Best Shoe Insoles for Ball-of-Foot Pain / Metatarsalgia (2021)

If you are suffering from metatarsalgia or ball-of-foot pain, you would know the difficulties associated with this. Hence, it is a condition in which people of all ages experience great discomfort while walking and it can hinder your day-to-day activities. To cure this, there are many alternatives you can go for, one of them being the shoe insoles that are designed for better pressure distribution and shock absorption qualities that can lessen and relieve the pain ideally. Therefore, this article offers you some best shoe insoles for ball-of-foot pain with better pressure redistribution, durability, and shock absorption qualities.

3 Best Shoe Insoles for Ball-of-Foot Pain

1. Powerstep Pinnacle Plus Arch Support Insoles

I have started my list with this Powerstep support insole, as it has all the correct ingredients to help you through your ball-of-foot pain. Hence, it has gained a great reputation and reviews from users and is designed for all ages that make it stand among others. I really like this one because it comes with rigid support yet provides you decent flexibility and suits all your shoes easily.

Powerstep Pinnacle Plus Arch Support Insoles

To start with, it incorporates built-in metatarsal support that offers you pain relief quickly, and you don’t have to worry about bending issues. Further, with semi-rigid support, you would find this support to be highly stable and soothing for your pain and discomfort. The manufacturers have also added advanced dual-layer EVA padding on the football and base of the shoe to enhance comfort.

Last but not least, this design comes with a universal shape that doesn’t require any trimming. So, you can have this insole for almost all the shoes in your closet, ideally. I also didn’t experience any heating or find the insole overheating as it includes fabric soles that helped me in preventing sweat all along. On the whole, it is highly recommended for all shoes having low, high, or even neutral arches.


  • Offers exceptional support
  • Includes dual-layer EVA cushioning
  • Offers semi-rigid support
  • It suits almost all shoes
  • It soothes the pain right away


  • It can be a bit stiff

In essence, this Powerstep Pinnacle is one of the most renowned and quality insoles for ball-of-foot pain as it comes with dual-layered EVA protective cushioning and built-in metatarsal support. I really like this insole because it offers a great deal of breathability and stability that soothes your pain right away for a long time. I also didn’t experience overwhelming heating and found the shape highly effective for different shoes in my closet.

2. Hydrofeet Shoe Inserts

Here comes another quality insole with its unique approach of support and high-end construction that serves you well and is a preferred solution for metatarsalgia. I absolutely love this product because of its antimicrobial construction that helps you provide ultimate relief in the ball-of-foot pain. Also, these Hydrofeet inserts can be used in a variety of places, including light workouts sessions or day-to-day activities ideally.

Likewise, it uses the medical-grading glycerin that rushes to the ball of your foot when you walk and provides you with absolute relief and comfort. Thus, with this insole, you will feel lightweight and comfortable throughout without being burdened by extra cushioning layers. However, these might feel a bit unusual and will take time to get used to.

In the end, these insoles have shock-absorbing qualities that massage your feet gently while you walk and keep you at ease all along. Speaking of the size and shape, this one is a unisex model that can be used by anyone. Yet, you will have to trim these inserts to get a perfectly suited shape for your shoes. Lastly, it is worth mentioning that the fabric seal is highly durable and water-resistant that adds value to it.


  • Offers great durability
  • Includes shock absorption qualities
  • Exceptional for metatarsalgia
  • Offers ample support
  • Massages your feet while walking


  • Needs trimming

Finally, for some who have to stand on their feet for a reasonable amount of time, this Hydrofeet is a great choice. It comes with shock-absorbing glycerin that helps you throughout with relief and stability and gives you a light massage-like feeling. It is famous for its support that hits the pressure points ideally and durable fabric seal system that makes it valuable at a justified price range.

3. Walkomfy Pain Relief Orthotics Support

Last, on my list, this Walkomft support insole is another best shoe insole for ball-of-foot pain. Thus, you must have to consider it because of its durable construction, outstanding foaming, and shock absorption value. Also, if you are most likely to spend your time standing, I would recommend these as it helps you in achieving perfect relief and comfort on the pressure points.

Similarly, it uses premium EVA cushioning with shock absorption quality that must be one’s first choice for long-lasting stability and comfort. Apart from this, I specifically liked the three-point well-thought design that is divided into different pressure points. Hence, by concentrating the foam on these pressure points, the manufacturers have aimed to soothe the pain and help you effectively.

Lastly, another feature that makes them different from usual is the construction quality, as I have not used anything as durable and long-lasting as these pain relief insoles. Also, these are designed for men and women, so you most probably will find your size easily. Considering the construction and metatarsal support in these insoles, you can even use these for walking and workout sessions or while playing outdoor games such as tennis.


  • Offers great durability
  • Includes premium EVA cushioning
  • It is a unisex product
  • Offers impressive support


  • Can be a bit expensive

Wrapping up, I undoubtedly love these Walkomfy insoles as these have helped me in attaining absolute comfort and relief from the metatarsal pain. Its three-part design helps you achieve great comfort on the pressure levels that help you throughput with long service life. Another thing that has sparked my attention was the quality fabric that prevented any damage from water while controlling the overall friction and heat.


What is the best insert for ball-of-foot pain?

Walkomfy is one of the best inserts for ball-of-foot pain as it possesses all the correct features needed for extra support. It comes with EVA cushioning with shock absorption qualities that lessen the pain and offer great force on the metatarsal area. It redistributes the pressure effectively to relieve the pain.

The cushioning and fabric offer great durability and helps you with long service life. The fabric is water-resistant and prevents any damage to the insole. Moreover, the design is unisex and goes well with most of the shoes in your wardrobe.

What type of insert gel or cushion works best for the ball-of-foot pain?

If you are suffering from metatarsalgia, it is important to have a quality insert. While looking for a gel or cushion insert, you must look for a basic or simple product that redirects all the pressure from your metatarsal area and has the capacity to relieve the pain. In simple words, these Orthotics inserts offer extra padding and cushioning for stability and balance.

Hence, with cushioning, you are reducing the force that is present under the ball of the foot and helps you in supporting your feet all along. Speaking of the gel inserts, it is important to go for a gel that offers you shock-absorption quality. Further, make sure that the gel is locked in for good and is water-resistant can add to the durability of these products, such as the Hydro Feet shoe insert.

What type of inserts works best for the ball-of-foot pain?

To reduce the ball-of-foot pain, I would recommend you go for shock-absorbing insoles since these have an advanced support system that lessens the pain effectively. You can also use custom foot orthotics that are designed to meet your requirements. In the market, you can either choose cushion or gel inserts (both serving the same purpose) according to your preference and comfort.

The foremost requirements of choosing an ideal product are pressure distribution and quality. So, try to look for quality cushioning that is concentrated specifically on the pressure points. For gel-based inserts, try to look for something that has shock absorption qualities and helps you walk easily.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, here are some best insoles for ball-of-foot pain that can offer you great ample support, advanced cushioning, and better power distribution. While going for a gel or cushion insert for metatarsalgia, you must make sure that your desired product has all the correct attributes ranging from shock absorption to enhanced support and stability. Having a decent product can serve you well in concentrating the pressure and lessens the pain effectively. Finally, I hope that you will soon find a quality insole to treat your ball-of-foot pain.

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