How To Clean Mud Off Suede Shoes – Easy DIY Cleaning Methods

Are you worried about the muddy and stubborn stains you have got on your Suede shoes? Suede shoes look trendy and are best suited for summers because there is very little chance of rain or snow. Usually, people do not buy Suede shoes because they think it is challenging to clean them. I know how it feels like to have a stain or splash of mud or coffee on your stylish pair of suede shoes. I assure you after reading this article, you will get to know how easy it is to clean your suede shoes.

How To Clean Mud Off Suede Shoes

Suede is a soft leather that is made with animal skin. The Interior of animal hide is used to form suede shoes. That is why it gives a velvety and smooth feel. It adds trendiness and style to your outfit. Split leather is used rather than full-grain leather. Removal of grains from leather gives it softness and fluffiness, just like young animal skin. As animal hide is not much long-lasting, therefore, chances of getting strains and scratches are higher.

Full-grain leathers also need maintenance, just like Suede shoes. But Suede shoes are made with delicate stuff, so it needs more attention. In rainy weather, when there is muddy water standing everywhere, Suede shoes need special protection. Different methods are there to clean the splash of dirty and grimy water from your suede shoes. You can prevent crease formation on the shoes with the best crease protectors.

Generally, Suede is made with the hide of animals like goats, sheep, pigs, and calves. That is the reason why suede is soft, light, and fluffy. If the leather of Suede is more rigid than normal, it means the hide of animals like cows and deers are used in making suede shoes. Based on the usage of the animal hide of different animals, Suede can be divided into three types.

The sheepskin Suedes are typically made with the hide of sheep and lambs. It gives a smooth, light, and velvety appearance. Cowhide Suede is made with the skin of cows and other rigid skin animals. That is why it shows a bit rough and tough leather appearance. Pigskin Suede also gives rough leather appeal and is made with the hide of a pig.

Cleaning Mud Off From Suede Shoes

It is crucial to clean your Suede shoes properly because not following proper techniques can cause more damage to the shoe. First of all, read the cleaning instructions given by the company. You can buy a professional kit of brushes for cleaning Suede shoes. You can also use DIYs or kitchen products to clean mud off Suede shoes.

While cleaning your Suede shoes, put paper in your shoe to protect the shape of your shoes. It also gives support while cleaning your shoe with the brush. Suede brushes are better tools for cleaning suede shoes. Professional brushes are designed to provide Suede shoes spotless look after using them in rainy weather.

The good thing is to clean your shoes after using them. It is necessary because dirt particles accumulate in the shoes making their leather look untidy and old. Keep a brush with you, so whenever you come back from outside, brush down your Suede shoes to keep them from dust and dirt accumulation. It is better to do it once a month. Always brush your Suede shoes when they are dried thoroughly. Brushing wet shoes can do more damage to the Suede shoes. However, if you are searching for the best parkour shoes for kids, you kind find the best ones here.

By Using Brush

Do brush your Suede shoes in one direction. Remove the big chunks of mud, if any. It is directed to apply less force because you may press it deeper in the leather. The soft leather of the Suede shoes is moisture sensitive. That is why you should wait till your shoes get dry. Move your brush in a single direction. Brushing side to side and up-down can cause damage to your shoe.

Once the big chunks of mud are removed, move the brush vigorously until your shoe gets clean and tidy if you find the stains of dirt too stubborn. If the brush didn’t take off the stains well, you do not need to worry. You can use a nail-paint brush or old toothbrush instead for cleaning your Suede shoes.

By Using Vinegar

You can use white vinegar. White vinegar is an acid and solvent, which means it can dissolve other solvents. White vinegar is also known for its disinfectant property. You can clean the stains of mud from your Suede shoes with vinegar. Apply a fair amount of vinegar on a smooth material or a cloth.

Rub the fabric containing vinegar on the areas having stains. The fabric must have a fair enough amount of vinegar. After applying, let your Suede shoes dry. The next step is brushing your suede shoe with the same Suede brush to get the more desirable result.

By Using Eraser

It is equally possible that you find some stains still present on your suede shoes. You don’t need to worry. Eraser is another wise option for cleaning the remaining marks of dirt from your suede shoes. You can get a Suede eraser for cleaning purposes. Erase the scars from the suede shoes by using suede erase.

Not finding a Suede eraser is also not a problem. A pencil eraser can be a substitute for your suede shoes. Suede eraser is best suited for situations when you need to clean oil, water, and dry mud from your Suede shoes. Rub the eraser with force. You can increase your pressure for more tough stains. You can mend your suede shoe sole with these best shoe glues.

To Conclude

Suede shoes are made with smooth leather that is why they are more prone to dirt, mud, sticking on the leather of shoes. You can use a professional suede brush for this purpose. As the Suede brush is made professionally for this purpose, you should invest in cleaning your suede shoes effectively. Being overweight and searching for the best shoes to walk in, here is a detailed review for you.

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