10 Best Waterproof Sneakers for Men & Women in 2022 – Review

Are you embarrassed to wear ordinary rain boots which look outdated and are looking for waterproof fashionable sneakers? Then put your worries aside because you’re about to see some amazing best waterproof sneakers. They are functional and stylish at the same time.

You put on your best attire, and on your way, you meet with rain, or you step in muddy puddles by accident and end up ruining your dress and shoes. That’s why shoe brands are keeping the needs and demands of people to produce water-resistant sneakers.

These sneakers with waterproof technology are designed to provide ease in the rainy season. They are limited to be worn in the rainy season, but they are also feasible for mountaineering, hiking, and traveling. These sneakers also come in different colors.

Waterproof technology installed in sneakers to avoid water penetration to protect your feet provides comfort and keeps the feet blister-free. There are many other options that add cushioning, traction, stability and make it lightweight. Gore-Tex lining, rubber sole, rubber leather, seam-sealed lining serves the same purpose as waterproofing.

The difference between waterproof and water resistance must be kept in mind while purchasing any sneakers. Waterproof shoes will not allow water infiltration at all. However, water-resistant prevents water penetration to certain limits.

Best Waterproof Sneakers

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1. Forsake Range Low – Waterproof Walking Shoes

Forsake has launched a series called sneaker boots with waterproof technology. The range includes a variety for both males and females. They are suitable for those who are working outdoors or indoors. They are feasible for hiking or traveling. You can wear them in any season.

Forsake Range Low - Waterproof Walking Shoes

Forsake Range low- Women’s waterproof leather sneaker, given its appearance, shows its hybrid design of sneaker and hiking boot, creating an elegant look and merging the qualities of two into one. They are available in two colors; black and olive.

The upper is made with Nubuck leather. It helps to provide comfortability and durability. Footbeds used in these sneakers are odor-resistant, which prevents smelly feet. The waterproof technology avoids cold and wet feet. It also keeps the feet warm and offers a snug feeling.

The outsole is constructed with Vibram Megagrip that is water-resistant, dry and wetlands, and slip-resistant. The midsole is made up of EVA, which is Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate. Its purpose is shock absorption and offers to cushion.

In the interior of the foot, a Seam-sealed lining is introduced. It prevents the penetration of water and keeps the feet dry and warm. It helps to create a breathable environment for feet. It has antibacterial qualities.


  • Waterproof
  • Footbed
  • Vibram sole


  • Lack of arch support insole

In short, Forsake range low-women leather sneakers are lightweight with waterproof technology that offers grip on even grounds and creates breathable space for your feet. They provide comfort and have outstanding durability.

2. Blondo Glenda Sneaker – Waterproof Sneakers For Women

Blondo Women’s Glenda sneaker, as the name suggests, is manufactured by Blondo. These sneakers are comfortable, have waterproof quality, and stylish and elegant appearance. Glenda sneakers are a perfect blend of fashion and technology.

Blondo Glenda Sneaker - Waterproof Sneakers For Women

These beautiful boots-sneakers come in four colors because of this variety. It can be a perfect match for your outfits. The heel of Glenda sneakers is 1 1/2″ and is in white color and remains the same color for other upper shades. The zipper on the upper front is quite eye-catching and is used for convenience.

Apart from its sleek design, it is recommended because of its waterproof quality. It is constructed with an AquaProtect seal that prevents water penetration and protects feet from the unhealthy dangers of calcium/salt.

The AquaProtect seal and waterproof suede make it easy to cleaning and maintenance of the sneakers are easy. It is recommended to clean out the edges and the upper with a damp cloth. Glenda sneakers have a rubber sole that is resistant to slips, offers a good grip on uneven grounds, and protects feet if an object falls.


  • Stylish
  • AquaProtect Seal
  • Convenient zipper


  • Offer only one width

Blondo Women’s Glenda Sneakers balance the fashion aspect and functionality at the same time. It gives you the look of elegance and protects your feet. The AquaProtect seal technology offers water quality. Zipper allows closure convenience. Also, if you love to dance, we have reviewed some of the best swing dance shoes here.

3. DKSUKO Women’s Rain Boots – Water Resistant Sneakers

Dksuko, a company that views the public demand for something stylish yet functional at the same time. Whether it is the rainy season or garden dew, they are no more a hurdle to your work or morning walks. Introducing you to Dksuko Women’s rain boots which are waterproof and slip-resistant.

DKSUKO Women's Rain Boots - Water Resistant Sneakers

Dksuko women’s rain lace-up boots have a classy and stylish appearance, available in 22 colors. They are highly appealing. Their use is not limited to the rainy season, but you can wear them on different occasions, on formal and informal events.

Dksuko women’s rain boots with the mixture of Pvc, which stands for Polyvinyl chloride and cotton. Both Pvc and cotton contribute to making it comfortable; lightweight to resist skin irritation. They are also affordable. These sneakers contain a rubber sole that improves traction, stability, grip, slip resistance. The exterior of these shoes is easy to clean with just a damp cloth.


  • Affordable
  • Waterproof
  • Slip-resistant


  • Not suitable for hiking

Dksuko women’s rain boot does not comprise your fashion sense. It introduces waterproof and anti-slip rain boots which are available at an affordable price. Ideal for comfort and stability. The cleaning of these sneakers is manageable. Along with that if you are looking for waterproof tennis shoes, check them out.

4. Merrell Men’s Moab Edge 2 Sneaker – Mens Waterproof Walking Shoes

Merrell Men’s Moab Edge 2 Waterproof Sneaker comes after its predecessor Moab Edge sneaker with further advancement. You can wear it for hiking, for athletic performance, and casually as well. It allows the experience of a warm and snug fit.

 Merrell Men's Moab Edge 2 Sneaker - Mens Waterproof Walking Shoes

Merrell Moab Edge 2 sneakers are available in two colors; black and monument. Its upper consists of a heel pull loop along with lacing like a ghillie. The lacing system with a pair of five eyelets offers a snug effect. It includes mesh lining that is good for durability.

Merrell Moab Edge 2 sneakers have M Select Grip outsole with a lug depth of 5mm that offers great traction and grip on different grounds. These sneakers M Select DRY waterproof technology that prevents water infiltration and keeps the wearer dry and warm.

A mesh lining is used in the upper for breathable space, and TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane, making sneakers lightweight, temperature resistant, and slip-resistant. They also provide resistance to chemicals, oils, and toxins. The midsole has EVA technology which is shock-resistant and adds comfort.

The material of the shank is molded nylon which provides arch support. Insole with Kinetic Fit Base technology is inserted for comfort underneath the feet. Merrell brand has also introduced M Select FRESH technology in the shoe’s interior with antimicrobial agents preventing odor-releasing microbes. They take away sweat and moisture while retaining freshness.


  • Waterproof
  • M Select Grip technology
  • M Select FRESH technology


  • Crinkly and spongy noise

Merrell Men’s Moab Edge 2 sneakers with waterproof technology are compatible with different conditions. It has improved M Select Grip, FRESH, and DRY technologies. Kinetic Fit Base insole quality adds to comfortability level and retains freshness.

5. Skechers Men’s Delson-Antigo – Most Comfortable Waterproof Shoes

Skechers has launched Delson-Antigo bungee slip-on sneakers for men with waterproof technology. It is comfortable to wear. It is made to give you a nice casual look. Perfect for outdoor and indoor activities. It is available at a reasonable price.

Skechers Men's Delson-Antigo - Most Comfortable Waterproof Shoes

Skechers Delson Antigo, this range comes in two shades. The S logo is carved on the side panel of sneakers and has bungee lace allowing the wearer to experience snug effect and ease with a no-tie lace feature and four metal eyelets on each side.

Delson Antigo has Air-cooled memory foam insole technology which acts as a shock absorber, gives cushioning effect, adding more comfort. The sneakers’ upper is leather that makes them durable, water-resistant. You can easily clean with a damp cloth.

Waterproof seam-sealed lining quality makes the sneaker’s inside out water-resistant, and the padded tongues help the instep section have a tighter fit with anti-slip quality. The padded collar offers support to ankles. The outsole of Delson Antigo sneakers provides flexible traction.


  • Bungee slip on
  • Waterproof
  • Air-cooled memory foam technology


  • No arch support

Skechers Delson Antigo sneakers for men are designed with Air-cooled memory foam that provides cushioning. Laced waterproof technology. It can be easily slipped on and off, offering extreme comfort. It is suitable for running and casual wear.

6. Rockport Men’s Storm Surge – Best Quality Waterproof Sneaker

Rockport shoe brand is quite famous in the industry of boots. They have come up with an amazing product named Storm Surge waterproof sneaker for men. They are exceptionally comfortable, classy, and durable.  You can wear them in different seasons.

Rockport Men's Storm Surge - Best Quality Waterproof Sneaker

It is made up of 100% leather which makes it comfortable. It is long-lasting than other materials and water-resistant. It consists of a traditional lacing system made up of leather with waterproof quality. It also has metal eyelets that offer a comfortable fit according to personal preference. It comes in only one shade.

Storm Surge sneaker boots feature Hydro-shield construction, which offers premium waterproof quality. Synthetic sole that makes them durable. TPR, thermoplastic rubber slip-resistant is used in the outsole, allows excellent grip, and is temperature resistant.

The midsole is inserted with an EVA foam footbed which is heat and cold resistant. It adds cushioning to properties. While, Adidas adiPRENE is elastic material added to the heel cup for comfort, mild shock resistance. It also gives additional cushioning.


  • Adidas adiPrene
  • EVA foam footbed
  • Hydro- shield construction


  • Not suitable for heavy shocks

Rockport Men’s Storm Surge waterproof sneakers are sophisticated and elegant. One can wear it on different occasions because of its amazing features such as durability; waterproof seam-sealed lining. EVA foam footbed makes it a feasible option for various conditions.

7. TFO Waterproof Hiking Shoes Men – Best Water-Resistant Shoes

TFO has introduced lightweight hiking sneakers. They have produced sneakers for men who work outdoors with changing weather and different terrains.  These sneakers have fitting-like gloves and exceptional traction with stabling on rough grounds.

TFO Waterproof Hiking Shoes Men  - Best Water-Resistant Shoes

TFO waterproof hiking shoes are available in two shades with padded collar and tongue providing support to the ankle and easy slip-on technology. They also come with laces as well and have accent stitching for an attractive look.

TFO hiking shoes have a rubber sole which offers tremendous tradition necessary for hiking, resistant to oil and water. The insole features air circulation, which provides breathable space and reduces foot fatigue. This results in comfortable hiking.

TFO hiking sneakers have 4th generation Gore-tex, which gives waterproof quality to these sneakers. It also creates a breathable membrane, which contributes to comfortable and dry feet by evaporating the moisture and avoiding water penetration.

It also features a lightweight EVA insole, which helps in shock absorption and protection of the ankle. For the midsole, EVA technology is introduced to add cushioning support, padded tongue, and collar for ankle support, while the outsole is made up of durable rubber, which allows grip.


  • Gore-tex waterproof technology
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable insole


  • Narrow toe box

TFO waterproof hiking sneakers are lightweight, comfortable. It is durable. It is a great option for trail running, hiking. They are used in outdoor activities during the rainy season. It survives the harsh conditions of the land as it offers traction and stability.

8. Sorel Women’s Out N About Plus – Waterproof Breathable Shoes

Sorel has introduced Women’s out n about plus conquest, which is ideal for harsh climatic conditions. Carrying outdoor activities in cold weather can be hard,  and you need proper accessories. Soral keeping that in view has come out with light and heavy rain sneaker boots with waterproof suede.

Sorel Women's Out N About Plus  - Waterproof Breathable Shoes

Made up of 100% leather, giving water-resistant and durable qualities, with rubber sole inserted within to provide traction and are slip-resistant. Shaft length is till ankle arch. They are available in 5 shades with multicolored laces and offer a good color combination.

Sorel women’s out n about plus conquest features a microfleece lining, which is great for keeping the feet warm by taking away the moisture. The outsole is made up of handcrafted vulcanized rubber, which is resistant to water absorption, good insulation, and proves best for having good traction on wet areas.

Another feature is water resilience which keeps out the water infiltration leaving the feet dry and warm. Sorel sneakers have added a new feature called EVA footbed inserted in the shoes for cushioning, comfort and durability. The footbed is also detachable.


  • Removable EVA footbed
  • Vulcanized rubber
  • Water resilience


  • Not suitable for every season
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Sorel Women’s out n about plus conquest, having a variety of color does not limit your choice. Features like water resistance, removable EVA footbed. It is durable for a longer period of time which is cut out for cold climates. The Comfort level is top-notch.

9. Vionic Women’s Magnolia Shawna – Top Waterproof Sneakers

Vionic Women’s Magnolia Shawna High Top Sneakers launched by Vionic stores. These sneakers are functional and are up to date with the latest fashion trends. You can wear it on different occasions whether it is formal or informal. It will add up to your attire.

Vionic Women's Magnolia Shawna - Top Waterproof Sneakers

These sneakers are classy and elegant. Coming in 6 different colors and have a traditional lacing system. These sneakers have a stylish zipper on the side for ease with a 1.25″ heel. On the upper part, there is subtle “V” stitching making it look sophisticated.

Vionic Magnoli Shawna High-top sneakers for women have Nubuck waterproof upper. These sneakers are extremely durable, breathable, and water-resistant. The outsole is constructed with EVA,  which makes it lightweight, durable, and flexible.

To maximize comfort level, they also feature EVA Footbed. EVA Footbed providing extra cushioning. they are also removable. The shaft is concealed with Orthotics for arch support. It helps to reduce foot pain, provide stability, and improves posture.


  • Removable EVA footbed
  • Waterproof Nubuck
  • EVA outsole


  • It runs half a size

Vionic Magnoli Shawna High top is excellent sneakers for women. It is ideal in terms of waterproof quality. EVA outsole and comfort level are outstanding. It has been awarded by the American Podiatric Medical Association with a Seal of Acceptance.

10. Salomon Women’s Speedcross 5W – Best Trail Running Shoe

Salomon is a sports equipment-producing brand. They have launched another advanced and improved running shoe called Speedcross 5W GTX Core for women. To put an end to the search for comfortable, waterproof trail shoes, Speedcross sneakers are the best choice.

Salomon Women's Speedcross 5W - Best Trail Running Shoe

Salomon Speedcross is constructed with a rubber sole to improve grip and traction needed for trail running. They have easy slip-on lace quality and allow you to experience a cozy effect. These sneakers are available in 10 colors, producing a great variety for customers.

They also feature Gore-Tex lining, which makes them exceptionally waterproof and wind-resistant. Perfect for rough and wet grounds. The outsole is constructed with rubber which is top-notch for wet and slippery areas. Padded tongue and collar allow ankle support and prevent ankle irritation.


  • Gore-Tex protection
  • Rubber outsole
  • waterproof


  • Narrow on toes
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Salomon speedcross 5w trail running shoe features Gore-Tex protection. It is water resilient and allows foot breathability. For anti-slip surfaces, a rubber outsole is introduced. They are ideal for long-distance running, mountaineering, and hiking.

To Conclude

Working outdoors or going hiking and mountaineering requires a good pair of waterproof sneakers. It keeps feet warm, healthy, prevents dry feet, protects them from rains, muddy puddles, and rough dry and wet conditions.

For the protection of feet, waterproof technology is used in the upper, midsole, or outsole. Waterproof quality can be in the form of other materials like rubber, leather, seam-sealed lining, etc., to prevent leaking of water inside the shoe. Here are some best waterproof sneakers recommended by us.

  • DKSUKO Women’s Rain Boots Waterproof High Top Rain Shoes are stylish, affordable, slip-resistant, and waterproof, which is water-resistant quality, keeping them dry and warm feet.
  • Rockport Men’s Storm Surge Waterproof Sneaker avails Adidas adiprene, and Hydra shield protection offers breathable space and snug effect.
  • Blondo Women’s Glenda Sneaker consists of a convenient zipper, Aquaprotect seal, which offers waterproof quality and easy to clean.

To summarize, the above-mentioned waterproof sneakers are of top-notch quality. They can satisfy both functional and classy demands. These sneakers will protect your feet from harsh weather conditions and rough and uneven terrains for hiking, trail running, and mountaineering. Some of us are fitness freak and love to jump rope, if you are one of them take a look here at the best shoes for jumping rope.

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