10 Best Running Shoe Inserts Put to Test (2021)

Do you want to go for a run but your shoes are too uncomfortable? Or you can’t run because of some foot condition? Our feet are like our second heart because we are either in bed or on our feet. Thus, we need to take extra care of them and spend money on products that help make our lives comfortable and pain-free. As all feet are different so are their needs.

Shoes are not manufactured according to individual needs, that is why we need to be extremely careful in buying products for our feet. As you cannot buy custom shoes, you can give your feet the necessary comfort via shoe insoles. The right shoe insole must provide you with pain relief, stability, running efficiency, help prevent injury, help with stress reduction and improve your overall foot health.

Keeping in mind the different requirements of different feet, below we have carefully selected the 10 best running shoe insoles and inserts to help you choose an insole that will fulfill your running needs and give you the necessary comfort you deserve so you can complete your runs feeling better and without any woes.

Best Running Insoles

1. Dr. Scholl’s Running Insoles – Shoe Inserts For Runners

Dr. Scholl’s Running Insoles are considered the best running insoles available in the market and that is not without reason. They provide great quality without breaking the bank, making them the best fit for people who are buying insoles for the first time and don’t want to spend a lot. They have a deep heel that provides maximum shock absorption reducing the stress in the heel resulting in an improved gait.

These insoles provide a considerable amount of padding which supports and cushions the foot and helps with the distribution of pressure across the foot. The reinforced arch support aids with the smooth transition of weight transfer during the landing as well as the push-off. This increases the overall support and comfort. The reinforced arch support also gives added relief for foot strain issues that are very common nowadays like plantar fasciitis.

It is also equipped with SweatMax technology which wicks sweat and reduces odor. This makes the foot odor-free and keeps the feet dry and fresh. Additionally, they can be trimmed to fit any size. Its triple zone protection not just makes them comfortable but also makes them highly recommended by Podiatrists. The three-zone protection also helps with wear and tear which in result helps in protecting the foot, ankle, knee, and hip joint from common injuries.


  • Trim to fit any shoe size
  • Extra cushioning
  • Reinforced arch support
  • Increased quality helps in decreasing injuries
  • Sweat max technology


  • Bulky for certain shoes

In short, Dr. Scholl’s running insoles are the overall best insoles out there. They give you great quality comfort at a very reasonable price. Their three-zone protection not only helps in increasing the durability of your shoes but also helps in protecting your feet from injuries.

2. The WERNIES Running Shoe Inserts – Cushioned Insole For Running Shoes

WERNIES running shoe inserts are among the most versatile shoe inserts that the shoe comfort market has to provide, that is the reason why they can not be skipped when talking about the best running shoe insoles. They are highly cushioned with padding but are also extremely flexible. This means that they can be fit into any shoe of your liking. Due to them being highly cushioned, they provide great shock absorption which is the reason why running in them is highly comfortable.

The WERNIES Running Shoe Inserts - Cushioned Insole For Running Shoes

The cushioning that is provided by them also ensures foot safety as it prevents the feet from straining in addition to keeping the joints strain-free as well. This decreases the overall chances of foot injuries, increasing the comfort provided by them.

The main body of these inserts is constructed of honeycomb-patterned foam. This particular design shape helps with even distribution of pressure across the foot which assists in stress reduction and increases comfort. Even distribution of pressure also means that each step taken will be stable and firm which will help with pain relief to your foot.

It is made of both foam and gel. The medically graded EVA foam makes it highly durable and sturdy while the gel padding supports the foot and increases the firmness of your steps with added stability. The top layer is made of anti-slip material which means that it is quite sturdy and will keep your foot in place during even the most intensive gait. The contoured neutral arch support makes it ideal for long-distance running as it provides added support to your foot.


  • Honeycomb pattern sole
  • Anti-slip top layer
  • Deep heel cup
  • Antimicrobial


  • Strong packaging odor when new

To sum it up, WERNIES offers an insole that provides both comfort and stability with sufficient support. Additionally, the special honeycomb design specific to these insoles increases foot comfort due to the even distribution of pressure.

3. Dr. Scholl’s SPORT Gel Advanced Insoles – Best Running Shoe Insert

Dr. Scholl’s provides some of the best running insoles that are there and have been in the market for a long. That is why it is no surprise that the SPORT gel advanced insoles made it into the list for the best running insoles that are available in the market. The SPORT gel advanced insoles provide top tier level of protection from running injuries. That is why they are highly recommended by medical specialists and are suitable for those with foot injuries like plantar fasciitis, flat feet, strains, etc.

Dr. Scholl’s SPORT Gel Advanced Insoles - Best Running Shoe Insert

Their gel cushioning gives increased support and relief for those with pain and injuries and helps prevent pain and injuries from those without. The flexible yet firm arch shell cradles your arches in place firmly which helps in giving you an increase in running efficiency.

The gel technology ensures an increased relief and reduces stress to the foot which in turn prevents fatigue and helps the users become more active. The gel technology also massages your feet during movement giving an increased level of cushioning. It also sufficiently increases motion control and aid in the correction of issues caused by medical problems like plantar fasciitis, extra-pronation, etc.


  • Gel technology
  • Increased motion control
  • Stress relief
  • Easy to trim
  • Versatile for different footwear


  • break-in period to fit properly

Dr. Scroll’s SPORT gel advance offers a running insole highly recommended by medical specialists due to its pain relief and comfortable qualities. Also, it provides your foot with increased motion control indicating that you will feel better during your runs as each landing and push-off will be firm and sturdy.

4. Spenco Polysorb Walker/Runner Athletic Insole – Best Athletic Insoles

Spenco polysorb insoles are flexible and its high-quality design provides increased support to your feet. These Orthotic insoles are ideal for running as the Spenco core material which they are made of, furnishes them with increased shock absorption. This increase in shock absorption in return helps in decreasing joint pain in the lower body joints like ankles, knees, and hip joint. Increasing joint safety in the lower body greatly reduces the post-run pain experienced by most people due to uncomfortable or inappropriate footwear.

Spenco Polysorb Walker/Runner Athletic Insole - Best Athletic Insoles

The Polysorb polyurethane foam used in its construction makes them extremely lightweight. The four-way stretch silpure fabric used in the top construction makes it anti-microbial, which means that it helps fight odor, infections and reduces blisters. This helps in increasing foot comfort as the feet stay dry and fresh and also harm-free as there are lesser chances of getting infections or blisters.

Added cushioning to the heel aids in shock absorption which increases comfort and stability. This increase in comfort reduces injuries and provides foot relief. The crash padding in the heels also helps in reducing pressure on the heel and ball of the foot. This is a greatly versatile insole and can be used for activities other than running as well like standing all day during a job.


  • Increased durability for shoe
  • Versatile in use
  • Anti-microbial
  • Increased shock absorption


  • Price
  • Insole durability (100% foam)

In conclusion, Spenco is offering you a running insole that will aid in a comfortable run while being extremely lightweight which will give you the satisfaction of a superior running experience. The antimicrobial material used in its construction also ensures that your feet will be rid of the odor and possible risks of infection.

5. Powerstep pinnacle shoe insoles

The Pinnacle shoe insoles are Powerstep’s most popular item. They are versatile and can be worn for a number of activities ranging from running to playing sports to casual walks. Additionally, they give your feet a heightened level of foot control and cushioning which helps in easing pain caused by running injuries. These insoles also provide great stability and comfort to your feet due to the increased foot control and cushioning that it is providing.

Powerstep Pinnacle Shoe Insoles

Its firm support shell adds to its durability making it last longer than many available insoles in the market. The deep heel provides ample foot support and helps with controlling motion and stability. The top fabric made of antimicrobial material helps wick precipitation, keeping the foot dry and clean, and odor-free. It also helps in reducing friction and heat. Also aiding in arch support.

The Variable Cushioning Technology (VCT) with its controlled cushioning in addition to the EVA foam makes it customizable to your foot. Its additional cushioning and arch support make it ideal for people with plantar fasciitis.


  • Firm and flexible
  • Antimicrobial
  • Dual-layer
  • Arch support


  • A bit on the expensive side
  • High arched, not suitable for everyone

The Powerstep pinnacle is a top-tier running insole available in the market it it gives you ample foot control with support. The dual-layer structure that is used in its design helps to make it fit your foot size and shape. Furthermore, it is exceptionally durable.

6. Superfeet BLUE premium insoles

Superfeet blue is the most versatile running shoe insoles as they can easily fit in any shoe and are greatly flexible. They are extremely soft and comfortable. This can be seen from their appearance. The blue color gives them an eye-pleasing appearance which stands true for ease and is comfortable to wear as well.

Superfeet BLUE Premium Insoles

They provide great arch support and help with body alignment. In helping with body alignment, they greatly decreased joint pain in the lower body like the ankle, knee, and hip joint. They are made of antimicrobial material making them odor and infection-free, increasing the overall foot health.

The entire foot rests on the slim shape. The heel cup helps with positioning the heel as such that there is less stress to the foot promoting absorption of shock naturally. The Encapsulating Stabilizer System gives the foot the necessary stability and support which increases the overall comfort.


  • Flexible (can fit multiple shoes)
  • Increased comfort
  • Antimicrobial
  • Aids in body alignment


  • Due to its slim design mightn’t be ideal for people with wide feet

Superfeet stands high in the foot comfort department and that is also true with its BLUE premium insoles. They aid in lower body alignment while also providing ample comfort to your foot. The heel cup backs the foot with a great amount of support and stability.

7. SOLE Softec Ultra-U Arch Support Inserts

SOLE Softec Ultra-U Arch Support Inserts

SOLE softec Ultra-U Arch support inserts are among the ten best running insoles because they are the only insoles that are 100% customizable. As they mold to your feet, they are molded to your needs entirely. This helps in relieving pain that is caused by foot issues like plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and bunions, all of which can be extremely painful.

The softec material used in making these insoles give the product extra shock absorption increasing support. This material also helps with pressure distribution. Due to its thickness, it provides the foot with ample cushioning, making it ideal for long walks and runs.F As for heel support, because of its deep heel, the heel is cradled and is kept supported and stable.

To mold the insole to your foot, put it in the oven for 2 minutes at 90C (194 F). Take it out after 2 minutes and insert it in your shoe and stand on it with a proper posture and it will mold to your foot shape. This moldability makes it ideal for all arch types.


  • Antimicrobial
  • Suitable for all arch types
  • Anti-fatigue


  • Might be expensive for some

To sum it up, SOLE softec Ultra-U arch inserts are the only 100% customizable option available in the insole market at the moment. They offer an increased level of arch support to your foot, meaning that your feet have a significant amount of support and stability during your runs.

8. Sorbothane Sorbo Pro Insoles

These insoles are ideal for runners struggling with plantar fasciitis. As they provide ample shock absorption which helps the foot stay supported and stable during landing and push-off and also give support to the heel, keeping it cradled. These factors greatly add to the overall support and stability of the foot aiding in an efficient run.

Sorbothane Sorbo Pro Insoles

As it provides an increased level of comfort and support to the foot, it helps in reducing pain in lower body joints. This insole also aids with aligning overpronated feet while giving increased arch support. This increased support increases overall leg and foot comfort.

The biomechanical pronation control technology in addition to the shock impact protection ensures that the legs and feet are properly aligned. While the feet remain highly supported and cushioned. As it is made of antimicrobial material, it remains odor-free and helps fight infections. In addition to that, it is made of CoolMax technology which is an added benefit for those who struggle with extra precipitation as it keeps your feet cool and dry. This also increases the durability of the insoles.


  • Antimicrobial
  • Can be trimmed to fit into any shoe
  • Great comfort and support


  • High arched so might be uncomfortable for those with low arches

Sorbothane Sorbo Pro insoles are an excellent option for runners who struggle with plantar fasciitis as it provides them with a high level of comfort and support. These insoles, furthermore, assist with pronation issues while the CoolMax technology assures that your feet stay nice and dry during and after runs.

9. Physix Gear Sport Insert

What makes Physix Gear Sport Insert one of the best running insoles available is that they provide superior absorption of shock naturally. They provide a heightened level of shock absorption without compromising on the comfort and stability of the foot. This means that not only is the foot relieved of the stress that is experienced when an insole is not used but because of using the Physix Gear Sport insole, you get added comfort as well as a high level of support.

Physix Gear Sport Insert

It also helps the foot with pronation issues as it aids the foot during landing and push-off. This reduces the chances of feet becoming overpronate or supinated. Furthermore, your gait improves and so does your overall body alignment.

The materials used in its construction are of a top-tier quality which gives its added durability. The EVA foam gives its structural stability and durability while the Polyurethane gives it a non-slip heel. This non-slip heel helps keep the heel in place during movement giving it added stability and firmness in each step taken. The antimicrobial material used in its construction also aids in removing odor from the shoe, in addition, to help fight infections, etc.


  • Antimicrobial
  • Non-slip heel
  • Adjustable size


  • Not suitable for high arches
  • Price

Thus, the Physix Gear Sport Insert sufficiently improves your foot pronation issues which also helps in improving body alignment. Due to the natural shock absorption quality of these running inserts, they are good for intense running sessions.

10. Superfeet CARBON Thin and Strong Insoles

Superfeet has heavily been dominant in the foot comfort department and rightfully so. Superfeet CARBON insoles are one of the best running shoe insoles because they provide maximum stability during your run without any compromise on the comfort of the product. They wrap around the foot making it highly stable and in return giving you high performance during your runs. This stability also makes every step you take firm and sturdy improving the overall running efficiency.

Superfeet CARBON Thin And Strong Insoles

They are made of high-density foam but are not heavy at all instead quite the opposite as they are rather lightweight. The carbon fiber stabilizer cap makes them highly resilient to wear due to overuse. This all together makes them highly durable with great quality and providing an increased level of support and comfort to your feet.

The beveled foam edge gives extra comfort to your feet as it cradles your foot comfortably. They are highly versatile and can be worn with multiple styles of shoes ranging from sportswear and even casual shoes. Additionally, the holes in the design make it breathable which means that the design keeps the foot dry and cool while also making the insole light in weight.


  • Lightweight
  • Versatile in use
  • Increased stability
  • Support to your feet
  • Pain relief


  • Not enough cushioning

To put it in short, Superfeet CARBON insoles provide a lightweight shoe insole that gives you the comfort necessary for an efficient and pleasant running experience. They can be worn with a number of shoe options due to their versatility in use.


Running is a very healthy and recreational activity enjoyed by athletes and non-athletic people alike. That is why to enjoy it to the fullest without any serious injuries, you need to be equipped with the right footwear. Shoes can be made to fit your own personal needs and requirements with the additional aid of shoe insoles. There are a plethora of products and companies you can choose from that is why while making such an important decision you need to choose wisely and choose according to your requirements. Following are some products that are considered the best running shoe insoles:

  • Dr. Scholl’s Running Insoles are one of the best that the market has to offer as they provide great quality for a reasonable price. They also provide the necessary comfort and support needed for an efficient run.
  • Powerstep pinnacle shoe insoles provide a great level of comfort and stability due to their heightened foot control. This is also the reason why they are Powerstep most popular product.
  • Spenco Polysorb Walker/Runner Athletic Insole offers increased shock absorption in addition to this, it also aids with lower body alignment. Which helps in relieving pain in the lower body joints.

Conclusively, when it comes to comfort, as well as, great support for your foot, these are the best options available in the market. Also, go sustainable and eco-friendly with these best vegan shoes you are definitely going to love.

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