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Do you like suede shoes, jackets, and accessories? But you don’t know how to clean them without damaging their smooth surface? Then you are looking for the right products presented to you after a lot of research and use. I am going to turn up some highly rated and best suede brushes for you to choose from so that you can clean your favorite suede shoes and jackets with a GO! Without consuming any of your time.


If you are a person who can not stay away from wearing leather then you might know how important it is to choose the right products to clean them up easily with convenience. These best suede brushes will never let you down with their quality and the magic of their work!. Shine your suede shoes and other products like the star you are!

I will list some of the best suede brushes that I have been scouring around and take care of your concerns to make it easy for you to find them, therefore, don’t detriment your luxurious suede products with brushes that are not effective. Grab these best suede brushes and make your work trouble-free. Explore this list and get awestruck!

Best Suede Brushes

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1. Wilkins Suede Shoe Cleaner Brush

The first product on our review is one of the high-rated and best suede brushes. We are talking about the Wilkins Suede shoe cleaner brush. This suede brush is specially designed for dry cleaning which means you can easily clean the dust and dirt out of your leather shoes making them new and shiny than before. Other than that, this suede brush reduces the chance of discoloration.

It works without using a shoe cleaner making your leather shoe bling!. This suede shiner is a 2 in 1 product, which means you have a suede brush on one side and an eraser on the other. This amazing brush that comes with black soft bristles is used to clean your suede product before and after use on a daily basis, for grooming purposes, meanwhile, the rubber is used to scrub dry stains.

This suede brush is 6.6 x 2.2 x 0.5 inches in dimensions which means it can easily be handled with one’s hand. The handle is made of wood, making it strong and resistant to damage moreover, it produces less sweat. So while you clean the suede product your hands will be sweat-free.


  • Easy to use
  • Reduce chances of color fading
  • Use without water
  • Portable
  • Affordable


  • The eraser part is thin

Check out this amazing product as it is very easy and convenient to use with an amazing quality. This product will save you a lot of money and will not disappoint you with its astounding work of cleanliness. Your suede products will never get old when you clean them with this best suede brush.

2. Miscly Suede 4-Way Brush + Eraser

Won’t it be easy to have a 4-way brush to clean your suede products without any damage? Then let me present you with the best suede brush. Yes, I am talking about the Miscly suede 4-way brush and eraser. This is yet another amazing product to give a review on.

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This brush comes with a complete set, which means you will have a” magic in a box” offer right in front of you without any uneasiness. Hidden dust is now wiped easily as never before. This suede brush helps in cleaning the narrow corners and removing all the dust from your product without any problem.

You can use this suede brush along with cleaning sprays for better results. This kit is highly versatile and worth a try! Miscly suede brush comes with an eraser which means no more worries about the tough stains on your suede products as they will easily be dusted off without leaving any blemishes.

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  • Easy to use
  • Gentle cleaning
  • Also used to clean furniture
  • Portable
  • Removes extra tough stains
  • Affordable


  • Bristles may fall during scrubbing

Give this amazing and best suede brush a try as it comes with a kit to make it easy to clean without scrubbing all day and damaging your favorite products. Let’s put an end to wasting money on inconsequential things! Just buy this best suede brush which comes with a one-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee, what’s more? So order it now without any fear of destruction.

3. Suede Brush and Eraser-Cobbler’s Choice

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Do you want to get a full life out of your products? Then Cobbler’s Choice Company which is considered as “most trusted brand” by experts, will never disappoint you with its amazing yet advantageous best suede brush. This suede brush removes stains that are deep and unreachable.

It works on dry surfaces and pulls out all the dirt making your suede look better than before. This brush is made on an ash wood handle with soft nylon bristles. With the help of these bristles, you will notice the shine and brightness coming back on your product as if they are brand new.

This suede brush will lift out all the oil grease and with the gum eraser end, it will remove all the white stains from your suede products. Therefore erase, brush, and enjoy your suede shoes and jacket like always and give your suede viability, with the requirement of just a single stroke!

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  • Easy application
  • Gentle to surface
  • Effortless use
  • Affordable
  • Soft bristles
  • Clean dry dirt easily


  • The hard rubber my rub of the dye

Make your life easier by cleaning your favorite suede products with the Cobbler’s choice suede brush. Moreover, with the use of this brush, your products will last for a long time and won’t be left with unremovable stains, keeping your suede looking fresh and new. Get your Cobbler’s choice suede brush as it is a high-quality brush with veracious constructs.

4. Premium Suede Brush-Simple Shine.Store

The Simple Shine. Store has launched their premium suede brush and eraser set for your ease so that if you want to clean your suede products, this professional set will never let you fall short of expectations with its amazing quality and cleaning capacity. These brushes are small in size but more than enough to focus on the stain!

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This best suede brush cleans all the scuff marks, mud, and dust from every nook and corner of your suede product leaving it all dazzling. Moreover, this suede brush comes with 3 cleaning toolsets including a bristle brush, crepe brush, and eraser which means that these tools will refresh your suede appearance and remove all fluff, dust, and stubborn stains immediately without consuming time.

The bristle brush removes the mud or grainy stains, furthermore, the crepe brush helps in getting rid of scratch and dirt particles, lastly, it’s the eraser that does the remaining incantation by removing the leftover marks. The 3 cleaning brushes work easily with just a single application.


  • Safe for suede
  • Easy to use
  • Soft bristles
  • Effectively removes stains
  • Work great without cleaning sprays
  • Affordable


  • Brushes are small in size

Honestly speaking when I used these suede brushes they even made my old suede shoes shine as if they were never worn. They are a total suede repair package with an affordable yet amazing quality to rely on. This brush even removes the risky stains of coffee, isn’t it good news for coffee lovers? Now, they can enjoy their coffee carefree without getting permanent stains on their suede.

5. Cobbler’s Choice Natural Crepe Suede Brush

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If you are looking for an easy-to-use and effective suede brush then I have yet another best suede brush for you to try! It is another yet new Cobbler’s Choice suede brush that is crafted on a beautiful beechwood handle and with a natural crepe which means it will help you to remove dust from your suede leaving it to revive.

This crepe brush is light in weight, durable, and can be used on heavy-duty! This outstanding brush is beneficial to clean any color of leather boots, sneakers, jackets, and bags leaving an amazing texture behind. Never compromise your suede for its texture, always get a suede brush that enhances its appearance.

The bristles of this brush are soft and remove dirt and dust easily with just a few strokes. Moreover, this suede brush is easy on the hands to use and light in weight as compared to other brushes in the same range. Featherlight brushes do not require a lot of pressure to clean your suede.


  • Easy to handle
  • Light in weight
  • Soft bristles
  • Remove tough stains
  • Restores the nap
  • Travel friendly


  • Small in size

This simple and convenient suede brush restores your suede products by removing the dirt and stains that are hard to remove with any other brush. Henceforth this essential tool maintains your suede after every wearing. I recommend this brush because of the magic it does to renew all your suede products without even a single damage.

How to use a Suede Brush?

Want to buy these suede brushes? But you are still thinking of how to use them? Or if you have suede brushes at home but don’t know how to utilize them? Then don’t overthink because I will give you all the pieces of information about the use of these brushes but remember to use them according to the direction provided. Suede lovers should be properly acquainted with the use of these amazing brushes.

Step 1

Before the use of these brushes, the first step is to know which type of brush your suede needs. Get yourself the exact suede brush required for your suede product.

Step 2

Take a hold of your best suede brush and brush the stained area in one direction gently so that the suede is not damaged. This step can be followed after applying cleaning spray if required or else the brush itself will work magic.

Step 3

Slowly change the one-direction movement into a back and forth movement with a little more pressure, so that the trapped dirt beneath the suede comes to the surface. Apply this step if the stains are tough or else no need for extra pressure!

Step 4

If your suede brush has an eraser then this step is to be noted. Rub the eraser that comes with a suede brush on the stains and keep rubbing until the stain is gone. If the stain is grainy and salty in texture then remember to clean your suede outside as it will create a lot of mess around the floor.

Step 5

The further action after a lot of rubbing and scrubbing is to wipe your suede product with a clean towel to remove the dullness created by a lot of pressure on the surface. Voila! Your suede is clean, glistening, and burnished like never before.

Step 6

The last step is not mandatory but you can follow it if you want to. After using your brush, keep the suede brush in a place that is always free of moisture and is dry so that you can use the brush again and again for the cleaning of your suede products.

Suede brushes are very easy to use. All you have to do is follow the steps properly and then wait to see the magic that is done! Some of the suede brushes given in the list above, come with an instruction or guide to give you a detail about the use of these suede brushes but if the instruction manual is not available with the product, then you don’t have to worry because it is uncomplicated to utilize these suede brushes.

Remember one thing before cleaning your shoes with these brushes, “DON’T APPLY A LOT OF PRESSURE” Which means the lesser the pressure the longer your suede will be in use, with amazing texture. Just apply a little force, if required to remove the tough blotch on your suede. Everything is easily done if you know the right way to handle it.

Guide to Pick the Best Suede Brush

As we have reviewed the best suede brushes, it is now time to mention and highlight the important aspects you have to consider before buying these suede brushes. I will provide you with easy-to-read information that you might be looking for to make choices. With further ado, let’s go forth with the buying guide of the best suede brushes!

Soft and Flexible Bristles

If you want your suede products to look new, then always look for suede brushes that have soft and flexible bristles made of nylon or either crepe because soft suede brushes don’t damage your suede products, therefore leaving your suede with fine texture and softness. So, before making any choice, do consider the quality of the bristles.

Rubber Eraser

Some suede shoes are fine and don’t require a lot of cleaning on a daily basis. Therefore consider suede brushes that come with a rubber eraser, this way it makes it easy to clean tough stains from beneath the suede. This rubber eraser is easily available with suede brushes that are in a kit. So get your suede with a rubber eraser to make your suede shiny and bright!


Always look for suede brushes that are normal in sizes because excessively smaller brushes are difficult to hold on as they fall easily and don’t work properly. On the other hand, bigger brushes are also not easy to handle, therefore get yourself a suede that has great dimensions so that you can clean your suede with ease and comfort.

Price Range

It’s not a must that only expensive suede brushes can work magic on your suede. All the companies that manufacture these brushes consider the budget as well. So while buying any of the suede brushes, make sure that the quality of the material they provide is worth the money you spend and also check if they are using natural products more so that you don’t face any problem with your brushes.


Prior to buying any of the suede brushes, always look for their durability as well as standard. Some brushes are expensive but they don’t last for long, either their bristles fall off easily or even the wooden handles break down because they are not strong enough to hold the brushes and vice versa. Therefore check for durability and quality before purchasing the suede brushes. High durability products save you a lot of money so that you can use a single brush for a long time without buying a new product every month.


What kind of brush is best for suede products?

The suede cleaning brushes are specially designed for suede products so that you can clean the suede with it properly without any damage. These soft bristles brushes don’t destroy your suede even after pressure. Always buy brushes that are high in quality and rating. Choose the best brushes!

Are suede brushes good?

Yes, suede brushes are good for use when it comes to cleaning your suede products but they always depend on the quality the manufacturer is providing. Getting the best suede brushes always works magic without fail. Suede brushes can remove tough stains on a daily basis and are good to GO!

Is the suede brush soft?

Not all suede brushes are soft depending on the standards which the manufacturer is providing you. If you choose to buy soft suede brushes, then always look for the material of the bristles. The bristles of a suede brush must be made of nylon or crepe because they are considered soft and you can easily get the shine on our suede with just a single stroke.

Should we brush suede?

Definitely! If you want your suede products to have high durability, look clean and shiny every time you wear them, then you must brush your suede before and after use. This way your suede will remain beautiful and always ready to wear! Get yourself the best suede brush to clean the dirt and dust off your suede with adroitness!

Is it necessary to use suede cleaning sprays before using a suede brush?

No! It is not always necessary to use suede cleaning spray before using a suede brush because a high-quality suede brush can work its magic without the requirement of any cleaning spray. Still, if you want to use cleaning sprays and if they are already available with you at home then you can definitely use them to make your suede look more glossy, otherwise, it’s not obligatory.

Can suede brushes bear pressure?

Pressure can not be applied on suede brushes because they can damage your suede as well as your brush. The bristles on a suede brush are soft therefore they can bear less pressure if required to clean tough stains only. Suede brushes should be used gently with less pressure, this way they will not damage your suede product.

Final Analysis/ Conclusion

All together now if you are looking for the best suede brush for your suede products then you are on the right page with me. The list of the best suede brushes provided in this review is made with a lot of probing and examining. Below is the list of the top 3 best suede brushes recommended for your beautiful suede so that they never stop shining like stars!

  • Miscly Suede 4-Way Brush + Eraser is an amazing suede brush for your suede so they look shiny and beautiful even after a lot of use.
  • Wilkins Suede Shoe Cleaner Brush is yet another astonishing product that is designed for dry cleaning your suede on a daily basis.
  • Premium Suede Brush-Simple Shine is designed for your suede product. This will make it stain-free and brighter.

Bearing in mind all the information, we hope you will definitely choose the right product for your suede. I made sure to present you with all the high-rated and best suede brushes for your beautiful products. Therefore, select the suede brush that is more convenient to you. Shoot the works!

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