Entryway Bench with Coat Rack and Shoe Storage

An entryway bench is considered one of the multifaceted options for your space. It adds plenty of functionality and creates a perfect first impression of your home. Along with that, it has a unique design and saves you a lot of space. This article will give you the experience of a fine entryway bench that comes with a coat rack and shoe storage. Moreover, these benches are found in various designs and functioning, depending on your personal space.

I have found these entryway benches very useful in my daily life. From hanging my coats to storing my shoes, everything has been in order. This entryway bench gives space for all your items, it even gives you an area to sit. Where you can calmly take off your shoes and place your stuff on the shelves, which you will find right away the next day. So what are you waiting for? Go through this article and get yourself this fantastic entryway bench, readily available on Amazon.

However, if you don’t wanna spend money on buying shoe racks, then you can also try making a shoe rack at home.


VIVANI 6-in-1 Hall Tree – Entryway Bench With Coat Rack and Shoe Storage

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Vivani has been a well-known, international furniture manufacturer. It has always provided its customer with affordable, durable, and well-designed furniture. So, this time again it has launched an amazing solid piece of furniture. With an art and craft feel to its design, it is a 6 in 1 multifunctional entryway bench.

The beauty of this setup is that it gives you a shoe rack, coat rack, shoe bench, storage shelves, coat rack, and a place to sit while you get ready to move out. It is crafted from premium Polywood, which means it is durable, resistant, and rust-free. Moreover, it is Eco-friendly which requires low maintenance.

The overall size of this hall tree is 71 inches, with 11 hooks for hanging your coats and bags. Hence, it won’t take a lot of space and will look elegant. Along with that, it can easily be fixed with the manual guide that is being provided with it for your better understanding.


  • Compact design
  • Multifunctioning
  • Effortless installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable
  • Anti-tipping
  • Resistant
  • Suitable for an adult sitting


  • Won’t fix in a small entryway

This high-rated product will never let you down with its amazing quality and versatility. It is based on a thick frame and sturdy composition. You can easily hang your coat, stash your hat, sit on the bench to wear your shoes, and even keep them beneath. Thanks to the plentiful side shelves you can put any of your additional items, such as photo frames, vases, and other decoration pieces also.


Where do you put an entryway bench?

You can easily put an entryway bench in the space under your stairs or your bedroom. Moreover, it can also be placed behind the sofa or under the window, depending on the size of the entryway bench. Always find an entryway bench according to the size of your room or hallway. This way, you will save a lot of space and won’t have trouble handling it.

How can I style my entryway?

If you want to style your entryway then get yourself a modish entryway bench. Moreover, it comes in various designs and sizes, which you can easily install yourself. Along with that, this entryway bench comes with hooks to hang your coats and an adult sitting, for wearing your shoes.

How to pick the right entryway bench?

The first step of choosing the right entryway bench is to determine where you want to keep it. Next, decide for what purpose you are going to get this bench. If you want to get an entry bench to hang your coats or store your shoes, then you must opt for a multifunctioning entryway bench. It comes with hooks, shoe storage, shelves, racks, and many more options. Therefore, always buy an entryway bench according to your needs.

What do you keep in an entryway?

When it comes to entryway designs, you can easily keep an entryway bench, beautiful rug, storage item, coat rack, or shoe rack. So, this way your entryway will look beautiful and catchy for the guests. But the best option is, to keep a multifaceted entryway bench. It comes with a lot of storage space and you can even hang your scarfs, coat, and caps. Most importantly, you won’t have to search around the house to find your belongings.

How wide should an entryway bench be?

The maximum size for an entry bench is 30 to 80 inches depending on your space. The suggested range by professionals is 42 inches to 60 inches. But if you want to have more shelves and hooks then the size may increase. Moreover, you can also choose the size of the bench depending on how many people are going to sit on top of it. The greater the size the more it will take space.

Final Verdict

Buying an entryway bench with a coat rack and shoe storage has always been an economical purchase. Furthermore, these can double as storage units with added shelves and space. This clever solution covers up all your mess around the house and everything becomes handy when you are in a haste. Hence, it is ideal for homeowners who have less space to work with.

Nevertheless, this entryway bench is very practical, it helps you to place all the stuff accordingly and you won’t hurdle finding it for later use. With its open design, it can work from farmhouses to larger homes and everything in between. Therefore, stop going around to find any other piece of furniture, just facilitate yourself with this amazing entryway bench. Hence, make your life easier and more contending.

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