10 Best Shoe Racks, Organizers & Cabinets – Review 2022

Banish the topsy-turvy footwear with the best shoe racks that assemble your shoes satisfactorily and also fill up the decluttering entryway spaces of your apartment. Shoe organizers are of miscellaneous versions, including frames, cabinets, translucent cubes, mesh shelves, storage, and so on. Discerning one is effortless, but choosing the right one is challenging.

You can also read my review on the best over-the-door shoe racks in case you are looking for that specific type of rack.

The furniture market is flooded with numerous choices, which puts you in trouble of deciding the best. Therefore, I stacked up the ten top-notch models descendingly based on their review count to save your additional effort and time. When all is said and done regarding items, I have included a handy buying guide to assist you in my reach.

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Best Shoe Rack

1. Seville Classics Storage – Heavy Duty Shoe Rack

The first choice on this list is “Seville classics shoe rack,” which is the spotlight of today’s discussion for being the most reviewed item in today’s market. This prime storage item comes in four shades, including bronze, expresso, countryside, and satin pewter mesh; you can choose one that matches your interior furniture. In a word, the Seville boasts a three-tier resin slat profile, offering units to store footwear in a way that they’re visible to users.

Screenshot 2022 02 14 190740

The Seville freestanding rack is iron metal, adding remarkable sturdiness and durability. It is further coated with an anti-corrosion layer to resist external impact factors. The metallic organizers are preferred over plastic in terms of resilience and stability because filthy racks might wobble and cause your shoes to a dropdown. In this way, the Seville storage rack is pretty reliable as it weighs 90 lbs and can carry up to 12 adult shoe pairs at once.

This is a multipurpose rack, as it has three open shelves that are welcoming to carry anything like purses, accessories, gadgets, decorative items, books, and more. I usually place indoor plants or scented candles and top to give the organizer a more homie look. Over that, this best shoe rack required no challenging assemblage; you need to consider the instructions manual, and I’m pretty sure that you’ll do it accurately.

Screenshot 2022 02 14 194538

In a nutshell, the Seville classics is the best shoe rack to have if you’re more up to durability and strength. As per my familiarity with this item, it can last for more than 10 years, which is extravagant. The addition of different colors, stability factors, resistance, and multi-functionality, makes it an outstanding choice. The best thing is that you even place high neck shoes in this freestanding rack because of its open-top, isn’t it incredible?

2. Whitmor Door Shoe Rack – Best Shoe Rack For Garage

Trustworthy brands always assure you that the product will be worthwhile and up to your demands! The same is the case with “Whitmor” – a leading brand in the best shoe rack industry for selling the most reliable items for 70 years. I appreciate how this company manages to bring such durability, style, and convenience along with affordability; that’s probably the reason behind their hype in today’s marketplace. There is much more to reveal about this best shoe rack, so let’s begin!

Screenshot 2022 02 14 191010

The Whitmore rack appears in gray and white colors and is foldable. Thirty-six fold-up bars require assemblage before use. Assemblage is pretty simple and requires no toolbox; you just need to chase the given instructions rightly. After setup, the dimensions of this product are as follows: 7.5 inches in length, 74.5 inches in height, and 22.6 inches in width —which means you can organize around 25 to 30 pairs in this rack accessibly.

Mostly, hanging-style shoe racks aren’t very long-lasting considering their fragile construction, but, luckily that’s not the case with Whitmor shoe cabinets. This best shoe rack is made of alloy steel and resin material that claims extraordinary robustness, stability, and resistance. The steel bars are coated with a slipping-resistant agent to hold out against shoe falling. You can hang this shoe rack at your door’s back, near the entryway, around cupboards, or more.

Though hangable racks are pretty convenient and require no space to locate, which is an advantage, these are entirely open and require cleaning every time. In other words, you cannot hang out your filthy shoes anyway because they’re not hidden here.

Screenshot 2022 02 14 194928

In a few words, the Whitmor shoe organizer stands out for featuring the utmost durability and strength. Unlike ordinary hanging shoe racks, this storage comes with anti-slipping layering that resists your footwear from falling off. I love everything about this item in person, but here to mention that you always need to keep it tidy because it cannot hide your shoes.

Here comes the Simple Trending stackable shoe rack, which stands out for its foldable design. Again, it is a three-tire setup available in white, pink, bronze, and silver color. I picked out the pink one as it goes best with my dressing. The design is expandable; you can adjust the shelves as per your footwear’s size. The overall dimensions are as follows: 11.5 inches in width, 26.8 inches in depth, and 18.5 inches in height – you can please even high neck boots in this organizer.

Screenshot 2022 02 14 191239

The stand is composed of metal that enhances the durability and strength, and further anti-corrosion coating provides a solution to rusk or related problems. The shelves of this best shoe rack are a little different, as they are made of fabric, which is stretchable and smooth. The build quality has no drawbacks, but the material is more prone to filth or dirt and needs proper washing.

If you’re searching for a multi-functioning organizer, the Simple Trending stackable rack is a picture-perfect choice for you! It can accommodate all shoes: pumps, kid’s sneakers, adult boots, high neck shoes, skates, and more because of its open top. You can use it for different purposes: decorative items, bags, storage racks, bookshelves, or more. In a word, this compact and multipurpose best shoe organizer is more affordable than other fancy items in the market.


  • Looks nice
  • Corrosion resistive
  • Foldable design


  • Fabric gets dirty easily

In conclusion, as the name suggests, the Simple Trending rack comes in a basic shelf design, which might not look fancy but add decency to your interior. It is an excellent choice for storing shoes, gadgets, books, plants, bags, toys, and more in a compact way. The rack’s top shelf is open, giving you the freedom to place any long object – I usually found it great for storing my long leather boots. In short, it is an affordable yet functional best shoe organizer.

4. ERONE Shoe Rack 10380 – Sturdy Shoe Rack

Next on this list is the ERONE shoe organizer with an eight-tier setup – giving you a lot of space for shoe storage. Each shelf can store two pairs, which means you can organize upto sixteen footwear pairs in this outstanding rack. Isn’t it great? The dimensions of this rack are as follows: 10.2 inches length, 15.3 inches width, and 2.75 inches height. I am mentioning dimensions so that you can purchase by addressing the space you have, as most racks aren’t adjustable in size.

Screenshot 2022 02 14 191440

You can get this decent shoe organizer in two colors: black and gray – I found gray shade more aesthetic. It is composed of metal that is anti-corrosive, robust, and long-lasting. Comparatively speaking, the metallic stands are not flimsy like plastic ones and are straight and very stable. In short, there is no such risk that your shoes might fall off the shelf.

There are numerous racks available in the market, but I found “ERONE eight shelves setup” more promising for novices because it requires no tools for assemblage. You just need to put the tube and holes together, and you’re done; it is more like a family activity! If you’ve any queries regarding the setup, seek assistance from the manual or online web. Shortly, having this easy to join rack is an ideal choice for buyers who’ve less space at their place!

Screenshot 2022 02 14 195305


  • Sturdy
  • Effortless assemblage
  • Stable


  • Non-expandable

In short, the ERONE multipurpose stand is one of the sturdiest choices that features an all-metal body. It is layered with an anti-corrosion agent that adds extra smoothness and resistance. I found this stand more stable than other long racks, which is an advantage that keeps your stuff safe. Over that, there is no rocket science in assemblage or disassemble; all you need is to put the rods in holes, and you’re done!

5. Oceanstar Bamboo Shoe Rack – Durable Shoe Rack

The Oceanstar two-tier organizer is a modern style rack available in wood’s actual color. It is a chemical-free product with dual handles, four legs, and two shelves to store different objects. Handles add convenience to the mobility of this stand, while legs make it stand straight without wobbling. You can also attach rubbers at the base; otherwise, this stackable rack is promisingly stable.

Screenshot 2022 02 14 192430

The Oceanstar is built with Bamboo wood – an organic wood that has grown without chemicals or pesticides exposure. The reason behind bamboo’s increased demand is its stylish appearance, sturdiness, sustainability, durability, and antifungal properties. All perks aside, bamboo material is more affordable than other wood types—that’s why it is extensively used in making racks, outdoor table sets, or more.

Shoe racks are designed to carry the worn footwear, so ventilation is necessary to keep the surroundings pleasant. In this way, the Oceanstar organizer is a top-notch choice, as its shelves have a slatted design that facilitates air circulation and keeps the environment clean. In my suggestion, put some scented candles over the shoe rack’s top to keep the area sweet-smelling.

Screenshot 2022 02 14 195504


  • Facilitate ventilation
  • Multipurpose
  • Looks aesthetic
  • Transportable


  • No colors are offered

In conclusion, the Oceanstar organizer is a multipurpose rack that can store bags, stuffed toys, shoes, books, and more. I usually put footwear on the bottom shelf and scented candles and mini plants over the top shelf to make a stand look more pleasant. The bamboo products are lightweight portable, yet the sturdiest and resilient. This item has no potential drawback, but it is available in natural color only.

6. SONGMICS Metal Shoe Rack – Top Rated Shoe Rack

The next item is SONGMICS stable shoe rack that comes in a beautiful bronze shade. It is a dual-tier rack that stands out for bringing utmost convenience in setup. All you need is to fix the given parts by hand, and you’re done. Not even a single screwdriver is required for assembling this user-friendly shoe rack, isn’t it incredible?

Screenshot 2022 02 14 192620

The SONGMICS shoe organizer is a dense metal with unbeatable robustness and durability. It can withstand external factors, including corrosion issues, making it a reliable choice. My previous shoe stand was made of flimsy plastic material and wobbled often, which is why I lost my favorite indoor pots and some decorative items. Considering that, I love how straight and uniform this rack stands, as it requires a considerable force for relocating, which is excellent.

The space provided by this organizer is enough to place up to ten adult sneakers, including boots, sandals, heels, and more. The mesh shelf keeps your shoes healthy and pleasant by facilitating air ventilation. You can place this stand even in your bedroom, living room, or office as per its charming look and surrounding-friendly trait. However, the SONGMICS is an entirely open stand, requiring constant cleaning and maintenance, unlike close cabinets, which is a minor drawback!

Screenshot 2022 02 14 195807


  • Looks charming
  • Facilitate ventilation
  • Available at discount


  • Requires constant cleaning

In a whole shell, the SONGMICS falls under the category of best shoe organizers for offering unbeatable value for the price. The all-metal construction, mesh design shelves, and non-wobble legs are the primary perks why this rack is one of my top picks. The additional reason is that this fantastic organizer is on discount these days only at Amazon, so what are you waiting for? Go and grab yours now!

7. See Spring Shoe Organizer – Best Shoe Stand

Bring your shoe closet setup to the next level with this See Spring shoe organizer! It comes as twelve different boxes which are clear and transparent in color, with the following dimensions: 13.1 inches in length, 9 inches in width, and 5.5 inches in height. Suppose I have to define the design of this organizer in a word that would be “closet style or snap-tight clasp” design. The best thing about this rack is its “transparency” that makes you see your footwear every time, giving an edge of effortless accessibility.

Screenshot 2022 02 14 192814

The boxes are made of plastic material which is lightweight, portable, and easily stackable. Plastic is not as durable as metal but is sturdy enough to resist external impact factors and is not prone to breakage. Shortly, manufacturers have utilized ABS hardcore plastic frames in making this modern closet, which adds ultimate resistance against water, dust, and more. I would say this organizer is not a compromise over build quality!

Furthermore, each box has a small hole that ensures proper air circulation to keep your footwear fresh and pleasant. The boxes have enough space to store heels, flats, sandals, sneakers, wedges, flip flops, skating shoes, and more; you just need to open the cabinet-like box and place your shoes securely. There is no particular drawback of having this shoe storage option; however, it requires assemblage before use. In addition, manufacturers have recommended using mild soap and water for cleaning.

Screenshot 2022 02 14 200204


  • Shoes are visible
  • Promising building
  • Warranty included
  • Versatile


  • Needs assemblage

Wrapping it up—I would say this cabinet-style shoe organizer is an exemplary option for people who’re looking for a modern, plastic-made, and extensive storage option. The best thing is that the company is giving a 45-day money-back guarantee over this product—which means if you don’t find it suitable, you can simply return it. In addition, I love the aspect that shoes are all visible, offering easy accessibility!

8. Aeitc Shoe Rack – Best Wood Shoe Rack

Here comes the “Aeitc shoe rack” – an expandable organizer with stacked spaces for footwear. It is available in different sizes: 24, 32, 36, 48, 54,72, and 96 pairs; you can choose one based on the space you have and the number of shoes you want to keep. I bought a 48 pairs organizer, which is vast enough to carry all my footwear nicely.

Screenshot 2022 02 14 193026

This cabinet-style organizer is made of resin material—a synthetic solid plastic with enhanced toughness and resilience. It has three shades: translucent, white, and transparent, all with the difference of 19 20. I chose the white cabinet as it goes well with my bedroom furniture. Shortly, it is an excellent addition to your living rooms, entryways, hallways, or even bedrooms. You can store sandals, sneakers, sleepers, or whatever you want!

Additionally, there are hooks at one side of this cabinet-style storage where you can place handbags, hats, keys, goggles, or more. It is an actual multifunctional organizer that can store purses, toys, gadgets, clothes, CDs, and more. In short, it is a worthwhile storage choice you can ever have!

Screenshot 2022 02 14 200621


  • Multifunctional
  • Water-resistant
  • Available in many sized


  • Less durable

In conclusion, the Aeitc shoe organizer is available in many options–giving you the freedom to choose accordingly. This is a multipurpose cabinet where you can store a range of your belongings, including shoes, clothes, bags, and more. The best thing about this organizer is that it is water-resistant and dustproof.

9. Bamworld Shoes Rack – Ultimate Shoe Rack

Here is another bamboo shoe organizer that stands out for being the most lightweight yet robust! It is available in a dark brown shade that suits most home furniture. The overall dimensions are as follows: 39.37 inches in width, 39.37 inches in height, and 11.81 inches in depth; generally, it can store up to thirty pairs of adult shoes. The different shelf heights allow a capacity for placing long boots too so that you can place your whole family’s footwear in this one rack.

Screenshot 2022 02 14 193327

Manufacturers say the Bamworld shoe rack comprises integrated wooden strips that add 1.5 x more strength to the overall structure. It is intended to deliver extraordinary resistance, durability, and stability. Conclusively, it can hold more than 100 lbs. weight, which is extravagant!

In the world of pollution, global warming, and other environmental deterioration dilemmas, if you have got even a tiny chance to put your part in reducing such issues, never take it for granted. I initially bought this beautiful rack with this thought because it is an eco-friendly shoe rack painted with chemical-free natural stain. But, afterward, I got to experience its boundless perks that I explained above, so that’s true—if you have a good intention, good things come to you!


  • Eco-friendly
  • Can carry 110lbs. weight
  • Looks aesthetic


  • Pricey

Comprehensively, the Bamworld shoes rack stands among the best shoe organizers for being the most robust, lightweight, stable, and good-looking. I love the addition of environmental-friendliness in this product that gives you an opportunity to play your part as a human living on earth!

10. Simple Houseware Tower Rack – Extra Large Shoe Rack

Vertical shoe racks are preferred because they are space-saving options, so they are ideal for people with narrow space at their place. The simple houseware long stand comes in four shades: black, gray, dark gray, and turquoise, with the following dimensions: 13 inches in depth, 17.5 inches in width, and 50.5 inches in height. It is an excellent addition to entryways, bedrooms, or living rooms.

Screenshot 2022 02 14 193641

The frame is made of strong metal material which shows exceptional resistance against corrosion, dust, breakage, and more. If you have kids or pets in your house, this heavy-duty rack is an excellent choice because it requires enough force to replace it; plus, there is no risk that your shoes or stuff will fall! The shelves are of plain fabric that stores your belongings in a ventilated way. However, cleaning the fabric part is a little tough as it requires proper washing.

Moreover, I am amazed by the fastest delivery offered by Amazon on this rack, as you can get it delivered in no more than 10 to 12 hours. Isn’t it incredible? Plus, it is on a 12 percent discount these days, so what are you waiting for? I think it’s among the best budget-friendly long racks in today’s market, so don’t waste your time; go and order yours now!


  • Metal frame
  • Fastest delivery option
  • Requires less space to accommodate


  • Fabric is challenging to clean

In a few words, the simple houseware long stand is among the best shoe organizers that account for exceptional build quality and convenience. It offers incredible resistance, stability, fastest delivery, discount offers, and whatnot!

Buying Guide

Size and Dimensions

Before spending your bucks on the best shoe organizers, you need to address the available space at your place! Mainly, people buy a wooden rack from the market, and afterward, it doesn’t work because of space problems, as those racks aren’t adjustable, right? This way, I suggest you consider your suitability for making an ideal purchase.

For example, a compacted model would be an excellent option if you want to place a shoe organizer at the entryway. In contrast, wooden ones are great for bedrooms or living rooms because of their resemblance to furniture. Similarly, a hanging rack is an ideal choice for buyers who don’t have enough floor space because it can be fastened behind a door.

Build Quality

It would be best to never compromise on the construction quality because it deals with sturdiness, resilience, and durability. In general, the metallic stands are more durable and long-lasting, and due to their weight, they are not prone to wobbling. The wooden racks are reliable because there is no risk of corrosion, but you need to consider a strong wood type. In contrast, the plastic racks are lightweight impact-resistant, but flimsy or jiggly.


The shoe organizers have different styles: their tiers count, standing type, size, and more. You should opt for one based on what you have to store in it; for instance, if you have long-neck suede boots, a closed cabinet style organizer would be an ideal choice because such shoes are expensive and parallelly prone to dust. On the other hand, if you have daily use sneakers, a rack would be more appropriate because shoes are visible and easily accessible in such organizers.

There are some extraordinary choices too, which are more like closets, for example, Aeitic 48 pair shoe organizer that stores footwear and has to hang options on the side to carry hats, bags, and more. If you want to place boundless items like indoor plants, books, toys, gadgets, bags, or other accessories, get a multifunctional option with free space to store such things.


Budget varies with the size, design, fanciness, and brand of the best shoe organizers. The list of cabinet traits is pretty long; you have to put stop marks according to your budget limit. In my recommendation, the most important thing is build quality – which means one should never compromise over stability, sturdiness, and durability. Other traits like fancy appearance, additional hooks, etc., come afterward. This is how you can make a smart purchase!

The traits of the best shoe organizers are as follows:

  • Requires less space
  • Keep footwears visible
  • Pairs are accessible
  • Provides protection

Now that you’re aware of “what is the best shoe rack,” I thought to give you a comprehensive clue regarding primary types of footwear storage. The shoe racks are of four main types, depending upon their structure. Let’s discuss:

  • Freestanding racks: portable, multifunctional, and open to surroundings.
  • Cubbies: keep shoes individually, trendy, and a walk-in closet choice.
  • Shoe cabinets: hidden footwear storage, keeps pairs safe, bigger than racks, and ideal for bedrooms.
  • Over the door racks: hangable, foldable, and inexpensive option.


Are shoe racks worth buying?

Shoe organizers are an ideal choice to get rid of topsy-turvy footwear, as they not only assemble your shoes nicely but also fill up the decluttering entryway spaces of your home—many different shoe organizers, including shoe racks, shoe cabinets, transparent boxes, and more. You should purchase one after addressing your requirements and space at your place. I love the multifunctional wooden footwear racks available these days.

How much weight can a shoe rack hold?

The answer to this question varies from product to product. Generally speaking, the metallic tracks are more robust, straight, and stable than other options to carry more weight. While wooden storage options are lightweight but firm enough to carry weight up to 268 lbs. In contrast, plastic organizers are slightly flimsy and can carry less weight than other options.

Do shoes need to breathe?

Yes! The shoe racks are intended to carry worn shoes, right? So, it’s clear that if you place your shoes somewhere in a closed space, they would get smelly and might be prone to fungus too after time. Therefore, air ventilation is an important parameter that should be ticked and marked in any rack. Considering that, I recommend the mesh-shelves stacked racks which facilitate air circulation – keeping your footwear fresh and offering pleasant surroundings.

Final Thoughts

Now that you are aware of the best shoe cabinets, I hope you’ll find an accurate one. I repeat, the best shoe organizers are the ones that require less accommodation space, keep footwear healthy, accessible, and visible, and come with the utmost protection. From the above discussion, my top considerable are as follows:

  • Seville Classics Storage: easy assemblage, all-metal construction, and multifunctional.
  • Whitmor Door Shoe Rack: hangable, branded product, and nonslip spaces.
  • Simple Trending Shoe Rack: looks nice, corrosion resistive, and foldable design.

I hope this blog will be enough for you to make the right decision. Before spending your precious money, make sure to take a look at the buying guide given above and note down the important things that demand your prior consideration. See you in the next conversation!

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