert it inside the shoes and spray the inside of your shoes. Use a spray which is suitable for suede shoes and can be used overnight with a stretcher. After inserting the stretcher and spraying the inside, hold the handle of the stretcher, which you can locate at the end of the stretcher, and turn it clockwise to tighten it up. Once it fits the shoe, leave it for 24 to 48 hours. Leave the stretcher after 1 or 2 days and try them on. You will see noticeable results.

One thing you need to remember is not to tighten it up too much. Otherwise, you will end up tearing up your shoes. On the other hand, the technique has the benefit that you don’t have to suffocate your foot in tight shoes neither you would have to wear ill-fitting shoes, with layers of thick socks for hours; the tool does it work

What Not To Do

You might see many  tricks of using a hairdryer or freezing tip to stretch your suede shoes, but I recommend never to try those tricks. First things first, higher temperatures can easily ruin the material of your shoes, and you can’t risk it. Remember not to expose your suede shoes to extreme temperatures, either it’s hot or cold.

Another precaution you need to be careful about is considering the type of your shoes while using a stretcher. If the material is thin and narrow, so we recommend not go for a stretcher; the thick sock technique will work perfectly for these kinds of shoes no matter how uncomfortable you find this trick but do it for the sake of your shoes.

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Final Thoughts

You will never want to risk the life of your expensive, beautifully designed, and close-to-heart shoes by trying out random DIY tricks on them. That is why we made this list of approved and safe remedies to help you stretch your suede shoes. Be careful about the precautions and make your shoes comfortable for yourself. If you are not so confident with these hacks or fail with the first attempt, you should consult a professional for help. Also if you are searching for best waterproof sneakers, we have them covered up for you.

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