10 Best Insoles for Shoes that are too Big – Review (2022)

Have you mistakenly bought an oversized pair of shoes? Did you order a great pair of shoes online but they fit loose, and you can’t return them? Well then, we have a selection of the best insoles for shoes that are too big that will definitely fix your problem and fit your shoes effortlessly.

When given a choice between shoes that are too big for you or ones that are too small, many usually go for the ones that are too big. This is because everyone knows that you experience pain and discomfort if you buy shoes that are too small for you. But what most people don’t realize is that wearing oversized shoes can also cause a lot of problems.

These include chafing and blisters due to your feet constantly rubbing against the inside of the shoes as they have all that free space in them. This can also happen at the back of your feet too because as your foot keeps slipping out of the shoe due to it being oversized, it constantly rubs against the rough back of it and so chafing occurs.

Also, when your shoes are too big for your feet, you might stiffen or contract your toes to prevent the shoes from slipping off, or you walk awkwardly. Because of this, your feet not only hurt due to the strain but also, have a higher chance of getting foot problems like bunions.

And the most simple and obvious problem with wearing oversized shoes is that you can trip over your shoes and fall which might result in you hurting yourself pretty bad.

Therefore, we have a list of the 10 best insoles that you can use to prevent all of these problems and make sure that your shoes fit you perfectly.

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10 Best insoles for shoes that are too big

1. Samurai Insoles Sumos – Shoe Inserts For Bigger Shoes

The first pair of insoles that we believe would be great for making your shoes a little more snug are the Samurai Insoles Sumos. These amazing insoles are available in many different sizes so that you may choose one that is exactly your size. And so, you don’t have to go through the extra hard work of trimming them perfectly to fit into your shoes.

Samurai Insoles Sumos - Shoe Inserts For Bigger Shoes

But if the insoles do arrive smaller or larger than your measurements, or if you are not satisfied with the product, then you can easily return them within 60 days. You are guaranteed your money back, and even the shipping is paid for you.

These insoles not only let you fit into your oversized shoes, but they also are great for people with different foot conditions. This is because they are specially engineered for those with flat feet and fallen arches, providing extra support and comfort to the user. They also help relieve pain for those suffering from plantar fasciitis.

The insoles are slim and can fit a variety of shoes and are suitable for a wide variety of activities like running, hiking, playing tennis, cycling, jumping rope, and many more which makes them extremely versatile.


  • Two options for thickness
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Great return policy
  • Pain relief
  • Great for many foot problems
  • No trimming necessary


  • Red color might stain socks.
  • Not very durable

And so, due to their great support, perfect fit, and versatility we believe that Samurai Insoles Sumos are one of the best insoles for shoes that are too big.

2. Spenco Rx Orthotic Arch Support Full-Length Shoe Insoles – Shoe Fillers

The next pair of insoles that you will definitely love for your shoes are Spenco Rx Orthotic Arch Support Full Length Shoe Insoles. Along with getting your shoe to fit you perfectly, these insoles provide you with great comfort. This is done through the design of the insoles featuring an amazing cushioning layer that is shock absorbent and the supple arch of the insole that provides great support. Therefore, they are great for people with conditions like plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, etc.

Spenco Rx Orthotic Arch Support Full-Length Shoe Insoles - Shoe Fillers

These insoles are also available in various sizes for men and women so that you are able to choose one that is perfect for your shoe. They are also extremely durable and can withstand a lot of vigorous activities like running, hiking, and so on, for months with minimal wear and tear. While under normal everyday conditions these insoles can last up to years.

Also, due to the silpure silver antimicrobial treatment of the fabric, the insoles are great for odour control and preventing blisters during prolonged use. And even though they do not require constant washing, they dry extremely quickly if you do decide to wash them.

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  • No return policy

Therefore, their amazing comfort and support, great odor control, and wide range of available sizes, and the benefits of Shoe Insoles convinced us to add Spenco Rx Orthotic Arch Support Full-Length, to our list of the best insoles for oversized shoes.

3. PowerStep Pinnacle Maxx

Another pair of insoles that you should definitely invest in for fitting into your oversized shoes perfectly is PowerStep Pinnacle Maxx. Apart from providing a great fit, these great insoles are also perfect for many suffering from different foot problems like Plantar Fasciitis, flat feet, overpronation, etc. This is because these insoles are ingeniously designed with a deep heel cup, an angled platform, and a firm shell. All of this ensures stability and great support for your feet.

 PowerStep Pinnacle Maxx  -  Comfortable Insole

The insoles have a double layer of cushioning which provides you with extreme comfort and makes them shock absorbent. Also, they are also made with an antimicrobial polyester that controls odor and keeps your feet dry by minimizing friction and heat. This is great for those who live in hotter environments or for those who like to do vigorous activities like jogging, hiking, running, etc.

The PowerStep Pinnacle Maxx insoles also come in various sizes, letting you choose the pair that is the perfect size making your shoes fit you comfortably. And as they are very thin, they can easily fit into most of your shoes without any problem which makes them quite versatile.



  • Shock absorbent
  • Prevents friction and heat
  • Full length gives total comfort
  • Anti-microbial
  • Great for multiple foot conditions
  • Available in multiple sizes


  • Not very durable

With their great support, intelligent design, antimicrobial material, and versatility, PowerStep Pinnacle Maxx insoles are an amazing way to fit into shoes that are a little too big for you.

4. Amitataha Memory Foam Inserts

Amitataha memory foam inserts are another great way to get your too-large shoes to fit you perfectly by bringing them down a whole size. These insoles are not only sure to make your shoes snug enough to fit, but they also have other great features that will ensure the highest comfort and support.

Amitataha Memory Foam Inserts

The insole’s memory foam provides you with extreme comfort as it holds the shape of your foot throughout the day. The high arch of the product provides support to your feet and is therefore great for those suffering from plantar fasciitis, fallen arches, flat feet, and so on, reducing the pain that these ailments bring.

Although the insoles come in three different sizes for your convenience, there are lines at the back of the insoles to guide you if you choose to trim them for a perfect fit. And the way these insoles are built, you can put them in different types of shoes and use them for various activities like running, exercising, or hiking or for moderate everyday use.


  • High arch support
  • Can be resized by cutting
  • Durable
  • Great for flat-footed people
  • Shock absorbant


  • Narrow for some feet

As they are very thick, these insoles are a great way to fit into your shoes that are a size or a half too big. Also, with their excellent comfort and great support, they are among the best insoles for oversized shoes that we could find.

5. Makryn Unisex Leather Heel Grip Liner Insert

Usually, when you wear shoes that are too big for you, you get blisters and rashes on the back of your foot as it constantly rubs against the back of the shoe due to slippage. The Makryn Unisex Leather Heel Grip Liner Insert prevents that from happening. These inserts are great for those who want to make the fit on their shoes a little more snug but don’t want to bother with full-length insoles.

Makryn Unisex Leather Heel Grip Liner Insert

The leather of these inserts is soft and supple that makes your shoes feel more comfortable. And the neutral color blends well with many types of shoes, therefore not compromising on the look of your dressier ones.

Furthermore, unlike many insoles, these inserts can be attached to almost all types of shoes, like, dress shoes, flats, and even high heels. The adhesive on these is also extremely strong and will not come off after extensive use.

Although one downside of these is that these do not decrease your shoes’ size by a lot, so if you have shoes that are more than a few sizes too big then these inserts might not work well for you.


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Prevents blisters
  • For every kind of shoe
  • Color blends well with shoes
  • Very strong adhesive


  • Thin

And so, due to their comfort, anti slippage property, and versatility, these inserts are a great choice in our opinion if you have a shoe that is a little too big for your liking.

6. Shoolex Shoe Filler

Another great option to have your shoe fit you without the use of insoles is the Shoolex Shoe Filler. When inserted in your oversized shoes, this filler takes up the empty space giving you more stability, a snug fit, and prevents slippage.

Shoolex Shoe Filler

Also, as this filler is made from high-quality memory foam, it molds according to your feet and ensures a comfortable experience. The filler is also washable, so you are able to clean it without any problem. And since it is replaceable and suitable for many types of shoes, you can use this for the other shoes that are too big for you.

The fillers also come in multiple sizes so you are able to choose the ones that will fit your shoe perfectly. With the smallest option being able to reduce less than half a size from your shoe and the largest one reducing up to two sizes.


  • Prevents slippage
  • Washable
  • For all kinds of shoes
  • High-quality memory foam
  • Great for very large shoes
  • Comfortable


  • Not very durable
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Therefore, due to the comfort provided by the memory foam, the versatility, and the stability that the inserts provide make them a great option for getting your oversized shoes to fit you.

7. Sloggers Cut-To-Fit Insole

If you own a pair of Sloggers boots that are too big for you, then Sloggers Cut-To-Fit insoles are perfect for you. A great thing about these is that if your foot size is an in-between one because of which you are never able to find a shoe that fits you perfectly, these insoles are the ones for you. This is because they have five different size markings where you can trim the insole away so that it fits you perfectly.

Sloggers Cut-To-Fit Insole

They are also very soft and comfortable, and you can fit them under your existing insoles to make your shoes half a size smaller. They are also easy to install in your shoes and very durable due to which they can last a very long time without wearing out.

Also, if you have narrow feet and find most shoes a bit too wide to be comfortable, then these insoles are a great choice for you as they fill up that extra space and making your shoes comfortably snug.


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Can be trimmed
  • Great for narrow feet
  • Great for in-between sizes
  • Adds half a size
  • Durable


  • Sloggers exclusive
  • Can fold and bunch up

Due to their amazing fit, great comfort, and high durability, the Sloggers cut-to-fit insoles are definitely a product that we recommend you to get if you have oversized Sloggers shoes that you want to fit into.

8. Lemark Half Soles Shoe Filler

A pair of fillers that are sure to get your too-large shoes fit you are Lemark half soles shoe fillers. These great fillers sit in the front half of your shoes and reduce half a size from them. The foam of these fillers is soft and therefore provides you with comfort throughout the day.

 Lemark Half Soles Shoe Filler

The fillers are easy to fit into your shoes, and since they do not have any adhesive on them, they are replaceable, enabling you to move them from one pair of shoes to the other. But this lack of adhesion does not mean that they will move around the shoe; rather, they stay in their place quite well.

The fillers also come in a pack of ten, so you have four extra pairs if one of them wears out. Which is a great deal for such an inexpensive product.


  • Good quality foam
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Great for all shoes
  • Great fit


  • Not very durable

Therefore, Lemark half soles shoe fillers, due to comfortability, providing a great fit, and inexpensive nature make it to our list for the best insoles for shoes that are too big for you.

9. Superfeet Green Full Length Insole

Another great pair of insoles that we believe you will love to help you fit into your oversized shoes are Superfeet green full-length insoles. These amazing insoles not only make your shoes fit you perfectly but also relieve you from all sorts of pains caused by everyday activities. This is done because of the amazing design of the insoles featuring a medium arch, and a deep heel cup coupled with a heel stabilizer. This provides support and stability to those with high arches and relieves pain.

 Superfeet Green Full Length Insole

The high-quality foam of the insoles is soft and comfortable and acts as a shock absorbent. This is again great for those with high arches as it helps reduce stress on your feet, legs, lower back, etc.

These insoles are available in different sizes so that you are able to find the one that is your exact size. They are also extremely durable and can survive up to 12 months without changing their shape.


  • Very durable
  • Comfortable
  • Great for multiple shoes
  • Shock absorbant
  • Relieves pain
  • Good arch support
  • Provides great stability


  • Can be squeaky
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Superfeet green full-length insoles provide great support while not compromising on comfort and are able to relieve everyday pain. Therefore, we believe that they are among the best insoles you can get to fit into your oversized shoes. These insoles can also be perfectly suitable for the shoes that you wear during your duty as a male nurse.

10. Dr. Scholl’s Heavy Duty Support Pain Relief Orthotics

The next pair of insoles that we believe would be great for you are Dr. Scholl’s Heavy Duty Support Pain Relief Orthotics. These custom-made orthotics are not only great for making sure that your oversize shoes fit snugly, but they are also great for people over 200 pounds who are suffering from foot and leg fatigue and lower back pain.

Dr. Scholl's Heavy Duty Support Pain Relief Orthotics

This is because, for people on the heavier side, being on your feet constantly can lead to an increase in these sorts of pains. And so, the insoles have amazing Shock Guard Technology that distributes your weight because of which there is less pressure on certain points of your feet. This actually results in you having much lighter steps, and so there is less strain on your back, legs, and feet.

You can also trim the insoles if they do not fit your shoes perfectly and there are six different lines on the insole providing a guide for you where you can cut them. This is also great for those people with foot size somewhere in between, and therefore is extremely difficult to find, as they can easily customize these insoles to fit them perfectly.

Also, these insoles come with an amazing money-back guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied with them, you can easily return them and get your money back.


  • Great for heavier weights
  • Arch support
  • Relieves pain
  • Durable
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Can be trimmed to fit


  • Can be squeaky
big imDr. Scholls Heavy Duty Support Pain Relief Orthotics

Because of the amazing pain relieving feature, durability, and a great warranty, Dr. Scholl’s Heavy Duty Support Pain Relief Orthotics stands amongst the best insoles for oversized shoes.


Do insoles help if your shoes are too big?

Yes, insoles fill-up the empty gap in your shoes because of which they are able to fit you perfectly.

Do insoles make your too-big shoes smaller?

Insoles do not shrink the physical size of shoes, but they do reduce the space inside of them because of which you can fit perfectly into your shoes that were previously too large for you.

Why should you buy insoles for shoes that are too big?

Although, there are various ways you can fit into shoes that are too big, using insoles is one of the best options. This is because not only do they help you fit into your shoes, but they also provide extra support and comfort that can be great if you have any foot problems.

Wrapping up

Even though buying insoles for our shoes is usually not a high priority thought in our mind, they are one of the best options for you to fit into your too-big shoes. Not only because they make your shoe snug and comfortable but also because they have a lot of other benefits. These benefits include alleviating the pain that can occur due to many foot problems, providing extra comfort and stability, and even helping you improve your posture.

Insoles are also great to retain the freshness of your shoes as most of them can be removed and cleaned so that your shoes do not smell or feel musty after continuous use. Although, there are some insoles that can even control the odor of your shoe because of which you don’t have to wash them frequently.

And if you still can’t decide which insole to choose for your too-big shoes, then our top recommendations from the list above are as follows.

  • Samurai Insoles Sumos. Because of their perfect fit, great support, comfort, and an amazing money-back guarantee.
  • Superfeet Green Full-Length Insoles. For their high quality, shock-absorbent foam, great pain relief properties, stability, and amazing durability.
  • Dr. Scholl’s Heavy Duty Support Pain Relief Orthotics. Due to their ability to provide great support to those weighing above 200 pounds, durability, comfort, shock-absorbing quality, and a great money-back guarantee.

And so, these insoles are the best when it comes to comfort, support, durability, and the ability to make your too-big shoes fit you.