Best Waterproof Spray for Uggs Protection from Rain & Stain

A comfy, soft, and warm pair of shoes feels like heaven when you are out on the road in cold, snowy weather. And here we are talking about the ugg boots that provide the ultimate comfort and warmth to your feet in winters. Uggs are one of the most expensive kinds of boots manufactured with high-quality sheepskin, and their preparation follows an extensive process.

Uggs are, however, not waterproof, so they are prone to stains, mud, dust, and water-based spills. Therefore, it is necessary to render a protective coating of a waterproof spray on the uggs’ exterior surface. As you know that taking care of things can make them last longer, and so is the case for the uggs. So if you have invested in buying those stylish and comfy uggs, it is recommended to buy the best waterproofing spray for uggs for extraordinary care. If you work on the field then do check out work boot waterproofing here.

We searched the internet to know the best waterproofing spray for uggs and to know the best ways to take care of them. Here you will find the review and the most relevant information that encompasses everything about uggs. So let’s begin!

Best Waterproof Spray For Uggs

best waterproofing spray for shoes

UGG Accessories UGG Shoe Care Kit


Designed especially for uggs, this top-rated shoe care kit is all you need as it addresses all your concerns for ugg boots. This complete shoe care kit contains miracle products for ugg boots that will clean, renew, and protect them. If you are worried about water penetrating shoes, or salt and snow stains on the surface, then forget all these issues because the solution is right in front of you.

This shoe care contains a protector, shoe renew, and a cleaner. All these bottles are 4 oz. Along with this, a scuff eraser and bamboo brush are also included in the package. The shoe protector forms a shield against water, snow, dirt, and stains.

The shoe cleaner and conditioner perfectly clean the stains and brings a fresh look to the sheepskin shoes. The shoe renew formula is to clean insoles and vanish the odor from the insoles. The bamboo brush and scuff eraser facilitate the cleaning of ugg boots, not to face any inconvenience.


  • Restores and clean
  • Removes salt stains
  • Complete care kit
  • Water repellent


  • Might change color

UGG Accessories UGG Shoe Care Kit is the best option for you if you have recently bought ugg boots and planning to protect them, or you want to restore your worn-out uggs. This product will deliver exceptional results.

How to take care of your uggs?

The first thing to know is what material they are made of. Uggs have an exterior made of suede, and the interior has sheepskin lining. Suede is the form of leather prepared by sanding and rubbing the underside of animal hide. Such a design of the uggs is helpful to keep your feet warm and comfy all the time. The outsole is of synthetic rubber, sturdy enough to protect the feet and provide grip on slippery ground. Therefore the uggs are quite expensive.

The next thing to know here is that are uggs waterproof? And the answer is that some of the uggs rain boots or snow boots are designed to be waterproof, while the classic uggs made of suede are not waterproof.

Therefore it is recommended to treat them with waterproofing products as soon as you take them out of the box. By giving such a treatment, they will look more good and withstand extreme weather better.

Are Uggs waterproof? Waterproofing Ugg boots

Before waterproofing ugg boots you have to clean them and leave no mark of dust and dirt on them. First of all, take a brush to remove the dust from the surface. Here the scuff eraser and the suede brush play the main role. You can clean the surface using these two.

Now take a piece of cloth soaked in water and wipe it gently on the uggs. Afterward, apply the suede cleaner with a cotton swab or a sponge. Spread it evenly on the whole surface, uneven spread might cause issues. Allow it to dry for some time and then proceed further.

Now that you have cleaned the surface, follow the instructions on the ugg waterproofing kit, (reviewed above). Not following the tips and instructions is the mistake most of us do and end up getting drastic results. Make sure to let the uggs dry after applying the spray. The whole process can take up to 24 hours, so let the spray do its work.

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Tips to remember

  • Uggs must be clean, dry, and free of dust
  • Apply the uggs protectant carefully and evenly
  • Give them the proper time of atleast 24 to 48 hours to get dry
  • Brush the uggs in one direction for better results
How to take care of your uggs?


Will my Uggs get ruined by rain?

Yes, they might get ruined by the rain if they are not treated with a waterproof spray. However, if they are ugg rain boots, then you can wear them comfortably in the rainy and snowy weather.

Are UGGs supposed to be worn with socks?

It is one of the most commonly asked questions, and the answer is that the genuine uggs made of pure sheepskin lining are not supposed to be worn with socks.

How long do ugg boots last?

They can last a decade quite easily provided that you take care proper care of them.


In the shoe industry, uggs stand among the kind of shoes that demand extensive procedure in manufacturing. Although they are warm and comfy, they demand more care and maintenance. In this post, we have gathered all the relevant information related to uggs and how to take care of them. Check out how to waterproof leather boots here

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