Best Waterproof Nursing Shoes | 2022 Review

When you are a full-time nurse, a pair of sturdy, comfortable, waterproof, and enduring shoes is a must. Being a nurse is a demanding job that keeps you on your feet round the clock. Running in the ward or standing long hours in the ER can take a toll on your feet and back. Therefore, you need a pair of shoes that provides a cushion to your feet.

Nursing shoes can be worn in the gym and for running as they are designed to endure the rigorous feet of an athlete. These shoes are strong, heavily cushioned, waterproof, non-slip, and ergonomically designed to prevent and relieve pains in the lower torso. This article will talk about the 5 best waterproof nursing shoes manufactured by some of the best brands.


Best Waterproof Nursing Shoes

1. Skechers Work Sure Track – Waterproof Nursing Shoes

If there has to be one pair of shoes to be called the best waterproof nursing shoes, that would be Skechers Work Sure Track. Their 100% leather material makes them durable and waterproof, to begin with. Skechers work sure track gives you a nice sporty look with extreme comfort alongside. You don’t have to be a nurse to wear them; instead, you can get them for all kinds of standing and running jobs.

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They are perfectly engineered to lift pressure and fatigue from your feet and leg by evenly distributing your body weight across the feet. The greasy hospital floor is a nightmare for every nurse and doctor out there. Worry no more! Sketchers’ work sure features a special nitrile outer sole that is fully non-slip and provides better traction even on wet and greasy floors.

Say bye-bye to the foot fatigue and multiple foot conditions when you get your hands on the sketcher’s work sure shoes. They feature a raised 1.5 inches heel and arch support that keep the foot pain at bay. If you think this is all about it, wait till you know that these shoes are lined with memory foam insoles that multiply the comfort level by many times. Lastly, the padded collar and tongue support your feet and give a dry, breathable comfort all day long.

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  • Soft and breathable from the inside
  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Arch support included


  • Not quite long-lasting

Sketchers Walk Sure aren’t only the best nursing shoes but can be worn for all kinds of standing jobs for how gentle, and kind they are on your feet. The foamed insole, padded collar, and tongue support your feet in all directions. Other than that, the arch support present in them prevents all kinds of foot conditions from occurring. Buy them because you wouldn’t regret it.

2. Brooks Ghost 13 – Waterproof Shoes For Nurses

Brooks Ghost 13 has to be my favorite for how stable they make you feel by effectively distributing your body weight evenly on your feet. I love these because they aren’t just fit for all-day standing jobs like nurses. Instead, you can wear it for running and exercise, etc. originally, Brooks Ghost 13 are running shoes, but that’s what a full-time nursing job requires, right?

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These heavily padded shoes scream style, elegance, and comfort. Everything needed for comfort is generously added to these shoes, making them fall into the best waterproof nursing shoes category. It is equipped with DNA loft technology in the midsole, which is a combination of air, EVA foam, and rubber. Such insoles aren’t just waterproof but mind-blowingly comfortable.

I love how snugly they fit on your feet yet give a free range of motion to compensate with all the running you have to do. Brooks Ghost 13 has an engineered meshed covering all over, making them super breathable. Not only that, but they are also lightweight, which suits the nursing job better than ever. It has a laced enclosure with a soft tongue that sits comfortably on your upper foot. Lastly, the outsole is sturdy yet flexible with a slightly raised heel part and non-slip properties, preventing all kinds of accidents.

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  • Unbelievably comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Multipurpose


  • The outsole has a low lifespan

Overall, this cleverly engineered pair of shoes called Brooks Ghost 13 are the ones you need for your full-time nursing job. They are multipurpose; therefore, you don’t need to stock up on your shoes for different tasks. Moreover, they provide comfort, durability, strength, and much more.

3. Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Clogs – Water Resistant Nursing Shoes

Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 is and always will be my favorite nursing shoes from the clogs category. The reason being its breathability, and easy wearing. You can walk confidently wearing Dansko XP 2.0 because they fit snuggly to your feet. These shoes are incredible for all kinds of standing jobs because they come with cushioned instep collars and insoles to keep your feet in comfort all the time.

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They are considered the best waterproof nursing shoes because they allow extreme stability against hard floors. Their design is kept as simple and ergonomic as possible to keep up with the challenging and demanding jobs. The thick outer sole with a wider heel part prevents your lower back from getting strained. Also, these shoes take off the pressure from mid feet to equally divide it on toes and heels.

Hospital floors can be wet sometimes due to the constant cleaning going on. Dansko XP 2.0 clogs come with slip-resistant outsoles to keep you safe at all times. Its EVA midsole TPU arch reduces foot fatigue and plantar fasciitis-like conditions. Lastly, its waterproof material keeps all kinds of liquids at bay to let your feet feel dry all day.

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  • Fully waterproof
  • It comes with a TPU arch
  • Non-slip outsole


  • Not a multiple purpose pair of shoes

If you are looking for a comfortable and stable pair of shoes for your standing job Dansko XP is the one for you. They are specially designed for people who have 9 to 5 standing jobs such as nursing, hotel jobs, or counter jobs. The TPU arch in the insole prevents foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis. Moreover, their non-slip outsole is perfect for nursing jobs.

4. Sticky Pro Shoes – Impermeable Shoes For Nurses

If you want your nursing shoes to be as waterproof as possible, you will need the Sticky Pro nursing shoes. These nursing shoes guarantee style, comfort, safe walking, and ultimate water protection features. They are among the best waterproof nursing shoes that will keep your feet dry all day long for maximum comfort. You need these shoes to run safely across the hospital corridors.

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They are made with non-slip material with a ridged honey come pattern outsole that allows for ultimate traction. Another great feature that makes these shoes the best ones is their lightweight. They are so easy to carry and reduce fatigue in your feet due to their comfortable insole. You can walk and run in these featherweight shoes all day long without getting tired.

The slightly raised heel portion and arch support in the sticky pro shoes keep your posture right reduces pressure from your mid sole to prevent painful conditions. Another thing which I like about these shoes is that they can be worn without a hassle. You can easily slip on and take out your feet without the hassle of tying the laces.

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  • Non-slip material
  • Easy wearing
  • Arch support included


  • Not for everyday use

Overall, these convenient slip-on sticky pro shoes will be your best pick when it comes to a standing job like nursing. The main highlight of these shoes is their water lock properties. They are made with fully liquid-resistant material to prevent them from seeping inside. Lastly, the outsole is fully slip-resistant that allows for a tight grip and safe walking on flat slippery surfaces.

5. Dansko Paisley Waterproof Outdoor Sneaker – Fluid Resistant Shoes For Nurses

I love the Dansko Paisley Waterproof Outdoor Sneakers for their looks and comfort, and I am 100% sure you will too. If you are a nurse and want a sporty look for the day, give these shoes a try. They are made with 100% leather material which provides them with a stylish look. The best part is their waterproof leather upper covering that prevents water and all kinds of liquid from getting inside. You can get these shoes in any color, and the good part is that you can wear them with any outfit.

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Another thing that you will love about these shoes is that it comes with a removable and customizable footbed. You don’t have to get along with the one that comes with it. Instead, get the insoles that suit your feet the best. Dansko Paisley sneakers aren’t just multipurpose, but they can also be worn in almost all kinds of weather. They keep your feet dry warm because of their breathable upper fabric.

In addition to that, they are equipped with DuPont Sorona fiber technology that keeps the moisture at bay. Most of you complain about sweaty and smelly feet; well, you wouldn’t anymore. Dansko Paisley sneakers feature a cleansportNXT technology that controls feet odor. Lastly, these shoes come with shock-absorbing properties and arch support that gives you unbelievable comfort all day long.

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  • Looks stylish
  • CleansportNXT technology for odor control
  • Shock-absorbing insole


  • The insole may move

Overall, these shoes are perfect for your nursing job, yoga classes, gyms, and running. They are designed to endure maximum shocks and come with a 100 % leather top that prevents water from getting inside. Other than that, these shoes are equipped with removable triple-density insoles that cushion your feet all the time.


What are the features of nursing shoes?

Nursing shoes are designed to endure heavy usage. For instance, standing for long hours and running in the emergency section. Nursing shoes have strengthened insoles that are heavily cushioned. Other than that, they are made up of waterproof material to prevent any sort of liquid from seeping into them. Also, they are made up of top-quality outer material that makes them long-lasting.

What kind of shoes is the worst for nurses?

If you are a nurse, you need to be kind to your feet because your job demands much from you. The worst kind of shoes you can ever have are the ones with harder insoles. Hard insoles can be very painful when you have to stand for long hours. Moreover, slippery and non-waterproof shoes are the worst kind of shoes you can buy for a nursing profession.

Are nursing shoes expensive?

Nursing shoes are specifically designed for a rough and challenging job. They are made with high-quality leather or rubber to prevent liquid from seeping into them. Other than that, they have high-quality cushioned insoles and outsoles that provide maximum comfort and prevent slipping. Therefore, the shoes are more expensive than ordinary shoes. Only a few well-reputed brands specialize inti making these shoes, so they are a bit heavier on the pockets.

Final Thoughts

The nursing profession isn’t just mentally tiring but also physically exhausting, which makes it a worthy of respect job. Sometimes, you are asked to stand on your feet for many hours; other times, you run between wards and OTs. Henceforth, a nice, breathable, nonslip, and comfortable pair of shoes is your best friend. We have listed some of the best waterproof nursing shoes, out of which these three are my best picks.

  • Skechers Work Sure Track for its arch support, breathable fabric, and padded collar.
  • Brooks Ghost 13 for their stability, multipurposeness, and lightweight.
  • Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Clogs, for its functional arch support, TPU insoles, and excellent traction.

All in all, a comfy and breathable pair of shoes for your demanding job will save your feet and back from long-term damages. The nursing profession shouldn’t mean giving others all your time and services. Instead, you need to take care of your health to be fully able to provide for others. Therefore taking care of your feet and legs is a must. I hope this article proves to be a helpful source in finding the right pair of shoes for your nursing job.

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