Cast Vs Boot For Broken Foot – Which Is Better in Fracture?

Do you want to get the best treatment for your fractured foot? And the pain and swelling are continuously torturing you? Here you are at the right place to know about the best possible treatments for your fractured foot. According to our research and analysis, you can select the best suitable and required treatment for your shattered foot. Make sure to consult the best doctor you know for the best treatment.

The suffering becomes unbearable when it comes to the cracked bones of the foot. Your foot is the body part where the weight of the whole body is carried. When it is damaged it makes you unable to walk and work normally and properly. You become paralyzed for a while until complete accurate treatment is given to your broken foot and your foot is cured.

There are different types of treatments for fractured feet in the medical field. These treatments vary according to your needs and requirements. It depends on the intensity of your fracture, your personal choice, and your condition. Here you will get to learn completely about which method would be applied by surgeons for the better and fastest recovery of your broken foot.

Cast Vs Boot For Broken Foot

Here in this article, you will find the best solution for your broken foot after learning about all the necessary details of Cast Vs Boot.

Foot And Ankle Cast

The cast is an exterior ineradicable hard shell that is usually made up of plaster or fiberglass. These compounds are used when they harden and are placed at the place of fracture to ensure your fractured bones are stable and unable to move until they heal.

Walking boots are specifically made in a way that supports your cracked bones. It is way similar to the normal shoe but made lightweight and strong to provide you with all comfort during the treatment time until your bones are cured.

Superficial external foot or ankle casts are the exterior orthopedic elements that are used for the treatment of broken or injurious bones of the ankle and your feet. They are temporarily used in a condition where surgery is not possible. Their basic aim is to make sure the bone is unable to move and stays in its correct accurate place until it completely heals. This will help your bone to rejoin in an exact correct location.

Whether to use a cast or walking boot, you need the expert’s advice but here you will learn all the important descriptions for both cast and boots to select the best treatment method that would work in the best way for you. However, if you are a doctor and have to spend the whole day in the hospital, these are the best shoes for male nurses available for you.

Cast Vs Boot? Based On The Intensity Of Fracture

The strength and the severity of the injury depict which type of treatment you need. If the injury is severe and there is a chance that more bones will get broken then a cast is preferred and most probably the fiberglass cast is used. To get the highest level of stabilization and immobility of the foot you need to have a cast. And it will take up to 6 -8 weeks to get completely healed depending upon the intensity of the fracture. The cast is chosen for the more severe and extreme bone damages.

If your injury is not severe enough to make you feel worse, and the intensity of the broken bones and injury is low then orthopedic boots are preferred. To ensure your feet are intact in their place and bones are fixed in their accurate origin, they are used. These boots are adjustable and easy to let your feet relax in it and are used in minor injuries. Exterior superficial boots resemble the real shoe but are rigid and strong which keeps your foot tightly packed in its place.

Cast Vs Boot? Based On Your Personal Choice

If your injury is not very severe then your doctor may ask you what you would prioritize as a treatment. People prefer cast over boots when they don’t want themselves to get into more complications. The cast is not removed until the treatment completes, so there are no chances of broken bones getting more complicated. This cast is the best option for those who are busy as it doesn’t require the constant trouble of putting it on and off when in need and when not.

The orthopedic boots are prioritized when the treatment is lengthy as they are lightweight and easy to carry. This lightweight property makes the nearby muscles and tendons more comfortable. These boots are removable so they can be removed during showers. The skin under the boot is more protected than the skin under the cast. A walking boot is preferred for fastening the treatment time. It helps you put little weight on your foot which makes it convenient to get back the strength of walking after the boot is removed.

Cast Vs Boot? Based On Your Management

If you are busy in your life and are not willing to waste your time in the management of your broken foot you should choose cast over boots. The cast doesn’t need more management and care. Once you wear a cast you will need its removal after the treatment is over. The cast doesn’t require to get changed or make any amendments in between the treatment until the extreme causes.

Boots are preferable for those who are not very busy in life. They can manage their treatment procedure and help themselves. Boots are removable, they need to be maintained. A proper timing routine is needed for the boots because boots are removable so they need proper timing to make sure the bones are intact and fixed accurately. Walking boots are comfortable as they are not tightly packed like the cast.



  • Increase circulation to promote healing
  • Fewer problems
  • Multiple colors are available
  • Prevents bone loss


  • Skin damage
  • Unremovable



  • Light-weight
  • Less skin damage
  • Faster treatment times


  • Needs maintenance
  • Can take more time

Keep in mind all the necessary descriptions of the cast and boots are mentioned above with the pros and cons of both. However on the first hand, take the opinion of your doctor and try to follow it as it is, then there comes your personal choice, you have a right to choose your treatment method with the suggestions and consultation of your doctor.


Does a broken ankle hurt when healing?

The fractured foot hurts the most, it gives the worst pain to the survivor. During the process of healing, the foot hurts at times but the pain will stop automatically when the bone is completely recovered. The tissues of the foot take time to heal. At times they take more time than the bone itself.

Is a walking boot better than a cast?

A study was once conducted that explains that the walking boots are efficiently better than the plaster casts. This study showed that the recovery time of the shattered bone is less in walking boots and greater in plaster casts. So walking boots are more reliable for the quick recovery of broken foot bones.

Should I sleep in my walking boots?

It’s not necessarily required to sleep in walking boots but it depends on you. Boots are made in a way that they can be removed when necessary. You can take off the boots at night and sleep easily but make sure to exercise and practice wearing boots regularly for quick and complete rehabilitation.

Can you walk on a broken foot with a boot?

Yes, you can walk in boots with a broken foot if it is easy and comfortable for you. The boot helps to manage and cure your symptoms. The boots are provided for a relaxing and comfortable environment around the foot for easy walking.

Final Wording

Medical illnesses should be given treatment under the supervision of medical professionals and staff. They provide the best care and attention to your illness which helps you in quick and efficient recovery of your diseases. Proper following of instructions and care given at home makes it more convenient for the recovery to occur. Similarly, you should seek the advice of professional medical health care workers and doctors before deciding what to do with your broken foot and which recovery method should be followed.

Casts and boots both are the most demanded treatments for the fractured foot. These are the external products that are used as a covering of a broken foot which heals it and makes you comfortable with your walking. They both have their specific properties and advantages and disadvantages too which should be kept in mind before selecting the best one for you. Make sure you are attentively consulting your medical health professional before making your final decision. Make sure to focus and concentrate on your selection because your final selection will determine how long it will take to get completely cured and how efficiently that selected method will work. Also, find the best rain shoes you can wear in the rainy weather.

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