7 Best Shoes for Elliptical Training (Women’s & Men’s) in 2022

Are you having issues with the grip of your feet on the paddles of the elliptical? Do they keep slipping and making your elliptical experience a nightmare? Or the only exercise you enjoy doing is ruined because your feet hurt?

Working-out on the elliptical is one of the most enjoyable times you spend in the gym. It’s low-intensity yet extremely beneficial to your health as it builds-up your core strength, burns calories, improves balance, and more. To have an excellent elliptical experience, you need the right kind of footwear.

Exercising on the elliptical is a low-intensity exercise but that doesn’t mean that you can get away with wearing any shoes. Wearing the wrong kind of shoes is not only uncomfortable but also harmful to your overall health as it can cause you a backache, foot pain, blisters, and swelling. That is why you need to be extra cautious while buying shoes. Hence, we have provided you with 7 of the best shoes for the elliptical, so it is easy for you to choose one that fits your requirements.


7 Best Shoes for Elliptical

1. ASICS Gel-Venture 6 – Best Shoes For Treadmill And Elliptical

When it comes to the best footwear in the sports world, one can not forget to mention the name of ASICS. ASICS offers you one of the best shoes for the elliptical with its Gel-Venture 6 model. These shoes are built with a rearfoot Gel cushioning system, meaning that they provide you with excellent shock absorption during your workout—this Gel cushioning also aids in smooth transitions between your movement.

ASICS Gel-Venture 6 - Best Shoes For Treadmill And Elliptical

This version of the Gel-Venture comes with a removable sock liner that provides you with added comfort as it can be placed according to your requirements or even remove altogether. The outsole of these shoes has a reverse lug. This particular lugging means that these shoes are suitable for both uphill and downhill traction.

The ASICS High Abrasion Rubber adds to the durability of the outsole, making it resistant to wear. The AHAR outsole adds to your shoe’s longevity while also providing comfort and protection as it makes the shoe resistant to slips. These shoes guarantee you comfort no matter the intensity of your workout routine.

The breathable mesh fabric used in the build of these shoes ensures air ventilation. This added breathability means that your feet will stay dry and odor-free. Ample airflow during your workout will reduce moisture build-up in your shoe, thus decreasing bacteria build-up.

The EVA midsole provides the necessary support to your feet during your exercise sessions. Along with the EVA sole, the padded ankle collars enhance the comfort provided by these shoes. The adjustable laces, which are part of their design, help you with the shoes’ fit, keeping your feet sturdy and snug during movement. Moreover, protect your shoes from creases with these best crease protectors.

big im asics


  • Lightweight
  • Removable insole
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Superior traction
  • Cushioning support


  • sizing may be an issue

Thus, ASICS is offering you a superior shoe option for your elliptical workout. These shoes not only protect your feet but also provide them with the necessary comfort and support. Additionally, they are available in various colors, breaking up the monotony of your gym wear.

2. NIKE Women’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe – Best Shoes For Treadmill And Elliptical

NIKE stands firm when it comes to sportswear as it provides quality products. These shoes are minimal design shoes, making them ideal for you if you are not a huge fan of crazy design and colored footwear. Additionally, these shoes provide your feet with extreme comfort.

NIKE Women’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe - Best Shoes For Treadmill And Elliptical

The cushioning on the heel is excellent as it means that you can wear these shoes for an extended time without the loss of comfort. The breathable mesh upper helps keep your feet cool and dry as it reduces friction. As your feet remain dry, no odor or bacteria will build-up in your shoes, which adds to your overall foot comfort.

The midsole of these shoes, constructed of Molded Foam, provides comfort due to cushioning and helps keep your feet strong and firm during every step you take. The rubber sole, in combination with the grooves, makes these shoes anti-slip. Because they have an anti-slip quality, your feet will stay sturdy on the elliptical paddles, thus making your exercise routine more efficient.

The rubber outsole gives your feet the necessary traction and will keep you slip-free on dry or wet surfaces. The grooves present on the front of the shoe enhance flexibility as they mold to your feet with every step you take. Lace-up design of these shoe aid with the fit.

The mixed mesh upper not only keeps your feet dry but also gives the shoe structure due to their lightweight but firm quality. The shoes’ padded tongue helps with positioning your foot, which further provides you with support and comfort. These also have a big toe box, making them ideal for people with wide feet.


  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Reasonable price
  • Spacious toe box


  • No arch support
  • Durability (quickly wears)
  • Size

In conclusion, these shoes will keep your feet dry and relaxed and provide you with the comfort necessary during workouts. These shoes are lightweight, yet there is no compromise on the quality of their build.

3. New Balance Men’s 517 V1 Cross Trainer 

What makes New Balance Men’s Cross-Trainer one of the best shoes for the elliptical is that they are highly durable, lightweight, and comfortable without being overly priced. These shoes are constructed with Ndurance rubber signature to New Balance. This rubber compound gives these shoes superior durability as it makes the shoe anti-abrasive. Ndurance, also called anti-mark which means that your shoes won’t leave marks on surfaces.

New Balance Men’s 517 V1 Cross Trainer

The round toe box gives your feet ample space for movement. The Ndurance rubber also extended to the toe, forming a sort of toe bumper, which means that your feet are protected from collisions of different kinds. The memory foam insole adds, even more, cushioning to your shoe, increasing the comfort and support offered to your feet.

The EVA midsole not only provides your feet with comfort but increases the shock absorption of the shoes. Increased shock absorption decreases stress to the lower body joints. This reduction in shock to your lower body joints enhances your overall workout experience as you won’t feel pain post-workout.

The PU material used in the insole’s build, molds easily to your feet, giving your feet the support they need. The insoles are removable as well. This feature means that you can adjust them to your liking. The overlays are made of synthetic leather that provides protection and support and structure to the shoe. The lace-up closure helps secure your feet in place.


  • Fit (no break-in period)
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Durable


  • Available for men only
  • Cushioning
  • Thin insole

All in all, New Balance Cross Trainer is a highly durable shoe which is also lightweight, comfortable, and fits very nicely. The breathability which it offers keeps your feet dry and odor-free.

4. Reebok Women’s Ros Workout Tr 2-0 Shoe

These shoes are very well balanced and help keep your feet sturdy on the paddles of the elliptical. They have a rubber outsole which gives your feet an excellent grip. On top of that, the flexible grooves on the bottom of the outsole offer your feet freedom of movement in all directions.

Reebok Women’s Ros Workout Tr 2-0 Shoe

The lightweight mesh upper allows excellent ventilation enhancing your in-shoe experience. Ample airflow also means that your feet will stay dry and cool during workouts as well as remain odor-free. The asymmetrical lacing, which is part of the shoes’ design, helps you adjust the fit and gives exceptional support and comfort to your feet during the workout.

The EVA midsole keeps your feet highly cushioned and protected. The EVA not only keeps your feet sturdy and snug in the shoes but also helps with shock absorption. Aiding in shock absorption indicates that your joints will stay healthy and pain-free.

The footbed of these shoes has exceptional cushioning. Added cushioning helps with the comfort provided to your feet. Furthermore, the arch of these shoes is suitable for a workout like that on the elliptical. These shoes are ideal for people with wide feet and high arches.

YouTube video


  • Flexible and firm insole
  • Lightweight
  • Increased shock absorption
  • Flexible grooves


  • Unsuitable for long term running
  • Not a high-quality insole

Although these shoes might not be for a high-intensity workout like running, they are ideal for exercise on the elliptical. They are one of the best shoes for the elliptical because they provide your feet with superior shock absorption while also being lightweight and flexible.

5. NIKE Flex Experience Run 9

The NIKE Flex Experience Run 9 is available for both men and women. The outsole of these shoes has no rubber compound, and the exposed midsole, which is constructed of foam, provides the traction your feet need during your workout. This foam midsole which serves as the traction mechanism gives your feet superior flexibility, and your feet can bend to their full bending capacity.

NIKE Flex Experience Run 9

Additionally, these shoes are incredibly lightweight but not without support and stability. These shoes also provide your feet with ample support and movement. They also have a removable insole that can be adjusted to the requirement of your feet.

In place of a knitted upper, these shoes have a mesh fabric that allows sufficient air ventilation to your feet. This airflow keeps your feet dry, odor-free, and cool. These shoes are also form-fitting due to the stretchy material used in their construction.

Instead of having the pull tab on the heel like most shoes, these shoes have a pull tab on the tongue, making the wearability of these shoes extremely easy. The flex grooves help your feet with movement as they can move in any direction.

YouTube video


  • Lightweight
  • Breathability
  • Flex grooves
  • Fit


  • Not enough traction

These shoes keep your feet excellent and snug during your workout on the elliptical. They keep your feet dry and decrease moisture build-up, which aids in keeping your feet anti-odor.

6. Puma Tazon 6

Suitable for indoor and outdoor workouts, these shoes provide excellent comfort and can be used for various activities. The rubber outsole makes these shoes anti-abrasive and anti-slip. Additionally, the multi-dimensional grooves offer your feet exceptional traction. This added traction ensures that your feet remain sturdy and firm during movement.

Puma Tazon 6

The Soft Foam sock liner gives your feet a smooth and plush feel, enhancing their in-shoe experience. The EVA heel cup increases the cushioning and shock absorption without adding any additional weight to your shoes. The EcoOrtholite sock liners make these shoes breathable while also adding comfort and aiding you with the shoes’ fit.

The TPU shank gives these shoes stability and protection while making them flexible and soft. This TPU shank also adds to the durability of the shoes as it makes them wear-resistant and anti-abrasion. The low-top shaft design of the arch makes these shoe ideal for workouts and tennis games. The lugged sole gives your feet grip and traction, helping your feet from slipping on the elliptical paddles.

big im puma


  • Breathable
  • Lace-up closure
  • Durable
  • Support to arch and ankle
  • Lightweight


  • Narrow toe box
  • Stiff cushioning
  • Insufficient ventilation

The PUMA Tazon 6 is a sleek, lightweight, and minimal pair of shoes, available in a wide range of colors. These are considered one of the best shoes to use on the elliptical as they are highly durable and give exceptional support to your feet.

7. The New Balance FeulCore Nergize

New Balance offers you sleek and fashionable shoe options to spurs-up your gym wear and jump rope. These shoes are lightweight, flexible, and exceptionally comfortable, with added cushioning required for cross-training, like a workout on the elliptical.

new balance

The Revlite Ultra-lightweight midsole provides your feet with cushioning at the underfoot and ensures stability without adding any extra weight. The New Balance memory foam insole gives your feet extra padding and support during movement.

These shoes are built with a durable and flexible outsole and are easy to slip on and off. The foam used in constructing these shoes is of different density which adds, even more, cushioning, comfort, and support to your feet. These shoes are soft yet sturdy, and with the edition of their rubber sole, highly durable.


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Slips on and off
  • Color variety


  • Unsuitable for high arches

FeulCore Nergize is one of the best shoes to wear while using the elliptical because they are exceptionally soft and sturdy. The Bootie construction of these shoes makes them easy to slip on and off, also making them suitable for athletes and running.

Conclusion on Which Elliptical shoe is the best?

Exercise can be a challenging and problematic task that one undertakes to stay physically fit but what can make it even harder for you is wearing the wrong shoe. Not only does that make it uncomfortable to exercise, but it can result in injuries as well. Buying the correct shoe can be a daunting task as there are many options available in the market.

  • ASICS Gel-Venture 6 offers a shoe that provides your feet with heightened comfort due to its Gel technology. It also ensures that your feet remain supported throughout your workout routine.
  • Puma Tazon 6 is available in the market in a wide range of colors. These shoes are exceptionally durable and flexible.
  • The New Balance FeulCore Nergize provides you with a shoe that is exceptionally lightweight and durable. In addition to that, it is also easy to slip on and off.

To sum it up, these are some of the top shoes to wear while using the elliptical. Also, you can check out the best rain shoes that you can wear in the rainy weather.

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