How To Get Creases out of Leather Shoes?

I have always loved stocking up on leather shoes but the creases that appear on them with time have been my greatest bugbear. This is an issue faced by many people and I know how bad it looks wearing creases and wrinkled leather shoes out in the public. The good news is, there are some cheap and effective ways that will rid your leather shoes of creases and wrinkles.

Leather shoes look classy and never go out of fashion. They are expensive, but the sad thing is they are easily damaged and creased. You will be happy to know that the tricks I am about to share in the next section work one hundred percent. So, let’s talk about leather shoe crease removal tricks and hacks that will work one hundred percent.

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How To Get Creases Out Of Leather Shoes

If you own a few pairs of leather shoes, I am pretty sure the creases appearing on them with time are really bothering you. Think of leather as a skin, you cannot stop the creasing process entirely, but you can delay it for sure. Similarly, you can do some home remedies, to lighten the creases on your beloved pair of leather shoes. Here are some tried and tested leather shoes crease removal tricks that will make your life a lot easier.

Using A Steam Iron

Mild heat can ease out all the creases present on your leather shoes, however, extreme heat can damage them. Steam iron has proven to be an effective heating tool that is present in almost all households. The advantage of a steam iron is that it throws water vapors which hydrates the stuff you are ironing.

This in return protects the fabric and conveniently removes the wrinkles. Place a thick fabric such as a towel on the shoe, and place a steam iron on the creased area gently. The iron should be on low heat so that it doesn’t damage the shoe. After some time, you will notice that the creases have disappeared.


Using A Steamer

I am pretty sure the majority of people have steamers in their houses for their delicate clothes. If you have one, you can use it to get the creases out of your leather shoes. Unlike iron, a steamer is easy to use and handle and can get to hard areas as well. In order to remove the wrinkles from your shoe, you need to stuff the shoe with rags so that it doesn’t lose its shape. Now, cover the front of the shoe with a thick cloth and run the steamer all around. This practice will gently ease all the creases present on the shoe.

Using A Blow Dryer

Who doesn’t have a blow dryer resting in their cupboards? Luckily, you can use a blow dryer to flatten the creases present on your favorite pair of leather shoes. What to do is, stuff the shoe with a towel, or rags to keep the shape of the shoe intact. After that, turn on your blow dryer, and run it all across the shoe. Keep the shoe about 3 to 4 inches away to prevent damages. The mild hot air will get the creases out of your shoe. Do not forget to cover the toe box with a piece of cloth to prevent the colors from damaging.

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How To Not Crease Leather Shoes

Leather shoe crease removal can be quite a task, therefore what is important is to prevent the shoe from getting creased. Wrinkling of leather shoes is inevitable, but you can delay the process by taking extra care of them. Here are some ways that will help you store and use your shoes properly, and will prevent premature creasing on them.

Regularly Use Leather Oil

Just like we hydrate our own skin to slow down aging, leather also needs hydration to retain its life. You can easily pick leather oil from your local stores that can be used on leather shoes, and anything made out of pure leather. A few drops of leather oil would be enough to soften the fabric. Use a shoe tree so that your shoe doesn’t lose its shape. You can gently massage the creased area which will hydrate and flatten the creases.

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Using Alcohol

Alcohol is believed to be a drying agent when used on a leather fabric, but that’s when you use too much of it. If you dilute rubbing alcohol with water and spray it on your leather shoe, you will notice that the creases have relaxed. Use a shoe tree to retain the shape of the shoe, and spray and use this solution once in a while to prevent wrinkles on it. Also, massage leather oil regularly to prevent your shoe from drying out.

Store And Use The Leather Shoe With Care

It is imperative to properly store them and use your leather shoes with care to keep their life and integrity for a longer time. When storing them, make sure you use a shoe tree so that they will remain in their shape for a longer time. Never place other shoes on top of them as that causes a lot of creases. In addition to that, walk carefully and use a shoehorn so that the back cuff wouldn’t damage. So, these are pretty much all the leather shoe crease removal techniques that will make your life easier.


Why do leather shoes crease easily?

Creasing is pretty normal when you are wearing leather shoes. Be it a pure leather shoe or not, it will crease as you walk in it. Creasing happens when pressure on a certain area increases as you walk in it. The bending causes wrinkles which appear extremely annoying. Other than that, creasing also happens when you place a shoe on top of your leather shoe. The pressure from one shoe on the other bends the fabric which results in creasing.

Can leather shoe creasing be prevented?

The sad news is you cannot entirely stop the creasing of your leather footwear, but you can surely slow it down. Oiling your leather shoes not only brings life to them but also slows down the creasing process. Moreover, you can also try walking in such a way to prevent as much wrinkles formation as possible. Lastly, try stuffing it down with cotton or rags when not in use to keep its integrity intact.

What can you do to minimize creases on your leather shoe?

If the creases have already formed on your leather shoes, there are a few tricks that will help in minimizing them. For instance, you can hang them on a clothing line with the help of clips and use a hot air blower or a blow dryer. The hot air will ease the wrinkles to make them look new. Other than that, you can also get help from a professional cobbler to remove the creases of your leather shoes.

Final Thoughts

We all agree that leather shoes look classy with all attires, and never really go out of fashion. The major concern everyone has about them is how quickly they crease. Sadly, you cannot prevent them entirely from creasing but you can sure use some hacks and tricks to remove maximum creases. These tricks are easy and safe to do and you can do it yourself at home. I have listed some easiest ways to get creases out of your leather shoes, I hope these hacks help many of you.

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