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Holding a cup of coffee in the cozy ambiance of a cafe, looking out through a window, and enjoying enthusiastic rainy weather is a perfect match but what’s stopping you to go out? Ordinary water-sucking shoes? No Way! You deserve to enjoy every moment, and nothing can stop you from it. One can get rid of this annoying situation with the best waterproof travel shoes that we have brought, after a lot of probing, for you.

Rainy boots are out of fashion now, as there are plenty of new designs in the market, and obviously, you cannot follow outdated designs. Moreover, it’s difficult to wear up heavy boots and walk around uncomfortably even if you have to go at the corner of the lane. Understanding your problem, we have brought you some amazing and best waterproof travel shoes.


Best Waterproof Travel Shoes

We have brought the 7 best Waterproof travel shoes for your selection below. You can choose out of them according to your desired features. Their pros and cons are also bulleted below, so you know everything about a shoe you are considering buying.

1. Columbia Men’s Redmond V2 Waterproof Shoes – Best Travel Shoes

Apparently, these shoes are composed of mixed designs created by leather, suede, and mesh. Leather enhances the design of these shoes, Suede gives softness to the shoes while mesh keeps the feet warm and dry. The combination of the latter two is fantastic regarding the comfort of your feet.

Screenshot 2022 02 21 212151

It features web-designed laces, but not only this. It also features metal rivets and metal aglets which gives shoes a compliment. The midsole has a Tech Lite feature that provides cushioning and enough energy return to the foot to feel comfortable throughout the day. The heel counter and heel collar together provide much grip to your every step.

The Omni grip rubber sole provides superb grip over the various types of fields. Whether the walk area is rough, wet, or rugged, you have got total control over these. It is merely designed to provide reinforcement to your toes by an extended outsole. Movement of the foot is made easier with this outsole, with every step you will feel the energy moving back and forth from your heels to toes.

Screenshot 2022 02 22 000205


  • Omni grip rubber sole
  • Upper is stylish
  • Extended outsole


  • Feels narrow

These shoes are best for trackers and adventurers. However, they may not suit everybody as they provide less cushioning as compared to other products.

2. KEEN Men’s Targhee III – Waterproof Leather Shoes

If you keenly observe, you will see the upper is made of leather. This leather is breathable and water-resistant. The best part is this leather is PFC-Free water repellent, which means without compromising on the environment, these leather uppers will perform their best whatever the conditions are (rainy, snowy, etc).

Screenshot 2022 02 21 212351

Rubber sole provides grip not only over the wet surfaces but also over the rough grounds. No- Marking sole feature leaves no prints even when you walk indoors. Their outsole features 4mm multi-directional lugs for a smooth grip and the torsion stability prevents you from any ankle twist leading to injury.

They don’t just have an EVA midsole but the whole footbed is metatomical dual density EVA supported, which means it supports and prevents weaken bones of the foot, which have the risk of breaking from injury. It supports the natural contouring of the foot. It can also be removed according to your desire and comfort.

Screenshot 2022 02 22 000344


  • PCF-Free leather
  • Removable EVA footbed
  • Multi-directional lugs


  • No metal rivet or aglets for styling

These shoes have got a lot of compliments, especially from adventurers. They are suitable for any outdoor condition. They may not be stylish enough but looking at the pros you can give them a try.

3. DYKHMILY Waterproof Steel Toe Shoes – Best Shoes For Travel

They are made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole which we normally call EVA. This is one of the best material available in the market that is shock absorbing and light in weight. The EVA sole provides ultimate cushioning to your underfoot. The material used in the overall shoe is durable and is made to keep the shoe as light as possible.

Screenshot 2022 02 21 212530

They have ASTM (Anti -Smashing) feature which protects your toe from any sudden shock and injury. This is placed permanently on the foot enhancing the design of footwear and protecting soft toe from any potential mishap. Their midsole is anti-puncture and enhances flexibility so you don’t have to deal with hard soles anymore.

The new generation material membrane fabric is introduced in its upper. Now whatever the weather conditions are, you don’t have to worry. The water-resistant upper can go through any harsh conditions and you don’t need to worry about damaging them.

Screenshot 2022 02 22 000637


  • Lightweight
  • Membrane fabric is used to make it water-resistant
  • Comfortable


  • Less variety of colors

You can wear them the whole day long and won’t get tired. These are all-rounder shoes. You can wear them for work, exercise, trips, etc.

4. KEEN Men’s Brixen Low – Best Walking Shoes For Travel

Let’s talk about their unique appearance, upper cover with complete leather gives a stylish look especially if you buy these in black color. The plainer they seem to be from outside the fancier they are on inside. The inner structure is made up of wool to provide you with coziness while the foot bed has a thermal heat shield to provide you total comfort in the rainy season.

Screenshot 2022 02 21 213311

These can be for the customers who would like to wear shoes on the busy rainy streets. Even if you would like to trail, you can enjoy the comfort of these shoes on the rugged trails. As the rubber sole provides grip over the wet surfaces, you do have to think twice before going on a trip with them. Moreover, the rubber sole works great on rough terrains as well.

Their EVA midsole provides ultra cushioning and flexibility to the feet. This feature combines with the shell back heel support to give supreme comfort and relaxation. The later feature is not any less in providing support to your heel.

Screenshot 2022 02 22 000830


  • Easy to wear
  • Keeps the foot warm
  • Sole grip


  • Very plain in regards to the style

They may appear to be simple but are bust for fancy outfits. Easy slip-in design with heat-resistant specialty makes these shoes best for colder environments.

5. The North Face Men’s Ultra 111 – Comfortable Travel Shoes

Let me define their upper first, the PU Coated Fabric makes them water repellent, and Ballistic Mesh makes them tough to resist any weather conditions. The blend of these two features makes them highly durable. Now you can confidently hit the terrain in any weather conditions.

Screenshot 2022 02 21 213513

The traditional lacing is made stylish with zig-zag rivets. This criss-cross lacing system keeps your foot in the exact place so that you can move around in comfort and confidence. The extended outsole provides reinforcement to the toes.

The support of the footbed is enhanced by an eco-friendly Ortho Lite Hybrid footbed. Their midfoot features nylon for the arch support and the rubber sole provides superior traction over any land whether it’s rugged or rough. The blend of these features produces a product that everyone would desire.


  • Eco friendly
  • Stylish zig zag rivets
  • Ballistic mesh for rough weather conditions


  • Giant for a narrow foot
Screenshot 2022 02 22 001104

North Face Ultra 111 WP are engineered to give you grip over rough surfaces, moreover, the eco-friendly nature has won the hearts of many. A person who wants both comfort and design must try them out.

6. Merrell Women’s Siren Edge 3 – Stylish Walking Shoes For Travel

Merrel Siren Edge 3 for women brings a combination of leather and mesh to create their upper more attractive according to meet ladies’ choice. The TPU leather used keeps the water out in rainy weather. With being stylish, this brand has launched a variety of eye-soothing updated colors in these shoes.

Screenshot 2022 02 21 213733

The webbing lace tradition keeps your feet in grip. Although, some people don’t like fairly large tongue as they say it lowers the appearance of shoes but I like to prefer it as it keeps the detritus out. They may seem to be heavy but they are light in weight.

What I like most about them is their giant rubber sole. As the rubber doesn’t make the grip lose and keeps the feet fit even on the mossy rocks, the giant sole provides cushioning to the heel on rocky surfaces. You can see the lugs on the outer sole which shows that it supplies a good clutch when moving down the slope.

Screenshot 2022 02 22 084820


  • Stylish
  • Grippy
  • Giant rubber sole


  • Less durable

There is no question about the durability and flexibility of this amazingly designed product. You can not just go hiking wearing these but can also walk around as its stylish design enhances confidence and comfort.

7. Vasque Women’s Breeze Lt Low GTX – Best Travel Shoes For Europe

Vasque Women’s Breeze has insulated technology. It blocks the outside temperature thus when the temperature drops, it keeps the inside temperature of the shoe warm-up for a long time. As the mesh used in the upper is breathable, therefore, your foot can remain in comfort even if you wear them the whole day.

Screenshot 2022 02 21 213917

The upper is made up of synthetic microfiber, which prevents the dust and moisture from settling with the fabric and mesh to create an outclass combo. The footbed is chiefly designed to adjust according to the movement of your foot while the EVA midsole enhances the comfortability of your foot. The sole provides extra cushioning to the heels. They feature a Vibram Mega grip outsole for better steps.

Eye-catching design will increase your confidence to the next level. The streamlined design has metal rivets on them which makes them more stunning. The orthodox webbing design is enhanced by a relatively large shoe tongue. In some editions, collar size is increased which gives a boot style look in my opinion.

Screenshot 2022 02 22 085001


  • Variety of colors
  • EVA midsole
  • Vibram Mega Grip Outsole


  • Chances are that the arch design may not be accepted by many customers

They are lightweight and highly comfortable. Although they are not much pocket-friendly, if you can adjust your budget according to them then there is the surety that you will definitely enjoy their grip over the rough surfaces and comfort when roaming around.


How do I choose waterproof shoes?

Waterproof shoes appear to be different most of the time. But when you wear them to check, make sure they have a thick cushioning inside and a thick sole outside. Ask for the type of leather manufacturers have used in the upper.

What are the disadvantages of Gore-Tex?

The disadvantage of Gore-Tex is it is effective only if you clean your shoes more frequently. Perspiration from the body can make its way out of the material which leads to the build-up of surfactants. These surfactants can inhibit waterproofing.

How long does leather waterproofing last?

It may last for 2 to 3 years easily but this depends on how frequently you use them. Now even a silicon spray is available in markets which can make your shoes waterproof. These sprays last no longer than 2 weeks.


Weather predictions can never be 100 percent accurate, so to be on the safer side one should always keep stylish, up-to-date waterproof shoes ready. Mentioned above are our 7 best waterproof travel shoes and you can choose out of them without being skeptical. But being more precise, we will explain our 3 top picks below.

  • KEEN Men’s Targhee III provides you with breathability, versatility, and amazing fit making your day less tiring.
  • Merrell Women’s Siren Edge 3 are lightweight, updated design, ultra-supportive, and comfortable enough to provide their best.
  • Vasque Women’s Breeze Lt Low GTX Gore-tex have an eye-catching design, a quick break-in, and are grippy enough with almost no drawback.

Make your day special with the products described above and don’t forget to share them with your friends.

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