Best Wide-Calf Knee-High Boots For Women

What never goes out of trend are high boots. Wearing cute boots is like a staple in any fall outfit. It adds essence to your style and elevates your whole look. However, the real problem is to find a perfect size and fit for your calves. It should neither be too loose or too tight because an investment in the wrong fit is like throwing money into the trash.

Especially if you have wider calves, then finding the right boots that land below or above your knees is trickier than others. It might be impossible, but some perfect pairs do exist that fit like magic on wider calves. We have narrowed down a list for your ease, which will not only give you your ideal style, but your feet will also be perfectly snug in them.

7 Best Wide-Calf Knee-High Boots For Women

1. TOETOS Women’s Knee High Winter Riding Wide Calf Boots

Toetos women knee high is the first perfect and versatile choice on our list. They are elegant, stylish, and warm, even perfect for your rainy days. So you can stay in style even on a rainy day without worrying about ruining your boots. Moreover, they have synthetic soles, which means they are highly light in weight and provide a high level of breathability.

These Toetos shoes are a perfect match for the winter and autumn season as the inside of the boots are lined with extra faux fur, which provides your feet extra warmth and comfort. They come with a 1-inch heel and easily slip in and out, so no hassle of pulling the boot to fit your feet in them.

Toetos knee-high shoes come in various sizes and have a 16.5″ wide-calf opening circumference. An ideal boots choice for your thick calves. They are easy to wear and highly practical with their zipper. They are durable because of their rubber outsole and comfortable due to the cushioned insole.


  • Inexpensive
  • Elegant
  • Snug and comfy


  • The zipper comes off easily

Toetos put an end to the problem of not finding the right size boot for your wide calves. You no longer have to skip the trend of high knee boots in the fall season and will be able to rock like a queen. They are elegantly styled, durable, and comfortable at a very reasonable price.

2. Sam Edelman Women’s Penny Classic Equestrian Boot

Next on our list is Sam Edelman’s iconic knee-high boots, specifically designed for wide calf ladies without compromising the shoes’ style, aesthetic, and quality. I personally use these shoes and having wide calves myself; I must say these are my favorite boots ever.

They get perfectly snug around my feet without suffocating the calves and give a comfortable feel. These sophisticated boots add a chic statement to all of your outfits, and the elegant and sleek silhouette is a cherry on top. They are easy to wear and easy to clean. You need damp cloths to wipe them clean.

These boots come in seven unique and aesthetic colors. Choose any color of boots, and be ready to flaunt it with your favorite fall outfits. Talking of my own experience, I recommend buying it in one size bigger if your one foot is larger than the other.


  • Classic design
  • Full-length zipper
  • Seven different colors


  • Expensive

All in all, the quality of these boots is perfect with different colors and sizes. The flattering, chic, and sophisticated design are what attract the most. They fit, and they are really comfortable. They are a bit pricey but trust me; they are worth their price.

3. Naturalizer Women’s Dev Riding Boot

Naturalizer is known as the best brand for females, providing quality, comfort, and style in every product. These Naturalizer Women’s Dev Riding boots are designed with wider calves while maintaining their voguish style. The pair of neutralizers are classic boots you must add to your wardrobe.

They are 100% leather boots with durable synthetic soles. The specialty of these leather boots is that they don’t just look good the year you buy them, but they will shine the same even after years of use. You can try using some products to waterproof your leather boots but either way they continue to have the essence of class, beauty, and flexibility. They come in six pretty colors and are very easy to wear.

Additionally, they give a high level of comfort with their contoured footbed, which is super dense and soft. They have a dual cushioned insole that welcomes your feet in a warm and cozy boot. It has a short block heel and a stylish pull-up button tab too, such intrinsic design adds to the classy outlook of the boots.


  • 100% leather
  • Synthetic sole
  • Classy


  • It might be too long

Overall, the product is super comfy, cushy, elegant, and feminine. They are made of pure 100% leather, which means they are highly durable and will work finely for a long time. The design of the boots is eye-catching, which raises your every outfit look.

4. DREAM PAIRS Women’s Wide Calf Knee High Pull On Fall Weather Winter Boots

Winter and fashion are two difficult things to bring on the same page. You need to choose an item which is chic, cute, elegant but warm and comfortable too. Dream Pairs women’s wide calf knee high winter boot is one best choice that fulfills your comfort and style needs.

They come in two different colors and styles. Dream Pairs knee-high boots have faux fur lining inside them, which makes them warm and snuggly. The boots have a remarkable feature of an instep zipper, making it easy to step in and out of the boots.

The top circumference is 16.5 inches wide, which is pretty good and can easily fit many people. A 0.5 inches short heel is added to the boots, which gives them an affordable look. Moreover, it has a rounded silhouette at the toe, and the insole is also padded.



  • Inside zipper
  • Faux fur
  • Slouchy and classic


  • Too warm for summers

All in all, Dream Pair boots with their slouchy design are a perfect match for your winter. With its comfortable insoles and short heel, you can use them as your everyday wear boots. If your calves are medium-wide, consider buying them in 8.5 to 9 sizes and see how they fit you like a dream.

5. Naturalizer Women’s Jessie Knee High Boot

They’re another pair of Naturalizer’s boot because this brand has proved itself with the quality and comfort they give in their products. I simply love this Jessie knee-high boot. They are sleek and made up of 100% leather which adds to their defined design. These boots give you a glamorous look.

The 15-inch wide opening is a good deal for your wide knees. It has an extra cushioned insole that is highly breathable; these boots ensure that your feet do not die inside them, and you can enjoy your flattering look with these beautiful pair of boots while your feet also live their precious life inside them.

You get a range of 3 different gorgeous colors; black, chocolate brown, and banana bread shades. These color shades are amazing as you can follow some very simple steps to easily clean your brown leather shoes every time. Apart from the incredible color scheme, the design of the boots is also captivating. The little detail of a side buckle on the top and a clip over the ankle part highlights these boots.


  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Extra cushioned and breathable insole


  • A bit tight around the ankle

All things considered, these Naturalizer’s Jessie boots are a good choice too. It provides comfort, flexibility, style, and breathability to your feet. It has a full-length zipper and is very easy to wear. And about the tightness around the ankle when I wear them with jeans, I feel it, otherwise, with legging and thin socks, they are perfectly fine.

6. Frye Women’s Melissa Button 2 Riding Boot

Next on the list, we have a product from a brand 155 years old, which makes it the oldest shoe company in the U.S, and all these years, it gave us iconic and classic products. These boots are also expensive-looking and modish ones from the brand, which can slay in any era, any time.

The equestrian-styled boot made of pure leather gives you a chic look. The super-stylish boots with a leather sole and a leather lining making them more elegant and luxurious. Available in 14 different varieties, this one stays at the top of providing the style.

If we talk about the comfort and support this boot offer, it doesn’t lack it. It has a contoured ankle, which provides absolute space and convenience to your feet. The opening is 15.5 inches wide, providing a lot of room for your calves. You can be elegant and comfortable both.


  • Frye signature button detail
  • Equestrian style
  • 100% leather


  • Costly

If you were looking for luxurious, high-quality statement boots but could not find them in the right fit for your wide calves, these Frye Women Melissa boots are ideal. You no longer have to suffocate and forcefully tug your calves in a chic boot to look elegant; you can buy these boots and slay!!

7. RF ROOM OF FASHION Women’s Wide Calf Stretchy Over The Knee Riding Boots

Need a sassy and bold pair of wide calf boots, these RF Room Of Fashion Women’s riding boots are a perfect choice. They are suitable for medium-width calf ladies, might not fit the extra-wide calves. They are stretchy and flexible and unlike other shoes on our list, which were all leather boots These are made of stretchy suede fabric. Now yes this material can be problematic if stained but a few simple tricks can clean up your suede shoes in no time, hence totally worth it!

They come with a pullover design that makes them easy to wear; you don’t push your feet in a stiff hardened material. They are easy to fit and adjust your feet in. The appearance of the boots is also very attractive with a thin lining.

You can easily wear them every day with comfort without your feet hurting. The soft lining and extra cushioned insole ensure your feet’ comfort. Coming to their durability, they can last for a long time with their TPR outsole and quality material.


  • Suede stretchy fabric
  • Easy to pull on
  • Soft lining for comfort


  • Only for medium-wide calves

There is no reason not to get these bold and classic boots for such an affordable price. They are available in 2 different colors; get them in your favorite color to match your aesthetics. In last they are lively, durable, and affordable, plus the point they will fit you, so what is the wait for? Get your pair of RF Room Of Fashion Women’s riding boots now.

Wrapping It Up

Being a wide-calf lady myself, I feel the pain of not fitting in your classic teenage boots and not finding a good deal in markets anymore. No matter how much I searched, the shoes would always be tight around my calves. Still, after many experiments, I finally found the boots of satisfactory quality, style, and comfort.

  1. Sam Edelman Women’s Penny Classic Equestrian Boot: very sophisticated and comfortable.
  2. Naturalizer Women’s Jessie Knee High Boot: Almost all Naturalizer boots are outstanding; this one is chic, durable, and easy to wear also extra comfortable around your calves.
  3. Frye Women’s Melissa Button 2 Riding Boot: a pair of boots that give you a feel of walking on a runway.
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