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Cross-training is indeed one of the toughest activities one can imagine when it comes to getting back in shape. But guess what? There is good news for all of you, who are pushing their bodies to the limit by cross-training, and that good news is that by choosing the right pair of shoes, not only can you make their training ten times safer but also much more effective.


Whether you are lifting weights or simply hitting the gym, you definitely need the right pair of shoes. Because you can get a serious injury just by wearing the wrong shoes. And when I say the “right pair of shoes,” I am referring to cross-trainers. Cross-trainers are not like regular running shoes. They are designed in a way that enables a wide range of physical activities with no risk of injury.

Today I would save you from a possible foot sprain or a knee injury by sharing the best Nike cross-trainers with you. While there are hundreds of brands that offer cross trainers, Nike has one of the best cross trainers available in the market.

Best Nike Cross-trainers

1. Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer

The first thing that is important to mention when I talk about the Nike Men’s Air Monarch is the fact that they are from amongst the top-selling shoes Nike has in-line. Furthermore, the Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross-trainers are the most comfortable training shoes you can buy. If you are someone who prioritizes comfort when it comes to footwear, you should definitely put your hands on these shoes. The reason why the Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV is highly comfortable is because of the way it is designed. It has a soft cushion insole and of course like all cushioned shoes work best for bad knees especially during your exercise.

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The Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV cross-trainers are available in different colors. One of them is all black, the second one has three colors in it, that are red, white and black, while the third one has two colors, white and metallic silver. You can choose the shoes based on your preference and the color you like the most.

Coming towards its external appearance, it is made out of smooth leather, with a padded mesh panel having a Nike logo printed on it, which also makes it look quite stylish. Furthermore, the outsole is made of solid rubber, which makes it durable and long-lasting. I can tell you from experience that the Nike Men’s Air Monarch would last very long even if you use it roughly.


  • Highly comfortable
  • Durable
  • Cost-effective


  • Negligible

Are you someone who prioritizes comfort and wants shoes that would last almost a lifetime? If yes, waste no more time and get your hands on the Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross-trainers.

2. Nike Metcon 2 Training Shoes

The next shoe that I would recommend to you is one of the best in the Nike Metcon line; the Nike Metcon 2 Training Shoes. The Nike Metcon 2 Training Shoes are the best Nike cross-trainers. The reason Nike Metcon 2 can be considered perfect is that they are designed specifically for cross-training. Whether you are doing dead-lifts, push-ups, or squats, the Nike Metcon 2 will give you the perfect grip.

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Coming towards the appearance, the Nike Metcon 2 is available in plenty of colors. It is available for both men and women and is available in a variety of colors. The colors include pure platinum/ ghost green-racer blue, hyper turquoise, maroon, purple, and stealth black. You can choose any color based on your preference.

The Nike Metcon 2 is a shoe that is comfortable, but you can apply pressure as much and when you want. It provides comfort but also provides a strong grip. And the heel cup is padded but not too much. Here, the Nike Metcon 2 is different from the Nike Men’s Air Monarch. The sole of the shoe has some extra grip and provides great traction. You can do rope climbing easily with these shoes on. The front of the shoe is made out of mesh, and that mesh serves the purpose of ventilation. There is a bumper pad on the front for the comfort of the toes as well.

The shoe is pretty simple yet very fashionable. The top and front are very simple. The heel is solid but not hard and does not hurt the feet at all. The shoe has a very good footbed inside. The platform is stable. However, the only thing that you have to be careful about when buying the shoe is its size. The shoe has no extra room, so you should buy your exact size or maybe a size bigger.


  • Comfortable
  • Strong grip
  • Perfect for cross-training


  • Not true to size

If you are someone who prefers looking stylish while working out and are looking for shoes that provide comfort along with a strong grip, go ahead and buy the Nike Metcon 2.

3. Nike Men’s Lunar Fingertrap Cross-trainer

If I say that the Nike Men’s Lunar Fingertrap cross-trainers are the holy grail of cross-trainers, it would not be an overstatement. The Nike Lunar Fingertrap fits the feet just like a glove, partly because of its dynamic fit technology, which makes sure that your feet perfectly fit the shoes. Who wouldn’t want a pair of shoes that fit the feet perfectly? Isn’t it something almost every buyer looks for in a shoe?

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Apart from it being true to size, the shoe is also very comfortable. So comfortable that you would feel as if you are walking barefoot when you wear one of these. The outsole of these shoes is made out of rubber which provides great traction and grip. Furthermore, Lunar Fingertrap can be worn on all sorts of surfaces, even on slippery surfaces, making sure you never trip or fall. It is by far the most reliable shoe in the market because of the traction and support that it provides.

The Lunar finger trap is designed in such a way that makes multidimensional movements easier, hence making your training effective. The Nike Men’s Lunar Fingertrap is the ideal shoe when it comes to cross-training. Coming towards its design, the Nike Men’s Lunar Fingertrap is designed from a lightweight mesh that enables ventilation and makes the shoe breathable, which would definitely enhance your comfort whilst exercising. The only downside to the shoe is the fact that it is a bit unattractive.


  • Has dynamic fit technology
  • Provides great traction
  • Perfect for multidirectional movements


  • Unalluring

You definitely need a pair of Nike Men’s Lunar Fingertrap in your closet because these are the only shoes that come with the dynamic fit technology. Who wouldn’t want a shoe that fits like a glove and is also highly comfortable?

4. Nike Men’s Train Prime Iron DF Cross Trainer Shoes

The Nike Men’s Train Prime provides excellent support when it comes to cross-training. It fits the feet perfectly and is true to size. The Nike Men’s Train Prime Iron DF Cross can be worn rough, rugged, and can be used for all types of physical activity making it one of the perfect walking shoes for comfortable traveling as well. The reason it can be worn for all sorts of rough activities is because of its outsole, which is made out of pure rubber which enables multidirectional movements.

Screenshot 2021 09 08 123243

An amazing new feature in the Nike Men’s Train Prime Iron DF Cross is the addition of fly-wire cables. The sole of the shoe is made out of rubber coupled with fly-wire cables in its forefront that add dynamic support. The sole is designed in such a way that it would not hurt your feet or your toes at all. The shoe is designed specifically for people who face the issue of ingrown nails. Furthermore, the mesh from which the shoe is designed is highly breathable and ensures ventilation.

The best part of this shoe is the fact that it is designed aesthetically and is available in both black and white colors. You can choose the color you like best, depending on your personal preference. Another major plus point to the shoe is its cost-effectiveness. The shoes promise quality, comfort, and durability in such a small amount of money that you would be amazed. The Nike Men’s Train Prime Iron DF Cross Trainers are the shoes you must have in your closet no matter what.


  • Highly comfortable
  • Provides ventilation when worn
  • It can be used in a rugged fashion


  • Negligible

I would definitely recommend you to buy a pair of Nike Men’s Train Prime because they are extremely lightweight and provide maximum ventilation when worn.

5. Nike Reax 8 TR Men’s Cross-Trainers Athletic Sneaker Shoes

The Nike Reax 8 TR is my personal favorite. The reason for that becomes obvious once you take a look at them. They are designed in a uniquely aesthetic fashion with beautiful faux leather and mesh covering. The appearance of the shoe is one of the main reasons for its popularity. The beautiful mesh that covers the shoes serves a purpose other than just making them look fashionable. The mesh enables ventilation; which is highly important for exercising comfortably.

Screenshot 2021 09 08 123449

Apart from being very aesthetically designed, they provide great comfort and absolute support when it comes to exercise. These shoes can be worn almost everywhere; gyms, parks, trails, everywhere! And they can be worn during the toughest training. You name it! Whether it is mountain climbing or running. These shoes are definitely a must-have when it comes to cross-training because these shoes promise durability.

The Nike Reax is absolutely beautiful, promises durability, and comes in a wide range of colors which one can choose based on his/her preference.  The only downside to the shoes is that they might make a squeaking noise when worn initially. But the good news is that the noise won’t last and it would go away as your feet start to adjust to the size of the shoe; which happens sooner than you think, probably a few weeks and not more.


  • Beautiful design
  • Comfortable
  • Durable


  • Might make squeaking noise

Well, I can bet on the fact that you would buy these shoes without me recommending them once you take a look at them and how beautifully they are designed. However, my reason for recommending the Nike Reax 8 TR is its durability. They would not get damaged no matter how rough you use them. So you should definitely get a pair of these.


What are the best Nikes for cross-training?

All of the Nikes that I mentioned above are perfect for cross-training.

Can you run in Nike cross-trainers?

Yes! All Nike cross trainers provide optimum support and grip required for doing any sort of exercise.

Is it bad to wear running shoes for cross-training?

Absolutely! Wearing running shoes for cross-training might cause you a serious injury, and it may even affect your workout sessions, making them less effective.


Once you decide you want to start cross-training, buying cross-training shoes becomes the next logical step. While there are hundreds of brands that offer a wide variety of cross trainers, Nike provides the best cross trainers available out there. The cross trainers Nike has to offer are all highly comfortable to wear and are very durable as well. No matter how vigorous your training is, Nike cross-trainers would never get damaged.

Although the final selection of the shoes would totally be based on your personal preference; as a reviewer, I would recommend:

  • Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainers are highly comfortable because of the insole cushioning and can be worn during any exercise with minimum risk of injury. Furthermore, these are highly cost-effective and would save you some extra money.
  • Nike Metcon 2 Training Shoes are a must-have because they couple comfort with grip. If you want to ensure comfort but also want to run an extra mile or go rope climbing or perform any other hardcore exercise, you should definitely get these shoes.

Now, it is totally up to you, and you can freely decide which ones you want to buy.

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