5 Best Shoe Storage Boxes & Guide To Store Shoes in Boxes

A jumble of mismatched shoe pairs just at the entranceway gives an awkward look. Also, shoes get damaged easily by dust, moisture, and impact if not stored properly. Thankfully, you can find many storage organization solutions to keep your shoes organized and safe. Shoe boxes are one of the best and most convenient methods to store and organize your shoes.

Shoe storage boxes offer protection against dust, sunlight, and moisture and maximize the shoe service life. To help you find out the best shoe storage boxes, we have reviewed the five best options you can buy in 2022. Also in the end we have added some valuable tips on how to store shoes in the boxes.

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Five Best Shoe Storage Boxes

1. SESENO. 12 Pack Shoe Storage Boxes

SESENO Shoe Storage boxes with their impressive storage organization and sturdy transparent construction have made their way to the top of the list of best shoe storage boxes. These boxes are delivered as a pack of 12 and are perfect to maximize the space in your closet. The most valuable feature of these storage boxes is their impressive size.

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Each box measures 13.1” L × 9” W × 5.5” H and can accommodate shoes of all sizes including sneakers, wedges, hightop vans, and heels. The boxes are well balanced and can be stacked or arranged side by side. The boxes hold well against each other and let you customize your storage spaces as you like.

The boxes are transparent and offer a minimalistic look. You can put these boxes in the bathroom, bedroom, garages, offices anywhere since they don’t look bad. The rugged construction further enhances their value and the outer surfaces of the boxes are highly resistant to scratches and blemishes.

The shoe storage boxes come with a front opening to help you store and take out shoes easily. However, the front opening is not as convenient as one of the drawer-style boxes and we found it tricky to store a pair of big shoes in the box. These boxes keep your shoes segregated and provide ultimate protection against dust, moisture, and other damaging factors.

These shoeboxes come with ventilation holes at the rear to ensure that your shoes breathe well and do not develop an odor. Also, the air circulation maintains the temperature and enhances the shoe service life. The boxes are available as a pack of 12 and are very competitively priced against the best quality and ergonomic features.

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  • Easy to stack together
  • Sturdy and transparent plastic build
  • Ventilation holes to prevent odors
  • Competitively priced


  • The front opening is a bit inconvenient

If you’re looking for a fully customizable storage solution for all types of shoes, SEO 12. Pack Shoes Storage boxes are a definite way to go. Boxes hold well against each other and can be stacked anywhere in the home.

2. Life Story 5.7 L Clear Shoe & Closet Storage Box

Next on our list is the Life Story Clear Shoe And Closet Storage Box. It is a transparent shoe and closet storage box that combines the ultimate protection with ease of storage making it perfect to keep your valuable essentials organized and safe. You will receive 20 boxes in one package and each box measures around 13.7x8x4.9 inches.

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These boxes are large enough to accommodate all types and sizes of shoes. You can use these boxes to keep sandals, heels, court shoes, and platforms. Additionally, boxes are transparent and you can see the essentials at glance. This makes it pretty easy to find out the required pairs of shoes when you are getting late.

Unlike cardboard boxes, these boxes can be stacked easily and do not slide over each other. The boxes are well balanced and you can stack them high if you are short on space. It uses efficiently fitted lids and we found it pretty easy to use the boxes while taking out and storing the shoes. In addition to the best ergonomics, these shoe bins by Life Story promise ultimate protection against damaging factors like moisture and dust.

Unlike hanging shoe storage, these boxes keep your shoes free of dust and bacteria. Unfortunately, these shoe boxes lack ventilation and it is advised not to put the wet and sour-smelling shoes inside the box. Also, you need to sprinkle baking soda or keep silica gel inside the box.

Screenshot 2022 02 16 232333


  • Spacious boxes
  • Easy to stack
  • Transparent plastic construction
  • Well fitted lid


  • Lack ventilation

If you own many pairs of shoes, you need an extensive storage solution like Life Story Shoe and Closet storage boxes. Boxes are spacious and you can stack them 3 high in a row to save valuable space in your closet.

3. AOTENG STAR Storage Shoes Box

AOTENG Star Storage boxes are made with the needs of the people in mind who love to keep everything organized. It is a pack of six large boxes that are specially designed to store large sports shoes. Also, they can fit all types of shoes including wedges, heels, and court shoes. The feature that sets AOTENG STAR Storage boxes apart from others is their professional interlocking design.

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The boxes come with a sturdy frame and interlocking mechanism that lets you secure the boxes together and also aids in ease of transportation. The well-balanced geometry of the boxes allows you to stack them high and they help you save a lot of space in the closet. These shoe boxes are made with exceptionally rugged plastic.

The reinforced design coupled with sturdy build quality makes them highly long-lasting giving the best value for money. The boxes have a transparent front and you can see the contents inside the box at a glance. It eliminates the need of opening multiple boxes to locate a single pair of shapes.

The transparent front window uses an upgraded magnet for maximum stability and ease of storage. Another great feature of these storage boxes is that they are washable. You can also clean the boxes with a damp cloth and mild soap to prevent the growth of molds and odor-causing bacteria. The biggest downside of these storage boxes is that they lack ventilation and you cannot put your sweaty shoes right after the workout in the boxes. Also, the boxes are a bit overpriced for what they offer.

Screenshot 2022 02 16 232458


  • Rugged washable construction
  • Interlocking for easy carrying
  • Easy to stack high
  • Transparent front opening
  • Fits all shoe sizes


  • No ventilation
  • A bit overpriced

AOTENG Star Storage Boxes are the ultimate solution to keep your closet clean and organized. With the help of interlocking mechanisms and well-balanced profiles, these shoeboxes are pretty easy to arrange in a compact space. The washable build quality enhances their lifespan and helps them stand out as the best shoe storage boxes.

4. WALL QMER Shoes Box, 12 Pack

Wall QMER Shoe boxes are among the best-selling options on Amazon for their lightweight structure and ergonomics profile. These boxes are made with lightweight yet strong cardboard materials and help you save much-needed space in the cupboard. You will receive a pack of 12 boxes that can be stacked together easily.

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Since the boxes are lightweight, you may need to fix them together with double-sided tape to prevent slipping. Each box in the pack measures around 13.7×9.3×5.3 inches and is spacious enough to fit all shoe sizes. However, if you are short on space you can also buy standard and medium size boxes by WALL QMER.

These boxes are not as sturdy as plastic boxes but come with waterproof coating and you can place them in the bedroom or garages. However, prolonged exposure to moisture can damage the boxes, and therefore it is not recommended to keep the boxes in the bathroom. These boxes feature a drawer style and are pretty easy to use.

With an extra-large drawer opening, they offer maximum ease of storage. The boxes have a transparent front panel, from where you can see what’s inside the box. It will help you quickly find out the pair of shoes you need. Finally, we loved the box has impressive ventilation and an anti-mildew mechanism. These shoeboxes have got tiny holes that facilitate the airflow to prevent odors and also reduce the growth of molds and mildews.

Screenshot 2022 02 16 232632


  • Stackable design
  • Fits all shoe sizes
  • Lightweight and waterproof
  • Transparent front panel
  • Drawer style for maximum ease of use


  • Cannot withstand moisture
  • Need to be fixed with tape

WALL QMER with a lightweight structure, spacious profile, and waterproof construction is among the best shoe storage boxes. These boxes are easy to use and can be used to organize shoes, socks, t-shirts, and other accessories and maximize your closet capacity.

5. mDesign Stackable Fabric Closet Storage Organizer Shoe Box

The final option on our list of best shoe storage boxes is the mDesign Stackable Closet Storage Organizer box. These boxes feature superior build quality and user-friendly design and are among the top-rated products on Amazon. One pack includes eight stackable boxes and each box measures around 11.5×14.75×7 inches.

Screenshot 2022 02 16 230258

The generous size of the box easily fits men’s and women’s shoes of all sizes. We found these boxes spacious enough to keep long boots, sandals, sports shoes, pumps, and wedges. These boxes are made with high-quality synthetic non-woven fabric. You can buy these boxes in multiple colors. The fabric doesn’t catch dust and is pretty easy to maintain and keep clean.

A highly functional design is an obvious reason why these boxes have been included in the list of best shoe storage boxes. In addition to spacious design, these boxes come with a transparent window panel making it easier for you to find a particular pair of shoes. Moreover, you will get a double-hinged opening in these boxes.

One hinge lets you open the door from the side to help you slide in shoes when the boxes are stacked. The other hinge allows you to open the top-side of the box for maxim access to the contents inside the box. The boxes offer ultimate protection against dust and other damaging factors.

Since the boxes are made with synthetic fabric it is not a good idea to place them in damp or moist places like bathrooms. The box also lacks ventilation and you cannot keep wet contents inside the box. For maximum protection against mildews and odor-causing bacteria, it is recommended to sprinkle baking soda and keep silica gel inside the boxes.

Screenshot 2022 02 16 232810


  • Lightweight stackable structure
  • Highly functional design
  • Generous box size
  • Transparent window panel


  • No ventilation
  • Not ideal for damp places

mDesign Stackable Shoe boxes boast a highly functional design and premium build quality making them one of the best storage solutions for shoes and accessories. These boxes with their easily stackable design, double-hinged openings, and generous design are among the best-selling shoe storage boxes.

How To Store Shoes In Boxes?

You store the shoes inside the box to protect them from damaging factors like dust and moisture. However, shoes can be easily crumbled inside the box if it is not stored in the proper way. So in this guide, we have shared some of the best methods and practices you can adopt to store your shoes in the boxes.

Clean/Dry The Shoes

To maximize the shoe’s service life and prevent odors it is critical to clean and dry the shoes before storing them. Mildews and molds grow easily inside wet shoes and can cause serious odor issues. Also, they significantly damage your shoes through pigmentation. Plus, you need to clean the shoes to prevent bacterial growth and maintain the shoe finish during long-term storage.

Use a soft scratch-free brush to remove the excessive dust from the shoes. Fresh stains are easy to remove and it is recommended to remove all the stains from shoes before storage. If you have expensive leather shoes it is advised to apply leather protective coating or polish to maximize the shoe’s life.

Always Use A Box With Proper Ventilation

All the best shoe storage boxes come with ventilation holes to facilitate air circulation. Air circulation is important to maintain the health and shine of shoes. The fresh air in the box dries out the shoes and nourishes the material for increased service life.

Keep The Boxes At Right Place

You should keep the shoe boxes at a place where it is less prone to damaging factors like extreme temperature and moisture. If you keep the box at a place that is too hot in summers and too cold in winters, you can expect maximum protection for your shoes. Also, damp spaces like garages and bathrooms have a lot of moisture in the air and can cause serious damage to the shoes and storage boxes.

Wrap Shoes In Acid-Free Tissues

For safe and long-term shoe storage, you need acid-free tissues. Wrap the shoes individually in the acid-free tissues. It will absorb the excessive moisture and prevent the moisture content from accessing the shoes. Also, you can place the acid-free tissues inside the box to minimize the odor and moisture content.

Stuff Your Shoes With Acid-Free Tissues

If you are storing your shoes for a long time, it is advised to stuff your shoes with muddled-up acid-free tissue paper or any paper. The balled-up paper acts as support and helps maintain the original shoe structure. Do not over-stuff shoes with paper and make sure they are in their natural shape when you store them.

Keep Things Organized

When you store multiple pairs of shoes in different boxes it’s crucial to place them in an organized manner. You can stack boxes with multiple columns to save space. Keep the shoes at quick access that you regularly use. To make it easy to find the shoes, it is advised to use transparent boxes or the boxes having a transparent window on either side. If boxes are not transparent you can label them to quickly locate a particular pair of shoes.


Do shoes deteriorate in the box?

Shoes may crumble and fall apart in the boxes if they are stored in damp or extreme temperature conditions. Shoes also deteriorate in the boxes if they are not dried or cleaned before storage. Also, if the boxes are not ventilated, the shoes get deteriorated quickly.

Is it good to store shoes in plastic boxes?

You can store shoes in transparent plastic boxes to protect them from rodents, mildews, and dust. However, it is advised to find out the boxes with ventilation holes. Also, you should place the silica gel inside the shoe storage boxes.

Why is there a hole in the shoe boxes?

Holes in the shoe boxes are for ventilation. These holes facilitate air circulation and allow fresh air to enter the box. Fresh air prevents the odors and maintains the original finish of the shoes.


Storage Boxes are one of the most convenient and safe storage solutions for shoes. While buying storage boxes for shoes you should consider some critical factors like size, stackability, ease of use, and ventilation. All the options on our list are tested for quality performance and give you the best value for money. Our two favorites on the list are:

  • Life Story 5.7 L Clear Shoe & Closet Storage Box for their extra-large sizes, well-balanced structure, transparent construction, and competitive price.
  • SESENO. 12 Pack Shoe Storage Boxes for their impressive stackability, transparent design, generous storage spaces, proper ventilation, and rugged construction

Finally, it is advised not to store wet and sour-smelling shoes in the box. Also, you should keep silica gel inside the shoes to absorb any moisture that is present in the shoes or in the box.

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