How To Prevent Heel Slippage In Pumps?

Imagine going to an important business meeting wearing your favorite Boss Lady pumps, but suddenly your heel slips, and you fall on your face. Something like that happened to me a few days back. I was invited to a business lunch at a top-notch restaurant. I was wearing my killer pumps that complimented my glorious business suit. But as I was walking to the reservation place with the delegates, something crazy happened; my heel slipped so bad that it ultimately came off. And since I was walking fast. I lost my momentum and fell at my delegate’s feet.

That was the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life. That day I didn’t just hurt my ankle, but also my pride was terribly wounded. I couldn’t look in the eyes of the other men for the rest of the meeting. It took me a while to get my confidence back, but I didn’t let the matter go completely. To ensure that something like this never happens again, I started looking for ways to avoid this happening totally.

Luckily, I found out that it wasn’t something new, and a lot of women face the exact same situation daily. I took relief in that. Women also had shared their experiences, which were much worse than mine, and a few tips that I found very helpful. So here I am to share all the knowledge I gained through my thorough research in as simple and economical a way as possible.

How To Prevent Heel Slippage In Pumps

1. Using Hairspray

The best and easiest way to prevent heel slippage in pumps altogether is by using a hairspray. I’m a hundred percent sure that every girl reading this article must have a hairspray at home. Because I believe we can not even imagine a life without it. So amazingly, you can use it to help you with the heel slippage issue as well. You just have to spray a small amount of hairspray directly on your feet before wearing your pumps.

Doing so will wet your feet and make them sticky. So as you wear the pumps, they will stick to your feet like glue and will remain so all day long. But make sure that you clean your feet and pumps properly before using the hairspray technique. Otherwise, this trick will not work correctly.

2. Buy Shoes That Perfectly Fit You

It may not seem like much, but trust me, the perfect shoe fit is the real thing. About ninety percent of the chances of heel slippage are significantly reduced if you wear a perfectly fitted shoe. Have you ever noticed that the shoes that are loose on you tend to slip more often? And not only that, but your feel also feels strained due to the constant stress of holding on to the slipping shoes.

On the other hand, if your shoes fit your feet, then the occurrence of heel slip is almost non-existent. So always purchase shoes that are cut to your size. I would prefer a personal stylist if your budget allows you, but if you are running on a budget, then don’t worry; you can be your own stylist and take extra care with the fittings of the shoes you buy. Consider adding an insole like the Doc Marten’s Insoles which will help your shoe perfectly fit and prevent any discomfort.

3. Use Double Sided Duct Tape

Another fantastic tip that I found is using double-sided tape at the heel portion of the pumps. Clean your feet and pumps first, then take a small piece of double-sided tape and stick it to the heels of the pumps, then wear the pump. Or you can do it the other way around as well. But remember, these tapes are not water-resistant, and thus, their stickiness withers as your feet sweat. So I suggest that you keep the tape in your hand-carry all day long.


What is a heel slip?

Even when you’re wearing the most comfortable pumps, sometimes, heels slip out of the shoes as you walk, which is called heel slip. But if your heels move around just a little bit, then that is normal. It happens because your foot muscles naturally contract and relax as you move. But heels coming all the way out of the shoe are dangerous and can cause you much harm.

Why do my heels slip in my pumps when I’m walking fast?

Walking is a complex dynamic movement that includes a lot of flexing and gripping of our limb muscles. Basically, as we take steps, the weight of our body shifts around different parts of our feet. But wearing pumps hinders that movement and loosens the grip of our heels in our pumps, which is why our feet slip while walking in pumps.

Is it possible to avoid heel slippage in pumps?

Yes, there are several measures that you can take to avoid heel slippage in pumps. For example, you can use hairspray on the heels of your feet to prevent slippage, or you can also use double-sided duct tape. It all depends upon your preferences and what you are comfortable with. Choose the method that works best for you, and you will be just fine.

Is heel slippage in pumps dangerous to us?

Heel slippage can prove to be very dangerous for you. It can turn your ankle, or you may fall. In extreme cases, you can also break a bone. So it is always best to take steps to prevent heel slippage. Better safe than sorry!

How does pump size relates to the slippage of heels in the pumps?

It is a given thing that a shoe that fits is a shoe that’s best for you. It is because the risk of heel slippage is significantly reduced when you wear a perfectly fitted shoe. But if your shoes are bigger or looser on you, your feet will have enough space to move around in the shoe, and your heels will definitely come out of the pumps as you walk. So you should buy a pair of fitted pumps.


Believe me, these simple yet effective techniques are going to change your life forever. From now onwards, you will never have to worry about heel slippage and rolling feet at all. Although all these tips and tricks are excellent and quick, if you wonder which one is the best, I suggest you go for the hairspray one. It is my personal favorite as well. It lasts all day, and it is hassle-free as well.

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