Best Shoe Protector Spray for Jordans (Top 4)

Are you in search of a good protection spray for your Jordans? If yes, then we got covered. A list of the four best shoe protector sprays for Jordans is given in the article below. They have quick-drying formulas that leave no wet stains behind. These sprays can be your go-to options on your way to a quick run or the gym. Read the article carefully so you can choose the best one that meets all your protection and cleaning needs.


Best Shoe Protector Spray For Jordans

1. Crep Protect Spray-U

The Crep Protect Spray-U is the first on our list of the best shoe protector spray for Jordans. It catches the attention of the customers because of the quick-drying formula and protection against all kinds of stains. The amazing blend of the ingredients makes sure that it dries within ten to fifteen minutes and leaves behind no residue.

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The spray forms a protective coating on the shoes and stops the stains from forming on them. Buying an expensive pair of Jordans is considered an investment and the Crep protective spray will add up to the useful life of these shoes. When sprayed and dried, the dirt and grime stay away and the shoes look as good as new.

The Crep Protect Spray-U is a versatile option and works equally well on leather, suede, nubuck, and mesh shoes. Two or three layers of the sprays can be used to protect against harsh weather conditions. The bottle is of a reasonable size and can be grabbed on your way to the gym. Hence this is a great option that can provide protection against the snow as well.

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The protective spray from the Crep has a quick-drying formula that is translucent and leaves behind no stain or residue. It can be layered up for protection against rain or snow. This versatile spray can work well on all the materials and keeps the shoes in good condition. However, the spray is affordable but the quantity is less and can finish after a few uses.

2. Kiwi Select All Protector

Next, we have the Kiwi Select All Protector on our list for the best shoe protector spray for Jordans. It has a water-repellent formula that provides ultimate protection against rain and even snow. The spray protects the formation of the stains on the shoes but allows air circulation so the feet do not sweat and get irritated.

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Whatever might be the color of your shoes, this spray can be used and does not damage the original color. The Kiwi Select All Protector can even protect against stubborn oil stains and forms an invisible layer on the shoes. The beauty of your Jordans cannot be marred after using this spray.

The Kiwi Select All Protector comes in a big bottle of 7.7 ounces which can be used easily for a long time and the spray pump makes the application easy. The liquid formula can work well with all your shoes and helps them stay in good condition. The only drawback of this amazing protective spray is that it cannot be used on metallic leather, vinyl, and satin.

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The Kiwi Select All Protector is an amazing product that can be used on shoes of all colors. Even after spraying it on the shoes, the air circulation is not hindered. The large quantity can work for a longer period. However, when sprayed in layers two to three times, it can make the shoes appear shiny. This shiny appearance might be off for some people.

3. Rust-Oleum Shoe Spray

The Rust-Oleum Shoe Spray has made it to our list because of its action spray nozzle. You get more control over the product and the smell does not irritate us by mixing into the air. This NeverWet spray keeps all your Jordans in excellent condition by providing a hydrophobic coating on them. All kinds of liquids including water and oil are repelled by this silicon-free spray.

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It can be your go-to product on the way to a quick morning run. You do not have to wait for hours as the spray dries up quickly. The spray bottle contains 11.2 ounces of the product which can last for a month even if applied daily. It is made with natural and synthetic materials and this is why it ensures great results without damaging the shoe surface.

The Rust-Oleum NeverMet spray is considered one of the best shoe protector sprays for Jordans. The crystal clear application works well with all kinds of materials and leaves the shoes as new as out of the box. Even after spraying in layers, it does not blocks the air to flow in and out of your shoe. Hence it will be a wise decision to maintain your shoes with the help of this protector spray.

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The Rust-Oleum Shoe Spray can be your go-to option as it can easily be sprayed with a nozzle. The crystal clear application leaves behind no wet stains and the shoes remain in excellent quality. The only disadvantage of this amazing product is that it cannot be used indoors. You should use this in open-air or ventilated areas to avoid irritation or discomfort.

4. Collonil Carbon Pro Waterproofing Spray

The Collonil Carbon Pro Waterproofing Spray is last on our list of the best shoe protector sprays for Jordans because of its carbon-fiber technology. It is ideal for people who cannot tolerate stains on their shoes. The unique carbon fiber technology works well on all kinds of materials and keeps them as fresh as out of the box.

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You can use this shoe protector spray on your white shoes as well because it has a translucent formula and leaves no residual stains behind. The Collonil provides great protection and does not affect the breathability of the shoes. It allows air circulation so the feet are comfortable throughout the day.

Either you wear leather, suede, or mesh Jordans, it can keep them all clean without damaging the material. Hence it is one of the best shoe protector sprays that is available in bottle sizes of 300ml and 400ml. You can purchase the one according to your use. It does not contain any irritating smell that can cause discomfort.

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The Collonil Carbon Pro Waterproofing Spray comes with carbon fiber technology and protects the material of your Jordans. It does not have a strong irritating smell that causes discomfort when used indoors. However, it is available in two sizes but can be expensive when compared with other competitors in the market.


How can I protect my Jordans?

You can protect your Jordans by using several methods. Shoe protector sprays can be one of the best and the easiest option that is available on the market. They can be used to protect your Jordans and keep them in a good condition over the years.

What do you spray Jordans with?

You can spray Jordans with any of the shoe-protecting sprays that you like using. Some of these come with an amazing blend of ingredients and do not damage the material of the shoe. They make sure the shoes do not catch any dust and allow air circulation for comfort throughout.

Can you use Crep Protect On Air Jordans?

Yes, you can use Crep Protect On Air Jordans as they protect against all the stubborn stains and dirt. It is one of the best sprays available in the market.

Why are my Jordans turning yellow?

The Jordans can turn yellow when you do not take care of them. The oxidation and the dirt after wearing them daily can change their color. You can use the shoe protector sprays that provide ultimate protection against water, dirt, and even snow.


A list of the best shoe protector sprays for Jordans is given in the article above. These sprays can protect your shoes and make them look clean and fresh as out of the box. The best two according to me, are:

  • Crep Protect Spray-U is best because it’s versatile and has a quick-drying translucent formula.
  • Kiwi Select All Protector is best because it allows air circulation and can be used on different colors.

Hence these are the best sprays that can provide maximum protection. These can add up to the useful life of your Jordans. The shoes appear to be new even if you wear them regularly for years. Using a good protection spray with your expensive pair of Jordans can be a win-win situation for you.

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