How To Get Creases Out Of Shoe? – Tips To Remove Wrinkles

Crease lines or wrinkles on the shoe are the worst nightmares of shoe lovers. It is easy to get creases on the shoes no matter what stuff you have because when you walk, kick or bend your shoe, and you get lines on them. Shoe creases can restrict you from wearing your favorite pair of shoes. Luckily you can get creases out of the shoes by applying simple techniques. These techniques need no professional assistance, and you can do it in your home.

You need the right amount of essentials, time, and patience to get creases out of your shoes. This review will help you find the proper ways to get creases out of your favorite shoes. The methods include the most commonly used iron method and simple ways other than iron.

How To Get Creases Out Of Shoe?

By Using Iron

In the very first place, stop crease formation on your shoes with these best crease protectors we have reviewed for you. To un-crease shoes by using iron is one of the most known and standard methods. You can use the iron-on almost all types of shoes, including leather or suede shoes, to remove the creases line or wrinkles. Sneakers and dress shoes get wrinkles over time because of excessive use. You can soften these creases with the heat of iron. Before starting the procedure, it is essential to remove the laces of the shoes, if any.

The shoelaces are made with cotton and soft stuff that can get burned with iron’s heat, so keep the laces out of the shoes to protect them from burning. You can wash the laces with soap water to get clean and new-looking laces. As you will get creases out of your shoes, you will need a fresh-looking lace to get the overall stylish look. As we know, the tighter the material, the easier it is to iron.

The same goes for the shoes with creases. The toe box needs to be tighter to be ironed perfectly. To get a proper tightening, stuff your shoe pair with rags, a shoe tree, and a paper towel. It is not recommended to stuff your shoe with colored newspaper or ink because it can stain your shoes while ironing. If you do not have rags or a shoe tree, use a clean towel instead. The next step is preparing the iron.

Fill the iron with clean water. Pour enough water so it can steam up while using. Keep the low iron temperature between 60 to 80F (6 – 12C), so you do not burn your shoe material. This precaution is especially for suede shoes as the fabric of the suede shoe is very delicate and can burn quickly if the iron is too hot. Now wet the white towel and strain the excess water.

Place the towel on the shoe. Note that the water in the towel should not be in excess because it can damage the material of your shoes. The water gives the cool effect and balances the heat of an iron, which protects your shoes from the excess heat of the iron. Also, it is essential to use a white towel as the colorful towel can strain or dye your shoe material during the ironing. Now, iron the towel you have placed over your shoe.

Move the iron in a circular motion on the damped towel to get creases out of your shoe. Iron with gentle hands to get desired results. It is essential to move the iron continuously and not place it in one spot. You can move the towel to the affected area. Remove the towel and see if it needs more ironing. Repeat the same procedure to the other pair, so both the pairs look precisely the same and smooth. If you feel that the towel gets dry with the heat of an iron, then pour some water on the towel to damp it. Make sure the towel does not contain excess water.

By Using Leather Oil

Removing the creases from the shoes with leather oil is another simple method that you can use if you do not have iron. Leather oil is most effective on leather shoes, sneakers, and suede shoes. Apply a good amount of leather oil on the shoe with the help of a soft cloth. Set it for several hours, so the oil gets absorbed in your shoes. It is better to apply leather oil on your shoes as soon as they appear to get creases out immediately.

By Using Rubbing Alcohol

It is another simple way to target the older creases of your shoes. Mix the rubbing alcohol and water in equal amounts. Now, pour this solution into the spray bottle. After that, spray the solution thoroughly on the shoe. Put the shoe stretcher in the shoe to expand the creases. You can spread the spray over your shoe with your hand or a soft cloth. Let the shoe dry, and you are good to go.

Using Hairdryer

The use of a hairdryer for removing deep creases out of your shoe is a prevalent technique. It works the same way as iron. Put the stretcher in the shoe so it can tighten your shoe and stretch the crease. Now hold the hairdryer from a distance of at least 5 to 6 inches. Keep the heat of the dryer low so it will not damage your shoes with excessive heat. Move the dryer in a circular direction away from the surface of the shoes. Do not hold the dryer at one stop. The heat of the dryer will lose up the leather, and you will notice the instant results.


Can you remove creases out of the shoes?

Yes, you can remove creases out of the shoes with simple methods. These methods are not time-consuming and deliver instant results. All the materials and tools are present in your house. You need iron, water, a towel, and a rag to remove creases out of your shoes.

How can I get out my shoe creases without an iron?

Using an iron to get the creases out of your shoes is not the only method. You can un-crease your boots by using leather oil, rubbing alcohol, using a blow dryer, heat guns, inserting foams, and steam. All these methods are equally effective, and you will get the same results as iron.

How to get rid of the creases?

You can get rid of the creases of your shoes by taking proper care, patients and applying suitable methods. Wrinkles on the shoes can hinder your overall fashion. Dress shoes and leather shoes are more at risk of creases. You can remove creases by using an iron. Stretch the front area of the shoe with the help of a shoe tree, damp the wet towel over your shoe, and iron the towel with low heat at circular motion.


Shoe creases are a matter of concern for everyone who is possessive about their shoes. Shoes can add to your fashion. In the same way, wrinkles and old-looking shoes can restrict you from looking stylish. But fortunately, you can remove creases out of your shoes no matter how deep and old they look. This review will help you find a useful method to remove creases from your favorite pair of shoes.

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