10 Best Hiking Shoes for 2022 (Mountaineers’ Choice)

Hiking is a fun experience. The amount of fun you’re going to have on a hiking trip usually depends on the performance of your shoe. Do you mostly turn down any hiking trip plans suggested by friends and family because your previous experience was not that flattering? Do your sore feet make you struggle in keeping up with your fellow hikers? Does your leg pain distract you from admiring the beautiful natural scenery of the trail? Don’t worry. We have the perfect solution for all these problems.

An exclusive hiking shoe can get rid of all of your problems. They are specially designed to support your feet so that you can freely relish your hiking expeditions. These shoes will help you, so you can adore the beauty of nature and enjoy the fresh air. If you are entirely focusing on the surroundings, you can only feel the therapeutic effect of hiking.

Here are some of the most renowned hiking shoes for 2022 that you may like. There are a diverse variety of shoes available out there, choosing one can be very difficult. Our suggestions can assist you in selecting the best suitable one for you. You can add some of these to your collection so they can amplify your hiking experience.

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Best Hiking Shoes 2022

1. Salomon X Ultra 3 Low GTX Hiking Shoes – Best Hiking Shoes

Salomon X Ultra Low GTX hiking shoe is lightweight with high traction and durability. Unlike others, X ultra-low GTX does not sacrifice control and durability for the airy upper body framework. Because of these qualities, we can say that this shoe is an all-rounder for hiking shoes. These are low-top shoes.

Screenshot 2021 12 12 124650

The upper body is made up of total synthetic material. These shoes have pretty sophisticated and stylish designs. There are leather overlays and rings made up of plastic through which the strings pass. These overlays give a more fitted feeling. The lower version of X ultra 3 low GTX shoes has a pull-up lacing system, a fancy fit technology that offers you a wrap-around feeling. The pull-up lacing system is quick and easy to use.

There is inner padding which provides these shoes with extra cushioning. There is additional padding on the tongue and around the ankle so you can feel the comfort. These shoes have an inner lining of gore-tex technology. Which makes it super light, waterproof, and prevents dirt and other elements from entering the boots. The rubber toe cap protects the foot from any kind of pressure. A leather mudguard and a plastic toe shield protect the shoes from any force and pressure experienced while walking.

These shoes have an ortholite insole, a special insole that provides a sufficient amount of impact resistance, protecting your feet from pressure. There is a heel cup that gives more support. The insole has small holes that allow airflow. The ortholite technology also kills bacteria and prevents them from spreading. The midsole is made up of injected EVA technology which is a much more durable way to bind other than glue. The midsole helps to distribute weight and provides cushioning.

The outsole is made up of contagrip, a hard rubber. The outsole has varying densities depending upon the function of the area. There is a lovely traction pattern without any deep lugs. The traction pattern goes both ways, providing the same traction on both sides. It can be positioned as one of the best traction patterns. These shoes are perfect for hiking in winter and summer. They are light in weight and have a wide fit, so you can walk as long as you can without getting tired.

Screenshot 2021 12 12 130756


  • Airy and light
  • Durable
  • Amazing traction pattern
  • Gore-tex water resistance
  • Ortholite insole


  • Pull up lace may loosen
  • Not suitable for heavy terrain

Salomon X Ultra-low GTX hiking shoes are very comfortable, lightweight, and durable. These shoes provide you with speed, and you can walk miles without feeling any weight on your feet. The sole is flexible and can prevent you from getting tired as they distribute the weight and pressure all over the sole.

2. La Sportiva TX4 Approach Shoes – Best Hiking Shoes For Men

La Sportiva TX4 is not a hiking shoe, but this approach shoe has impressive grip, durability, and strength, which makes it perfect for hiking on a rocky hiking trail. These shoes have exceptional performance on rocky and slippery trails as their grip makes it easier for you to walk. Most hikers use these approach shoes.

Screenshot 2021 12 12 124841

The upper chassis is made up of nubuck leather making the shoes soft, durable, and velvet-like. The leather makes it more resistant to tear and wear. There is double stitching on the upper body. A reinforced polyurethane tech lite strand is present around the shoes giving more protection to you as it protects from damage. It is an extended Vibram rubber toe and is presently made up of Vibram.

The insole is made using ortholite technology, which has small holes for good air ventilation. The ortholite is well known for its antibacterial and anti-odor features. The midsole comprises a Traverse injection MEMIex and STB control system, making it super comfortable yet adding more traction and support to your shoes.

The outsole is a Vibram mega grip sole along with an impact brake system that makes it sticky and provides exceptional grip so you can walk on sleek rocks. The outsole makes you confident when you’re climbing or hiking. The outsole has fantastic grip and traction. It also minimizes the risk of slipping or falling on the trail.

These shoes have a unique lacing system having a pull-up lacing system with the pulling loop at the rear side of the shoe. These shoes have a wide toe box for more comfort and balance. The Vibram outsole makes them flexible, so they are more comfortable than other stiff brick-like shoes. These shoes are available in a fantastic carbon/ flame color.

Screenshot 2021 12 12 130943


  • Suitable for rocky trails
  • Amazing grip
  • Water-resistant
  • Durable


Not fully waterproof
Large fit

La Sportiva TX4 approach shoes are approach shoes, but they can work well for everything you can throw at them, from climbing to hiking. The upper leather body and Vibram sole give them traction and strength, which can keep you walking for a long time. These shoes are better than many hiking shoes in terms of performance.

3. Hoka One One Speedgoat 4 – Trail And Hiking Shoes

Hoka One One Speedgoat 4 is a trail running shoe but shows a fantastic performance as a hiking shoe. Speedgoat 4 has thick cushioning for stability, a light-weighted upper mesh body, and fantastic traction. These shoes have exceptional performance providing you with a fantastic hiking experience.

Screenshot 2021 12 12 125026

The upper body is made up of synthetic mesh upper with 3D welder overlays designed to help tie down the midsole more securely. These shoes have lace closure. They are available in a range of colors: Fiesta provisional blue, Atlantis dazzling blue, Castlerock golden yellow, Anthracite dark gull grey, Dark gull grey/anthracite, Saffron black iris, and Golden fusion/black iris.

The removable foam insole is present for comfort and cushioning. The midsole is made up of EVA foam which is light in weight and responsive, so it bounces back the energy exerted, making it easy for you to walk long distances without getting tired. The outsole is a Vibram mega grip outsole with larger stepped lugs which provides additional traction. The outsole makes the shoes more flexible than the previous versions.

The gusseted thin tongue adds more volume and fits across the mid-foot. This version of Hoka one-speed goat 4 has a wider forefoot area and toe box, giving you extra space and width. These shoes have an inner cushioned lining making the shoes amazingly breathable and allowing airflow. The heel counter and ankle support help you keep your ankle in place.

Screenshot 2021 12 12 131159


  • Nice cushioning
  • Amazing grip
  • Wider fit
  • Suitable for rugged trails


  • Heavier than previous versions
  • Not durable

Hoka One One speed goat 4 is an amazing shoe with extra cushioning, grip, and comfort. These shoes can help you keep going with more energy and feel less tired. On the other hand, the upper mesh is less stretchy and not durable. We can say that Speedgoat gives you an amazing experience but for a shorter period.

4. Adidas Terrex Swift R3 Gore – TEX Hiking Shoes

Adidas terrex Swift R3 Gore-Tex is a strong hiking shoe most suitable for large and strong feet. These shoes are best for rugged trails and thin stream trails. These shoes have fantastic traction. The only fallback of these shoes is that they are stiffer compared to other hiking shoes.

Screenshot 2021 12 12 125203

The upper is made up of meshed warp-knit textile, a yarn fabric with zig-zag patterns. The upper has synthetic overlays in key areas with seamless designs that will provide additional protection and support to your foot while you are walking. The gore-tex membrane keeps your foot protected with waterproof technology.

The inner sockliner is a textile and breathable warp-knit mesh which makes the shoes more breathable and protects against water and dirt. A unique lace-up design with gusting provides a secure fit and keeps the dirt out of the shoes. The tongue and the collar are padded, adding more comfort and cushioning. There is a pull tab on the rear side, at the heel, so it is easy to put them on.

The Insole is a soft removable cushion that keeps your foot comfortable. The midsole is light strike EVA technology which is lightweight and shock-absorbing, making the shoes more flexible and comfortable. There is a modulator, a plastic plate underneath the sole which wraps your foot, keeping it stable with minimal torsion. The outsole is made up of continental rubber, which is very durable and offers resistance against tear and wear.

The toe shield is made up of TPU rubber, which protects your foot. An additional heel cup also provides support and keeps your foot in a suitable position. These shoes are available in four different colors: Beige tone /pulse yellow /black, Core black/grey one /yellow, Core black/grey three/red, and Focus olive/core black/ grey.

Screenshot 2021 12 12 131318


  • Traction
  • Waterproof
  • Heel support
  • Continental rubber outsole


  • Not comfortable
  • Laces can be improved
  • Not suitable for slimmer feet
  • Gets dirty easily

Adidas terrex Swift R3 Gore-Tex has amazing traction and is most suitable for challenging hiking trails. These shoes have amazing support and durability, but these shoes lack comfort. These shoes are amazing for routes having thin streams, waterfalls, and puddles. The 3 feet height of these shoes makes them able to walk through puddles without getting water in them.

5. Altra Lone Peak 5 Trail – Running Shoes

Lone peak 5 trail running shoes are among the most renowned Altra shoes as it is suitable for light runs and long, strenuous hikes all day. These shoes are comfortable, flexible, and provide good support. These shoes have a lot of integrated features, making them one of the most loved hiking shoes of 2022. These shows are mostly recommended for long light runs.

Screenshot 2021 12 12 125356

The upper is made of synthetic mesh, making it breathable and airy. There is an inner nylon sockliner adding more comfort. There are laser-cut drain holes that help the shoes dry quickly by allowing water to drain out completely. There are leather overlays that provide them with more support. They have laced closure. There are two pull tabs on the tongue and one at the heel, making it easy to wear.

This version of the lone peak has a stitched toe cap, so unlike the glued ones, it doesn’t loosen up with time. These shoes are available in wide versions. The wide toe box is foot-shaped and loose. Altra has designed these shoes such that you can splay your toes. These shoes have a fully gusseted tongue providing amazing support. The soft heel counter offers terrific support and placement to your heel.

These shoes have soft cushioned insoles. The midsole is made up of a dual EVA layered midsole called Altra Ego, which provides softness and makes sure that the sole is responsive to give you more bounce and durability. It includes spring in your steps along with protection. The outsole comprises max track rubber, soft rubber with an excellent traction pattern, making it flexible and adding extra traction and grip.

These shoes are available in a vast range of seven colors: blue/lime, Dark slate, Gray/Orange, Khaki, Light Grey, Lime/Black, and Majolica blue. You can choose among these unique color pallets. These shoes are most suitable for hiking trails along rivers and waterfalls as they quickly dry, thanks to the unique drainage system.

Screenshot 2021 12 12 131446


Zero drop shoes
Light in weight


  • Wide toe box
  • Protection

These shoes are a must-buy because of their unique features. The stone guard is now more defined and protects your foot from spiky things along your path. These shoes are comfortable and fit true to size. These shoes are zero drop shoes which means that the ankle and toes are on one level with the ground. These shoes improve your ankle’s movement and make your walk more natural.

6. Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator – Top Hiking Shoes

Merrell men’s Moab 2 ventilator is a lightweight, super comfortable, and affordable hiking shoe. Merrell is known for its long-lasting upper body amazing cushioning. The upper body of the Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator is made up of suede leather and mesh synthetic material. The suede leather makes the leather soft, comfortable, and durable. Whereas the mesh upper makes it breathable and allows airflow. In addition, there is a mesh inner lining also present.

Screenshot 2021 12 12 125615

These shoes have a lace-up closure. They have thick foam tongues that keep the shoes closed, preventing any dirt from entering. There is a rubber toe cap present protecting your feet from impact. The insole of these shoes is made up of soft EVA foam with heel and arch support. The midsole of Merrell Moab 2 is Air cushion made up of EVA rubber that absorbs shocks and provides more stability to your feet.

The outsole is made up of Vibram rubber, a flexible rubber. The deep lugs on the outsole provide grip and enhance traction. There are also arch shanks present beneath the sole made up of nylon, making these shoes more stable. These shoes are available in three black colors, night, boulder, and walnut.

Screenshot 2021 12 12 183709


  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Light-weighted
  • Affordable


  • Not suitable for difficult trails
  • Stability wears off

Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator is an all-rounder for affordable hiking shoes. Merrel has proven to be one of the most comfortable, light, durable, and budget-friendly shoes. These shoes are better in performance than many expensive hiking shoes. If you like to hike on stable trails, this is the best option.

7. Salomon X Raise GTX – Top Rated Hiking Shoes

The upper mesh material is made up of new technology, welded material. Gore-Tex technology is used to make the upper waterproof. The upper has a quite snugged feeling. These shoes have a closed lace closure with a pull-up system. You can easily pull the lace to fit correctly. There is a large pull tab at the rear side of the heels, making them easy to slide on.

Screenshot 2021 12 12 125805

There is a thick padded tongue and cushioning along the ankle region, which makes the shoes quite soft and comfortable. The rubber toe shield protects your toes from any accidental impact or pressure. There is exceptional cushioning making the heels and toe reinforced, adding more balance and support. These shoes are available in three colors are Black phantom, grape leaf black, and India ink /flintstone furry.

These shoes have an ortholite insole which prevents odor and bacteria. The midsole is made up of EVA plastic which absorbs shock and helps us walk effortlessly. The outsole is contagrip rubber which makes the outsole more aggressive, durable, and stable. These deep lugs provide incredible traction power.

Screenshot 2021 12 12 183831


  • Contagrip Outsole
  • Welded material
  • Waterproof
  • Stability


  • Poor traction in wet conditions
  • No fantastic colors are available

If you don’t like soft yarn material upper body, then Salomon X raise GTX is the best choice for you. The material used in the upper body is super breathable and easy to clean. You can quickly wear these shoes on a rainy day or a muddy trail. These shoes offer us many unique features that are present in them.

8. Danner Trail 2650 – Best Waterproof Hiking Shoes

Danner was previously not into hiking shoes, but now the company has introduced many hiking shoes. Danner Trail 2650 is quite a different-looking hiking shoe. The upper of the shoes is made up of suede, a textile upper. The suede material makes it light, soft, and durable. Many hole patterns on the upper body make the leather breathable. There is inner mesh lining adding more breathability to the shoes. They have lace closure.

Screenshot 2021 12 12 125953

The insole of Danner trail 2650 is an ortholite sole that is known for its cushioning. The EVA midsole and ortholite act as an ultimate shock absorbing and cushioning shoe. The outsole is made up of Vibram mega grip technology, which provides stability and traction. The trail guard platform makes it easier for you to walk as it gives protection and underfoot stability beneath the sole.

An external heel counter is present at the back of the shoes to provide support. There are four different colors in which this product is available. These colors are Black/ Gray, Brown/red, ChArcoal/goblin blue, and Dark brown/green which gives it a beautiful look.

Screenshot 2021 12 12 183945


  • Comfortable
  • Classy Design
  • Traction
  • Support


  • Not stable enough
  • No waterproofing

Danner Trail 2650 is a hiking shoe that is comfortable, light, grippy, and has a modern outlook. These shoes have a unique sole system, beautiful design, and breathability. These shoes are perfect if you want performance and style together. These shoes will enhance your hiking experience by protecting you from difficulties.

9. Keen Targhee Vent Hiking Shoes – Most Comfortable Hiking Shoes

The keen Targhee vent hiking shoes are suitable for you if you hike daily or occasionally. The upper body of the keen Targhee vent is made up of nubuck leather which makes these shoes comfortable, low maintenance, and breathable. The inner lining is made of mesh material, so there is an abundant source of airflow. They have laced closure. The thick rubber toe shield can take care of any kind of pressure.

Screenshot 2021 12 12 130137

They have replaceable EVA insoles giving you an exceptionally soft feel. The midsole comprises dual-density EVA foam which provides stability and divides the pressure exerted on it. The outsole is made up of non-marking rubber, which boasts traction to have a fantastic grip. There is a new style pull-up tab at the heel.

An integrated heel capture system is made up of TPU Leather, providing amazing support and stability. The eyelets are reinforced to make them more long-lasting and resistance-free when adjusting the pull-up laces. These shoes are present in three different colors; Cuban antique bronze, Raven bronze brown, and Steel grey/ majolica blue.

Screenshot 2021 12 12 184125


  • Comfortable
  • Stability
  • Traction


  • No waterproof
  • A bit expensive

Keen Targhee vent is an amazing shoe with high performance and durability. The insole, midsole, and outsole, when brought together, make these shoes super comfy. The upper leather, along with the mesh lining, provides more cushioning. The lacing system offers an impressive fit so that you can walk freely on the trails without thinking about anything else but nature.

10. Merrell MQM Flex 2 – Best Rated Hiking Shoes

Merrell MQM flex 2 is present in low-top and mid-top versions. These hiking shoes are suitable for long full-day hikes. The upper body of these shoes is made up of thermoplastic polyurethane and mesh textile. The TPU upper provides excellent tear resistance and high elasticity. The TPU around the toe box keeps your feet safe from rocks and other hurdles in your path.

Screenshot 2021 12 12 130258

These shoes have lace closure integrated into the tongue, providing a snug fit. The insole is kinetic fit removable foam making the shoes super stretchy and supportive. The midsole is FLEXcontrol EVA foam which is super airy, making your sole feel like feathers when you walk. The outsole is Mountain grade quantum grip, a rubber sole that provides more traction along with deep lugs. These shoes are specially designed for rugged and rocky mountain trails.

Merrell shoes have special features such as Merrell’s Air cushion in the heel area, are shock absorber, and divide the pressure exerted. The other special feature is a rock plate present in the sole to protect spiky pebbles or other spiky things. while wearing these shoes you don’t need to focus on the trail to dodge the rocks or gravels.

Screenshot 2021 12 12 184315


  • Flexible
  • Protection
  • Supportive
  • Tear resistance


  • Not durable
  • No waterproof

Merrells MQM Flex 2 hiking shoes are very flexible, comfortable, and have an amazing grip. These shoes are suitable for long trail hikes. The upper body is specially designed to protect hikers from wild plants and spiky rocks. The only problem with this shoe is that the flexible outsole easily gets worn out. Except for this issue, this shoe has an amazing performance.

Buyer’s Guide

Hikers usually select hiking trails far away from the noise of the cities, far into nature. Many unexpected things await you in nature. You can come across thin streams, waterfalls, and cliffs. Your hiking shoe must be suitable for the nature of hiking trails you prefer. Buying a good hiking shoe is not as simple as buying some casual shoes. There are several things that you should keep in mind. If you are a new hiker, you don’t need to worry. We have listed several things you have to see before buying a shoe.


If we analyze the old hiking shoes, they tend to be thick and heavy. While hiking, a person’s primary goal is to enjoy nature and have as long walks as practically possible. It is only possible when your shoes are light and robust so that you don’t have to think constantly about them instead of focusing on the natural beauty of your surroundings.

Over the past years, shoe-making companies have been making lighter shoes as even hikers prefer lightweight and durable shoes instead of large thick boots. If you use a lightweight shoe, you can save your energy for long hikes and light shoes that don’t bother your feet, and you feel free to move. Along with responsive and buoyant soles, these shoes can conserve as much energy as possible.


One of the essential features of a hiking shoe is its traction. The traction of any shoe depends upon the outsole pattern and quality. Hikers travel through muddy fields, rocky mountains, and steep cliffs. They can easily walk through these hurdles just because of their traction ability. You cannot wear any random shoes for hiking because they don’t have the required grip, which can prevent you from falling and keep you moving forward. Tractions depend on two factors;

  • The material of the outsole influences the grip of the shoes. There are many different outsoles available in the market, depending upon the materials they use. Many soft, flexible outsoles are also present, while some are strong and rigid. Vibram and contagrip outsoles are the most renowned materials for traction.
  • The other most important thing on which traction depends is the traction pattern and the size of lugs on the outsole. The traction pattern designed to have equal resistance in both directions is the best-known. The outsole with larger and deep lugs is famous for providing more traction and stability.


Midsoles are specially designed to add more cushioning and support to your shoes. Companies have evolved their midsole technology by integrating different techniques over the years. The midsole not only comforts your feet but also protects them from shocks and pressure by their impact absorption and dividing the force. The midsole can be soft or stiff depending upon the width and material used.

  • EVA midsoles vary from soft, mildly stiff to stiffer depending upon the width of the sole. Hikers for the rugged trails usually opt for the tougher ones, while long courses might prefer slightly softer ones.
  • TPU is more rigid and more durable in comparison to EVA. The midsoles made up of TPU don’t wear out or lose their patterns as quickly as the EVA.


The insoles provide cushioning and support. The insole can be replaced to make your shoes more comfortable or adjust the shoes’ fit. There are many insoles available in the market that you can buy separately and later add to any of your hiking shoes. Thanks to the new advanced system, these insoles can do much more than cushioning. Such as the ortholite can prevent odor and stop bacterial growth.


Waterproofing is crucial as you can come across rivers, rainfall and snow. There are many waterproofing techniques, but it must be kept in mind that water can get inside your shoes, making them wet. These waterproof technologies only work for a limited time. But we can’t deny the importance of waterproof technology for hiking shoes.

Lacing System and Toe Protection

The hiking trails have several hurdles in the form of wild plant growths and rocks. A toe shield is a rubber cap that protects your foot from the pressure or impact of tripping or falling. At the same time, the lacing system plays a vital role in fit and closure. If you don’t have a tight lacing system, your shoes can come off while running. A loose shoe can create a huge mess.


The amount of airflow allowed by the upper body determines the breathability of the shoes. If the upper body is made up of light fabric and has a mesh inner lining, the shoe will be more breathable as there will be more air circulation, and the sweats will quickly dry. The less breathable a shoe is, the warmer it can get resulting in sweaty feet.


There are several shoes available in the market. Each product has its size. Some products are true to size; some have a narrow fit, while others are wider. So before buying any shoe, the main thing is to try the shoe out first because the minor thing you want will be wearing a shoe of the wrong size on a hiking trip. Most hikers recommend going half a size larger than your actual size.

Upper Body

The durability, performance, and breathability usually depend upon the material used in the upper body. These hiking shoes can be made up of a variety of fabrics. The shoes with breathable material will allow more airflow, such as nylon and mesh materials. The upper is made up of leather material, has a velvety feel and flexibility.

These are all the basic things you should keep in mind while buying any hiking shoe. So when you buy new shoes in the future, go through the article it will guide you. We all know it is necessary to buy a perfect shoe to accompany you along the trails.


What is unique about hiking shoes?

When you go on a hiking trip, it is necessary to have a pair of hiking shoes. These shoes are specially designed with more traction, support, and comfort so you can confidently walk on the trails without getting yourself hurt.

Are hiking shoes suitable for everyday use?

You can surely wear hiking shoes for your everyday use because they are simply shoes with more comfort, traction, stability, and ankle support. These shoes will provide you comfort and bounce back the energy you exert on the sole.

Are Low hiking shoes good?

Low hiking shoes are lighter and more stable. The hikers who prefer short walks or day hikes usually use them. These shoes can help you move faster as they feel light.


If you love to go hiking, admire nature, and have a refreshing mind, then you should invest a little bit in the shoe you are wearing because a bad quality shoe can ruin your trip. You don’t need to go through several shopping websites, as we have summed up the top ten leading hiking shoes of 2022. Here are some of the top picks among which you can choose.

  • Salomon X ultra-low GTX hiking shoes are durable, airy shoes with impressive traction, ortholite insole, and Gore-tex water resistance. These shoes are an all-rounder.
  • Altra lone peak 5 trail running shoes are ultra-light, plushed, light zero drop shoes. They have stone guard and toe protection, protecting your feet from any hazard.
  • Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator is comfy, long-lasting, light-weighted, and affordable hiking shoes. Their performance is better than many expensive hiking shoes.

I have listed the top ten most renowned hiking shoes of 2022. These shoes are very durable, comfortable, and have high-quality performance. You can easily select one depending upon the nature of the hiking trail and your personal preferences.

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