Best Shoe Rack Design (Modern & Simple) 2022

With a growing family, you need some extra storage space for everything whether it’s shoes, clothes, or any other stuff. You can carelessly make a bundle of clothes and throw them in a cupboard and shut the door at them but what about shoes?

Shoes need a proper space otherwise you won’t like guests stumbling over your shoes. There are a variety of ways by which you can organize shoes and store them to save them from dust and reshaping.

Before checking designs, first, check shoe storage ideas so you can select how your design should be. The list of best shoe rack designs is as follows.


1. Double Storage Shoe Rack


This is designed to give you drawers look on one side and display shelves on the other side. You can use the drawers for storing the shoes and can place decoration pieces on the display shelves if you want otherwise you can also lace shoes on these shelves but then consider placing this unit in your dressing room. This unit increases the beauty of your home while not letting anyone know what you are hiding inside drawers. It’s a bit expensive but undoubtedly enhances the beauty of your house.

2. Folding Shoe Rack

Screenshot 2022 02 19 073416

If you have a limited collection of shoes then this option is for you. It is budget-friendly and portable. You can place this anywhere in the house but I recommend placing it somewhere at the corner where nobody can directly see it. If every shoe is busy then you can also fold it and place it under the bed or in the cupboard.

3. Storage Boxes

Screenshot 2022 02 19 073626

If you have enough space under your bed then you should definitely consider storage boxes. Some storage boxes come with sections or compartments. You can arrange your shoes in the storage boxes and hide them under the bed. When you want a pair of shoes just drag the storage box from the corner, open the zip and take out the pair you want and drag the box back under the bed. It is easy, cheap, and portable.

4. Shoe Holder

Screenshot 2022 02 19 073807

If you have a space for shoes in your cabinet then you should definitely try a shoe holder as it leaves the space for more shoes or you may say it doubles the area. One shoe over the other makes a selection easy when you are in a hurry for the occasion and you have to pick a matching pair. It is the affordable and best way to organize your cupboard in reference to space.

5. Understairs

Screenshot 2022 02 19 073933

If you have stairs in your house then you can utilize the area below the stairs. This is one of my favorite places which is huge and can be utilized in any manner. But sticking to the topic I recommend that this area can be made into a shoe storage area. You can hide shoe racks over here or can place wooden shelves and make your own shoe rack.

6. Bench Shoe Rack

Screenshot 2022 02 19 074056

The bench shoe rack performs dual functions, one for sitting and the other for storing shoes. You don’t need to find a specific corner to fit this as this looks like a part of the furniture. You will realize it’s not expensive if you see from this aspect that it’s a bench in your living room and you are utilizing its useless part by placing your shoes in it. You can do one more thing, place the bench in such a way that from the front it seems like a bench but when you rotate it there are shelves or compartments for shoes.

Screenshot 2022 02 19 074236

7. Over the Door Shoe Organizer

This idea works with any door in the house, but it really works great if you have a store in your apartment. You just have to hang this rack over the backside of the door. The hanging rack is convenient for small spaces and is affordable. It doesn’t accumulate larger shoes but works great for small and average-sized shoes.

8. Shoe Storage in Ottoman

Screenshot 2022 02 19 074700

This is the best idea I have ever come across. Ottoman increases the beauty of your living room while the hollow space inside it can be utilized by placing pairs of shoes. You can even create compartments inside the ottoman to place shoes in an organized manner. There is just one flaw, it wouldn’t store large shoes, like boots, if you create compartments inside it.

Screenshot 2022 02 19 074926

9. Shoeboxes

This option is best for people who have enough storage space but want to keep their pairs away from dust. These transparent shoe boxes help you find out your desired shoe at one glance. Even if you don’t have enough space for storage then you can consider hiding these boxes under the bed.

10. Extending Shoe Rack

Screenshot 2022 02 19 075102

You already have a shoe rack but now it’s not enough for your tremendously increasing variety of shoes so instead of buying another rack it’s better that you try extending your existing rack. Place a metal or wooden shoe rack over the existing shoe rack and join it with the help of a velcro patch or with the help of screws to make it more strong. It’s better if you attach a plastic rack as it’s light in weight and would stay easily.


How can you expand your shoe storage?

If you have a spare cupboard, fix shelves over there parallel to each other in a horizontal position. In this way, sections are created and you can place your shoes over there.

What is the best way to store shoes in a small way?

If you have a small place or a corner left spare then you can place a wooden box which is closed with a separate wooden lid over it. You can place your shoes inside it, close it with a lid and place a beautiful decoration piece over it like a small plant.

How do you store shoes after use?

Try cleaning shoes from beneath after every use, with the help of a wet cloth. In this way, shoes won’t spread dust in your storage area. If you want your shoes to maintain shape then use some shoe shapers, especially for formal shoes.


Choose any of the best shoe rack designs mentioned above that suits you to keep the hallway clean. Select shoe rack according to the space of your beautiful house and the number of shoes you have. To keep shoes clean and tidy it is better that you pick closed units but for frequently used shoes, racks are a better choice.

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