10 Best Products For Waterproofing Leather Boots (Wax & Oil)

Footwear signifies our aesthetic and fashion sense. While we search for stylish yet comfortable shoes, we also have to look for a solution to protect them. You can either leave your boots untreated and look at them, getting worn out too soon, or take care of them with the best product for waterproofing leather boots for surplus benefits.

Exerts say that the best way to protect and prolong your leather boots’ life is to treat them with an excellent waterproofing product, and they are cent percent correct. You must also witness the magic that happens when you apply a leather treatment to the boots. Not only does it condition the leather, but also it adds to the life of the shoes by making them water repellent.

You can check out our post for the best suede protectors as well. Reviewing here for you the ten best products for waterproofing leather boots that deliver phenomenal results and render a great protective shield on the boots’ surface. So without any further adieu, let us begin!

10 Best Products For Waterproofing Leather Boots

best product for waterproofing leather boots

1. Sof Sole Mink Oil – Best Leather Conditioner and Waterproofer

Starting with one of the leather care products that will catch your attention when searching the internet for the best waterproofer for leather boots. It’s the Sof Sole Mink Oil that waterproofs, conditions, and preserves leather to an extraordinary level.

Sof Sole Mink Oil - Best Leather Conditioner and Waterproofer

This mink oil is our top recommendation as to the best shoe leather conditioner because of its easy application, long-lasting safeguard, and functionality on various surfaces along with leather boots. It helps in preventing salt, water, and precipitation stains on the surface of the leather. You can use it on leather boots, purses, saddles, shoes, hats, gloves, and jackets.

You can apply the Sof Sole mink oil using a clean cloth and let it rest on the target for a few minutes. As soon as it gets dried, wipe out the excess liquid, and it’s all done. However, keep in mind that mink oil might darken the leather surface, so you must check on a small patch for color steadfastness.


  • Conditions and protect
  • Easy application
  • Quick dry
  • It can be used on different surfaces


  • May darken leather

This leather waterproofer oil creates a protective coating on the surface so that not a single drop of water penetrates inside.

2. Obenauf’s LP – Best Quality Boot Preservative

The next best waterproofer for leather boots is the Obenauf’s LP Boot Preservative that provides a heavy-duty protective coating against water and other liquid-based spills. It was initially developed for firefighter leather boots, but its proficiency is not limited to them only. Let’s learn more about this leather protector in the review ahead.

Obenauf's LP - Best Quality Boot Preservative

Made from natural oil and beeswax formula, this leather preservative has a high-potential to guard shoes against chemical and water spills. Specially designed for firefighter boots, it prevents damage caused due to fire-retardant chemicals. However, you can also use this formula on bags, saddles and chaps, baseball gloves, holsters, vehicle interior, and much more.

Interestingly, it provides a long-lasting shield on the leather surface, as the oils are released in the fibers with time and when they are subjected to high temperatures. This makes it an excellent leather conditioner as well. You can now extend your leather boots’ life with regular application of this Obenauf’s boot preservative.

The best part is that it does not affect the breathability of the shoes. It waterproofs them perfectly without compromising on their breathability. It provides magical resistance to water stains, salt, chemicals, acid, scuffing, premature cracking, and precipitation.


  • Heavy duty
  • Protect against scuffing
  • Conditions leather
  • Oil and beeswax formula


  • Not for suede
  • May darken color (Spot test recommended)

The manufacturers instruct to apply the leather preservative at room temperature, so the formula absorbs on the leather as soon as it melts. Apply a second coat if required. On a smooth surface, apply with a cloth, let it settle, and then clean off the excess. And for nubuck, apply using a soft bristle brush. Treat your leather boots again after 6 to 8 weeks for continuous protection.

3. Nikwax Waterproofing Wax – Effective Leather Treatment

Wax is one of the best ways recognized to waterproof, preserve, and strengthen leather. Among the various products available in the market, Nikwax waterproofing wax for leather caught our attention and might be your next buy for your leather boots, and we have reasons to prove that. Scroll down to know.

Nikwax Waterproofing Wax - Effective Leather Treatment

This high-performance formula works wonders on the leather boots by restoring their water repellency, enhancing their shine, and reducing water absorption, thus preventing stains formation. It can be applied on all leather footwear and is also suitable for GORE-TEX stuff.

You can apply it using the sponge-on applicator that is available with the product. The cream delivers its results immediately on the smooth leather, and it will not soften the surface. This non-flammable product can be applied directly on both wet or dry leather, and it forms a strong, durable waterproof coating on the surface of the leather. Moreover, it does not affect the breathability of the shoes.


  • Water-based formula
  • Environmental friendly
  • All types of footwear
  • Immediate result


  • Thick consistency

Keep in mind that the protective coating will continue for a longer time if the footwear is cleaned using Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel. It will remove all the dirt and mud that attracts water so that the water repellency remains constant. Protect your leather boots with the Nikwax high-performance product.

4. Atsko Sno-Seal Original Beeswax – High-Quality Leather Protection

Introducing the next best leather protector that can survive harsh weather conditions and deliver extraordinary toughness to your leather footwear. This product made in the USA involves pure bee wax, and it solidifies as soon as it has dried. The one we are reviewing right now is the Atsko Sno-Seal Original Beeswax Waterproofing product.

Atsko Sno-Seal Original Beeswax - High-Quality Leather Protection

This Sno-Seal original wax protects the shoes from snow, salt, sun, and rain. So, your boots will remain protected even during harsh weather. Being an affordable solution, this Sno-seal is an efficient leather sealant and conditions it as well. It lubricates the surface without making it soft or without disturbing the breathability of the boots.

Now you can enjoy dry feet all day long, as there is zero moisture content inside the boots, and no amount of water can penetrate as well. Even in freezing temperatures, the leather boots won’t be getting stiff, as it maintains the flexibility of the shoes. Moreover, when it gets dried, it turns into a solid wax layer that stays on the surface for a more extended period.


  • Stays put on the surface
  • It does not soften the leather
  • Natural beeswax


  • Boots might get sticky for a day or two.

Sno-seal registers a massive appreciation from the customers because of the durable safeguard it provides. It keeps your boots in premium condition for a more extended time, so you can go on the link and order them online.

5. Bickmore Leather Conditioner – Best Leather Boots Preservative

A well-known company Bickmore established in 1882, has been amazing people with its unique products. One of them is the Bickmore Leather conditioner, which can breathe life into your footwear, making them look new and shiny. It’s a heavy-duty leather preservative that protects, restores, and softens dry and cracked leather.

Bickmore Leather Conditioner - Best Leather Boots Preservative

Available in two quantities of 4 oz and 6 oz containers, Bick LP is specifically formulated to extend the life of your shoes and purposed to safeguard your shoes against water, heat, chemicals, petroleum acids, dirt, and salt. It makes sure that the boots are not subjected to any damage. Such properties bring this product in the flashlight among the top products for waterproofing leather boots.

Based upon the frequent use of leather boots, it is evident that they lose their natural oils, thus reducing shine and quality. Along with this, it provides a strong barrier against mold, mildew, bacteria, scuff, and abrasions.

The Bickmore Leather conditioner restores the original condition by nourishing them and protects them against cracking, stitch tear, and dry rot. Interestingly, along with the leather boots, you can use this product on shoes, belts, pouches, gloves, motorbike seats, and saddles.


  • Preserves and protects
  • Nourishes
  • Softens


  • Negligible

To apply the Bickmore Leather Conditioner, spread it evenly on the surface with your hand. For more effectiveness, you can warm the formula using a hairdryer. Summing this up, this product can be your next favorite investment online, convincing you to give a thumbs up in the feedback.

6. Sof Sole Waterproofer Spray – Best for Shoes, Boots, and Jackets

Get the comfort of waterproofed shoes with the Sof Sole Waterproofer spray, which has its effectivity on shoes, boots, and jackets. It is one of the fantastic products to get reviewed that deliver perfect results in waterproofing leather boots.

Sof Sole Waterproofer Spray - Best for Shoes, Boots, and Jackets

Sof Sole waterproofer spray provides an excellent barrier against dirt, mud, oil, water, and other liquid-based spills. Its effortless application makes things relatively more comfortable for you. The easy-spray nozzle can be used for quick application on the surface.

This waterproofing spray is ideal for use on jackets, boots, hats, and other apparel. Moreover, it is also safe to be used on nubuck and suede. After application, allow the shoes to get dried completely. Now your leather boots are no more vulnerable to stains, spills, and other damage.


  • Quick-dry
  • Easy application
  • Repels oil and dirt


  • Nozzle leakage

To apply this waterproofing spray, first thoroughly clean the surface and then apply the spray evenly. Let it dry for some time, and then you can wear it. Do check color steadfastness. However, it is not recommended to use on vinyl or patent leather.

7. Atsko Silicone Water-Guard – Top Rated Waterproofer

Atsko Silicone Water-Guard is an excellent water repellent specifically for shoes and boots. It will surely leave your feet and socks dry in wet weather and environments. This unbeatable water guard is also the best choice for outerwear, footwear, tents, sleeping bags, and suede.

Atsko Silicone Water-Guard - Top Rated Waterproofer

It is an efficient water repellent, and even a single application provides maximum repellency. After spraying, you need to wait for at least 24 hours to let it dry. It does have a smell at the time of application, but after 72 hours, the scent fades away.

This waterproofing spray does not alter the breathability of the product while restoring factory waterproofing. While considering Atsko Silicone Water-Guard, you don’t need to worry about chlorinated solvents or propellants in the aerosol. This silicone-based water guard uses environmentally-safe CO2.

You can use it on an extensive range of materials like wood, concrete, brick, stone, canopies, awnings, umbrellas, covers, and outdoor furniture. This heavy-duty water repellent not only repels water but also resists stains and eventually protects your gears for years.


  • Restores and replaces factory waterproofing.
  • Resists salt stains.
  • Uses environmentally-safe CO2


  • It may leave yellow stains on the spot of the application.

Atsko silicone water guard is the best waterproofing spray to consider. It is a versatile water repellent that protects various fabrics, boots and shoes, furniture, and other outdoor gears.

8. Fiebing’s Golden Mink Oil Paste – Best Leather Water Repellent

Fiebing’s Golden Mink Oil paste is excellent to use as a preservative for leather products. This leather conditioning paste softens and conditions boots, shoes, and other leather goods. It also provides a water-repellent barrier that waterproofs, preserves, and protects the leather.

Fiebing’s Golden Mink Oil Paste - Best Leather Water Repellent

The regular and rugged outdoor use makes leather shoes dry and makes them more vulnerable to cracks. The leather replenishing oils present in Fiebings Golden Mink Oil paste lubricates the leather’s fibers and makes them less susceptible to crashes.

This paste also includes silicon, lanolin, and petroleum, which provides an effective waterproof coating along with mink oil. The mink oil quickly absorbs in the leather, fills the pores, and seals them accordingly.

Make your shoes and other leather items softer, moisturized, and waterproof, apply a generous amount of paste and work well into leather. After a few minutes, wipe off the excess amount. It also works well for baseball gloves, jackets, horse saddles, and harnesses, making them more durable.


  • Protects
  • Softens and renews leather goods
  • Creates waterproof coating


  • May affect the color of certain leather

Fiebing’s Mink Oil Paste is an excellent choice that provides maximum protection for all articles of leather and vinyl. It protects, softens, condition and waterproof shoes and eventually extend their lifespan.

9. Boot Guard Leather Dressing

Realizing the amount of care you do for your leather boots, we mention another tremendous leather protector for you. That is the Boot Guard leather dressing that serves to condition, revive, and restore leather shoes, boots, jackets, saddles, and automotive interiors.

This leather dressing is known to extend your leather footwear’s life as it preserves, protects, and waterproofs leather. This high-quality natural sealant forms a water-repellent barrier without affecting the breathability of the target surface.

Numerous customers have given a five-star rating for its matchless and non-toxic treatment on leather boots, saddles, car seats, bags, purses, and accessories. It follows a simple application method: to apply it evenly on the surface with the soft cloth’s help.

The leather dressing is composed of a unique formula that readily absorbs onto the surface and shows the results immediately, as it revives the new and fresh look of the leather.


  • High-quality
  • Versatility
  • Restores revive and restore


  • Negligible

BootGuard leather dressing is a special leather preservative that will convince you to leave positive feedback on amazon. Anyhow, make your leather boots look new with this fantastic product.

10. Huberd’s Shoe Grease – Best Leather Restorer

Turn your old, scratched, and cracked leather into new and fresh with the Huberd’s Shoe Grease. It conditions, softens, waterproofs the leather, and is the favorite of thousands of customers. Being rated as an amazon choice, it has a lot to offer.

Delivering excellence for 100 years, Huberd’s shoe grease is a perfect choice for leather footwear and outerwear. It works to extend the life of boots, shoes, and other fine leathers. Interestingly, this grease will not leave any residue on the surface, and it won’t damage the threads. Along with that, it won’t cause any yellowing of color.

This excellent boot care product will protect every inch of the leather footwear as it will cover, waterproof, soften, and condition them. It conditions them by replenishing oils and prevents them from drying. Moreover, it forms a waterproof coating on the surface that helps repel water and liquid-based spills. Along with that, it softens the old leather making it more flexible and supple.


  • Durable protection
  • Softens leather
  • It does not change color
  • Easy application


  • Negligible

Huberd’s shoe grease has grabbed the attention of people through its century-long delivery of excellent products. Made up of natural ingredients, it is one of the best waterproofing products we are recommending here.


How to protect new leather boots?

Leather boots can be protected by proper maintenance and careful cleaning. Make sure you buy a good quality waterproofing product to protect the leather boots.

How long do you leave mink oil on boots?

You can leave the mink oil on the surface of the shoes for around 12 hours, or it depends upon the extent to which leather is dried.

Is it OK to wear leather boots in the rain?

It is definitely fine to use leather boots in rain, provided that you have applied a waterproof formula on them.


Leather boots run an extra mile if they are taken proper care of. If left unattended might get cracked, dry, and scratched. As a shoe expert, we searched the internet for the best leather care products and reviewed them in detail. Among these top-rated items, our favorite three are

  • Obenauf’s LP Boot Preservative for heavy-duty leather protection
  • Atsko Sno-Seal Original Beeswax Waterproofing for ultimate protection in extreme weather conditions
  • Huberd’s Shoe Grease for conditioning, softening, and waterproofing leather.

So, we are hopeful that this information has made things relatively straightforward for you. Based on the products we reviewed, we are confident that you have found a worn-out leather shoe solution.

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