How To Build a Shoe Rack Bench? DIY Guide

Do you need a storage solution for your shoes? But you have no options available? Then you must not hesitate to follow this fantastic DIY shoe rack bench. In this article, you will find all the great ideas to build your shoe rack and give it your style. Moreover, it will be the most rewarding thing to put out and benefit from. For me, this shoe rack bench has always been valuable and worth the time and money spent.

It works wonders in a confined space and makes cleaning easy. But it would be best if you stay calm and focused while handling all the tools and materials. Thus, finding a convenient DIY isn’t impossible. Therefore, I am offering you the best option available for your mudrooms and entryways. So, make yourself proud by adding this DIY project to your home. Let’s not wait and get started!

Before starting, do check shoe rack designs so you can build a beautiful design yourself.


How To Build A Shoe Rack Bench

Step 1

Get All Your Tools And Material Set

To build a DIY shoe rack bench, you need the following tools and materials to get started:

Tools Required

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  • Drill
  • Pocket hole screw
  • Measuring tape
  • Table saw
  • Orbital sander

Material Required

  • Wood glue paint( any color of your choice)
  • Clear satin varnish
  • Single top plywood board
  • 1 baseboard
  • 1 backboard
  • 2 sideboards
  • 2 middle section board
  • 4 legs

Step 2

Measure The Area

Before building the DIY shoe rack bench, you have to measure the area to keep it. Measuring the space is the key to making the shoe rack bench perfect. Therefore, you need tape to measure the length and width accordingly. Once you are done measuring, you can easily cut the top, base, side, and middle section boards according to the measured sizes. Try to use boards that are straight and not twisted.

Screenshot 2022 02 19 012324

Moreover, you can also find these wooden boards accessible at your local hardware store in various sizes. This way, you will get the demanded panel length for your shoe rack. When you are done with this step, you won’t have any problem assembling the boards.

Step 3


Sand All Boards

Do take all the cut boards and sand them with the help of a random orbital sander. It removes all the scratches from the wood, making the cuts flawless and even. Therefore, you should always sand the board separately on the workbench before everything is assembled. Hence, you won’t need to detach the pieces to rectify the cutouts later.

Step 4

Start Building

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The side of the shoe rack bench has an altered frame and panel construction. Once you are done measuring and cutting, assemble the boards to make the perfect DIY shoe rack bench. Firstly, take the measured baseboard and start attaching the legs on each corner with the help of wood glue. Then, nail the joints with the pocket hole screw. This way, the joint will remain tight and firm.

When you are done putting the legs to the base, you must attach the sideboard to the bottom. After fixing the sideboards, you should keep the frame in the standing position to join the top board to the side boards to create the bench’s edge. Hence, the body is built, and now you can easily affix the backboard of the shoe rack.

After having all this done, you can now easily attach the middle section board to the space inside the shoe rack box with the help of pocket hole screws. This board will act as a divider in the compartment and make 2 spacious rows for your shoes. Isn’t it spacious to keep all your pair of shoes? Depending on the size you have saved for your shoe rack bench, you can also add up more shelves. The middle boards can also be attached to the frame before the top panel to avoid any problems later.

Step 5

Paint The DIY Shoe Rack Bench

Screenshot 2022 02 19 070548

Now that we have the correct sizes of the boards connected. It’s time to paint the shoe rack bench. For this purpose, you must get the color you want and start painting the rack. You can also use separate colors for the inner and outer portions of the frame, making it look fancy. Besides that, you can only use clear satin varnish to keep the natural wooden look to the shoe rack.

Step 6

Decorate The Shoe Rack Bench


After completing the DIY shoe rack, place it in the entryway, bedroom, or any of your favorite places. Moreover, you can keep all your shoes in the shoe rack. You can place a small pillow on the bench or a basket and extra materials for decoration. Besides that, you can also keep a flower vase and some photo frames on top of it. Therefore, you will have an eye-catching shoe rack bench that will make your place look clean-cut. Easy as it is!


What are the easy steps to make a DIY shoe rack bench?

The easiest way to make a shoe rack bench is to cut the plywood according to the shape and size. With the help of wood glue, attach all the joints to make the required shape and then nail the joints. Once you have completed the whole frame of the shoe rack bench, you can now paint it. Hence, you will get your DIY shoe rack bench in a go!

How much weight can a shoe rack bench hold?

A shoe rack bench holds up an impressive 260lbs ( 117.9kgs). These shoe racks are usually made up of bamboo material or plywood, which maximizes steadiness, and you can easily sit on top of it for a long duration. Besides that, if you try to buy cheap shoe rack benches, then remember, they won’t last long and will be unable to bear heavyweight.

Why should I buy a shoe rack bench?

Some of your shoes are very expensive, and they need proper storage to keep them safe. A shoe rack bench is the best option you can opt for. It is sizeable, and you can keep all your shoes neatly arranged. Moreover, they protect your shoes from dust and debris. Therefore, you must buy it or easily make a DIY shoe rack bench at home.

Final Verdict

This DIY shoe rack bench will satisfy all your needs yet give you a lot of space to store all your shoes. Along with that, it will enhance your home decor. This DIY shoe rack will provide an efficient storage solution in compact areas. Hence, it’s not just a shoe rack but also a bench where you can easily sit and wear your shoes while going out.

There is nothing like a long-awaited storage solution to make you grateful to put your shoes away. In addition to that, it is not expensive and requires primary materials and tools that are readily available in any hardware store. It just requires focus to build this beneficial shoe rack bench. Therefore, go through this article once again and clear all your doubts before you start building!

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