Best Way To Pack Shoes When Moving – Tips to Protect Footwear

Relocating from one place to another can be a real hustle, and it needs so much energy and time to transfer your belongings without damaging them carefully. Whether it is short-distance or long-distance moving it out, the time it takes for packing the belongings is the same. When packing your items, the important thing is packing your shoes to maintain their shape and not suffer from any damage.

The amount of work may compel you to toss your shoes in a box and get done with it; however, it will be a lot more challenging to unbox them, let alone the physical damages your footwear will suffer. To make it easy for you, I am here to show you some best tips and tricks for packing your shoes in an orderly manner. These tips will facilitate you in boxing your footwear securely. I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

Best Way To Pack Shoes When Moving

Packing Supplies And Right Material To Pack

To secure your footwear from potential damage, you need the get supplies such as a marker, large moving sturdy storage boxes, packing paper, packing tape, and old shoeboxes. These are some of the products which are easily accessible and can easily carry them as well. Sometimes, a few of your footgear do no longer use, so start by clearing them out.

Depending upon the belongings you have, you will need clean papers and boxes. Keep the cargo charge as well in your mind because the more material you want to move through cargo, the more it will cost you. So it is redundant to carry your worn-out shoes as it will only increase the load and nothing else.

Packing And Grouping Shoes

After purging the unwanted and worn-out shoes, your next mission is to group shoes by type. You have shoes for a particular season and event. Take some time and group your shoes categorically, such as formal, casual, partywear, seasonal, or group by their type and similarities like boots, swing dance shoes, flip-flops, slippers, sneakers, stiletto, heels, pointe shoes, etc.

You know to which area you are relocating, so according to the climate zone, box your shoes. For example, if you relocate to an area with a mid-summer climate, you do not need your boots in that climate unless the season changes. So you can also group and pack your footgear with regards to climate zone.

Keeping Your Shoes Dry and Clean

An essential step before packing your shoes is to clean them. Dust off the dirt and clean the shoes with soapy water is necessary, but make sure you dry them off completely before wrapping them up to eliminate mold chances. If you pack your shoes dusty and dirty, you will be a problem while unpacking the shoes in your new and clean apartment. Spray some anti-bacterial spray onto your shoes, or you can also use rubbing alcohol to avoid any fungus and powdering the insides of your shoes.

It will help prevent moisture. Another trick you can use is to place some tea bags inside the boxes in which you are packing your shoes or place the tea bags directly inside the shoes. These fragrant tea bags keep your shoes fresh and scented when you unbox your shoes. Otherwise, they will have a pungent smell and dull appearance as they are packed for days depending upon the distance where you are relocating.

How To Pack Shoes When Moving Within State

Storing items does mean you just put them into plastic bags; however, that’s not the case, especially with shoes. You need to adequately arrange the shoes and box them properly to avoid any potential damage while being transported to long-distance relocation. Here are few steps to help you in packing your shoes into boxes. Grab a sturdy box that has padding for packing your shoes. Place the heavier shoes at the bottom of the box and lighter shoes at the top.

Pack your footgear with packing paper and separately wrap pair with packing paper. Then put the shoes into their packages. If you do not have original packages or ran out of them, you can also use a duster bag to secure your shoes before placing them into the box. Place a fragrant tea bag inside the box to keep the shoes fresh.

How To Pack Shoes When Moving State To State

When moving to long-distance locations, it is better to pack your shoes into their original packages since they are specially made for them with the purpose of preventing denting and scuffing. However, you can still transport your shoes in good condition and without any damage even if the original packages are not available at your place. You will need a small box that can accommodate one pair of shoes.

Use a towel or packing paper to wrap each pair around with it. You can use a crumpled paper or bubble wrap to line the shoebox, and this will protect the shoes from any damage. Next, in a large box, place the stack of footgear and in a way that there should not be any space left to avoid any movement of the shoes. After putting all the shoes inside the box, conceal it with tape and label the box with a marker for identification.

If you are using the original packages of the shoes, the same steps mentioned above also apply to them. Boxes are very fragile, and they can be crushed under so much heavier items, so it is recommended to use bubble wrap or cushioning to protect your heels and sneakers from getting crushed.

To Conclude

This detailed review can help you pack your shoes in different ways to prevent any potential damage when moving or relocating to another area. Packing your shoes in the right is essential because if they are not properly sealed, there is the chance of moisture and mold making their way into your shoes, and this also affects the lifespan of your shoes. You can also put some powder inside the shoes to draw out the moisture from the shoes.

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