How To Make Shoe Rack at Home? (Out of Home Materials)

How many pairs of shoes do you have? A whole heap? You must need a shoe rack that keeps all your shoes organized without making a mess. The easiest way is to make a DIY shoe rack at home. These shoe racks will simplify your life, by keeping your shoes safe from damage. Moreover, they will not only work as a shoe rack but also doubles as shelving to place a mirror and your favorite candles.

Everyone loves a good organizing project, and these are unquestionably ones to consider. If you have tons of shoes lying across the space, next to the front door, you need to look at these. With the help of this article, you will learn how to make a shoe rack yourself at home.

If you are interested in ready-made racks, then wooden racks will suit you better.

Moreover, you will have your shoes assembled and they will be esthetically pleasing. I found 7 flashy shoe racks that you can make in just one day. Let’s get started!


1. Using Baskets/Totes

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This is one of the simplest ways to make a shoe rack at home. All you need is 3 to 4 baskets of your own choice and color. Place these baskets under the entryway bench or, you can keep them beside the door of your bedroom. Hence, you can easily store all your shoes in these baskets.

Along with that, you can also use storage totes. One of the amazing things you can do with these baskets is, to add names to them. This way every individual will keep their shoes in their own plated name baskets.

2. Using Wooden Pegs

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Making a shoe rack from pegs is one of the most convenient ways. It is designed in a way, that you can either hang it or place it inside your closet. It just needs a wooden board, measure it according to the space where you are going to hang the rack.

Now, take the wooden board and attach the pegs to it with the help of the glue or drill, at the same distances. Wait for the glue to dry out and then you can easily hang your shoes on the pegs. This is a great option for your kid’s shoe storage.

3. Using Cardboard

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It is one of the inexpensive and easy ways to make a shoe rack from cardboard boxes. Just place the cardboard boxes on top of one another and glue them up. You can also paint these boxes, with your favorite color and make them look fancy.

This cardboard shoe rack saves you a lot of space because they are stacked upon one another. Moreover, this shoe rack can be placed in closets as well as in your bedroom.

4. Using Paint Buckets/Boxes

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If you have extra paint buckets/boxes at home, then you can make a spacious shoe rack out of it. Hence, gather all the paint boxes, and wash them properly so that they are nice and clean. Then, paint the buckets or you can cover them with a nice printed paper of your choice.

Furthermore, attach them to the extra space on your wall and you can easily put your flip flops or flat shoes inside the buckets. This shoe rack is suitable for your bedroom as well as mudrooms.

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5. Using a Ladder

You can make this shoe rack with a small and old ladder that you have at home, or you can make a ladder yourself. This ladder shoe rack, stores several pairs of shoes without consuming any space.

Hence, take the ladder and place it beside a wall, and put all your shoes on each rung of the ladder. This will give a very groovy look to your room. The ladder shoe rack is simple to store your shoes.

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6. Using Wooden Packing Cases

These cases are easily available in the local thrift store, you won’t have to do anything more to them. Just take these cases, clean them up, and put them together in a standing position, to the wall for support.

These packing cases are similar to crates and have a lot of space to keep all your shoes. Moreover, paint them or else leave the wooden touch to them so that it looks more natural. This shoe rack is very elegant looking and won’t take a lot of space.

7. Using PVC Pipes

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You can also make a shoe rack at home, from PVC pipes. These PVC pipes are available at the building material stores and are affordable. Hence, take these PVC pipes, cut them into the same sizes, and attach them to the wall or the extra space in your cupboard.

You can attach them to make beautiful designs and then you can store your shoes inside the pipes. This shoe rack makes a very distinctive design and they completely change the look of the room, after being painted.


How do you make a wooden shoe rack at home?

It is very simple to make a wooden shoe rack at home. All you have to do is, take a few wooden boards and place them on top of one another, making shelves while keeping an equal distance between each wooden board. Fix these shelves to the wall or your cupboard and store your shoes in them. This wooden shoe rack is not expensive to make and is a lot roomier.

How do you make a homemade shoe rack?

You can make a homemade shoe rack easily from wooden crates, PVC pipes, cardboards, old ladders, and even empty paintboxes. These shoe racks are very convenient and easy to make. You won’t have to spend a lot of money, as they are easily found in a nearby thrift store, in just a few dollars. These shoe racks won’t damage your shoes.

How can I keep my shoes at home?

You can keep your shoes safe in various shoe racks at home. These shoes racks are sold in various furniture shops and you can also make a DIY shoe rack at home. Store the fancy shoes at the top of the shoes rack and flats in the door organizers. This will save you a lot of space and you will find your shoes easily while going out. Furthermore, use clear shoe boxes with lids to keep your shoes away from dust. You can also find shoe bins at any store, they are a lot spacious and you can keep them at home.


Storing shoes at home is always irritating if you don’t have a proper storage system. In this article, you will find all the amazing shoe racks that you can easily make at home. Besides that, these shoe racks are made out of items that you can effortlessly find at your home. Such as paintboxes, an old ladder, cardboard, and even PVC pipes can be used to make astounding shoe racks.

Storing your shoes together and away from the floor, in a shoe rack makes it look more organized and clean. All of these offer you enough space for multiple pairs of shoes. Whether you need something for the master bedroom, mudroom, or your kid’s room, you will find the perfect shoe rack in this article. What are you waiting for? Grab your tools and start making your ultimate shoe rack at home!

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