Best Bowling Shoes – Review & Buyer’s Guide

You may think for a while why you would need to buy bowling shoes when you can just rent a pair for the game. You need to stop there right now and pay attention to our top ten best bowling shoes. Firstly, having your shoes for bowling gives you so many benefits like great design, excellent wear. Secondly, and most importantly, these shoes save you from getting unknown bacterial infections.

These shoes would allow you to play the game comfortably. There is quite a massive range in which bowling shoes are available globally, making it difficult to buy the shoes. Keeping that in view, we have researched the top ten best bowling shoes for you so that you can select your pair instantly.

Below you will find a rich list of bowling shoes to buy today. Now, it’s no more difficult for you to find the best bowling shoes in the market. You just have to go through our carefully crafted list and choose the shoes for yourself.

Best Bowling Shoes

1. Dexter Turbo II Wide Width Bowling Shoes – Comfortable Bowling Shoes

Dexter Turbo II bowling shoes are our number one choice among the top ten best bowling shoes. Its comfortable sole and wide width are what make these shoes the best among all others. Although these shoes start to be a little discomforting as every other pair of shoes would feel, there is no going back once you start wearing this product. Excellent rubber soles make it so much easier to walk in.

The construction and the semblance of Dexter Turbo make it quite remarkable and the standard choice for many bowlers. It is known to be the #1 bowling shoe in the world. Its fancy structure and assembling make it a unique product. The raised heel makes it an appreciable choice for short-height players with great advantage.

These shoes are not such a comfortable choice for people with very narrow feet or very long ones meaning they work perfectly for those looking for shoes for wider feet. Still, people with narrower feet can always opt for insoles like Doc Marten’s Insoles to fully benefit from this product’s fit. This pair of shoes is definitely worth the shot if you are not sure which ones would be the best shoes for bowling and you want to win. The best part about these shoes is that they are exceptional for right-hand bowlers and left-hand bowlers.


  • Excellent design
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • For short-height players
  • Excellent support
  • Impressive quality


  • Not a good choice for too narrow or too long feet
  • fit maybe wider for some feet

These shoes are a great choice because they are allrounder. They have an outstanding sliding capability. They will save you from wasting your money on renting shoes for a great long while. These shoes are for both the right-hander and left-hander.

2. Dexter Kerrie Bowling Shoes

These are the best pair of shoes when it comes to friction and sliding. They are on the second number in our top ten list of best bowling shoes. What else a bowler needs when there is enough they can get in an affordable budget. These shoes work a thousand times better than any other bowling alley shoes. The lightly padded collar makes it great.

Moreover, the product itself speaks for itself, as the ratings and buying rate suggests. Long-lasting quality makes it reliable and the best partner. Best bowling shoes because they move smoothly along the surface while maintaining acceptable contact with them. With a great footpad that is lined with fabric and has padded collars, this brings the bowler to a good winning position.

Highly recommended as they are honestly so comfy and always fit perfectly because of their fabric lining. It’s undoubtedly a wise choice if you are a beginner at bowling. It has a classic CVO upper pattern. Professionals can try this pair of shoes too as they are quite a great pair. Their quality is worth your money.


  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Cool cotton canvas
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent quality


  • The fitting issue with some
  • Size issue

These shoes may be a bit expensive but they give good quality too. This pair of shoes is recommended to you for their qualification in providing the best friction and sliding to the bowling player. These shoes are lightweight and durable.

3. Storm Men’s – Gust

Storm men’s – Gust is an excellent product in bowling if you are looking for lightweight shoes. Soft cotton canvas makes them so comfortable to wear, plus they have good fabric-lined with padded collars. Firstly, these bowling shoes have a defined heel. With a defined heel, these shoes will fix the heel issue. Secondly, this pair of shoes has a distinctive blucher pattern that makes you free from encountering any sort of trouble.

The product does not compromise on quality. Thirdly and most importantly, they have S8 microfiber slide soles on both sides of the shoe, giving it comfort and value both. So many bowling players love storm and its quality, not just because it is comfortable but has so many features. Adding to that, it has molded removable blown EVA footbeds, making it easier to walk in them.

Last but not least, storm gust bowling shoes have side vents that make them breathable. All these qualities make them one of our highly recommended products in the best bowling shoes. Hence, they are our third best choice among the top ten bowling shoe choices with these features. They will make it worthwhile for you.


  • Lightweight & Cool
  • Best shoes for men
  • Comfy to wear
  • Defined Heel non-marking rubber outsole
  • S8 microfiber slide soles


  • Subpar material

Even though the material may be subpar, the quality that makes them perfect is that these shoes are so lightweight. These shoes are the finest product in bowling. Their microfiber soles confirm they are pleasant to wear.

4. Brunswick Vapor Mens Bowling Shoe – Interchangeable Bowling Shoes

There may have been a time when a sporty person would be struggling to find the best pair of shoes to play sports in but not anymore. We have got you, sports lovers, with these giant Brunswick Vapor Men’s bowling shoes which give relaxing quality time to you when you play. All your bowling adventures would come true with these shoes, made with synthetic material.

This pair of shoes is lightweight, which is inversely proportional to any sort of discomfort. This quality synthetic material allows excellent flexibility, letting you enjoy the game as you play with your friends. These shoes are our fourth best choice in the top ten best bowling shoes. Brunswick vapor shoes have padded tongues and collars.

These shoes are super friendly when it comes to your feet. Moreover, these shoes allow maximum breathability with vents in their uppers, and this ensures your feet will remain fresh and free from any sort of infection due to less air. They bring a delightful experience as they are also qualified with lightweight EVA midsoles that sole and the actual source and reason for comfort in these shoes.


  • Flexible
  • Comfortable
  • Extra light molded EVA
  • durable


  • Too narrow or too wide
  • Not for professional-level bowlers

Extremely comfy shoes in the market. They are perfect with whatever you wear at the game. We recommend these shoes to beginners because of their flexible composition. These shoes are specially designed for ease.

5. KR Strikeforce Mens Flyer Mesh Bowling Shoes – Top Bowling Shoes

Excellent shoes that are breathable have great soles that are lighter in weight. These qualities make this product hundred of times more comfortable than any of your previous bowling shoes. These shoes will give you alleviation and a lot of wins in the game. They are an excellent choice for men who are looking for flyers bowling shoes. Appropriately put, they are man’s best friend when it comes to flexibility and challenging decisions.

Fashionable and stylish, they look great to wear. If you want to move up to a better, more significant level, these will make you feel good. They are, without a doubt, exceptional shoes to invest your money in. They are not very durable, but they give a very positive performance. This product is literally for every bowler out there because of its long list of features.

These shoes do not work for just some specific slides, although they work for almost all. No matter which hand you play with, they fit well with all kinds of players. A comfortable fit construction of these black steel shoes makes them unique and known to all for their performance. These shoes are for bowlers who are looking to buy something cool.


  • Comfortable 100%
  • Moderately flexible
  • It fits well with every foot
  • Athletic design
  • Very light


  • No interchangeable sole like other bowling shoes
  • Not so durable compared to shoes on the bowling field

We recommend these shoes because of their lavish athletic design. The light, soft and easy-to-fit qualities will definitely make you think about buying them. These shoes fit just well. Try them and you will never regret it.

6. Pyramid Men’s Ram Bowling Shoes – High Top Bowling Shoes

In Pyramid’s incredible line of products specially created for bowling, these shoes are the best ones in our eyes. They are great, comfortable, and easy to fit. Even at such a low price that you wouldn’t, of course, mind buying shoes for, they appear and work so well and are commendable. They are even better than some of those high-rated bowling shoes in the market.

While all the other features aside, its design is so promising and fantastic that it takes your breath away just by looking at it. For effective footwork, these shoes work so well that you would be surprised. These shoes are a treat to bowlers. It does not matter which hand you bowl with, and they are universally flexible for all types of players.

Being in the top ten best bowling shoes list, they undoubtedly make an excellent place for themselves. They have a classy touch to them with their black and whiter color and their lavish design. The design makes these shoes pop out and give you a good feel. For us, they are our favorite classical shoes, among others


  • Two years great warranty
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Classy
  • For all types of players


  • Needs good care

Don’t just think we are recommending these shoes because of their incredibly amazing design. It would not be wrong though, considering these shoes are crafted so well. Moreover, it’s also their durability, lightweight structure, and their comfortable fit that we really want you to try.

7. Dexter The 9 ST Black Men’s Bowling Shoes – Best Looking Bowling Shoes

The Dexter 9ST Black Men’s bowling shoes come with a great leather sole, making them the most comfortable. Originated in China, these shoes come with a great appearance plus long durability. Extremely flexible products in the bowling field do not require to be worn for too long to adjust into them. They are light, and with reasonable care, they are durable too.

Dexter has always been the first choice of many bowlers when it comes to shoes. This pair has got better votes from people who have excellent knowledge about the best bowling shoes. Their leather soles and vents on the uppers make them long-lasting and easy to walk in. It’s, of course, hard to select from a vast range of shoes introduced by Dexter.

This pair of shoes is for people who would want to try new and cool stuff. These shoes are as perfect for beginners as they are for professional bowling players. Constructed with excellent material, these shoes have gained a lot of fame. The material is soft and durable. These shoes do not just save your money but these shoes also make sure you don’t get any kind of infection.


  • Comfortable leather soles
  • Durable
  • Stylish design
  • Light uppers
  • Vents for breathability
  • No need for the break-in period


  • Weak laces
  • The fitting issue may happen

They are highly recommended because of their durable plus stylish design. These shoes offer great vents that you may not find in many other products. A very trustable pair of shoes.

8. Storm Women’s Galaxy Bowling Shoes- Multi

Storm Women’s Galaxy Bowling shoes are of 100% synthetic material. These shoes are a product of the USA, and they guarantee outstanding performance. They are made up of soft material that ensures longevity and comfort. These shoes are available with a foam padded collar that keeps the feet at ease, and their tongue makes it worth walking in.

These shoes have extra light molded EVA outside them that works as the main ingredient for smooth walk and power wins. Their lightweight structure combined with the synthetic material makes them worth a shot—No doubt the best product for people new to this game. A lightweight structure actually works for providing ease to your feet as you play.

These shoes are awesome, not because we are saying but because their great design and cool cotton canvas are worth investing your money in. Their extra light feature manifests a notable deal. No more wasting money on other unreliable products. Reliability, as you may know, is something you should never ignore when it comes to your bowling shoes.


  • Lightweight
  • Great flexibility
  • U-throat upper pattern
  • Extra light molded EVA


  • Size issue

Storm produces valuable shoes that have the least problems. These shoes too have a great list of excellent features. We recommend these shoes because of the trusted quality of the brand and the positive reviews we have researched

9. Dexter Bowling men – Pro-Am II

Known for its flexibility, Dexter- Pro-Am II is specially designed for men’s wear. They are highly comfortable with manufactured upper and soft material that allows the shoe to take the shape of the feet. They are 100% synthetic material with closed lace-ups. This pair of shoes are long-lasting and an uncomplicated choice for bowling lovers. These shoes come with a pronounced design. The strong leather of these shoes allows the person to walk with ease and fit in them as per comfort.

The outer soles of these shoes are of rubber with raised heels that give the bowling person extra height while bowling and outstanding performance. The rubber outsoles also increase the permanence of these great bowling shoes. They are also surprisingly satisfactory with the sliding quality that permits the player to play shots that ask for an abundance of power.

Pro-Am II comes with fabric material that keeps the feet dry and restful for long hours of playing. So many players complain about sweaty feet. All they need is a quality sole. Having no sweaty feet ensures the safety and no sudden slip of any type. The stitched fabric of the shoes keeps the player comfy at all times. It also guarantees that there won’t be any sort of infections or odor problems the player faces. Someone new to the playing area should try these shoes, which come at affordable prices.


  • Great adjusting capacity
  • Very comfy
  • Fabric made inner
  • Strong leather
  • Easy fit for any type


  • The exterior of these shoes lack firmness

We recommend them because they have a very flexible design. The flexibility factor makes it easy for you to walk in these shoes. Along with that, they have such strong and comfortable leather that supports your feet.

10. Dexter Bowling – Women’s – Vicky

Bowling is loved by women as much as men love it. This shoe comes in various colors and has an attractive design that almost everyone likes. This pair of shoes is among our highly recommended bowling list that talks of authenticity and great material. Even though these shoes are effortless, they are the opposite in performance. They have excellent stability, and they also ensure durability. These features allow control over the ball and the shot—a very worthy choice for women who like things to perform well.

The outsoles are made up of rubber, allowing the person to walk well and have enough friction to let the player play the game effectively. The rubber outsoles also help in giving support to the bowler while performing the shot. It helps in controlling the slide without losing your grip. Its universal slide soles are a work of art in the shoe category.

They come with padded collars and tongues. Great design, rugged features, and fantastic performance make these shoes our favorite, like any other Dexter shoes. These shoes can even do wonders in helping the player to release the ball attentively. Dexter shoes provide maximum comfort with excellent quality, which is very reasonable.


  • Fancy Design
  • Cool exterior
  • Great fit
  • Perfect stability
  • It comes in different colors


  • Need excellent care and maintenance
  • Sliding issue

They are stylish, comfortable, and have a great design; all the good reasons you should buy these shoes once you start going bowling after regular intervals. These shoes have satisfying stability.

Buyer’s Guide for Purchasing Best Bowling Shoes

People these days feel like, in this growing world of products, it’s hard to find bowling shoes that will work fine for them. Mostly the reason some tend to shy away from buying bowling shoes online. But there are plenty of ways you can indeed find a perfect pair of shoes for yourself. If you are really tired of renting bowling shoes, you definitely need to look for a perfect pair of shoes. You need to trust us as we tell you the important features of bowling shoes. No more wasting your money on cheap products.

The following key features will help you come over this problem.

  • Design
  • Outer sole
  • Inner sole
  • The durability of the shoes


Design matters a lot when it comes to bowling. You can wear whatever you want to wear wherever you are going, but when it is about bowling, you need to decide what your design is. Every person has a different shape of feet; some are narrow, some are wide, some are short, some are thin, and so much more. All of this makes it difficult for you to carry your game in whatever you think would go with your outfit. The design of the shoe matters the most. It does not matter if it goes well with your pants or not. If your shoe’s design hinders your performance, you need to change them asap.

Types of Design

Bowling shoes come in different designs, and they can vary from player to player. Professional methods for professional players or recreational design, or even some athletic wear, will completely change the player’s performance. With selected designs, you will not face issues like infections, foul odor, sweaty feet. Having a specific design will allow you to play for hours without damaging your feet. You may face bacterial infections if you neglect the design factor while purchasing your shoes.

For short bowlers, shoes with heels will work wonders as they will add height and better performance. This feature is, however, of no use for players with tall sizes. This feature is of ample use when you want to achieve your target efficiently. For bowlers having wide feet, there are shoes specifically made for them with more expansive space as they give them a good grip and are perfect for such players.

Such shoes, on the other hand, are not a good choice for people having narrow feet. These shoes will not provide them with a good edge. What you need is a bowling shoe that will always come with a design made for your feet. If it’s too large for you, you will never be able to walk well in them. Too small, they will irritate.

Outer Sole Of Your Bowling Shoe

In this paragraph, we would discuss the importance of the outer soles of a bowling shoe for grip, strength, and support while you play your game. If the outsole of a specific shoe is not so firm and to the mark, it will cause problems. You have to make sure the outsole is healthy and supportive.

Look for bowling shoes made up of rubber. You can check it by looking at the outside of a shoe, and if you find microfiber, congratulations, you have found one. These rubber soles help you to slide well while performing your shot. We all know how a better slide will let you gain a better position. A good drop and good support are what a rubber sole gives you.

Most importantly, a rubber sole is a primary and ideal choice for the best bowling experience. It gives you a good slide, gets you bigger shots, and smooth time without any discomfort. They work better than all other rubber replacement soles and products you may come across while buying bowling shoes. You should strictly look for soles that have MICROFIBER in them for your purchase.

Inner Soles

With all the other things to consider, inner soles should never be something you ignore while buying your bowling shoes. They should come with soft, comfortable material. Firstly, the inner soles must be with cushions for your comfort and a casual game. Soft liners help you relax while you play your shots. Secondly, they should have cotton collars and padded tongues, and the inner soles are never good without clean comfort soles.

You may find many different soles when you buy these shoes but always search for shoes whose inner soles fit you well, do not irritate you. These shoes would do a great job once you start playing. Some inner soles have replaceable pads, and some do not. A comfy fabric can change the game and your perspective about bowling shoes. Some people suffer from allergies or infections, or even conditions that do not allow for standard soles; in such cases, they should look for soles that come with EVA quality.


Who doesn’t want shoes that are long-lasting, effective, and in good condition for a long time? Durability is a crucial factor, may be less critical than the inner sole but it’s the main point why people would go for specific brands of shoes offering incredible reliability. You bought a pair of shoes last summer with a cool design, great leather, at a great price but with no features that indicate permanence. As a result, you won’t be able to wear them long enough.

Look for shoes with great material. A suitable material will ensure you are putting your money in safe hands as you buy your bowling shoes. Moreover, always go for well-known shoe brands that are good for your feet as they offer long-lasting products that many people trust. If you are buying online, then my friend, always look at the review section, which would surely give you a good insight into the shoes’ longevity.

If you want outstanding durability, always buy shoes made of soft leather; this will give you a great feel, good performance, and lasting effect. However, these shoes are costly as they come with rich material, but they last longer and are highly operational. While other synthetic leather-made shoes will also give you good performance, even comfortable walking and playing, they will not be as durable as you want them to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do bowling shoes make a difference?

Yes, they make a difference. Personal bowling shoes help you score more, reach more enormous levels that will help you slide accurately with a specific design. Along with this, these shoes ensure your feet remain free from any sort of infection.

What shoes do pro bowlers wear?

Mostly, pro bowlers wear the following shoe brands and types.

  1. Dexter Wide Width Turbo bowling shoes
  2. Dexter Vicky – Women’s bowling shoes
  3. Pyramid men’s Ram bowling shoes
  4. Brunswick Edge Men’s bowling shoes
  5. Brunswick Vapor men’s bowling shoes

Does Nike make bowling shoes?

Currently, they probably do not make bowling shoes, and it’s challenging to find one for yourself from their website.

Are Strikeforce bowling shoes good?

The KR Strikeforce Men’s Flyers are exceptionally great if you look for bowling shoes among their other products. They are comfortable, flexible, and durable.

How much does a bowling shoe cost?

Bowling shoes range from $4 up to $34 or above. There is a wide variety of bowling shoes that may be very cheap or very costly. The cost depends on their construction and quality. The better the construction, the better the quality.

Final Thoughts

Bowling is a pervasive game; almost 90% of that comes from the USA alone. It’s a great sport when you are with your friends and a fantastic sport for leisure time. It’s just an ordinary game for some people, but it is the best sport for some others. People mostly opt for a rented pair of shoes while playing this game, but some like to take it to different levels by experiencing it through their bought shoes. Our top three picks are

  • Dexter Turbo II Wide Width Bowling Shoes because they have great design. Excellent durability and impressive quality.
  • Dexter Kerrie Bowling Shoes because they are durable with great friction and sliding. Moreover, they are very lightweight.
  • Storm Men’s-Gust because they come with a defined heel with a non-marking rubber outsole along with S8 microfiber slide soles on both shoes.

In conclusion, it is known that a perfect bowling experience usually comes from a good slide, excellent shots, great delivery, which is not possible without you having your own chosen design of shoes that fit you just fine. Along with that, it should not come at the expense of your feet and their comfort. You also save a good amount of money by buying your shoes rather than renting them.

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