Doc Martens Insoles Review

Let me guess. You got yourself a fantastic pair of chic designer shoes online but got a size a tad looser on you. Correct? If so, then you must also have tried to return them, but the additional shipping and handling charges are way too much for you to bear. That is precisely the kind of checkmate most people find themselves in after ordering stuff online.

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I know all this because I found myself in the same situation not longer than a few weeks back. I was scrolling through Instagram when I saw my dream boots; the next thing I know, they were at my doorstep. But when I tried them on, they were a bit looser on me. I tried contacting the supplier all in vain. So I started googling my problem, and that is when I came across Doc Martens Insoles. This time I thoroughly checked the reviews, which were all praise and glory. So I ordered them in.

I tried these insoles for a couple of weeks, and the results were astonishing. So here I am to share my experience with you guys to the best of my knowledge. These insoles proved to be the game-changer for me. Now, I not only wear them with a single pair of shoes but with all of them.

Doc Martens Insoles

Doc Martens Insoles are made up of a synthetic material that stays put inside the shoes. Once you put them in a shoe, they take up all the extra space, making your feet fit inside the shoe like a magic glove. Moreover, some antimicrobial materials are also used in them that curbs the growth of microbes. Thus, protecting your feet from painful fungal and yeast infections.

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They have advanced air cushioning inside them that provides excellent support to all kinds of arches. So whether you are suffering from high arch, low arch, or medium arch, Dr. Martens Insoles are the best option for you. But the problem is that they are designed explicitly for arch feet, which means that they are not the best choice for flat footers.

They are available for both men and women and are incredibly comfortable. However, you may find them a little painful to wear at first. You will have to be patient and give your feet the time to adjust to these insoles. But once you get used to them, going out without these insoles will become an inconsiderable thought for you.

Another fantastic quality that relates to these wonderful pair of insoles is that you will not have to replace them every few months. These beauties will last you about six to seven years in pristine condition. So if you are uneasy about the price tag and wondering whether buying these insoles is a mistake, then I can assure you that it is not.


  • Very comfortable
  • Durable
  • Last longer
  • Support all types of arches
  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria


  • Expensive
  • Uncomfortable at first
  • Not water resistant

So, if you are looking for insoles that will fill out that extra space in your shoes and provide you with an outstanding body balance and posture, then these are meant for you. I highly recommend you to at least give them a try. I promise you won’t ever regret buying them in the first place.


Can Dr. Martens insoles be removed?

Yes, the answer to this question is that Dr. Martens insoles can be removed from the shoe whenever you want. It is pretty easy to do so as well. Pull the whole thing out if wearing it becomes too uncomfortable for you.

Do Dr. Martens insoles make shoes smaller?

No, Dr Marten’ insoles don’t make your shoes smaller. However, they do make the shoe a little bit tighter. Hence it may feel like the insoles have somehow reduced the size of your shoe. In reality, the insoles take up the unnecessary space in the shoe, making your feet feel congested and squeezed to give a perfect size fit.

Do Doc Martens Insoles offer arch support?

Yes, Br. Martens insoles provide arch support as well. They have unique air cushioning that makes them more comfortable and flexible. Thus, they are perfect for all types of arches. So whether you are suffering from high arch, low arch, or medium arch, these are the ideal insoles for you.

How long do Doc Martens soles last?

Dr. Martens insoles last for about six to seven years. So you won’t even have to worry about changing them every few months or purchasing those overbearingly costly insoles that are so prone to damage. Dr. Martens insoles can go about for years without getting damaged or worn out.

Why are Doc Martens Insoles so uncomfortable?

Every insole, when worn for the first time, can feel uncomfortable. It is because your feet are not accustomed to being supported and confined in place. The same is the case with Doc Martens Insoles. Your feet will require a few weeks to adjust to these insoles. I assure you that once your feet have had the time to adapt to these insoles, they will feel very uncomfortable without them.

Why are Dr. Martens Insoles so expensive?

A premium quality leather and unique air cushioning are used to manufacture these dainty insoles, which raises the bar for pricing the product. But it gives the best value for money. And you can go on using them for years rather than months at a time. So, you shouldn’t think so much about the price because they are the cheapest in the long run.

Do Doc Martens Insoles ruin your feet?

Ruin is a pretty strong word when describing the minor damage these insoles may cause to your feet. It happens due to friction. Your feet may get a little bruised at first, but there are a few remedies to prevent blisters that you can easily try, commonly wearing a thick pair of socks works well. Once they feel comfortable enough, you can go on and skip the socks entirely.


So, my friends, now you know everything you needed to know about these fantastic insoles. And you have a pretty great idea about what you are about to buy yourselves. In my opinion, you are missing big if you don’t already have these insoles in your collection. These super-amazing insoles will turn your life around and change your perspective about walking and standing. So what are you still waiting for? Stop lazying around and stock yourselves up with these insoles as soon as possible. I promise you’ll come back to thank me later.

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