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Can you wash your shoes after every time you wear them to the sports club? No way! That would be hectic and irritating, right? Well to avoid such an event I have brought 5 amazing products that would protect your sneakers from all kinds of liquids and their stains, and dirt. Moreover, they won’t even change the color of your shoes. Waterproofing spray for sneakers is an invisible shield that you can use anytime by spending just a few minutes spraying shoes before going out and can protect your expensive, lovable shoes.

These sneaker protector sprays won’t damage the material of your sneakers and you will feel the same comfort as before. So let’s dive into each product in detail so that you may understand better and choose the best waterproofing spray for sneakers. Let’s get started.


Best Sneaker Protector Spray

1. Reshoe VN8R Premium Sneaker Stain and Water Repellent Spray

ReshoeVN8R provides extra protection to your shoes, how? Well, it is designed specifically to protect sneakers from any kind of liquid. Whether it is rainwater, carbohydrate drinks, wine, coffee, or anything. Can you believe this? Because it took me a minute to believe in this magical spray. Additionally, it prevents your shoes from any kind of stains. There is only one condition, you have to spray it in an open area.

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It is not necessary but it would be better if you do so. Now come to the procedure of spraying, you have to keep in mind a few basic things before applying the spray. Firstly, keep in mind that you spray the whole shoe evenly. Give 2 to 3 strokes of spray evenly on the whole shoe. Wait for a few minutes after each stroke then hit the other stroke. When you are done with 2 to 3 strokes wait for a minimum of an hour and let the spray work in peace and settle itself completely over the shoe.

What I like the most about this spray is it can be used over a variety of materials. The materials over which it can be used include mesh, canvas, suede, nylon, polyester, cotton, latex, EVA foam, etc except for the leather. No matter which material you are wearing, just spray Reshoe VN8R over it and you are all set to hit the roads. Try to use it over the light colors. It is recommended that do not use it over dark colors to prevent discoloration.

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It is one of the best waterproofing sprays for sneakers as it can be used over a wide range of materials except for leather. You need to give 3 to 4 strokes of this spray over the shoes then you can wear them in any environment you want.

2. Guard – Premium Water & Stain Repellent

Guard promises to provide you with an extraordinary experience with its hydrophobic nature. There is no silicon present in the formula of this spray, which means it is non-toxic and friendly to the fabric of your sneakers. The spray does not harm your footwear in fact maintains the feel and appearance of your footwear. You can apply it to street shoes, gym shoes, skateboarding shoes, and many more.

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It keeps your shoes dry even on rainy days and also protects them from various liquid stains which are stubborn and are difficult to wash. It can be used over multiple materials. The fabrics over which you can apply Guard include nubuck, suede, nylon, etc. With its aerosol spray top, you can apply a quick coat over your shoes. Its coverage is huge and it won’t let more than a minute to settle.

Let me tell you the directions to use this superb product. Clean your shoes and let them dry. Keep spray bottle 6 inches away from footwear and then hit it to spray. Allow it to completely dry before you wear it. What I like the most about this product is they take guarantee what they are throwing in the market. In case you are not satisfied with this product you can complain to them and they will try their best to correct it for their customers.

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This product brings protection to your footwear with the fact that it is extra easy to apply and you can wait for at least 3 weeks before applying another coat to your footwear.

3. KIWI Sneaker Protector 4.25 oz

Kiwi sneaker protector is a high-rated product for an absolute reason. It protects your shoes from not only water but also stains. Once you spray it over your shoes you can remain worry-free and walk around comfortably. It also protects your shoes from the salts that might find a place in your shoes and settle in their fabric once you sweat.

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You can easily remove dirt and stain from the shoe only if you have used Kiwi Sneaker waterproof spray. As I told you before, it does not let the salts settle in the fabric of shoes, it shows that this spray does not block any air and keeps the fabric breathable. It can be used over a variety of materials including leathers. The materials over which you can use this waterproof spray include the mesh, nylon, nubuck, suede, canvas, synthetic and faux leather as well as full-grain and patent leather.

It is simple to use, just give two to three even strokes of spray over your beloved shoes. the gap between each gap should be of 1 minute. Let the spray settle completely. Wait for at least 30 to 45 minutes and then you can wear them anywhere you want. Kiwi sneaker protector will keep your shoes new and it’s the fabric as soft as before.

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Kiwi sneaker protector can not just be used over ordinary fabrics but also play a great role over leather. It does not let the salts settle in the fabric and lets your shoes breathe, keeping them dry.

4. Jason Markk Repel Spray

Jason markk repel spray has excellent durability, How? It provides a transparent shield on your shoes that does not vanish for at least 4 weeks. This means you can wear your sneakers worry-free for a whole month. It prevents the sneakers from any kind of liquids, specks of dust, and stains. It won’t allow dust to ruin the apparel of light-colored shoes. As the word light colors came up, I would also like to mention that it does not cause any discoloration because there is no toxic or harmful substance added to its high-end formula.

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Jason Markk spray can be used over a variety of fabrics like suede, nylon, canvas nubuck, etc. As you know there are many sprays that produce weird chemical smells when sprayed, well this is not the case with Jason Markk’s repel spray. It is odorless and you can easily spray them indoors. You don’t have to specially go out in an open area to spray them.

The propellant is large and when you spray over the shoe it covers the large surface making the layer over your shoe and it is easy to spray evenly as well. Let me tell you one of the best things about this company, they make eco-friendly products. This spray bottle is reusable and you can refill it. I would like to give them a plus point for this feature.

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With high coverage, you can apply the coats within a minute and would get odor-free and crystal clear results. You can reuse its bottle as this is made to keep the environment friendly.

5. Rust-Oleum, Shield H2O

Rust-oleum prevents the stains caused by water. It is also water repellent and keeps your shoes dry until the magic spell of this sprayed coat is over. It also prevents your shoes from stains caused by liquids other than water. All you have to do is spray this transparent shield over your shoes and you are all set to expose your shoes to any environment.

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It is quite easy to apply. With just one press you can cover your shoes with a shield. Just keep in mind to place the spray bottle away from the surface you are targeting to spray for almost around 8 to 12 inches and then hit the button. Apply this spray in a highly ventilated area or somewhere outside. Just after you have sprayed your footwear with Rust-oleum, they are protected from any damage caused by the liquid.

It can be applied to various materials. Just recognize the material of your sneakers and apply it according to the instructions. It can be applied over leather, nubuck, canvas, etc. Rust-oleum uses the formula for its composition which is silicone-free and does not harm your footwear. Last but not the least, the coverage of this spray is immense. Just with the first stroke, you can cover a large surface area.

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You can apply this over the footwear and will observe that the material of the footwear will remain unchanged and the fabric feels the same as before. Don’t forget to apply it in an open environment.


What is silicon-free water repellent spray?

Silicon-free water repellent sprays are less toxic. They are less harmful to the fabric of footwear and are also environmentally friendly.

Is it necessary to use water repellent over sneakers?

It is better that you spray a water repellent over your sneakers as this will extend the life of your shoes. Moreover, it will keep them safe from any liquid keeping the shoes dry, and protects the footwear from liquid stains like coffee, tea, wine, etc. Some of the good waterproof sprays do not allow sweat salts to settle in the fabric.

Are waterproof sprays expensive?

No, they are not more expensive than the new pair of sneakers. So if you are thinking to buy a waterproof spray for sneakers then buy it as early as possible because there are many good deals found on amazon.

Are shoe protector sprays worth it?

They are definitely worth it. Especially in the case of light-colored sneakers. Once you spray them over your footwear you can go into a tension-free zone.


Now you know well how to protect your beloved shoes by using any of the given products mentioned above. I hope you find this review helpful and choose any of the product that you think is the best for you. Just keep in mind these waterproof sprays are not only to protect your expensive shoes but to keep your highly adored shoes safe so that you can extend their life whether they are expensive or inexpensive. The top 3 products I recommend to you are as follows:

  • Kiwi is a renowned company and it never disappoints its customers with its products.
  • Guard is not only chemical-free but also provides a guarantee to its customers, if you find something wrong you can claim them
  • Jason Markk is eco-friendly. There are refills available in the market so that you can reuse it.

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