10 Best Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Places

Being a massive fan of shoes, I can understand how enervating it can be to declutter and store a large pile of shoes. If you cannot resist buying a pair of shoes each time you go to the mall, then you will end up having a heap of shoes. It is very tough to make storage space for and organize such a huge pile of shoes, even if you have a walk-in closet. Have you ever thought of giving away the ones that you don’t need? It can really help you properly organize your shoe collection. But I know how difficult it can be to let go of your prized possessions.

You don’t need to relinquish any modish and elegant pair of shoes from your cherished possession, nor did I. Here are some of the best shoe storage ideas that I have personally used and can swear by their effectiveness. There are plenty of options among which you can choose. You can proudly display your adored collection or you can congruously organize them inside your closets. So, let’s sink into these tremendous options.


Where To Store Shoes?

If you have picked out the ones that you need to keep, but can’t think of a place suitable for storing your shoes, then you are at the right place. Here are some of the areas which you can easily utilize for organizing your shoe collection. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to storing your shoes. You can freely fit them in any place, but the overall look and tidiness is the main purpose we want to achieve.

You can always store your shoes inside your walk-in closet, clothes closet, or can dedicate one closet only for your shoes. But even if you don’t have a closet that you can dedicate to your shoes, then you can use other spaces which are not often used. You can organize your shoes in the bottom of your wardrobe closet or clothes closet, under the furniture such as the bed and sofas, you can make a self in your garage or can just arrange them at a rack in your entrance.

This is not the end yet, you can put your shoes in boxes and place them above a cupboard, you can even use the backside of your door to store your shoes, you can make a closet or just put a rack under the stairs, you can make shelves in the garage or doorway, you can put rails on your closet door to hand your shoes and you can make a shoe corner on the wall in your room.

If still not enough you can always make use of your halfways, doorsteps, and storeroom. You can select a suitable organizer on the basis of the place and the size of the area, where you are going to store your shoes. You can put your shoes in boxes, cubbies, bags, hangings, rods, and racks that are compatible with the space and size of your selected place. The decision is yours whether you want to display your shoes or hide them. Now that you know where to store your shoes, let’s discuss some of the best shoe storage ideas that you can put to use for storing your shoes.

Best Shoe Storage Ideas

There is no regimented organizing system for storing your shoes. You can freely customize the storage of your shoe collection according to your own convenience. You can make a single setup for storing all your shoes or you can divide and store them on the basis of availability and use. Storing shoes aptly is not impracticable. You can use many different organizers, bags, hanging, closets, boxes, cubicles, benches, and racks. Let’s discuss the best shoe storage ideas and where you can make use of each of them.

shoe storage ideas install built in drawers and shelves

1. Closets

A dedicated closet just for your shoes is one of the most convenient ways to store your shoes. It would be easier and hassle-free as all of your shoes are in one place. You don’t have to search all the places as you can organize your shoes properly by placing them in boxes. You can use the door of the closet by hanging a few slippers there. It is not necessary that this closet must be in your bedroom or walk-in wardrobe. It can be in your garage, storeroom, or doorway.

2. Cubicles


Cubicles are the best option for you if you want to gladly display and show off the exemplary shoe collection. The cubicles are available in a vast range of sizes, so selecting a place for one is not an issue. You can order a customized size or can even make one by yourself with the help of some simple tools. Cubicles are my personal favorite, as you don’t have to do anything to find the shoe you are looking for. All the shoes are easily visible. You can place one in your bedroom.

3. Cabinets


Cabinets are perfect for garages and stores. You can use wooden or even plastic cabinets to store your shoes. Cabinets can be placed differently and also have different sizes. You can use boxes like multiple cabinets to organize your shoes on a wall. Whereas there are also narrower and longer versions of cabinets that can be placed on the entrance, hallway, or an unutilized corner.

4. Shoe Racks

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Shoe racks are the most compact organizer and can provide you maximum space for storage depending upon the number of racks. You can get the steel ones and the bamboo ones. It is most suitable to put one beside your entrance. You should put on the shoes that you are likely to wear. So, it will be easy for you to wear the shoes just before going out. You don’t have to carry your shoes all the way from your bedroom to the doorstep.

5. Shelves

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You can put your shoes on shelves in your garage or storeroom. There are also some stackable shelves that don’t need to be mounted high on the walls, you can easily put one at the entrance, hallway, bedroom, or inside your wardrobe. The stack of shelves can be selected on the number of shelves it has. You can choose one to be placed beside your full-length mirror. The two shelved stacks seem tidier as compared to the more stacked one as it seems to get crowded by the shoes.

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6. Behind The Door Storage

Yes, it might be new to you but it is one of the best ways to utilize the small area behind the door. You can not only place racks behind the door. There are many bag-like hangings available that you can hang at the back of your door. It is the best place to store your shoes out of the sight of others. You can also put some rods to hang the shoes instead of the bags like hangings.

7. Shoe Bench


It is appropriate to place a shoe bench at the entrance of your house. These benches have cabinets or racks below them that provide space for storing the shoes, whereas you can sit and easily put one on while stepping out. You can find different styles of these benches. There can be wooden benches with cubbies under them or there are the steel ones that have racks below. You can choose any one depending on which goes with your furniture.

8. Closet Hangings

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The shoe racks or boxes made up of different types of cloth are one of the best shoe storage ideas. These hangings are available in different designs, prints, and colors. So, you can select any of your favorites. It helps you utilize the unused space in your closet for storing your shoes.

9. Under The Bed Or Couch Organizers

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What can be more exciting than using a considerably useless space for storing your favorite possessions? It is the best place to store your shoes and no one will ever know. You can use different partitioned bags or rolling box racks for storing numerous shoes under your bed. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that the size of the box or rack must be smaller than the space under the bed, so you can easily take it in and out. You can make cubicles under the couch for shoe storage.

10. Shoe Stairs

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The shoe stairs acquire very little space and look very artistic. There are many different designs and styles available, but the wooden ones are the most famous. There are vertical ladders and also the ones that look like a pyramid. It depends on how much storage you need. There is usually a space for placing a decoration piece, plant, or bag on the top end.

How To Store Shoes In Small Spaces?

Having a large walk-in closet is not the only solution to properly organize your large shoe collection. You don’t need to give up your passion for shoes, even if you have small storage space. “People make shoe contact before making eye contact” is not just a quote, you might have experienced that people tend to notice the shoe that you are wearing first. The style of your shoes gives an insight into your personality and helps you create a good first impression of yourself. So, you should not be guilty of having an appropriate pair of shoes for every situation.

The only downside of having a large pair of shoes is the difficulty in finding storage space, but not anymore. You can easily store your shoes properly and easily even if you live in a flat. It is not impossible anymore, all you need to do is be a little creative and think out of the box. First thing is to collect all the shoes that you have and start to declutter them. I know it is difficult, but you have to get rid of the ones that are damaged or worn out as you cannot wear them anymore. Group your shoes according to their styles. Now you will have the ones that you need to store.

The next step is to find places in your home that you can utilize for storing shoes, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a closet, just think of the places that you can use. Now, you need to find a suitable organizer, closet, cubical, rack, or back that could fit perfectly in the area you have selected. Carefully organize the shoes in the one you have selected. There are many different organizers which you can buy or can even make one by yourself if you want to be productive. Now you know how to store shoes in small spaces but can’t think of places where you can store shoes, then keep reading.


Where should shoes be placed in the house?

Most people prefer to keep their shoes in their closets or in bedrooms. On the other hand, many people tend to keep their shoes near the entrance door, so it would be easier for them to wear a shoe just before going out. Don’t worry, there are some of the best organizing ideas that will make your shoes look good. There are shoe benches and racks that you can place near the entrance.


I am a shoe addict and I tend to collect many pairs of shoes, but I never had an issue in storing and organizing my shoe collection. It is all because of these best shoe storage ideas that have helped me in fitting my shoe collection in small spaces. If you are a shoe addict, then you should not give up your possession as it is a vital part of presenting your personality. You can utilize these ideas for maximizing the storage space you have. You can use a shoe rack, bench, shelves, cabinets, hanging, cubicles, and boxes to organize your shoes.

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