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Do you want to make your every step waterproof? We have got something excellent and valuable for you in the store; yes! The best waterproof running shoes. When you go shopping, hundreds of shoes are displayed in front of you, making it complicated to choose the promising pair. You cannot buy the best waterproof running shoes until and unless you know some of the top-class substitutes.

I am a runner, and I know how serious it is to have excellent quality waterproof running shoes to make your run effortless and unforgettable. After years of tolerating foot issues because of the improper choice of shoes, I have come out with the five best waterproof running shoes. I made an effort to demonstrate them from every viewpoint in the following details. You can choose the one reliably to enjoy heroic, happy, and easy running.


5 Best Waterproof Running Shoes

The following details tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of top-class waterproof running shoes. With the help of this elaborated description, you can select the best product that will serve you in the best way and provide you with the features you need and truly want.

1. Asics GT-2000 9 GTX – Waterproof Running Shoes

The combination of padded insoles, when joined with the rough and aggressive outsole, results in the creation of mighty Asics GT-2000 9 GTX Waterproof Running Shoes. Such a combination makes the product durable and strong enough to withstand every type of environmental change.

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Moreover, the top of the shoes is covered with waterproof material ultimately making the inner more comfortable and perfectly fitted. This waterproof lining in the inner makes sure your feet are comfortable and cozy inside. You will definitely not go wrong with Asics GT-2000 9 GTX regardless of the type of trail and surface you are running on.

Furthermore, the presence of Gel Technology Cushioning System in the forefoot and rearfoot region does not allow shocks to reach towards your feet and helps you in making multiple movements in every direction easily and quickly. This makes these shoes ideal for both beginners and professional runners. The perks of buying these best waterproof running shoes have not ended yet.

Yes! They consist of FlyteFoam technology in the midsole responsible for sending back the energy with every step you take to make your next step more energetic and strengthened than the previous one. This model is renowned for providing a stable and controlled environment around your foot to make sure you can run in the fastest way, making them ideal for professional runners and running games.

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  • Responsive midsole
  • Strong and rugged outsole
  • Durable and quality construction


  • Poor forefoot region

Asics GT-2000 9 GTX Running Shoes are strongly constructed using responsive midsoles that contain FlyteFoam technology and Gel Technology Cushioning System in it. They are very comfortable to wear and can tolerate every type of weather. Moreover, being waterproof in nature, they are very good at keeping away the water without letting a single drop enter inside.

2. Merrell Nova GORE-TEX – Trail-Running Shoes

The Gore-Tex construction of these trail running shoes is ideal for providing waterproofing features to the boots, making them ideal for wet weather conditions. This is a breathable material that helps you keep your feet dry, warm, and sweat-free while allowing air to cross.

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The Gore-Tex membrane, when combined with the TPU upper layer, enhances the protection the shoes provide to your feet and make sure they stay light in weight. Moreover, the EVA foam insole and midsole double the padding and cushioning of these second-best waterproof running shoes.

This increases the stability and comfort, making these shoes perfect for having excellent and outstanding trail running experiences. Furthermore, these shoes also feature shock-absorbing characteristics to make them face various environmental impacts without letting them reach your foot. Remember that the shoes are constructed explicitly for trail running experiences, but they can reliably be used for running purposes on wet roads or grounds.

Screenshot 2022 02 19 220352


  • Shock-absorbing insole
  • Comfortable fit
  • Excellent stability and protection


  • Not durable

Merrell Nova GORE-TEX Trail-Running Shoes are highly reliable when searching for the best waterproof running shoes. These shoes are constructed with the use of Gore-Tex Technology that not only is breathable but also helps you in keeping your feet dry even if you wear them in a rainy climate. Moreover, the shoes are very comfortable in fitting and provide excellent stability and protection to the user.

3. Hoka One One Speedgoat 4 – Gore-Tex Waterproof Running Shoes

In case there is a situation in which running on the sloppiest condition is compulsory for you, you will never go wrong with these Hoka One One Speedgoat 4 Gore-Tex Waterproof Running Shoes. The great outsole is constructed with the use of Vibram® Megagrip construction material to help you firmly control and grip your foot movement, even in wet ground conditions.

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The adjustability of the foot inside these waterproof shoes is possible because of the presence of a wider forefoot region. This provides a stable and comfortable landing of your foot every time you take a step. Moreover, the midsole is composed with the use of a lightweight foam that not only provides padding and cushioning to your foot but also makes you feel easy and comfortable throughout the time.

Furthermore, the Gore-Tex technology provides waterproofing features in these third-best waterproof running shoes. This technology gives you protection against water and multiple types of weather conditions by keeping your feet dry and warm throughout the time. Each step you take would be better than the previous one if your feet are placed in these Hoka One One Speedgoat 4 Gore-Tex Waterproof Running Shoes.

Screenshot 2022 02 19 220527


  • Outstanding control on wet roads
  • Weather-resistant
  • Wider forefoot region


  • Thick sole

Hoka One One Speedgoat 4 Gore-Tex Waterproof Running Shoes offer strong traction and grip on wet road surfaces. The Gore-Tex technology is used for making the shoes waterproof and breathable. These waterproof running shoes are adjustable from the forefoot region, helping you place your foot at the most comfortable and relaxed angle.

4. Brooks Ghost 14 GTX Running Shoes – Best Waterproof Running Shoes

Are you looking for a smoother ride while running? These Brooks Ghost 14 GTX Running Shoes are the best known waterproof shoes for providing a smoother ride while running. They consist of DNA LOFT spread throughout the footbed in the midsole, making every inch of your feet experience smoothness and softness while making movements.

Screenshot 2022 02 19 215445

This ultimately results in no distraction while running, automatically enhancing and maximizing your focus and concentration. Moreover, there is this invisible shielding membrane used for providing these running shoes the waterproofing features, and that is known as Gore-Tex Technology.

It gives an excellent, flexible, lightweight, and perfect fit to your feet, making them stay in the most comfortable position throughout the time. Furthermore, the construction of these shoes makes them highly durable and long-lasting, making them budget-friendly for you. Last but not the least, the rubber outsole is renowned for providing excellent control on wet surfaces to avoid any kinds of slippage and damage to your body.

Screenshot 2022 02 19 220830


  • Durable
  • Flexible and light in weight
  • DNA LOFT insole


  • Poor quality of shoelaces

These fourth-best waterproof running shoes are constructed using a flexible, lightweight, and invisible shielding membrane known as Gore-Tex. This not only provides your shoes with waterproofing features but also makes them breathable to make sure your feet stay dry in every kind of weather. Moreover, these running shoes consist of rubber outsoles, allowing you to control your feet on wet ground.

5. Altra Lone Peak – ALL-WTHR Low Running Shoes

The construction with the use of Altra EGO foam makes these waterproof running shoes able to provide energy with every step you take. As soon as you step in these shoes, all of your stresses and worries will go away because of the comfort you will feel. Further, the balanced cushioning provided by these waterproof running shoes helps keep your feet in the most relaxed and smooth environment.

Screenshot 2022 02 19 215656

Moreover, the FootShape toe boxes allow your toes to adjust themselves in the most flexible and comfortable position. This is essential for making your run energetic and confident. There is something different in these running shoes than the previous options which makes them more popular in the market nowadays. This is the presence of weather-resistant eVent layering around them to help your feet stay dry even in the wettest and watery conditions.

Furthermore, the outsole is constructed with a multi-directional TrailClaw lug pattern and MaxTrac Technology. These latest technologies combine in the outsole to provide firm grip and traction while running, allowing you to focus only on your foot movement and running instead of staying afraid of slipping throughout the time.

Screenshot 2022 02 19 222657


  • Strong grip and traction
  • Weather-resistant
  • Flexible forefoot region


  • Size issues

Altra Lone Peak ALL-WTHR Low Running Shoes are uniquely constructed waterproof running shoes that contain the latest technology built into them. While providing you with solid traction on the wet surface, these waterproof running shoes do not compromise on comfortability and relaxation they offer you while running.


Are running shoes 100% waterproof?

We can’t only say yes or no. Actually, running shoes are designed low-cut that can allow moisture inside your shoes. Even if the running shoes you have purchased are constructed using Gore-Tex Technology, they are still not 100% waterproof. This low-cut design cannot prevent water, snow, and moisture from reaching your feet. Moreover, the random splashes can directly let water inside your shoes, either from the low-cut area of the boots or the heel collar. This is why we cannot say whether running shoes are 100% waterproof or not.

Are waterproof road running shoes worth it?

Yes, waterproof road running shoes are superb in keeping your feet dry and warm throughout the time. They will not let water enter inside in any case, making you comfortable and cozy. They are specifically recommended and ideal for the areas where there is a lot of rain every time and a snowy climate throughout the year. You should have a good pair of the best waterproof running shoes with you to make sure you can deal with a watery environment confidently.

How do I protect my running shoes from the rain?

If your running shoes have encountered water and rain, as soon as you reach home, take them off and stuff them up with random papers. You can take newspapers for this purpose. This will absorb the moisture from the shoes. Keep in mind you are not allowed to put your running shoes in the dryer machine. Take a towel, wrap your shoes in it and soak all of the water. Moreover, do not leave your shoes in wet condition for a long time because it will make your shoes stinky and can decrease their durability.

Final Thoughts

Different shoes are available in the market for various purposes. If you are a runner, you must be aware of the importance of good quality and comfortable running shoes. If your boots are not compatible with your feet and running style, they can make your game worse, and if they are good enough to provide you relaxation and easiness while running, the game is yours. Similarly, your running shoes should be waterproof to make them usable even in wet and rainy surroundings.

The article mentioned above tells you about the 5 best waterproof running shoes personally used and appreciated by most professional runners. They all claimed that these shoes provided them with a higher comfortability and strength to win the run. That is why I have selected these best products to review for you.

As a reviewer, I will suggest you buy:

  • Asics GT-2000 9 GTX Running Shoes are strong enough to tolerate various weather conditions because of being constructed with the use of rugged and hard construction material.
  • Merrell Nova GORE-TEX Trail-Running Shoes are highly stable shoes and comfortable to wear. They protect against specific and sudden environmental impacts.
  • Hoka One One Speedgoat 4 Gore-Tex Waterproof Running Shoes provide superb comfortability and relaxation because of the presence of a wider forefoot region. Moreover, they are known for delivering outstanding grip against wet surfaces.

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