10 Best Pointe Shoes (Ballet Dance Footwear for Girls) Review

How frustrating is it when you end up with chaffed and blistered toes and feet after every practice session because of your uncomfortable shoes? Ballet sessions are not only hard on your feet, but they can also go on for hours, which puts the need to have the best pointe shoes top on the priority list.

As the right footwear plays a major role in the performance, you need to find a pair of pointe shoes that fit perfectly on your feet according to their shape, width, and length. This small job has gotten tough now as many new pointe shoe companies have been introduced in the market over the years. This article contains detailed reviews of some of the best pointe shoes currently making rounds in the industry.

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10 Best Pointe Shoes

1. Stelle Girls Ballet Shoes – Best Ballet Pointe Shoes

The durability of these shoes has been taken up a few notches by using high-quality leather in the sole. The sole is also water-resistant, wear-resistant, and skid resistant, which will not only add extra years to its life but will also make sure your usage of the shoes stays accident-free.

Stelle Girls Ballet Shoes - Best Ballet Pointe Shoes

The upper of these shoes is made from PU material with a breathable quality that will keep your feet sweat-free and your shoes light in weight. The 3D embroidery on the upper adds elegance to the shoes’ overall look, and it is also very easy to clean. All you need is a wet dishcloth and with a few wipes, your shoes will be as clean as new.

These shoes have stitched-in elastic straps on top that remove the hassle of tying and untying the strap, along with the dilemma of sudden untangling of the straps. The flexibility of these shoes and their easy-to-wear design make them perfect for pointe positions and even gymnastics.


  • Pu upper
  • Water-resistant
  • Skid-resistant sole
  • Wear-resistant
  • Stitched-in straps
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight


  • Straps get loose after few uses

The one thing every ballet dancer, whether professional or a beginner, wants to have is the finest pointe shoes that have high durability and strength, and when there is comfort along with these two, it’s like a dream come true. This is exactly what these Stelle shoes are about.

2. Bloch Performa Ballet Shoes – Professional Pointe Shoes

These shoes are made from one of the best pointe shoes companies in the market, Bloch. The canvas material used in the construction of these shoes puts them under the list of best pointe shoes due to their highly comfortable and extremely lightweight qualities.

Bloch Performa Ballet Shoes - Professional Pointe Shoes

The sole of these shoes is a split sole which adds flexibility to the design, ensuring free and easy foot movement. Sole pads are made of the finest leather that will maximize the durability of the shoes. The sole pad present in the front is wider in design to provide extra space for toe spreading and hence adds more balance to the shoes.

Toe shape of these pointe shoes has been designed specifically to provide balance to the user. To ensure that the user has the most comfortable and safe experience, the heel of these shoes contains soft cushioning with shock-absorbing qualities.

These shoes provide a highly snug fit as they are designed to hug the shape of the user’s feet. Lastly, the pre-sewn elastics on top of the shoes eliminate the danger of any tripping accidents due to the straps untying in the middle of a dance performance or an exercise.


  • Split sole
  • Very Lightweight
  • Split sole design
  • Extra toe space
  • Pre-sewn straps
  • Shock absorbing heel cushioning


  • Elastic ties are not adjustable

From construction and comfort to the overall look, these shoes have it all. With their split sole design, they will allow your feet to make flexible movements without compromising your safety during recital performances and gymnastics, ensuring safety.

3. Capezio Women’s Daisy Ballet Shoes – Toe Shoes For Ballet

Pointe shoes need to be highly comfortable and lightweight in order to serve their purpose, and that is exactly what these shoes are all about. The soft leather construction keeps them durable as well as snug. In the outsole of these shoes, full chrome tanned suede leather has been used, which adds more strength to the shoes and makes sure your feet stay snug and cozy with their high softness and pliability.

Capezio Women’s Daisy Ballet Shoes - Toe Shoes For Ballet

The presence of an adjustable drawstring at the front helps in customizing the fit of the shoes according to foot width. This feature comes in handy when you need extra tightness at the front for a more snug fit and balance. The drawstring is bar tacked to the shoes adding extra strength and tear resistance to the design.

The plain outer design and floral print on the inner cotton lining make a balanced and beautiful contrast. The hammered pleats at the bottom of the shoe have smooth contact with the floor while providing freedom for movement of the foot. These shoes do not have the traditional long straps that need to be tied up to the knees; they come with pre-sewn elastic straps that ease the job of wearing and removing the shoes.


  • Lightweight
  • Suede leather outsole
  • Durable construction
  • Adjustable drawstring at front
  • Smooth contact with the floor
  • Elastic straps


  • Size issues

The lightweight design of these shoes makes them ideal for pointe exercises. Invest your money in these pointe shoes if you need a pair that is very light in weight, will not weigh your feet down, and still, keep your feet safe. Flexibility is another perk that has been added due to its suede leather outsole.

4. Kukome Shop – Best Satin Ballet Pointe Shoes

One thing a person needs from their pointe shoes is stability and strength without compromising comfort, and that is exactly what these Kukome pointe shoes deliver. They are constructed from lustrous satin, which gives them an elegant look making them perfect for not just dance practices and gymnastics but also for parties.

Kukome Shop - Best Satin Ballet Pointe Shoes

The glossy exterior is topped off with strong man-made synthetic material on the inside and leather used in the soles to provide a comfortable and steady experience. To prevent any slip and trip accidents, the leather also has slip-resistant quality, which will keep your feet stable on the ground and keep you safe.

These shoes come with ribbons that are tied around feet to keep the shoes tight and secure. Another perk that makes these shoes one of the best pointe shoes is that the toe pad added in them is made from soft silicone gel that will do the job of keeping your toes snug and protect your feet from pressure and sprain. While buying these, make sure to get one size bigger for the toe pads to fit in. These shoes are perfect for both young girls and adults.


  • Silicone toe pads
  • Leather soles
  • Slip-resistant
  • Made from satin


  • Ribbon needs to be cut and stitched to the shoes
  • Need to be bought in a bigger size

Every ballet dancer needs a pair of shoes that are not only strong and durable but also comfortable and flexible; you’ll get all of these qualities in these shoes. These pointe shoes are perfect for recitals and performances due to their strong construction which is topped off by the lustrous exterior.

5. Wendy Wu – Top Rated Women Dance Shoes

These pointe shoes by Wendy Wu come with many features that make them ideal for young beginners and professionals alike. Their outer is made from satin, which gives the shoes a gleaming look. The lustrous exterior is enough to amp up any ballerina’s outfit.

Wendy Wu - Top Rated Women Dance Shoes

Its sole is made from german thick paper, which is flexible and wear-resistant, prolonging the life of these shoes and making them perfect for those long hours of practice. They come with a soft cotton shoe bag that will keep them clean and dry. Even if any dirt or stain forms on the shoes, they can be easily removed with a wet dishcloth.

They come with high-quality silk ribbons pre-sewn on the inside of the shoes and tie up over the foot and leg, giving a traditional ballerina look. There is a drawstring at the front of the shoes that can be cinched to fit the shoes more tightly around the foot. These shoes come in all kinds of sizes suitable for both kids and adults. Lastly, these high-quality shoes fall in an affordable price range, so getting them will not be too heavy on the pocket. Swing dancing also attracts interest of lots of people, so if you are one of them, Best Swing Dance Shoes post is for you.


  • Flexible and wear-resistant sole
  • Pre ribbon
  • Lustrous exterior
  • Drawstring at front
  • Affordable price


  • Can not be washed or dry cleaned
  • Toe pads not included

If you are looking to invest in a pair of pointe shoes that will last you a good number of years and serve their purpose even after years of use, this pair is ideal for you. Whether you are a young beginner or a professional adult, these shoes have sizes available for both.

6. Danzcue Ballet Shoes – Best Ballet Shoes For Kids

The upper of these shoes is made from canvas material which, unlike leather, is a very fuss-free, low maintenance material and has shock absorption qualities. The shock absorption quality makes sure your feet stay safe during those long jumps and twirls.

Danzcue Ballet Shoes - Best Ballet Shoes For Kids

The split sole of these shoes is manufactured from suede which is not only highly durable and smooth but also wear and slip-resistant. Another perk of the split sole is that they add more flexibility to the shoes. All these qualities combined with the soft inner cotton lining add more years to the life of these shoes.

Another good quality of these pointe shoes is that they have criss-cross elastic straps stitched on the inside that will keep your shoes in their place. To get the shoes tighter around your foot, the manufacturers have added an adjustable cord at the front that can be cinched according to your liking.


  • Suede leather split sole
  • Canvas upper
  • Shock absorption
  • Durable
  • Anti-slip
  • Adjustable cord at front
  • Elastic strap


  • None

As users of pointe shoes need to stay on their feet most of the time, they need their shoes to be as comfy and flexible as possible along with strong and durable. Danzcue Ballet shoes provide all these qualities with a comparatively light price tag that will not put a hole in your pocket.

7. Bezioner Ballet Pointe Shoes – Best Budget Ballet Shoes

The outer of these shoes are made from shiny satin fabric, which gives the shoes their appealing look. On the inside of the shoes, strong yet soft cotton fabric has been used that checks both the major boxes of the best pointe shoes i.e., comfort and strength.

Bezioner Ballet Pointe Shoes - Best Budget Ballet Shoes

They feature a leather split sole that has slip-resistant quality, which adds durability as well as the flexibility to the shoes and allows more free movements. To keep your foot straight up, Bezioner has added silicone toe pads that will keep your toes cushioned and help you hold your foot straight up.

They come with pre-attached silk straps that go around the leg and keep your shoe on securely and tightly. If you wish to increase the tightness of the shoes around your foot, you can do that with a string stitched on the upper line of the shoes. Just pull the string slightly, and voila! Dirt-resistant quality has been incorporated in the design to keep your shoes new and shiny even after hours of practice.


  • Dirt-resistant
  • Toe protectors included
  • Anti-slip
  • Affordable price range


  • Fabric can shrink if washed
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These stunning pointe shoes come in a gift box which makes them a perfect gift for a ballet dancer or even a person who is an enthusiast of beautiful shoes. Other than exquisite packaging, what is inside the package is also very appealing for ballet dancers, highly comfortable shoes that will cushion your feet and lift them up effortlessly.

8. TXJ Sports Ballet Shoes – Inexpensive Pointe Ballet Shoes

What’s better than a strong, good pair of pointe shoes is a pair that is strong but does not make a hole in your pocket with its hefty price tag. These shoes are manufactured with a glossy satin fabric exterior that adds elegance and beauty to the design.

TXJ Sports Ballet Shoes - Inexpensive Pointe Ballet Shoes

As opposed to the softer upper, the sole is made of high-quality leather that has anti-slip quality. This feature is what keeps your feet firmly planted on the floor and makes these pointe shoes safe for performers. These shoes come with long and cute ribbons, which when wrapped around your foot and leg, keep your foot safe and secure within their confinement.

The best part of these finest pointe shoes is that their toe pad is made of silica gel which, with its moisture absorption quality, will keep your feet dry and sweat-free during long hours of pointe practice sessions. This will prevent blisters and any unwanted accidents from happening.


  • Silica gel toe pads
  • Satin outer
  • Leather sole
  • Slip-resistant
  • Suitable for both beginners and professionals
  • Affordable price


  • Ribbons are not pre-attached

These pointe shoes provide you with the best experience whilst staying budget-friendly. From glossy outer to the comfortable lining, these shoes are ideal for pointe positions. The presence of silica gel toe pads makes them even more perfect, as it will help in lifting your feet effortlessly and keep them sweat-free.

9. Nexete Professional Vanassa Ballet Pointe Shoes

These pointe shoes are perfect for both beginners and professionals. These shoes are made with shiny stain fabric on the outside, making them very appealing to the eye. These shoes’ soles are composed of high-quality leather that brings many perks to the design, such as comfort, support, breathability and wear resistance. All these features, along with their lightweight design, make these shoes perfect for every type of occasion from dance performances to gymnastics.

Nexete Professional Vanassa Ballet Pointe Shoes

These shoes have rubber toe pads included in the construction which will help in better grip, ensuring your toes stay firmly planted on the ground while staying comfortable while you are wearing the shoes. Rubber toe pads will also keep your toes safe from being bruised.

The strong elastic shank present between the insole and the outsole of these pointe shoes makes them slip-resistant and adds stability to the shoes, helping keep the foot straight up. Finally, these great pointe shoes come with two ribbons attached to the sides of the shoes, eliminating the trouble of stitching the ribbons.


  • Beautiful exterior
  • Wear-resistant sole
  • Light in weight
  • Rubber toe pads
  • Pre-attached ribbons
  • Canvas storage bag


  • Comparatively harder shanks

From stability and strength to an elegant look, this pair has it all. The wear-resistant and anti-slip qualities of the outsole, combined with the cushioning inner lining and beautiful outer look, makes them even more perfect for pointe positions.

10. Grishko 2007 – Medium Shank

As Grishko is one of the top pointe shoes manufacturing companies, you can keep your expectations high with this pair. A high-quality suede sole will give you that ideal balance that you need to spin and twirl on stage without the shoe skidding or sticking to the floor.

Grishko 2007 - Medium Shank

Another quality that makes these shoes one of the best pointe shoes is that the shank is cut at the ¾ mark that offers finer support by creating a better fit and arch for professional dancers. If you don’t like the ¾ cut shank, do not worry; these shoes have 3 different shank options that you can choose from, along with the 5 different width options.

One of the best features of the Grishko 2007 is that instead of the traditional narrow front, these shoes have a tapered toe box added at the front, that allows more room for your toes and will not have your toes crammed in the shoes. Tapered toe box also gives you better stability and allows free toe movements.


  • Suede sole provides balance
  • Lightweight
  • ¾ shank
  • 5 width options
  • 3 shank options
  • Tapered toe box


  • Not ideal for beginners

These Russian-made pointe shoes are quite unique. Their design provides a perfect combination of stability, comfort, and flexibility. From the satin exterior to the suede sole, everything is up to the mark. The fact that they come with different width and shank options makes it easier for you to select one perfect for your feet width. Adding to that, if you play tennis regularly, check out these excellent waterproof tennis shoes.

Buying Guide

In order to perfect those pointe positions, ballet dancers need the finest pointe shoes because their performances are highly dependent on their shoes. If the shoes keep hurting their foot or are not of the correct fit, all their hard work can go down the drain.

Now that you have read detailed reviews of some of the best pointe shoes available in the market, it is time to choose one for yourself. Here are some major factors, that make a pair of shoes the best or the worst, these will help you find the perfect pointe shoes for you.


It goes without saying that finding a pair of pointe shoes with the right fit for your feet is crucial. If it is even a quarter of an inch too tight, it will cause your toes to curl, restricting foot movement. If it is even a bit lose, it will not give you the support you need to stand in pointe positions. Check the length and width of the shoe very carefully, they should be perfectly sized for your feet.


Pointe shoes are constructed with a variety of materials such as canvas, leather, mesh, or satin. All of these materials bring unique qualities to the design of the shoes. Satin gives a lustrous and elegant finish to the shoes, while leather adds durability to them.

Shoes made from mesh are very breathable but not as long-lasting as the ones made from canvas. Canvas material is long-lasting, durable and the shoe constructed from it sticks to the foot shape, which is why this material is considered the most ideal for long and tiring practice sessions.


The sole of ballet shoes is one of the most important parts. The insole keeps your feet snugly fitted in the shoe and the outsole helps in keeping them firmly planted on the ground. There are two things to check in the outsole of pointe shoes; the material and whether it’s full sole or split sole. Pointe shoes mostly have suede soles that are the best because of their anti-slip and skid-resistant feature.

Full sole is the one where the sole covers the entire bottom of the shoe; these are ideal for children and beginners. Meanwhile, split soles have two pieces: one at the ball of the foot and one at the heel. They bring more flexibility to the shoe, making it easier to point the toes.

Toe Box

Pointe shoes come with different types of toe boxes narrow, tapered and wide. If the box is too narrow for your feet, it will not only bruise them but will also not let you make free movements on your feet. A box too wide will also not give you stability as your foot will continuously slide in the shoe. The length and arch of your toes will help you choose a pair of shoes with a toe box that is perfect for your feet.

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Toe Pad

Toe pads may not seem like a significant part of pointe shoes, but they are of utmost importance. Toe pads cushion your toes, keep them sweat-free and help you point your toes, and create the perfect arch. The absence of a toe pad may result in sweaty and uncomfortable feet during a performance. Silicone toe pads are considered the best because they will protect your feet from pressure and lift them up while holding them snuggly.


Pointe shoes mainly have two types of straps, ribbons or elastics straps. Both these types have their own perks. Ribbons come either pre-attached to the shoe or separately. With ribbons, you can tie the shoe as tightly as needed, but if not tied correctly, they may untangle during a performance and cause an injury.

Elastic straps are pre-sewn to the shoes in either a criss-cross manner or a single strap over the foot. In both cases, they are a treat as they eliminate the dilemma of tying and untying and are much easier to wear, but the strap may become loose after a while.

Pointe shoes info


The swift movements and twirls that ballerinas make leave spectators in awe. Along with hours of practice, their shoes also play a crucial role in helping them make those movements. If the shoe fits perfectly, you will be able to do all the pointe positions easily. If you are still not sure which one’s to spend your money on, here are our top 3 recommendations.

  1. Stelle Girls Ballet Shoes has got durability and strength along with an exquisite exterior.
  2. Wendy Wu Dance Shoes has a highly flexible and wear-resistant sole that allows free movements.
  3. Grishko 2007 – Medium Shank its width and shank options let users customize their shoes.

Buying pointe shoes is not an easy job. You need to spend a lot of money, and you are going to spend hours wearing them, so it’s best that you find ones that suit your feet the most and spend your money on them. Hope this article was helpful. Along with this if you are interested in jumping rope for achieving fitness goals, here are the shoes you can try out

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