5 Best Vegan Shoes For Men – Non-leather Footwear For Gents (2021)

Are you allergic to animal skin and don’t want to use shoes made with animal skin? This article is all you need to know about shoes that are not made with animal material like wool, fur, leather, suede, and other parts of animals. If you are a conscious person, then you must look for vegan shoes. Today, fashion industries accept vegan shoes widely because of their style, material, and eco-friendly nature.

Vegan shoes are made with synthetic fabrics like polyurethane material, rubber, and microfibre. These shoes can also be made with plastic, tires, canvas, and coconut and pineapple skin. All these materials are recyclable and hence made them eco-friendly. These materials used in making vegan shoes are environmentally friendly and leave smaller footprints on the environment than animal products.

In terms of pricing, Vegan shoes are much cheaper. You don’t have to spend so much on your shoes when you have an option for less expensive vegan shoes. You can easily clean your vegan shoes irrespective of animal-made leather. They are durable and long-lasting. They will not wear out quickly than leather shoes. The use of synthetic material will keep your feet moisture-free and dry.

No animal is involved in making vegan shoes, so you can proudly wear your shoes knowing that no cow was slaughtered to make shoes for you. When there is less demand for shoes made with animal skin, the designers will also switch to making vegan shoes. It will help in the protection of the ecosystem.

5 Best Vegan Shoes For Men

1. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Canvas High Top Sneaker

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Canvas Top Sneaker is designed for you to carry sneakers with more style and fashion. These sneakers complete your overall look. People of every age and gender can use these sneakers as they are unisex. Male and females can carry these sneakers for a trendy look. They are versatile and unique in their style and hence increase their popularity due to their delicate construction. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Canvas Sneaker is made with a canvas that is a synthetic material.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Canvas High Top Sneaker

These sneakers are lightweight and durable and last for more than a year. These sneakers have a canvas upper and are constructed with a rubber sole. It is why Converse Chuck Taylor Canvas sneakers are breathable and comfortable because of their medial eyelets. From the arch side, the shaft of these sneakers measures about 4. 75’’. These sneakers are available in many colors. So you can style matching pairs to complete your overall look. These high-top sneakers have laces at the top, making them fit for people with narrow or wide feet.

In terms of pricing, converse chuck Taylor canvas sneakers are cheap. They are easy to clean, if you take proper care they will last longer. As they are made with Canvas, so they are machine washable. These sneakers are made with ortholite fabric, which has heat resistance properties. It helps in providing natural cushioning and protects your feet from external injuries. You can use these sneakers for skateboarding, working out, and walking. Its lightweight feature makes it easy for users to move for hours comfortably.


  • canvas
  • Ortholite insole
  • Machine washable


  • Non-flexible sole

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Canvas Top Sneaker is made up of non-animal material. A comfortable, flexible, and durable shoe which is lightweight and made with an ortholite sole is perfect for your day-to-day functioning. You can wear these sneakers to carry a trendy and stylish look. It has a versatile color range, so you can easily pick one that goes with your overall look. Here are the most trendy shoes you can wear with jumpsuits, in case you are planning to update your wardrobe.

2. Onitsuka Tiger Men’s Serrano Lace-Up Fashion Sneaker

Onitsuka Tiger Men’s Serrano Lace-up fashion sneaker is made with 100 % synthetic fabric. This sneaker is environmentally friendly. That is made with eco-friendly material making them less harmful for our surroundings. You can count on them if you want something comfortable yet classy. The color schemes from colorful to neutral make it wearable for any occasion. The gorgeous blend of colors makes it stylish and fashionable as well.

Onitsuka Tiger Men's Serrano Lace-Up Fashion Sneaker

In terms of shape, it has laces which make it a comfortable fit for everyone. This lace-up fashion sneaker gives a snug feeling to a wearer. It is so lightweight that your feet will no longer feel tired in the shoes. You will feel less weight on your feet while wearing these sneakers. It is easy to carry because of its thin, delicate and, refined shape. If you are concerned with price, you will be pleased to hear that these sneakers are not very costly.

Onitsuka Tiger Men’s Serrano Lace-Up fashion sneaker has a rubber sole with a non-slip, firm grip, and water-resistant feature. Its track and field-inspired look makes it look like a sports shoe. Its versatility makes it perfect as a fashion sneaker that can be wearable for events, walking, strength training, and running.


  • Rubber sole
  • Synthetic material
  • Water-resistant
  • Non-slip
  • Breathable


  • No arch support
  • Less grip on tiles

Who does not want to have a sneaker that serves the purpose of style and sports shoes? That is where Onitsuka Tiger Men’s Serrano Lace-Up fashion sneaker comes in. The lace-up vegan sneakers made with synthetic fabric comes in different color patterns. The breathable, lightweight quality of this fashion sneaker makes it versatile and trendy yet comfortable. You will not feel any hardness and uneasiness while wearing these sneakers.

3. Gola Men’s Tennis Mark Cox Trainers

These vegan shoes for men are made with imported Canvas material. It has a rubber sole that is heat resistant, protecting the user’s feet from heat and sweat while playing. Its moisture wick feature keeps the wearer’s feet dry and soft. Its breathable fabric is something that players prefer. Overall it has a great sporty look that a player can carry the off-the-court and trendy street look.

 Gola Men's Tennis Mark Cox Trainers

Gola Men’s Tennis Mark Cox Trainer vegan sneakers upper are made with canvas. The sole is flat and rubber-made, making it comfortable for players to play tennis off-the-court. It has laces with metal eyelets. It allows the laces to slide better. The lacing system of the shoe gives a snug feeling making it fit for a player. It also protects the players from falling and slipping during practice.

It has a deep heel cup for durable and long-lasting use. These vegan shoes have toe bumper in shoes that keep the player’s toe from injury while playing. It provides shape and protection to the user. It somewhat looks like football and soccer sneakers. In terms of durability, they run for a longer time than other shoes. Environment-friendly vegan shoes are what a player demands with a sleek, trendy design and comfortable fit.


  • Imported canvas
  • Lace with metal eyelets
  • Deep heel cup


  • Not water resistant

Gola Men’s Tennis Mark Cox Trainer is specially designed for of-the-court players yet has elegance and style. So you can carry it other than the tennis court. The vegan shoe that is eco-friendly and made with a rubber sole gives a flat and trendy look. It makes it easier for a tennis player to carry these comfortable shoes with confidence—toe bumper help to protect a player’s toe from external injury. A lacing system with metal eyelets is present on the top of the shoe to give a player a firm grip. As a woman, do you train and run regularly? We have something for you! Check out these best Asics Running shoes for women, and you are going to love them.

4. On Running Men’s Cloud Mesh Trainers

On Running Men’s Cloud Mesh Trainers are vegan shoes made with mesh fabric. It is a synthetic material created with nylon and polyester. The 100% imported USA shoes are worth buying because of their rubber sole. It protects your feet from external substances and acts as a barrier. It has increased grip pads in the middle of the shoe, which gives a firm grip to the wearer. It also enhances the functioning of the runner due to its comfortable sole.

On Running Men’s Cloud Mesh Trainers

These shoes are made with their unique design for runners. The upper mesh fabric makes this shoe breathable and lightweight. The toe cap in the front area of the shoe makes it a good option for runners because it protects their toe from injury while running on the track. The toe cap is water-resistant, so there is no chase of water splash entering the runner’s shoe. It also protects the runner’s toe from freezing in cold weather.

The elastic lacing system on the shoes makes them easy to wear, and one can take them off quickly. It also gives the runner a snug fit. They can run comfortably by tightening their laces to get a rugged grip. As I have an active lifestyle, I have used this shoe while walking, working all day long, weight training, and running. It is so comfortable that you will not feel any tiredness and fatigue in your feet.


  • Elastic lacing system
  • Breathable rubber sole
  • Mesh synthetic material


  • Minimal midsole

On Running Men’s Cloud Mesh Trainers, vegan shoes are a good option for runners who want comfortable, breathable shoes. It provides you with a toe cap for protecting your toe from external injury. The shoe’s top area made with mesh fabric gives stretchable and a snug fit to your shoe. The elastic lacing gives you full authority to tighten and loosen up your shoe according to your need. Do you spend your whole day in the hospital, so to reduced tiredness, we have figured the best shoes for male nurses, and you can find there what suits you the most?

5. Vivobarefoot Primus Lite Men’s Vegan Light Breathable Shoe

Vivobarefoot Primus lite men’s vegan shoe is specially designed for runners who want to have a barefoot feel on the ground. Its lightweight and mesh upper fabric gives a runner a comfortable and great experience. What else a runner could wish for if they are experiencing barefoot-style being in a shoe while running, its thin sole makes it delicate and breathable for runners.

 Vivobarefoot Primus Lite Men’s Vegan Light Breathable Shoe

In terms of traction, it gives dry nonslip, and firm grip while running on dry tracks. However, you can find it a bit slippery on wet roads. Its versatility in design, shape, and comfortable makes it an intelligent choice for runners. Vivobarefoor primus lite men’s shoe is durable. You can run for dozens of miles and will not see any deterioration in the sole. They do not wear out quickly. It is available in pure white and dull white colors. They are washable and easy to clean.

Its mesh-upper, breathable fabric makes it especially useful for running performances in summers. Most runners face the problem of sweaty feet, but its moisture-wick feature will keep your feet dry and odor-free. Its puncture-resistant outsole protects your feet from injuries. It works as a barrier between your foot and the ground.


  • Breathable
  • Ligh weight
  • Upper mesh fabric
  • Barefoot experience


  • Folds in the shoe

For a barefoot running experience on the ground, Vivo barefoot primus light men’s vegan shoes are your go-to product. With mesh upper and eco-friendly fabric, it is comfortable having a thin sole and a lightweight shoe that gives you a barefooted experience on the ground. It provides natural cushioning to your feet. It has a non-slippery sole that keeps your feet dry for a long time. A very nice blend of style, a sleek design with comfortable and durable performance is all you need for walking purposes.


Vegan products are making their way in the fashion industry due to their remarkable advantages. Vegan shoes are prioritized by every individual keeping in mind the harmful effects of leather and other vegan-free products on the environment. Vegan shoes are made with synthetic material that is less hazardous and does not involve animal skin. These shoes are lightweight because of the material used in them, breathable, eco-friendly, and durable. The top three recommendations of vegan shoes for men are

  • Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Canvas High Top Sneaker for its trendy style, machine washable property, and canvas fabric
  • Vivobarefoot Primus Lite Men’s shoe for its barefoot experience, lightweight, and upper mesh fabric
  • Onitsuka Tiger Men’s Serrano Lace-Up Fashion Sneaker for its non-slip, water-resistant, and flat rubber sole

This was a detailed review of vegan shoes for men. You can pick the top vegan shoes for yourself while keeping in mind the above-discussed features. This review will help you purchase the best vegan shoes according to your needs.

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