Do Suede Shoes Creases? & How to Deal with them?

Suede shoes look great and cool until they get creased. When you frequently use these shoes you often observe the creasing line across the toe area of the shoes. These creased lines are just because of the daily or most common use of these shoes. This is not just the reason but also putting these shoes into moist places also causes crease lines in them. But, creased shoes are not something to be taken seriously.

Instead of just being too much upset about it or thinking of replacing it with other suede shoes, you can simply prevent creases in suede shoes. There are several ways that will keep your suede shoes safe from being creased. Here, I have introduced some ways that will prevent creasing your suede shoes. Suede shoes are very sensitive and demand a lot of care. These shoes require much maintenance in order to make them long-lasting.


Do Suede Shoes Creases

Dealing With Suede Shoes Creasing

Firstly, the thing you have to take care of is to buy suede shoes that fit perfectly on your feet. The risk of creasing becomes more when the shoes are not properly fitted into your feet. Shoes that are too big consist of the extra space inside, which is surely the reason for creased lines.

Secondly, you should not compromise on the quality of the material when it comes to your shoes. Good quality suede shoes have fewer chances to get creased. To defend your shoes from becoming creased, you should apply more heat to increase their quality and to make them more perfect fit on your feet.

Ways To Remove Crease Suede Shoes

  • Use an iron (provide heat to its stuff in order to make it more tight and perfect fit in your feet).
  • Blow drying (works well in maintaining the shape of the shoe).
  • Steam your shoes (this strategy works well for leather shoes and prevents creasing).
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How do you keep suede shoes from creasing?

The best way to keep your suede shoes from creasing is to keep them in a dry and cool place.

How do you reshape suede shoes?

To reshape the suede shoes you have to use a nylon toothbrush and scrub it on the shoes. Do this step repeatedly but smoothly. This will flatten the creases and will level their shape.

Is it bad to crease shoes?

Yes, it is bad to crease the shoes because creasing is caused when the material of the shoe is compressed. It is bad but completely normal but it keeps your shoes at higher risk of damage.


Suede shoes crease and it’s quite normal. You can un-crease them again by disappearing the creasing lines. The longer you maintain these shoes, the longer you can use them for a lifetime. Shoes are often used roughly and it causes crease lines on them. Also, the stuff used in suede shoes catches the dirt and makes them dirty quickly. All you need to do is to take several precautionary steps to prevent creases in suede shoes.

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