7 Best Shoe Protector Covers (2022) Review

Are you worried about your favorite pair of shoes getting stained or dirty? Have you ever bought white pair of shoes and never worn them just because you were concerned that they would get stained in rainy weather? Then your search for the particular solution ended here. It’s where shoe protector covers come in. Today we will review the best shoe cover protectors that will help you get one that suits your needs.

Shoe protector covers are made up of either soft materials or hard rubber fabrics that help your shoes avoid contact with the floor. You can use shoe protector covers in rainy and stormy weather, or contractors or workers can use them to prevent the shoes from getting dirty while working. Shoe protector covers are used when people don’t want to get their on-sale shoes dusted.


People who love outdoor walks or exercises can also use shoe protector covers to save their favorite pair of joggers from mud. After the rain, the track becomes slippery and muddy, so a shoe protector is a solution for people who want to go for a long walk and avoid mud and a watery surface. I have reviewed these products that you can consider while purchasing a shoe cover.

Best Shoe Protector Cover

1. Oceantree Shoe Covers Disposable

If you are looking for shoe covers that are waterproof, stretchy, and durable, then Oceantree shoe covers are for you. Oceantree disposable shoe cover is made with Chlorine Polyethylene (CPE) material which is very soft and elastic. It comes in blue color, having a length of 13.8 inches and a width of 5.1. These shoe protector covers are easily adjustable and usually come in one size fit for every shoe.

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A rubber band is used at the end of the shoe cover, which helps maintain traction and provide firmness. The rubber band is elastic and unbreakable and ensures durability. The elastic band clings with the shoe and gives a snug feeling. It helps to cover the shoe, so the shoe becomes dry, moisture, and dirt-free while making movements. Walking on the slippery tracks, the adjustability of the shoe keeps a wearer from falling and slipping.

As Oceantree shoe protector covers are germ-free, you can use indoors like houses, carpets, gardens, and outdoors like tracks, rocky places, and construction areas. They are suitable for contractors and laborers as these covers are waterproof, so they protect the shoes and feet from getting wet or dirty. You can also take along Oceantree protector covers while traveling. They are durable, solid, and long-lasting, made up of thick material.


  • Chlorine Polyethylene material
  • waterproof
  • Firm and stretchy


  • Fragile

If you are looking for budget-friendly shoe protectors, then Oceantree shoe protectors are the best choice for you. Oceantree shoe protector covers are disposable, durable, and waterproof made with CPE material. CPE material ensures elasticity and firmness in the shoe protector covers. You can use them indoors, on floors with carpets, gardens, museums, and outdoors like walking tracks, cars, and workplaces.

2. Tomus-UNI Disposable Shoe Covers

If you are looking for a shoe protector that is environment friendly and has a good quantity plus quality, then Tomus-Uni disposable shoe covers are for you. This shoe protector is made with non-woven polyethylene fabric that is tear-resistant, ensuring the durability and fragile nature of the shoe protector cover. The thickness of the Tomus-Uni shoe protector cover is more than a regular hand-made shoe cover. They are lightweight and rupture-resistant.

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The Tomus-Uni shoe protector covers are disposable and waterproof protectors that help to protect your feet or shoes from getting wet or muddy. This is your go-to product making your shoes perfectly waterproof in the rainy season. It is made with tough fabric that protects the shoe from tearing and rupturing. An elastic rubber band is used at the opening of the shoe protector cover that makes it easy to fit over your shoe and gives your feet a snug feeling.

The non-slip base of the shoe protector cover helps the wearer attain traction, which gives your shoe firmness and heavy grip. If you are wearing the Tomus-Uni shoe protector in stormy or rainy weather, it will help protect your shoes from getting dirty or stained. The firm grip will help you from falling or slipping in rocky places. You can also use them indoors on floors, carpets, wooden floors. It will protect your carpets and floors from dirt and stains.


  • Environment friendly
  • Non-woven material
  • Non-slip and soft


  • Available in one size

The Tomus-Uni shoe protector covers are unique because of their environment-friendly nature and slip-resistance quality. They are usually used in large industries, workplaces, construction companies, and homeowners. They are rigid and fragile, which ensure shoe protector covers durability and flexibility. Its waterproof nature makes it easy for you to use it in rainy and stormy weather.

3. Dssiy Disposable Hygienic Boot & Shoe Covers

The Dssiy Disposable Hygenic Boot and Shoe Protector cover ensure comfort and protection from dirt and grime. They are made with high Chlorine Polyethylene (CPE) material. It comes with waterproof, disposable, and non-slip bottoms. The use of CPE material makes The Dssiy Disposable Hygienic boots and shoe protector cover elastic and flexible that easily fits every shoe. It is available in blue color with all in one size. Its length is 15.7 inch, and width is 5.9 ‘’.

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These shoe protector covers are waterproof and disposable, ensuring the dryness of the shoe and feet. Due to their waterproof quality, water cannot enter your shoe when moving in wet places. Their non-slip bottoms provide traction and protect you from falling and slipping. The elastic rubber band is used at the opening to help shoe cover protectors adjust quickly and provide firmness when you move.

The Dssiy Disposable shoe protector cover is a machine-made product that makes it unique and better than hand made shoe protector cover. You can use it for indoor and outdoor activities. The anti-skid technology is being used in this shoe protector cover that provides strength and steadiness to your shoe. Its non-slip base helps the wearer to move on slippery areas. You can use these shoe protectors at workplaces, museums, hospitals, and large industrial sites because of their durability.


  • CPE material
  • Anti-skid technology
  • Non-slip and firm grip


  • Non-environment friendly

The Dssiy Disposable shoe protector cover is your go-to product if you are concerned about grime and dust on your floors and carpets. These cover protectors are durable, water-resistant, and protect your foot from wet surroundings. If you are using Dssiy Disposable shoe protector cover in the rain, its water-resistant property will help your shoes from stains and marks. You will not have to waste your precious time removing these stains and spots.

4. Impacto T2GUM Toes2Go Protective Safety Boot

Impacto T2GUM Toes2Go protective boots and shoe covers are unique in their design and made with 100% waterproof PVC material. This protective shoe cover is flexible and does not crack and stiff. It can quickly fix over shes of any shape and size. Its strap at the back assures a firm fit and gives a snug feeling, which is very helpful during movement in muddy areas. Impacto T2GUM Toes2Go protective shoe cover has a toe protector layer from the front, which helps to protect the toe from a collision.

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They are not like regular shoe protector covers as they protect your feet from dust and grime and your toe from accidental impact. You can usually use it in hazardous areas where there is a risk of toe damage. It is best suited for clerical staff, guests, medical staff, construction companies, and laborers. It is made especially for people who are allergic to dust and grim also who work in an environment where there is a risk of damage because when you walk, your toe is the first part that comes in contact with the floor.

Its flexible material made it easy to fit on heels, boots, and sneakers. Runners can also wear it as it covers running boots perfectly. Its waterproof quality keeps the shoe dry and stain-free. It is easily wearable and takes no time to remove. It is best to use indoor, leaving your carpet dust and stain-free. Guests and temporary visitors can also use Impacto Toes2Go protective shoe covers.


  • Steel Toe protector Cap
  • 100% waterproof
  • Easy to wear and remove


  • Narrow strap at the end

Are you a worker in a construction company who wants to protect his/her toes from an accident? Then Impacto Toes2Go protective boot and cover is the product you are looking for. Its design is unique with a steel toe cap that holds your toe and protects it from external shock or injury. Its PVC material ensures flexibility that easily fits on heels or boots. You can use this product either you are going outside for a party or playing tennis. It takes no time to wear and remove.

5. Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Shoe Covers

Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Shoe Cover is made with Nylon which is an excellent water-resistant material. Some of the best waterproof sneakers in the market come at a very high price and so protective coverings can be very useful for those who cannot afford to make such a purchase. It has a remarkable ability to absorb water while you move on muddy areas. It is made with stretchable material that makes it easy to fit on the shoe.

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The opening of this shoe protector cover has an elastic rubber band that helps this shoe protector cover tightly hold the boots allowing you to move comfortably. Klein Tools Tradesman Pro shoe cover protector is a washable machine product, making it durable for 6 to 9 months when used regularly.

It saves your money from spending on disposable shoe protector covers made with other materials and has less durability. It is easy to wear and remove. Its sole is made with slip-resistant material that provides grip and traction. It gives strength and stability to your shoe during walking or running.


  • Nylon material
  • Durable and washable
  • Water and slip-resistant


  • Small size unavailable

If you are a person who needs durable shoe protector covers that are reusable and machine washable, then Klein Tool Tradesman Pro shoe cover protector is a good option for you. As it is made with nylon material which is washable and you can use it regularly for almost 6 to 9 months. It saves your money from buying shoe protector covers again and again and also helps prolong the duration before you need the replacement of your running shoes. Its tight fit is comfortable to wear, and its nonslip sole helps keep your balance in muddy and wet areas.

6. Wecolor Disposable Shoe Covers

Wecolor Disposable shoe protector is made with interwoven polypropylene material that ensures flexibility and durability. The PVC-free and non-toxic disposable shoe protector cover are 100% recyclable. Its GSM is (35g) higher than other brands (30g), making it a more reliable, durable, and flexible shoe protector cover. Wecolor disposable shoe protector cover is thick yet lightweight and can be worn comfortably.

Screenshot 2021 09 07 142226 1

Its latex-free elastic band at the opening makes this shoe cover cling smoothly with your shoe and provides stability and balance. Its non-slip sole helps in providing traction and saves the user from slipping and falling. Its water-resistant property keeps your shoe dry and moisture-free. You can use it on carpets, floors, and wooden floors. It is best suited for temporary guests who don’t want to untie their shoes.

The house owners who want to keep their carpets and floors dirt and grim free can place a pair of Wecolor disposable shoe protector covers outside their houses. Its rupture-free property will keep your carpets and floors spotless and clean. It is best suited for employers working in construction companies, medical and surgical staff, gardeners, carpenters, large-scale industrial employers, plumbers, and electricians.


  • Interwoven polypropylene material
  • Flexible and latex-free
  • 100 % recyclable


  • Available in one size only

Wecolor disposable shoe protector cover is your go-to product because of its PVC-free, environment-friendly, and recyclable features. You can carry it comfortably while walking or running. Its non-slip sole gives your feet a firm grip and prevents you from slipping on wet places.

7. OGUNUOKI Disposable Shoe Covers

OGUNUOKI disposable shoe cover protector is made with high-quality CPE material. It is made with a stretchable and flexible material that fits all sizes of boots and shoes. Usually, it comes in a length of 15.7inch and a width of 5.9”. The elastic rubber band at the opening of the shoe protector cover makes it easy for you to wear on your shoes.

Screenshot 2021 09 07 142646

Its water-proof feature help protect your shoe from getting wet and prevent moisture. At the bottom of the OGUNUOKI disposable shoe cover, it has an anti-slip particle that prevents the user from tripping and falling. Its firm grip provides friction and balance to the wearer.

It is the best option for those who work in construction companies, industry employers, medical staff, contractors, gardeners, and electricians. You can also use it indoors, like carpets, floors, gardens, cars, and museums. You can use it for almost 4 to 6 months regularly before disposing of it. It is washable and more resilient.


  • CPE material
  • Anti-slip sole
  • Waterproof


  • Delicate

If you are shopping for a shoe protector cover and want something disposable, water-resistant, and nonslip sole, you must keep OGUNUOKI disposable show protector cover on your list. Its firm grip around your shoe gives a comfy feeling. Its waterproof feature keeps your shoe stain-free.

Buying Guide

Shoes help to protect our feet from moisture, dirt, and getting hurt. You invest so much in your shoes and also want them to be protected from stains and mud. People use shoe protector covers according to their needs. Some use these covers to protect their shoes. At the same time, others want to protect their house from getting dirty. So shoe protectors are designed keeping in mind the needs and demands of people. Here is a guide while looking for shoe protector covers, what characteristics you should keep in mind according to your requirement.

Size And Adjustability

While looking for a shoe protector cover, you must check the size chart as the shoe protector cover comes in different sizes. Some brands provide unisex, or all-in-one fit shoe protector covers. Other brands offer extra small and extra-large sizes for your shoes. The best shoe protector cover comes with an opening or sag because it helps to protect the shoe from becoming dirty, muddy and avoid water seeping down the shoe.

Shoe protector covers primarily come in all in one size fit. Some shoe covers are easily adjustable, whereas others come in one size. Reusable shoe protector covers can be easily adjusted with hooks, buckles, laces, and snaps present at the opening of covers. Whereas disposable shoe protector covers have just elastic bands so you can tighten or loosen the grip around the shoe. As shoes come in different lengths and widths, shoe protector covers having hooks and buckles to help achieve the fit.


Different materials are used to make shoe protector covers. Each material has its benefits. You can find shoe covers in woven propylene, Foam filters, nylon, and PVC/Plastic materials. The most widely used disposable shoe covers are made up of woven propylene material. These shoe covers are not durable. They only last for few hours or might take long till one day, but they are cheap and can be purchased in bulk.

Foam filters are durable and best to use on carpet and floors as they will not scratch the floor. It is easy to clean and light-weighted. PVC/plastic material shoe covers are best to use in rainy weather. It is made up of waterproof material so the water, moisture, or mud won’t go inside. The most durable material used in shoe protectors is Nylon. You can use it both indoors and outdoors. The nylon shoe protector cover is lightweight and disposable and keeps the dirt away indoors.

Traction And Color

Shoe protector covers can be dangerous if they don’t provide traction in the bottom because traction can help the wearer from slipping and falling. For traction, non-slip grips, silicone rubbers, and thick rubber material are used in most reusable shoe protector covers. Traction provides a firm grip to the shoe and avoids slip and fall. Extra traction is needed in the shoe protector cover when walking on slippery surfaces.

Shoe protector covers come in a limited range of colors and are not much style accessory. These protector covers are made for students and doctors, mostly in blue or white colors. Some brands also provide pink and black color protectors. Disposable shoe protector covers come in pink, blue, and white, whereas reusable shoe protector covers include neutral colors like white, gray, and black.

Disposable And Reusable

Disposable shoe protector covers are made up of thin and elastic material. They are not durable and can be worn once or twice. When it comes to traction in disposable shoe protector covers, non-slip material is used at the bottom that helps the wearer from falling and slipping. They are cheap and can be purchased in bulk. These shoe protector covers are not much adjustable as they just have elastic bands. They are usually made for medical professionals and teachers.

Reusable shoe protectors are made up of different materials so that you can use them repeatedly. Mostly reusable shoe protector covers are made up of Nylon. Nylon protector covers are durable and can be used outdoors as well as indoors. At the opening of reusable shoe protector covers, hooks, buckles, and snaps are provided to get a perfect fit around your shoe. They are usually made for athletes or constructors that work outdoors for a long time.


Shoe protector covers come in inexpensive, mid, and expensive ranges. Shoe protector covers that are cheap can be purchased in bulk, but they are not durable. They can tear when used outdoors or in rocky places. Mid-range disposable shoe protectors are much better than cheap ones. They have some quality of expensive shoe protectors in terms of material and design. Expensive protector covers are durable and can be used in rocky places or outdoors. You should consider buying protective shoe covers according to your planned budget.


If you are conscious of your shoes getting dirty, then shoe protector covers are for you. It comes in different sizes and materials with various price ranges. If you don’t feel like washing your shoe protector covers, you can use disposable ones. They are cheap, and you can buy them in bulk. We have reviewed the best shoe protector covers. Our top three recommendations are

  • Klein Tools Tradesman pro shoe cover protector for its nylon material, environment-friendly, and machine washable feature.
  • Impacto T2Gum Toes2Go protector cover for its toe protector steel cap, non-slip sole, and strap at the back of the shoe protector.
  • Oceantree disposable shoe cover protector for its durability, flexible and waterproof quality.

This was an in-detailed product review of the shoe protector cover with buying guide. You can consider it when purchasing shoe protector covers for yourself as we have elaborated features of these covers which are worth buying or not.

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