Best Wooden Shoe Racks | DIY Guide as Well

One cannot deny the importance of a shoe rack when organizing his home. A cabinet or a storage place is necessary to make sure that your favorite shoes are in your reach whenever you need them. Plus it keeps them safe from dust and moisture. The best wooden shoe rack at the best price is not hard to find.

Numerous companies are creating premium quality wooden shoe racks to provide you with enough space to put your shoes safely and use them whenever in need. I have prepared this research after analyzing the 3 best wooden shoe racks that are highly positively reviewed and recommended by most of the users. You can consider them if you want a good quality shoe organizer in your home. (Tip: You can also build a shoe rack bench yourself too!)


3 Best Wooden Shoe Racks

1. FILWH Bamboo Shoe Rack Stackable Shoe Shelf

FILWH shoe rack is constructed with the use of bamboo wood that has been treated with certain procedures like cold compression and hot pressing to make it the most durable and sturdy product. The triple layering of polish to finish the construction of the shoe rack makes this organizer super smooth and fine in texture.

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FILWH is defined as the strongest, long-lasting and healthiest shoe organizer because of its eco-friendly, durable, and rigid construction. The feature that makes it the most popular and recommended shoe rack is the possibility of making adjustments. This great FILWH shoe organizer is designed in a way that makes it possible for you to increase the storage according to your need.

Furthermore, because the product is constructed in a versatile design, you can use it as a flower stand, kitchen utensils organizer, bookshelf, and for various other storage purposes. Moreover, you can reliably put it either in your bedroom, lounge, kitchen, garage, home entrances, or even in the bathroom. FILWH Bamboo Stackable Shoe Shelf is the highly recommended shoe rack that is customizable and is easy to assemble.


  • Effortless to assemble
  • Versatile in functionality
  • Strong, durable, and adjustable construction


  • Poor fittings

FILWH Bamboo Shoe Rack is the most durable, strong, rigid, and very smooth organizer. This organizer is constructed with the use of bamboo material that is not only premium in quality but is also eco-friendly to make sure your home environment remains healthy.

2. BAMFOX 3-Tier Shoe Rack

Bamboo built makes BAMFOX 3-Tier Shoe Rack the strongest shoe rack. You will experience a long-lasting service from this shoe rack because of its waterproofness and ability to face environmental circumstances without breaking or deforming.

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The spacing in between the different shelves and layers of the shoe rack is variable from one another. This variability in spacing between tiers provides you with the option to place all kinds of shoes including high heels, sneakers, flat slippers, boots, and random sandals all at one place securely and safely.

Moreover, you can reliably place shoes up to 44 pounds of weight as the construction and design of the shoe rack is made in such a way to handle this much conveniently. Additionally, you can place up to four pairs of shoes on one shelf easily. One thing that makes this company very trustworthy is its customer support service that ensures you can call them and can take help from them at any time.

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  • Can hold 44 pounds of weight
  • Variable spacing between shelves
  • Waterproof


  • Fragile construction

This shoe rack is constructed with the use of bamboo wood which ultimately makes it super strong and highly durable. BAMFOX 3-Tier Shoe Rack can hold up to 44 pounds of weight and comes with variable spacing in between the shelves making sure you can place every type of shoe in the rack.

3. BAMEOS 2-Tier Shoe Rack

This 2-Tier Shoe Rack is another shoe rack that belongs to BAMEOS construction company, famous for making reliable and durable furniture. It is constructed with the use of bamboo material making sure it provides the home for your shoes for longer times. Moreover, the simple design makes it look classy and attractive when placed in your home.

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With durable and strong construction, this bamboo stackable shoe organizer can conveniently hold up to 44 lbs of weight. Furthermore, this model is the reconstructed, advanced-level model from its previous version. The renovation includes upgrading and addition of the latest hardware to increase the stability of the rack by tightening its 8 screws.

With the purchase of this shoe rack, you can store a variety of shoes in it because of the variable spacing in between the shelves. You can even place up to 3.5 inches long heel in it conveniently. Furthermore, if you want more shelves from your rack, you can simply buy two racks and can join them one above the other providing you with 4 shelves for easy storing of more shoes.


  • Can tolerate 44lbs of weight
  • Renovated version from the previous model
  • Simple and attractive look


  • Bad construction

BAMEOS 2-Tie Bamboo Stackable Shoe shelf is a shoe rack with 2 shelves providing you with the possibility to locate every type of shoe including 3. 5 inches long heels. You will love the simple and attractive look of the shoe organizer as it adds to the class and attractiveness of your home.

How To Make A Shoe Rack Out Of Wood?

Making a shoe rack with the use of wood is not difficult but learning the proper steps is essential before initiating the process. Go through the following details to make sure you have learned everything before constructing the shoe rack out of the wood.


Start the process of making a shoe rack from the wood by simply planning and designing a rack on the notebook with all the details of precise measurements. If you are planning to make a rack with shelves that can hold up to three pairs each, you should go with 34 inches in width. On the other hand, to make it more ergonomic and comfortable, the shoe rack should be tall at least up to 68 inches in length.

Take the full sheet of plywood with 4 × 8 sizes and cut it into 3 parts with 30 inches each. Take one part from it and cut it further into 4 pieces of 11½ inches each. Do the same with all three parts and at the end, you will get 12 shelves in all. Now it’s time to cut side supports. Two of the side supports will be 64 inches in size and two of the supports will be 68 inches in size.

Place the feet of the wood on the ground and with the help of a strong adhesive or glue, and nails put the first shelf on it. Tighten this first shelf as much as you can, so that you will get a strong and firmer base. Now place one vertical side shelf at one end and the other at another. Join it with the base shelve with the use of screws and adhesives. Mark it with the measurements where you are going to put the rest of the shelves.

Now use glue and screws to put the shelves in between these side shelves, precisely on the marked spots. Make sure to concentrate as a single deviation in the angle can make your shoes slip. Repeat the procedure until all the six shelves are placed properly and strongly. Now wait for almost 4 to 6 hours to make sure the glue is dried up and all the pieces of the wood are tightly joined together.

Make sure not to be harsh while constructing the shoe rack and keep in mind to make proper measurements for precise and accurate cuttings for better results. After your shoe rack is ready, you can cover it with paint or some sheets if you want. To make it look more appealing you can coat it and give it a proper smooth finish with some shiny paint spray. Make sure to tighten every screw so that your shoe rack stays durable and strong enough to hold shoes.


What kind of wood is used for shoe racks?

Most of the shoe racks are constructed with the use of bamboo wood, oak wood, and Sheesham wood. All three of them are highly reliable and durable materials that can be used for making strong and sturdy shoe shelves. These materials are used because they are easy to cut and mold into different shapes. Moreover, the wood used in the construction of the shoe rack predicts its durability. So make sure to select the wood that is durable and strong enough to withstand the weight of the shoes.

What is the use of a shoe rack?

The shoe rack is used for the placement of the shoes to make sure they are in your reach and are safely stored when are not in use. There are different types of shoe racks. Some of them are constructed in a way that can be placed inside your cupboard and some of them are made in such designs that can be placed near the entrance door of your home. While selecting the shoe rack, ask yourself how many shoes you are going to place in the rack and where you are going to locate the shelf. In this way, you will be able to get the most compatible product based on your need.

How can I keep my shoes in the closet without smelling?

Before placing them into the closet, put two tablespoons of baking soda in each of the shoes. Shake it until you feel the baking soda has reached into every part of the shoe. Then wait for a sunny day and put your shoes in full bright sunlight. Make sure the sunlight is directly on your shoes as it will mix with the baking soda which will keep your shoes away from foul smell. Now you can reliably put it back in the closet, without worrying about smell.

Final Thoughts

Who does not love properly organized and settled things and accessories in the home? When it comes to shoe placement, you always wonder whether to put them back in the boxes every time you use them or to place them just in front of the door whenever you enter the home. I have solved this query for you by providing you with the 3 best wooden shoe rack options in the above-mentioned article.

You will be amazed when looking at the features they carry and the space they provide you to store your shoes conveniently and safely. No matter which one of the shoe shelves you select from the above-mentioned options, all three of them are premium quality, affordable, and the best wooden shoe rack available online.

As a reviewer, I will suggest you buy:

  • BAMFOX 3-Tier Shoe Rack as it can hold up to 44 pounds of weight, without causing any damages to its wood. Constructed with the use of premium quality bamboo material, this shoe shelf is the best wooden shoe rack for every home.

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