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Have you ever been in a scenario where you were all cozy sitting in a coffee house, drinking coffee, and suddenly someone bumps into you, and your coffee spills all over you, and when you look down your new pair of boots are ruined? Well, I experienced it a day before yesterday. I was so shocked that I ran into the bathroom and took off my shoes and started to wash the spilled coffee but couldn’t get the stain off.

That is when I came back home and started to search for what can protect my boots, fingers crossed, I was hoping I find any magical potion that could protect my boots from any further accidental stains. Well, I found many options but I would like to share the top 5 Boot Protector Spray which actually worked amazingly for me. So let me introduce them to you one by one in a detail.


Boot Protector Spray

1. Red Moose Waterproof Spray

Red moose is the best waterproof spray around you, how? Well, most of the sprays work for a month or two, and then you have to re-apply them after some time. But Red Moose works for around a year, yes you heard me right. It repels the water and keeps your boots, sneakers, or any other footwear in your shoe line safe from any kind of liquid stains for almost a year.

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The barrier caused by Red Moose spray is so impenetrable that even on rainy days you will not feel any moisture. You don’t have to wait for the rain to stop, you can move ahead for your office even in extreme weather conditions. Even the water splashes cannot cross its toughest protection barrier and you can walk confidently over the roads.

If you want the best results from Red Moose then evenly spray a layer of it over your boots. You will notice that it won’t change the color of your boots or give them any other shade. It won’t cause any discoloration. But for peace of mind, you can try it on a small part of your boots first. If you are satisfied you can then apply it over the major parts of the boots. The high-end formula makes it attached to the leather in a very fine way and no one could notice the transparent layer over your shoes.

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Red Moose has brought a change in the market with its unique water repellent formula. Its non-toxic smell makes it an extraordinary Boot Protector Spray in a line of other sprays which has a weird chemical smell.

2. Kiwi Unisex Boot Spray

Kiwi is one of the oldest companies making boot protectors for your beloved boots. Kiwi unisex uses the premium formula, which has silicon in it, to protect your boots from any kind of liquids and their stains. Even in extreme weather conditions, you can blindly trust kiwi. Just spray the KIWI Unisex boot spray over your precious boots and you are all set to hit the roads.

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Spray Kiwi unisex 7 inches away from the boots and you will get the desired results just after a few minutes. The high-end formula used in the composition of Kiwi does not let the water absorb in the boots. Moreover, no liquid stain could stay there with a kiwi unisex boot spray coat. Its formula blocks the pores of the boots and keeps them dry in any case.

Directions to use this spray are mentioned on the back of the spray bottle. Just read the instructions once so that you can apply them properly. Apply the spray evenly throughout the boots for efficient results. If you want a more firm coat then wait for a few minutes and let the first coat dry. Once it’s properly dry, apply another coat from 7 inches away from the boots.

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Kiwi has silicon in its formula which makes the coat over the boots extra tough and won’t let your boots get wet even in the rainy season. Moreover, you don’t have to apply a double coat on your boots, one coat is enough and would work well.

3. Kiwi Select All Protector

Kiwi select can be used over a variety of materials except for vinyl, metallic leather, and patent reptile. You can trust the efficiency of Kiwi Select and can apply it to your work boots or any other boots that you wear frequently. The coat of Kiwi select will help to extend the life of your boots. Just spray evenly on the desired boots to waterproof them from any kind of liquids.

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The good news is along with being a water repellent, Kiwi select all is also a stain repellent. It won’t let the stain be stubborn with your boots even if it’s a red wine stain. Apply the coat on your boots evenly and wait for thirty minutes for the next coat. Surprisingly, it won’t take thirty minutes in most cases and would dry up quickly. But, how fast the coat dries up majorly depends on the material.

Just keep in mind that do not use it in low ventilation areas. Try to use it outside the house as it has a strong chemical smell. Keep it away from the eyes while spraying. Moreover, do not spray densely, as the density of the fumes might change the color of your boots for a while. But after a day or two, your boots might return to the original color.

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Although it cannot be used on metallic leather, still there are multiple other materials over which Kiwi Select works as wonder. Additionally, it dries quickly and won’t let you get late for work.

4. Bickmore Gard-More Water and Stain Repellent

This USA product is made specially to protect our shoes against all odds. The strong and transparent layer of Gard-More prevents the boots from dirt, salts, water, liquid stains, etc. You can blindly trust this product as Gard-more has used the best formula. You can use this product over various materials like leather, suede, nubuck, etc. The thick layer of this boot protector allows the boots to breathe but does not let the residues settle in the boots’ fabric.

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Directions to apply are given at the back of the Gard-more spray bottle. You can read them and apply the spray accordingly. But I will still make it easier for you by guiding you on how to spray Gard-more over your precious boots. Firstly, do not apply it directly on the boots, give it a try by applying it over the small portion or hidden part of your boots to check colorfastness.

If you are satisfied with the product then come to the second step. Shake the spray bottle well before applying it over the boots. Clean the boots and let them dry. Now take your boots in one hand and the spray bottle in the other hand. The distance between both of them should be around 7 to 10 inches. Press the nozzle gently and apply an even coat all over the boot.

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Gard-more is one of the best waterproofing sprays for boots as this keeps your shoe breathable and is quite easy to apply. It is durable and will create a tough transparent barrier over your boots which won’t leave any residue when comes off.

5. Angelus Brand Boot Spray

Angelus Brand protects your shoes/boots against all the liquids and stains, keeping your shoes dry and breathable. You can apply it to a variety of materials. It gives your work boots protection as well as the other boots in your cabinet. The transparent shield caused by the spray will keep intact with the body of your boots and you will not find any residue once the coat comes off.

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One coat of the Angelus Brand would be enough for the boots but in case you want to double the coat, you have to wait for a few minutes and then give a light and even stroke of spray to the boots. Keep in mind to let the first coat settle and dry completely. Before you apply the first coat satisfy yourself with the product by testing it on a hidden part of the boot to check colorfastness.

Directions to apply are given at the back of the bottle but let me guide you through the basics. Keep the bottle upright and give strokes to the boot from 6 to 8 inches. Make sure your eyes do not come in a contact with the spray, even a few fumes can irritate your eyes due to the chemicals present in it. Try to spray in an open area or in an area where ventilation is fast.

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Angelus Brand’s coverage is huge enough that you can finish the coats on both of your boots in a minute. It is also durable and won’t come off easily even if you wear those boots frequently.


Should you polish shoes before waterproofing?

There are two theories about this. Some say that you should polish before you apply spray and the other says you can apply polish after using a waterproofing spray. But if you ask me I would say that apply polish first and then apply boot protector. A boot protector will also prevent your boots from dirt so there would be no need for polish afterward.

Does waterproof spray ruin leather boots?

No, it doesn’t ruin the leather of boots. But make sure the waterproof spray you are using can be applied over the leather. Moreover, there are many types of leather, so make sure on which leather your waterproof spray works otherwise it can ruin or discolor the leather of your boots.

How long does waterproofing spray need to dry?

It is said to give 24 to 48 hours to let the spray settle and dry. But you can wear them as soon as it dries if you are in hurry. On average giving at least 24 hours would work great.

Is it better to buy waterproof shoes?

Waterproof boots will cause you extra expense if you already have a pair of good boots. I would recommend that you buy waterproof spray to prevent your shoes from liquids and stains.

Is mink oil good for waterproofing boots?

It is said that the mink oil formula works amazingly over leather accessories and helps in waterproofing and softening. Apart from this, mink oil does not allow the stain to become stubborn and you can remove these stains easily from your shoes.


As you know now how to save your boots from further erosion then do not waste even a second and bring waterproof spray right now no matter how old your boots are. Is there any other product in which you find waterproof, dustproof, stain-proof solutions all in one? No, right? Then choose any of the above articles and ease your life. Moreover, I have brought the top 3 products that I would like to recommend to you check them below.

  • Gard-More is one of the best waterproofing sprays that will keep your boots breathable and won’t damage the material of your boots.
  • Kiwi Unisex will create tough water barriers and will also protect boots against all kinds of stains.
  • Red Moose will take the game to another level with its non-toxic smell and tough barrier.

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