10 Best Soccer Cleats for Men & Women

Are you worried about your soccer cleats lacking traction? Want to have a steadier, better grip while playing soccer? The aesthetics, grip, tread pattern, quality, material, and shape must conform to high standards. The best soccer cleats 2021 have not just all of these but are also way more durable and reliable.

The long and hectic gaming sessions call for great comfort and design. Currently, the amazing soccer cleats have been unleashed, and they are surely dazzling. Promising the right quality together with design and much more, your soccer cleats directly affects your performance.

With a huge number of high-quality soccer cleats available, it is hard to find your perfect pair. Together with your desirable features, the soccer cleats need to be right on your budget. Whether you are a casual evening soccer player or a more professional one, you certainly require your best pair. Explore below and opt for your soccer cleat wisely.

10 Best Soccer Cleats 2021

The soccer cleats below have raised the bars and standards due to their extreme performance and great quality. Get yourself your favorite one and enjoy quality time on the ground.

1. Puma Future Aesthetic Soccer Boots – Best Cleats In The World

Our top pick stands out in quality, performance, and exterior. Starting with the synthetic sole, it has much more to it. With the right resistance to oxidation and wear, the sole will have a rigid grip on the ground. Offering high stability, the role will not be subject to wear and tear and will last long. These water-resistant boots promise a long life. This material is also very lightweight to ensure the proper performance of the players.

With utmost breathability and right stability, these are some of our personal favorites. The material is pure and guarantees great quality. From casual to professional, from daily to weekly, these boots will not disappoint you. They are worth every penny. No matter what the ground type is, these boots have got it all covered. The firm and solid grips on all grounds, may it be hard ground or firm one.

The size is perfected with a molded upper. This ensures maximum comfort and right styling. The cushioning provided will offer extreme comfort and ease during your field time. The boots have an excellent lacing system which ensures perfect shoe size. It comes in various sizes, so you don’t need to worry at all. Moreover, it absorbs the sweat to allow comfortable playing so you dont have to worry about odor from sweaty shoes.

The exterior is worth a mention too. With a modern, catchy, and eye-appealing design, it elevates one’s look. It looks so dope and oh-so-classy. With the right definition of soccer cleats, this surely nails the appearance.


  • Quality outsole
  • TPU outsole
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Textured design
  • Synthetic top


  • Thin base
  • Hard upper

Lastly, the spikes are wing-shaped and offer a solid grip. They are strong and sturdy. These spikes will upgrade your game to a whole new level for sure.

2. Adidas Men’s Quality Adizero – Best Soccer Shoes

These are surely one of the best soccer cleats of the current year due to high-quality construction, synthetic sole, and much more. The best feature of these cleats has to be the speed it promises. Specially designed for this purpose, it is best in what it does.

Lightweight and highly stable, the cleats will enhance your soccer experience. It comes with an efficient lacing system. It locks your feet right in place and provides a perfect fit without feeling uncomfortable. To ensure unrivaled grip, the tread pattern and the studs are up to quality and standards. The stability will be matchless and unparalleled with the shape of the solid stud.

This will increase your skill level from cutting to defending, from dodging to tossing, and from heading to covering the bottom. You are going to be at so much ease and comfort due to the extra cushioning it adds to the shoe that helps with bad knees. The pads will keep the boots breathable. The boots absorb the sweat for you to have quality time. Quick, light, and great, these boots will not disappoint you.

Really easy to break in, these boots guarantee strength and comfort. The heel provided at the end will make the putting off uncomplicated. Effortless wearing and easy fit make these of the best in the market. The right support is provided on the midsole and towards the end. The boots have uniform weight distribution and snatch the title of being the lightest.

Another thing worth noting is the wide range of sizes and colors it comes in. With a wide variety of colors, one can choose according to what they wish. The exterior is classic and modern. The stylish and textured finish improves the appearance. Offering maximum movements and utmost reliability.


  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Right fit
  • Premium design
  • Sleek silhouette


  • Lack of support

These lightweight cleats have a sleek design. The lower arch at the upper will offer great adjustability. Your foot will fit in with extreme ease. You will surely have a premium experience with a solid sole, excellent design, and amazing functionality.

3. Nike Phantom Sleek Vision 2

This promises effective performance and stands out among others. The right aesthetics appeal to the eye and attract the customer. This has a sleek construction with a thin upper and a solid base. The color contrast used is eye-pleasing and oh-so-amazing.

This is an improved version. The improvements are very effective. The shoes are very comfortable to wear and offer great ease. This has been achieved through effective cushioning, and extra pads added. The shoes are manufactured thoughtfully, ensuring maximum comfort and durability. The durability is another great quality associated with these cleats.

From daily casual use to hardcore use, these shoes are incredibly durable. The reliability is unparalleled as compared to other competitors. These cleats assure you of full control and full precision. Integrated with quadfit booties, the comfort is raised to a great level.

The grip is excellent, which offers incredible traction due to the intricate tread pattern. The lacing system is up to the mark and provides a perfect fit. The sock extends to the height to ensure that it fits tightly. The material is much improved as compared to its successor. Easy to break in and easy to take out, these premium boots are easy for the user.

Compared to the earlier version of these boots, these are much more efficient and have a sleek look. The heel is made a bit lower so that the player has greater stability during play. Talking about the material, the synthetic used offers incredible elasticity. The durability is greatly enhanced through synthetic material. The use of this material also reduces the weight of the cleats.


  • Glossy grip
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Improved material
  • Enhanced lacing system


  • costly

Enhancing feasibility and elasticity, it is certainly a greatly modified model conforming to quality and standard. The grippy texture, the sturdy construction, and so many other qualities are associated with these cleats.

4. Adidas Nemeziz Quality Soccer Cleats

These Adidas are yet another best soccer cleat from the high-quality material to the synthetic sole, from low-top arch to eye-catching appearance. The exterior of the boots is oh-so-catchy and attracts masses. With solid orange, an elite color, it further enhances its looks with patterned straight lines. The added grey perfected them. The manufacturer finishes off the look with a gray sole.

Next comes the lacing system. The lacing system is made high and strong. It covers the entire foot. The Adidas nemeziz will have complete stability and excellent grip. Due to up-to-the-foot laces, the boots will fit perfectly. While taking sharp turns, explosive movements, and powerful shooting, this cleat grip will hold you right up. Your foot will be right in place during accurate passes, precise shots, and dribbling.

The material used is top-notch and high quality. The unparalleled, original, and imported material will make these boots last longer. The synthetic, quality material has great elasticity, which adjusts your foot perfectly. This Adidas shoe is water-resistant and moisture-resistant fabric further enhances durability. The weight is drastically reduced through the use of synthetic materials.

The sole of these cleats is also made of synthetic material due to high flexibility and enhanced elasticity. The traction offered is astounding and solid due to the thoughtful tread pattern. The studs deserve mention too. The studs are arrow-shaped, which certainly enhances one’s experience on the field. They further enhance the grip of the player on the ground and make their experience amazing.


  • Mesh top
  • Synthetic sole
  • Lightweight
  • Arrow studs
  • Rigid grip
  • Excellent lacing system


  • Difficult cleaning

Another worth nothing feature is the extreme breathability promised through these. This will let the player have a comfortable time on the field. This is achieved through the mesh lining at the top of these cleats. The cushioning of the boots makes these even more comfortable. The extra padding is provided on the heels to enhance ease. The bedding is soft and perfect. This is certainly a perfect pair for your daily routine, exhausting practice.

5. Nike Mercurial Rainbow Vapor XIII

With its best feature being the weight, Nike Mercurial is very light and easy on foot. These are very comfortable to wear and reduce the pain caused due to excessive running. They fit perfectly on your feet due to their excellent and effective lacing system.

With a catchy, modern, and funky exterior, this stands out in terms of design. The rainbow and a mix of colors raise the bar for other competitors. This will make your looks all attractive through right and amazing boots. These cleats offer superior comfort through the comfort begging and extra padding where necessary.

Extremely breathable through their mesh lining, these cleats will absorb all the sweat. The tread pattern is intricate and very patterned, due to which incredible grip is guaranteed. Another thing due to which the grip is further enhanced are the studs. They are arrow-shaped and one of the sharpest ones.

These cleats will elevate your playing time to a whole new level no matter what the type of ground is. The material of these boots is a synthetic textile known as the best material for soccer cleats. The breathable, sweatproof, durable, and extremely reliable material is what perfectly defines this material. The fabric will resist wear and tear and will be highly resilient. This tough material will last long.

The availability of these cleats in multiple colors and multiple sizes is also a plus point. Who doesn’t like to get their soccer cleats in their favorite, customized color? Well, now you can get it!


  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Thin
  • Excellent grip
  • Soft
  • Comfortable
  • High-quality material


  • Too sung

Another worth mentioning thing about these unique cleats is that they are very thin, so they didn’t feel heavy. It is literally like your second skin. The thickness will not be a hurdle to your quality field time. Have an enjoyable time with Nike Mercurial soccer cleats.

6. Adidas 15.2 Artificial Soccer Cleats

These cleats, one of the best, are unique due to the rubber sole. The sole will offer great traction due to the resistance it provides on the ground. The high wear and tear resistance, together with the right friction, is promised through rubber soles. Moreover, the sole of these cleats is abrasion resistant due to the amazing material used.

With a locked-in frame, your foot remains completely protected. They don’t move and remain right in place even when you play really aggressively. The shape of these cleats is streamlined and steep. The molded shape will make the fit better.

With great comfort and the right styling, this is the best on the market. With the right amalgam of blue with white, the cleats look very stylish and modern. The shape of these football boots is streamlined, which makes your feet fit better. The sleek and smart shape of the boots will uplift your appearance and looks.

Talking about comfort, the extra cushioning will provide you with great ease. The padding provided on the knees will provide incredible support. The mesh lining will increase breathability. The shoe is so designed that it will offer you extreme ease and comfort during the play.

The material which is used for the construction is 100 percent pure synthetic material. The material enhances the durability and reliability of the cleats. It ensures high resistance to wear. Moreover, this material is known for its moisture resistance. This is surely a great choice.

They remain firm on the ground. Whether the ground has a little moisture or it is hard to ground, the performance of these boots will not fade. The ground type will not affect the cleats. The stud design and construction are unparalleled and unmatched. With GAMBETRAX studs, your performance on the field will be no less than best.


  • Solid grip
  • Great design
  • High-quality material
  • Rubber sole
  • Comfortable


  • Narrow

The locked-in feature is a messy frame that keeps your feet intact and right in place. These boots are just your best option, from relentless drives to precise passes, from accurate throws to aggressive kicks.

7. PUMA Men’s Finished Spirit Cleats

These PUMA spirit cleats have certainly made it to our top 10 due to their excellent finish, classy exterior, extreme comfort, and quality material. The top-notch synthetic material, apart from keeping water away, makes the cleats last. The material is 100 perfect pure, which is another great point. It enhances the exterior look. You will wash the shoe with incredible ease. Finally, the elasticity is great, which makes adjusting your feet easy.

This premium shoe will offer incredible grip on all grounds, may it be a hard one or a damp one. This cleat has got you all covered, from your hectic, long-playing sessions to daily, light, routine practice. The studs are arrow-shaped, which further improves the grip. Another thing worth noting is how amazing is the tread pattern. The right resistance, neither too much nor too less, is guaranteed.

The exterior is another great one. These cleats stand out not only in performance and grip but also in their design. The design of the exterior is eye-appealing. The yellow lines on the black matte background make the look of the cleats amazing. The design is so detailed and worth every penny. It attracts the eyes of customers, urging them to go for these cleats.

The cleats excel in comfort too. With the right cushioning and incredible padding, it keeps your feet at ease. From running to hard passes, it will keep your feet relaxed. Wear these for improved, remarkable performance.

The lacing system is designed to keep your feet right in place. It will lock in your feet at their position without causing a lot of push so that it is breathable. The laces are of high quality, which won’t be subject to thread losing. The cleats are tight enough for effective play. The laces extend up to the top, which is very thoughtful on the part of the manufacturer. High-quality material, high toughness, great resilience, and other incredible qualities are the highlight. The reliability of these can also not be questioned as No one reported any defective piece.


  • Amazing design
  • Affordable
  • Adds grip
  • Provides stability
  • Lightweight construction


  • Size issues may occur
  • Needs joint protection

From a reputed company with everything right on point, these soccer cleats are certainly among the best soccer cleats of 2021.

8. Puma Blue North America Soccer Cleats

Available in three great colors, blue, purple, or yellow, you can opt for one according to your fashion taste. The exterior is classy and modern. With an exterior much the same as the previous competitor, the company seems really proud of this design. The amalgam of black with bright colors makes the cleats attract every eye.

The design is very comfortable and thoughtful. Low top-arch makes your feet sit with utmost ease in the boots. The cleats have a lifted end to make them easy to break in. The cleats are available in multiple sizes, and you can order the one that fits you right. With fitted, perfect fit, the cleats are so easy to play in.

The lacing system is strong and durable. With top-notch laces, the laces extend to the end of your feet so that they remain locked in. Have an effective and high-performance time in the field while your feet remain right in the place. Despite that, it has other quality features and incredible specs, which make them stand out.

The sole is made of rubber which is moisture-resistant, water-resistant, and offers utmost flexibility. Not only that, the sole promises a great grip. Along with solid grip, the incredible elasticity deserves mention too. Even on treacherous grounds, the non-slip feature of rubber will keep you steady.

These cleats are made lower so that the stability is greatly enhanced. The acceleration will be increased due to speed-ensuring design. The superior and exclusive material will enhance reliability and durability. The original synthetic will make the cleaning easy, saving your time and effort. These are water-resistant. It will not only make the outer appearance better but will also offer high flexibility.

These cleats are very relaxing and comfortable. To achieve that, cushioning is provided. The extra padding on the ankle area will make your time on the field extremely easy and pleasant. The base is strong and thick, which keeps you strong on the ground.


  • Light
  • Soft
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Impressive design
  • Easy to break-in


  • Issues with size

If you look for comfort and design, these cleats are the best choice. They are superior and first-rate. Purchase these to make the soccer time fun, pleasant and exciting.

 9. Puma Evospeed Soccer Cleats

Another quality soccer cleats from Puma, a company known for its quality cleats, promising utmost comfort and great versatility. These cleats are very lightweight and feel superb on the feet. This allows the player to play with incredible ease and superior comfort. These cleats are manufactured thoughtfully, ensuring maximum style and breathability. Mesh lining is added for this purpose.

The traction is premium due to square-shaped studs, which enhance the grip. The sole of these boots increases durability and reliability. The sole is composed of synthetic fabric, which is known for durability. The sole is made thick so that it is not subjected to wear and tear.

The material chosen for the construction is again synthetic due to its excellent features and incredible strength. This makes the cleats tougher and durable. Have stabilized and steadier movement with Puma Evospeed.

The speed is greatly enhanced through these soccer boots. You can use this on any ground type, but it is recommended to wear these on relatively softer ones. These are soft due to padding. It keeps your feet relaxed, comfortable, and at ease. The design is sleek and streamlined, making them appear good. The exterior is eye-catching and appeals to the eyes. It is straightforward yet elegant—the unique mix of neon green with black looks chic and classy.


  • Soft
  • Synthetic leather
  • TPU outsole
  • Strong studs
  • Durable
  • Reliable


  • Maybe narrow

Extra strength, extra toughness, these cleats are just the best in the market due to their premium construction. The flexibility is amazing. The amazing design, superior comfort make these cleats worth every penny.

10. Under Armour Quality Spotlight Cleats

Want to dominate among the rest with superior soccer cleats? Well, here is your best chance to do that. With Under Armour cleats, you will surely stand out, may it be usual practice or a match. With the premium and top-class comfort, amazing design, catchy pattern, intricate details, the boots are surely your best choice.

Elementary and sleek body, subtle color, and classy design make these cleats appear so amazing. The combination of gray with white catches everyone’s attention. These boots appear like sneakers and perform the finest.

The added mesh lining will enhance breathability. The comfort is further improved through the padding. High-quality material construction makes these cleats so very durable. The material will add elasticity and flexibility to the boots.

Not to forget the lacing system, which is supreme. The prime and finest lacing system will lock your feet right in place while keeping them comfortable. The additional durability is promised through the screen-printed coating.

For higher shock absorption and greater flexibility, the midsole is made of EVA. This promises a lighter and warmer shoe. With right ankle support and perfect cushioning, under armor promises quality.


  • Provides comfortable fit
  • Affordable price
  • Classy design
  • Durable built
  • Supports ankle


  • Choosing size may be problematic

Get these amazing soccer cleats for you and make your time on the field productive yet enjoyable.

Buying Guide- What to Consider While Purchasing the Best Soccer Cleats 2021?

From the playground to your other comfort needs, one likes to buy a perfect shoe. When you are purchasing soccer cleats, you need to be very wise. There are several features which you should never compromise on. One needs to consider several features duly from sole to padding, from shape to design, from durability to flexibility. Below is a comprehensive guide on what features you should always check for. Dive in!


To ensure good play, you need to have utmost control on your feet. Effective playing will be accomplished if the cleat has an excellent grip and the right fit. One needs to check the lacing system, the sizes, and the shape of the cleats. This way, the player has control and stands out in performance and efficiency.


Another feature one cannot compromise on is the outsole. This ensures how effective the grip will be. The outsole should be made up of materials that promise a rigid grip and offer resistance to wear and tear. The quality materials used are rubber and synthetics. These will have flexibility, moisture resistance together with the right grip.


The makeup of the boots matters a lot as it ensures the exterior and looks. The right combination of colors, the amazing cloth, and the pattern decide on the makeup. Go for the soccer cleats with promising and premium looks.


This will determine the overall life of your cleats. The right, pure and original material will last long. The material used should have excellent durability, strength, and resistance. The resistance to wear and moisture is recommended. Pay much attention to that.


To take sharp turns and during explosive movements, flexibility becomes most important. Purchase your soccer cleats widely built of the material, promising flexibility. For good and effective play, flexible cleats are necessary.


The sole and interior are as important as the exterior of the boots. The midsole should have a tough and resilient material that ensures strength and durability. During play, the most impact comes at the midsole, so it needs to be strong. The material should not only be thick but should have the capacity to take impacts. Shock-absorbing material will be just the best for the midsole.


When considering other layers, who forget the layer that has direct contact with your feet? No one likes to play with their feet being damaged. To ensure your feet are protected, do consider the insole. One demands additional comfort when playing such a hard and competitive sport. Go for the cleats having the right protection and layers of cushioning.

Shock absorption

Good soccer cleats will have material guaranteeing shock absorption. During soccer, a player encounters a lot of shocks and impacts on their legs. To absorb them effectively, an absorbent soccer cleat needs to be worn. It is essential to purchase a soccer cleat with incredible shock absorption to save yourself from muscle pain.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

What are the best soccer cleats right now?

Adidas Nemeziz quality soccer cleats are the best soccer cleat due to additional comfort and stability. These cleats come with a superior design and a catchy patterned look. You would be pleased to have these as your soccer time partner with a right and solid grip.

What are the most expensive soccer cleats?

Nike Mercurial is the most expensive one with premium features and superb qualities.

Are expensive soccer cleats worth it?

The expensive soccer cleats are definitely worth it due to the use of top-notch, quality material. They have great cushioning and excellent stability. This will definitely enhance your performance level.

Final verdict

Soccer demands a lot of effort, but choosing the right cleat can help you a lot. The right cleat will offer resistance to shocks, have high strength, and protect you from discomfort. The right soccer cleats will have quality material, amazing functionality, perfect fit, and several other things. Our top three recommendations are as below.

  • Adidas Nemeziz quality soccer cleats– excellent stability and solid grip.
  • Nike Phantom Sleek Vision 2– great comfort and eye-catchy design.
  • Nike Mercurial rainbow vapor XIII– perfect fit and extremely lightweight.

Choose the one that fits your needs and requirements. These all are from reputed and trusted companies. We promise you, and you won’t be disappointed. These soccer cleats are surely going to enhance your experience on the field.

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