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“You can’t be sad while cycling” is valid for describing the cycling experience that riders have on the trails, but it is not always the case. If you do not have an exemplary pair of cycling shoes, you can be in deep waters. Imagine that each time you set out for a ride, you always end up spending the whole evening making your feet dry and warm. A good pair of waterproof cycling shoes can protect you from all that struggle and annoyance.

Without waterproof cycling shoes, you cant enjoy your ride to the fullest as you always have to keep an eye on the sky for cumulonimbus clouds and on the road for puddles. You don’t have to reconsider paddling as here we have a perfect solution to your problem. I have brought to you some of the best waterproof cycling shoes that will surely add to your cycling experience.


Best Waterproof Cycling Shoes

You might be thinking, why cycling shoes? Well, any good pair of trainers or sneakers would indeed do the job, but wait until you try wearing a cycling shoe. You will surely feel the difference. There is a variety of waterproof cycling shoes. Many brands out there are claiming to have waterproof cycling shoes. Some are merely false claims, while some cannot meet up to the riders’ expectations. I have taken the liberty of sharing some of the authentic and tested shoes that I have used on the road over the past few years.

1. Fizik R5 Artica Cycling Shoes

The Fizik R5 Artica Cycling Shoes are undoubtedly stylish, fitted, breathable, and high-performance cycling shoes. The fantastic technology and material used in making these shoes have made them secure their position as the top waterproof cycling shoes. Fizik is one of the most renowned brands when it comes to making up to the mark cycling shoes. Let us sink into some of the specifications of Fizik R5.

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The Fizik R5 Artica Cycling Shoe has a genuinely modern and sleek design. The upper black body of the shoe is made up of a matt micro tex fabric. The micro tex has a dual-layer mechanism which is responsible for the exceptional breathability and waterproof mechanism. The inner material is soft and absorbs the moisture leaving your feet dry. Then the moisture goes towards the upper layer and is evaporated. The lace strap above the ankle and the zip make it easy to wear and more secure.

The micro tex fabric makes the Fizik R5 one of the best waterproof cycling shoes for winters as it keeps the feet dry and warm by locking all the warmth inside. An additional layer of rubber makes these shoes an ideal waterproof shoe. The outsole is nylon, which gives the shoes a solid and stiff base. The pattern on the outsole is responsible for the fantastic grip. The soft rubber insole provides comfort to the riders.

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  • Amazingly waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Warm
  • Lace with zipper
  • Nylon sole with injected carbon
  • Microtex knitted upper


  • 3 pounds weight

The Fizik R5 Artica Cycling Shoes is one of my personal favorites as these shoes are an all-rounder. These shoes have all that a rider can imagine. The upper fabric is knitted and provides breathability to the shoes. They have the best upper body with proper ankle and toe guard. The outsole is impressive in terms of grip, and the soft insole is the cherry on the top. What else can one wish for? These shoes are indeed dreamy waterproof cycling shoes.

2. Fizik X5 Terra Cycling Footwear

The Fizik X5 Terra Cycling Footwear is one of the best waterproof cycling shoes in the market. They are stiff, strong, grippy, and durable shoes. These shoes have a dimension of 11 inches in length, 3.5 inches in width, and 4.5 inches in height. The Fizik X5 weighs 0.28 kg, making them super light cycling shoes. It is pretty impressive as the overall structure makes them look like heavy-looking shoes, but actually, they are not.

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The upper body of these shoes is made up of synthetic Microtex material responsible for making them breathable and allowing proper airflow, so the user is comfortable wearing these shoes for a longer time. These shows have excellent ankle support and padding that keeps your foot secure and makes the shoes comfortable for riders. The small loop at the heel area makes it easier to wear and remove.

The outsole technology used in these shoes is quite amazing. The outsole is robust and made up of carbon injected plastic material. At the same time, the black studs around the toe and heel area are made up of TPU material with injected carbon. These studs are excellent for grip and stability while paddling. These shoes are MTB cleats and have a small area under the shoes in the outsole for fitting in the paddles, so the rider can paddle easily.

Screenshot 2022 02 21 235704 1


  • Light in weight
  • Powerful
  • Convenient paddling
  • Boa dial lacing system
  • Amazing build
  • Comfortable padding


  • A little stiff
  • Not suitable for muddy trails

The Fizik X5 Terra Cycling shoes are durable, comfortable, stable, and easy to wear shoes. These shoes provide you more fitted and snug feel due to the extended tongue and the Boa dial lacing system. It is quite convenient to have a dial instead of the laces. If you are a person who wants more vigorous, more durable, and resistant shoes, then your search might have come to an end.

3. Five Ten Men’s Trailcross XT

The Five Ten Men’s Trailcross XT is a perfect shoe with a flat pedal grip, efficient waterproofing mechanism, have drain ports, and fantastic grip. These shoes are one the best waterproof cycling shoes, without any doubt. If you are looking for a pair of cycling shoes to wear while jogging or hiking quickly, this is a perfect choice. These shoes are quite stylish and don’t have that traditional rough and tough style of cycling shoes.

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The Five Ten Men’s Trailcross XT has a dimension of ‎12.95 x 9.13 x 5.08 inches. These shoes are available in three colors: Core black/ red, Orbit green, and Core Black/ Legend earth. The upper is made up of neoprene material that makes these shoes waterproof. In addition, there is a rubber material wrapped around the ankle area. The toe box also has rubber material that provides support and protects the feet of the rider from any sudden impact.

The outsole of the shoes is made up of phantom rubber with circular patterns responsible for providing the amazing tractions suitable for flat paddles. There is a rubber extension arising from the outsole towards the upper body that provides support by keeping the feet of the rider in place. The trail cross Xt has a Gore-tex waterproof layer, making these shoes a total steal.

Screenshot 2022 02 21 235900


  • Waterproof
  • Stability
  • Grip suitable for flat pedals
  • Laced closure
  • Comfort
  • Ankle support
  • Toe protection


  • Expensive

The Five Ten Men’s Trailcross XT is an exceptional pair of shoes. These shoes can be your best friend on the trail. Whether you are riding through easy paths or uneven trails, you can rely on them. These shoes are entirely sealed with the help of the waterproof layer and can even keep your feet dry on a rainy day. These shoes have the grip and stability that make them one of the best waterproof cycling shoes.


Are cycling shoes waterproof?

The answer is yes and no, because not all cycling shoes are waterproof, but there are many amazing waterproof cycling shoes available in the market. These shoes can keep your feet dry and warm. Some of them are soo exceptional in their waterproofing ability that you can wear them even in the rainy season. You must make sure whether the cycling shoes you are buying have waterproof technology or not.

Are waterproof cycling shoes worth it?

Absolutely, if you are professional and love to ride through adventurous trails, then you must have a good pair of waterproof shoes. These shoes will help you against the hurdles, puddles, streams, and rain that you may encounter on the way. You can save your feet from getting cooled and wet. These shoes are ideal if you love to ride through jungles and areas with muddy and wet trains.

Do you need cycling overshoes?

If you don’t want to invest in waterproof shoes and want to utilize your breathable and porous summer cycling shoes, you can get a pair of overshoes that will protect your feet from water and keep them warm. These overshoes are like sock overshoes. These overshoes are best to be used in winters. Your feet will have an additional layer of protection with the help of these overshoes.


If you want to revel in your cycling experience, then comfort is the foremost thing that a rider should keep in mind. Wet and cold feet are truly the most uncomfortable feeling a rider can have while riding. There are many options of waterproof cycling shoes out there, but for your convenience, we have listed some of the most renowned, tested, reliable, and best waterproof cycling shoes.

  • The Fizik R5 Artica Cycling Shoes is truly the best waterproof cycling shoes as these shoes have an elegant design, micro tex upper, breathability, affordable price, and toe protection.
  • The Five Ten Men’s Trailcross XT is a comfortable, powerful, stable, grippy shoe wholly sealed with a Goretex layer to make them waterproof.

I hope that now you have picked your favorite waterproof cycling shoes that can accompany you while riding this rainy season. Without a shadow of a doubt, these cycling shoes are genuinely the best waterproof cycling shoes. These shoes will protect you and help you focus more on your cycling than watching out for puddles. So, without any further delay, you should go and grab yours to keep your feet dry and warm.

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