3 Best Types of Glue for Shoe Sole Repair – Fix Boots At Home

Worried about spending money over and over again each time when your things get a little damaged? If so, we are here to guide you and open up the best possible solutions for you. All you need is a good quality repairing glue that may help you in fixing the stuff especially when it comes to shoes.

Glues meant for shoes have several types and there are three major compositions of glues. For example, one type of glue is known as super glue which is a really strong one, then there is ‘neoprene cement’ glue which serves the purpose of fixing furniture, vehicles, and even shoes. Apart from that, another popular composition of glue is urethane which is a waterproof glue and the quality of being waterproof sustains the durability of the glue.

Leather, vinyl, canvas, and many other materials can easily be fixed by a thin application of urethane glue because it is that effective. So, all three types of glues serve different purposes in their own ways.

3 Best Types of Glue for Shoe Sole Repair

Given below is a list of some good quality glues:

1. Shoe GOO Shoe Repair Adhesive, Clear Glue

Shoe Goo is a special kind of glue that has a rubber composition. It was basically introduced by Van Vliet who is a popular tennis player. The major thought behind introducing this glue was to add value to the durability of sports shoes. So, this glue was initially made with the intention of mending sports shoes.

 Shoe GOO Shoe Repair Adhesive, Clear Glue

The good quality rubber used in the composition of glue helps in preventing the wearing out of shoes due to friction or several other factors. This is also termed as ‘abrasion resistance.’ Other than that, this glue also contains mineral spirit which is basically an organic substance used in different products for different purposes but most commonly it acts as a thinner in paints.

The interesting quality of Shoe Goo is that it not only repairs shoes but can also repair things made up of wood, glass, and even metallic-based products. This clearly shows the ability of the glue that how much strength it can add to anything that it repairs.

Apart from that, the glue is waterproof which means that it will not lose its effect when it contacts water. This is one of the best shoe glues that can also be used on rubber, vinyl, and even leather. This means that it can repair bags, sports equipment, and whatnot.


  • Reasonable price
  • Transparent in color
  • Waterproof


  • Takes time to dry

Overall, this glue is ideal in all aspects as it comes at an affordable price. Moreover, the glue is transparent which means that it will not look ugly when applied, unlike some other glue. Plus, the glue is waterproof that reflects its longevity.

2. Boot-Fix Shoe Glue

Boot fix shoe glue is an extremely reliable glue because it has been used by professionals for a long period of time. The properties of this glue are quite distinguished from other ordinary glue. For example, this glue does grow thick upon drying. Moreover, boot fix glue has an instant drying property which is really satisfying because other regular shoe glues take a lot of time sometimes, they may even take a day. That can be really frustrating.

 Boot-Fix Shoe Glue

Another unique quality of this glue is that it does not get affected by water or temperature change which reflects its durability and makes it even more reliable. Other than that, the glue is budget-friendly too because one small bottle can fix your ten pairs of shoes which is something great. You do not need to buy a bottle of glue every time you want to repair your shoes.

Moreover, the composition of glue is really thin which makes its presence subtle when it dries. This glue does not make your shoes stiff and retains the bendable trait of the shoes.

Boot fix glue is considered to be one of the best professional shoe repair glues that are super flexible and long-lasting. It can be used to repair all types of shoes and not just shoes but can also be used to repair rubber material, leather, vinyl, etc. You do not need to apply too much of this glue because just a little quantity can go a long way.


  • Long-lasting
  • Durable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Transparent


  • No disadvantage so far

Finally, it will not be wrong to say that this glue can be trusted with your damaged shoes without hesitation. It is based on cyanoacrylate which makes it super strong and effective. Plus, the glue is cost-friendly so you must try this glue if you are looking for one.

3. GEAR AID Aquaseal Shoe Repair Glue

Aquaseal shoe repair adhesive glue is waterproof and transparent glue that is known for its durability. This glue is made to repair all sorts of shoes whether they are made up of rubber or leather. Moreover, the glue comes in different packaging.

GEAR AID Aquaseal Shoe Repair Glue

Other than that, the glue is reasonably priced so that everyone can afford them easily. One small tube of Aquaseal glue by the gear aid brand is enough to mend multiple pairs of shoes. You can now repair your hiking shoes or running, or parkour shoes with the help of this glue which works like magic.

This glue is meant to repair bags, leather-made products, rubber material, neoprene, and many other materials too. The glue does not come off when it is dried or even when it comes into contact with water, it stays. Apart from that, this glue is based on a urethane adhesive formula which plays the role in making the glue super effective resulting in a permanent solution.


  • Effective
  • Durable
  • Multiple purposes
  • Flexible
  • Variety of packaging


  • May freeze in the fridge

Overall, the glue is suitable for repairing shoes permanently. However, chances are that it can freeze if you place it in the refrigerator but this problem can be solved if you place the glue in warm water before you use it. It can turn completely normal and ready to use again.

Moreover, the instructions need to be followed correctly if you want to see the desired outcome. Many people complain because they do not pay heed to the instructions and that results in disappointment.


How do you glue the sole back on a shoe?

You need to follow the instructions given in the packaging that comes along with the glue. First, you need to clean the sole so that no dirt particles remain inside the sole. Afterward, you are supposed to apply a thin layer of glue on the corners of the sole and then quickly put back the sole in its original position where it comes in contact with the shoe. Make sure that you do this before the glue gets dried.

Is Shoe glue the same as Super Glue?

Not necessarily. Shoe glue can sometimes be super glue too but it is not compulsory because super glue is too strong as it is baked upon acrylics. This chemical makes the super glue indestructible and has a long-lasting effect. Whereas, ordinary shoe glue may not be as effective as super glue. One other interesting fact about super glue is that it incomes at a really cheap price most of the time.

Which is better: Shoe Goo or Gorilla Glue?

Both the glues are made for their distinctive purposes due to which it will not be wise to make a comparison. However, the respective functions offered by these glues can be discussed.

For instance, gorilla glue is more suitable for things that are rigid and hard. On the contrary, shoe goo can be used on shoes and other such material due to the flexibility that it provides and not just flexibility but strength too.

So, different glues are used for different purposes. You just need to pick the one that is suitable for the material that you want to repair before purchasing anything, just carry a little research about it.

Final Thoughts

A good glue can do wonders and you certainly do not want to throw away your things that easily especially if it is something new. Instead of facing the inconvenience of going out and buying another product, you can simply repair it at home with good-quality glue and make it ready to use again just like before.

Given below is a recommendation regarding the best quality glue for shoe sole repair because it might prove helpful and make your decision-making ability a little easier.

  • Boot Fixing Shoe Glue has no apparent disadvantage so far. This glue has a composition of cyanoacrylate which makes it extremely durable. This glue is flexible and transparent. Being transparent does not change the appearance of the product to which it is applied. Rather, it seems ultra minute and unnoticeable.

So, make things easier for yourself and protect your things from damage with the help of a good repairing glue.

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